The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 16, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1893
Page 2
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ba.ilr, one y«*r throng** K^>...»* IS >J1»a.Uy,. delivered. 1O «*nt* p*ir MreeH Snbeorlptloiic received at this office w pnb »Uon 16i BUtft street, ' \ J,M. MOSBiS, PnbUioar, \ ten"* of FROM Interest THE WIRE. nml May 16.—Secretary Carlisle yesterday.made the following Coffee, Roasted 1 cofiee, especially, that In packages,-have been *fctedttced itt qua! for ttu Condensed It*ajJ?r: . _ Bishop Bisselt of the Episcopal diocese oi "Vermont, died yesterday. James K, Kocne is said to have madi $1,500,000 in the crash of National, Com' age. . ' ' ''•••• ' ' • The payment of the Chilian indemnity has been made to the sailors of the/ Baltl ,wpre,,, t " ' ' ' ? TDhe Aldine hotel and contents, at Pnila • • fire to the ex . _ jflusjsrass j^isr^ki-cr---»**» to be chiet of division in the sixth jit and now sell the gr<?e.noi*-anroastecU auditors office; to tie superintendent of I p nr u e5 can see 'what they are buyittfc construction of public building, Henry! nnd kQow jjt . g pure ^el j con tinue to Aralin*. at ABWwjcL WA ^2"gj:L eU the old reliable, tne Ofcama roasted, lows- S. G. Bricli, Missouri, of thet • ' A. WATSON. &1IS'«'VI?SS FJB •„„« ^ch Sonp, A Bnk .New YorkjGiles^ W. Smith, Maryland, jprant s. • ^ 'find B. NTBeTiljankrNew York:I The promptness and cortaSty ofits cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Retncdv ^ r _ f f ^ i on the sida .walks.must be shopped at once.. Atiy persona violating^the law jn ttifS' respect do so at ih«ir owp periL t Keep off the walks and save trouble". PETER HOWE. Marshal. *i. \ J' delphia. were damaged by tent of $140,000. , George Graham was killed in the train yards at Chicago in a side collision botweer A-Panhandle freight train .and a Chicago Burlingtqn and Quincy passenger train. The government of MexifiO will purchas two. warships of improved pattern anc otherwise improve her navy. The regnlai army will also be raised to a higher stand ard. ' "'"•••• • .-. . « Henry Gebhardt, foreman for S. E. HeU stein, a furrier, on Broadway in^New YorK, was shot dead by August Warner, a formex employe who hod been discharged. Warner then shot himself, inflicting a fatal wound The priyate^car in which President Lin InJsraveled in the '60s is being overhaule* Omaha, and will be sent to the world's fair. It has been doing service on a Colorado Central work train as a boardingcar for several years. A dvnamite cartridge was exploded at the door of a school in Valencia, Spain, recently, which shattered the door and seriously alarmed the inmates. Tho school is attended by young women of the wealthy families, and the affair is attributed to anarchists, who are becoming active in Spain. The news agencies of Germany „,„„-,. "semiofficial" reports to the effect that tpl French government -is strengthening Its military posts on the German frontier which the opposition press claims is to la fluence electors in favor 1 of govemmen candidates for the reichstag and the arm; bill i . TROUBLE IN KANSAS. Secretary of State Osborno In Court on a Charge of Libel. TOPEKA, May 16.—Secretary of State B. S. Osborne was bound, over to tne district court ip the stun of $300 yesterday on the charge of libel. On Apru 15, Osborne was interviewed in a local paper in which he charged that ex-Governor Humphrey, ex-Secretary of State Higgins and other Republicans were Btopping at the state penitentiary at state expense. ' Osborne also charged Cy Lelano, the United States inte'rnal revenue collector for Kansas, with buying coal for alack at the State mines at |3 a ton and i . ing; it to the people aa coal. Today preliminary hearing was held. Lei testified that he had never bought or received a bushel of coal, and the ex- warden corroborated the«videnee. The Terre Haute PoStoffice Trouble INDIANAPOLIS, May 16.—Lucius H Swift, editor of the Civil Service Cnron icle, who with William. P/ Foulke. has been investigating the Terre Haute postoffice trouble, has returned to the city. Mr. Swift eays that the situation at Terre Haute'is fully as bad as has been described and the civil service laws have been violated with impunity. Officers of the MUuitlonary Union, NASJHVICLE, May-,-16.—The Women's Missionary union auxiliary to the Southern-Baptist convention re-elected- President -Miss Fannie E. Heck; corresponding secretary^ Miss Annie W. Armstrong; recording secretary, Mrs. • ''E. M, EUi.s; treasurer, Mrs. M. E.' Oliver. ' T .' -' ••tt -• CUICAUO, Ttfay 10.—Charles H. . Bled a bill in the superior court yesterday asking that a receiver bo appointed for the Chicago -Wire & Spring com,: pany and'that its affairs be woundup The complainant states that the corjxfr, ation has a paid up capital stock of 580J,000. Th'e bill alleges 'that the iabilities of the pom pany now greatly 1 -..,,1 it-a n'oanfe til Ilk SP.JVftOOO fit Ml- those *}*****-. ?L? 8al ° ftt " reene8 drug intended especially fo fh cent bottles'fo famous. It is intended especially 11 coughs, colds, croup and whooping coug and is the most effectual remedy known fi f.lidRo ilisnnses. 25 and 50 cent bottles'fi Boughton will sell and ha.ig it for you. you wall papet Get your wall paper and paints a Gco Boughum'* new store. Homes for visijtors to'thb World's Pair -is Ihelitle of a neat little book, containing the address of about 9,000 families, who will accommodate visitors, also fe list of hotels, illustrated with large t scale map, sold aTMTTJ.' Ticket office. Chafes on babies, sore nipples antffa price W zeat *' • - T L iuiiminatron of tho breast instantly re-j ^TheneW LaYotte safety ma.illug etive hevcd with LaVepdar Ointment. J. ilO UC3 *T J^C&TUllliV W«.*«\> [ opes at Smith's Stndto. exceed its assets, th'at "§250,000 of in- debtodness in iiotesjind, accounts hang over the concern. ihyCSoes'fioWH. CHICAGO, May 1 lO.^Wliisky 'goes iownone cent today, 'the directors of the trust, the distiller's arid the cattle feeding ^company ordering th§ reduction at its meeting yesterday afternoon. A month ago the directors of the trust decided upon a c.urtaiUnent of tho output. Koine plautH are already closed and.soiuo will te closed by'Juno 1 for an indefinite period. ' 1 ' ovovHlei>i»ed.tUo Limit. CHICAGO, *May 10.—Captain W» L. Jreeuier and Qatekeeiier H,;Sbtmoinan of the world's fair wurq arreste^yestet- lay charged with interfering with a revenue officer and were released on 1500 bonds by United States Cominis- Btoner Hoyno.. The arrests were tho outcome Of the attempt of tho fair people to cpuipel goverhmont offlcei's to pay-admission. ' . Public meeting. My books and accounts a'ro at B. E. Simmon's store. Mr. Simmons and •Mr. Hulbott are authorized to receipt for any "money that you may'wish to pay'mo. H. M. MEKRILL. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorl*- ' - • ' ' ^ • • Bicycles at Cost. As 1 no longet^act as agent lor the Columbia and having two on hand, I will sell them at greatly reduced prices/ 1 , A. WATSON. Smith is making the new porcelain enamel photos. They just till the bill |,for a nice picture. • • World's Cotamblat; Kxposltlon. i The Michigan Central will Sell tickets from Marshall to Chicago,and return at rate of seven dollars and thirty cents for the round trip,'limited tb Nov. 5th. Children under Id years of age, half I fare. Tickets not «0dd on 1,4,19 of 20. I Judge Twlggs Divorced. Sioux FALLS, May % 10.—Judge H. D. Twiggs, of Augusta, Ga., 'for eight years jaidgeon the State Supreme Bench and prominent in politics, has been divorced from Lucio E. Twiggs, a leading society woman of Augusta and a relative or Senator John E. Gorman,, of Georgia. The case was brought in Brokings a small town near liero to avv)id publicity. "Itobert Shelley has opened a tin shop in the building formerly occupied as a meat market, opposite E. L. Murphy s b'ore. Give him a call when in need ot s ny tin work. For Sale. Puro Plymouth ogps, 50 cents for 13. Enquire at Marshall House. LEWI§ PEJRRIN. STOGKf AffiLTO PASTDEE Terjns ptioap. see or address, • .A. B. KING, Marshall. Mioli] The popular tonic, beef, wine and iron at Hillabrant's. Tin roofing and all kinds of tin work I done promptly by Robert Schelly. People dusirre ice are requested to leave orders at my office, or notify me by mail or leave orders at the Statesman office. J. F. GAUS. Oranges for slicing, at Hillabrant's, 15 cents doz. For a number of years I have been subject to violent attacks of inflammatory rheumatism which generally lasted about two months. On the first of this month I was attacked in the knee and suffered severely r two days, when 1 procured a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and it relieved me almost instantly. I therefore mos«. cheerfully recommend it to those who ar.e similarly afflicted everywhere.—Jl. D< Whit ley, Martindale, N. C., Feb. 1888. Mr. Whitloy is -a very prominent man in thi place and his disease was very widely known as he suffered : ,such severe, pain. W.. M Houston, & Co., Merchants, Martindale. N C. 50 ceat bottles for sale at^Greene's drug tore. A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a hew" certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure., It is a 1*ore certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you, Pure Ohio maple Sugar nt Hillabrant's. * Fine- stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always onrband. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, , rippe,"catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness,* dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or • scaly skin, constipation or piles qall on Dr. Sharpsteen for his vegetable* oure, oz. free. A medipino that will explain , to you within itself' where the head of your disease lied. " j , ' Don't get excited over croup or quinsy wnen Lavender Ointment will _ relieve you within ten minutes if used- as directed. 25 and 60 cents. . • Carpets at lowest prices ia the state. S. V. E. LEPPBB'S. BilliariaM Pool Hall. Billiard hall. and. pool room and 15 ball pigeon hole* table, 173 East State street, opposite the Herndon notel. Fine cigars kept. J. BADB, Prop. When you wapt a whisky for medicinal use you want it pure, "Boyal Ruby" Bye is guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommended for the invalid and the con- distillery.) For sale I Seaman & Co., druggists. V .- D ig <-\Ve dig out Sad Debt? in any. part of the civilized world by a new process on the no eollectio^, no pay plan. i If you need our services'vlcpp a postal to us and our representative will cjll upon you. COKTIKENTAJL COLLECJION AGENCY. Marshall Mich. Ontftwed acconnts a specialty. Cincinnati, Jaton & Mactm Time table taking effect Dec. 3, 1890, • Trains past Maratall as follows: THUMB OOINO SAST. Xo,i88,Tolprto EipresB •"""S3T ft* 8, Clncianttti_Expr«)«8 ; 841 'Midget Pickles at Hillabrant's.. WANTS, FOUND, EIC. ^Twenty cents a -week for each notice not-ej; ceedlng ttvo lines. No oharga l«u than twenty oenta. L OST—A narrow black »ilk belt,with plain It. Finder please leave at S. V. & Lepper'n i store. ^HXtcta Freight 050pm TBAIKB 6OINW WKS1. So. a^ Vail and Ej^rcsft AB. a a ..... . ......... a, CinqlnnaUAB. aEjtpre88.,..*..fl2|pw ». ^ireas ........... .'. ............. 18M%ir Suudny NEW YOBK, May 16,—The officeri 'of. "the American- Sabbath union, wMctt 'clafe to.yeprpent 80,000,000 of -^hrisr tiansi have telegraphed to, Pre^dent Cleveland requjring biro, to tase a to pjnr«&t' the proposed opening of -» ™day. "/ Meeting of the .boat club at 8 o'clock tonight at Andre* office. • --* C, & W- M for Qraad J lOiatg. uortb. Dr." Pgnpett, 0isease3 t " will be »' 2t. Uofeftl Freight ,.,, All u-iina dally except Suuday. UJcuct oonnectlouft are made at Toloao Cincias' 1 wltb all roads diverging. I OST— On Saturday, an exprete package, con- JU talning silk dress pattern. Finder please leave at expreaa offlo*. Mtt». J. 1. BTAK1CS. N JOTICE— Mrs. W. L. Buck is agent for 4h» Uorlaty knives and will tarnish all who wiah . . ' . _ . OAL STOVE FOE SALE. i. i .', Opposite Johnson Bouse, a. SALE—A g.M fctove with oren. luqalre at zoom* over Uaraball Light Co.'* office. »tu vu iftne ifdealrecL i"orp«jilcul»r» i« OBO. Hoyt, West Qreen auSet. , A desirable home 09-! Hanover Street,'vest, for reatJ JtoqqJre Ql Z. J. Blaketleo. , W. JB. BAESBY, id JMadiaon bU. pay rent wit yo«7*»i'p»y"'tor tTIn"^.—. "kU. If^ar luioTjnatloncalli.t^of- in, over w>». Marilo 1 * Mor«. • T OS^T- JU, «wted "W." Lost between IpJp ffoef Aef<? are

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