The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 16, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1893
Page 1
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A^^^j'^t^^^^pi^fTs^f'/f-^^tf^ .? . * -11-^ " ' -*'' *''• * __ wllIlnl _ ]OTI «, b ^ - '"" X '" 1 - 1 —•" SHCIL, TUESDAY, MAT 10- ,1593. •'•>. The Ceremonies -Brief ?ind Simpl e, Y et Impressive. WOELFS POWDER Absolutely Pure, ' •' • •'*''" • ' Mr». Fottcr ""palmer Extends » W6lcpirt« ' onlteltnlf of Chicago ami Ofir \V0rliTf Coluiii1>»nn th«J Delegates A«l«lf«*SP»Mu4obyM»y Wright S^wall Conuif »H of AbotdeilikiMi4-Oth«M. • " • -. CHfCApo, May 10.— Over 12 months s.,. m>i . i,jL. 6 «..v Vas a nrenibw or, uia'banking firm of McIntoshrMlgatt. of thia city, of .which the National Bunk ot. Conime,ira was an outgrowth. "I will pay dollar for dollar,' 5 said Mr* Migatt this afternoon. ''The eastern banks are getting afraid, of nil security and especially discrimitiivt"U>n against, weatr errt paper. The Iwinks with whbni I 1 have de-nlt for a long time refused to take tho securities which they had previously often desired." , • fiutioiml K«Ut'0rfel Association. CHICAGO, May IG.—Handshaking, sightseeing about town atfd visits to the world's, fair made up yesterday's pro-Tain of the National association. Some 500 delegate* «re in the citv ready for the convention, which " hold its t-fessions commencing this r»_i._ ee ' n 10.000- and 12,000 J Etcsji' •ar/ival of Malaga^rapcs, 15c .•Hi., at HiHabniht'a. A V- J»» »-i-7v*» «--••*•• tickets to tha .; A cream 9f tartar Hkhestof all in leavening strencth Latest U. & GovBrnm'ent Food He* * " • •• • • ' - • • ROYAL BAKING POWPER CO 10G WaUStreetyN. Y. An Indian Outbreak fs a dreadful thing— undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. < Outbreaks, and crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use or KIRK'S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP .The great soother of angry passions-the promoter of health and .good- feeling, deans everyii ing—injurej nommg^on'tbeafrafdtou^KIRK'S Soap on-the most delicate fabrics. • JTAS. S, V^lilUA.MV-'j •"«*/ * v » ^ -— • of infinite labor, involving correspond fence with every portion of thocivilizec globe .culminated yesterday morningin one of the most truly representative j g t ooo'a<invi»»iui and brilliant gatherings of women that I f a i r have been S^Kr^s sysr~ K™=?h press, the first of the series' of , world's fair congresses that win constantly succeed each other week after week until the end Of October. • With the conclusion of President Bonney's address, the ceremonies marking the inception of the series' of congresses were at "an end. They were • brief and simple, yet impressive. It -4md beun the intention to devote a^Bpe* cial day to the exercises, but time would not permit. The auxiliary was now in session. Tho first congress remained only to he called. It was a conference of the world's representative women and it will be in session until May 21. The woman's brunch of the auxiliary has Mrs. Palmer for its president and Mrs. Henrotin for its vice^ president. The A. NPW »_—. - - . . tVe dot intend to endorse any cxcout arh- clss ofgenuine merits wo-^bereforey take plensuro in recomrtcWing (ft'sufferers from Piles iaftny form, 'n. prompt and permftijient cure. Tho foHowiuffTctter* speak for them- Bolveftt, Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, ojf' Heppncr, Ore., write*, One pkg, Of Pyr.niiiid.Pile Cure entirely-cured me of PileH'ttptn which 1 hftve j Buffeted for years, arid I hnrie nov-er h;v: '10 slightest rciturn of them since. Mr. K» O'Brien,-Uock Bluffs Neb., Rayfi- Tho-pUR. of Pyramid Pik> Cure entirely removed every trncoof .4tc1ii»u?.^lle8." 1 cnn- not thiink'you onoitKh.for it. • '<: , A " ... T.he Pyramid Pite Cure i.« n now, rortnin,- pijinfesa cure forlfcvpry 'form of Pries.. It is safe, euro and cheap. A.HJ druggist w ill feet jtfor you if you nsk him. blood red oruliai'H, ut-Uilla, Still In AS.LE, May 16.-The prosecution continued to introduce witnesses |n the Dnbose impeachment trial yesterday and some very damaging testimony was given. C- W. Metcalf, a lawyer, testified as t«» the rejection of 3n™».l>y- Judge Duboso' Tjecause They had failed to convict in other cases. Evidence waj also offered of more or less important brant's _ Soinoof the Grand Army boys may be interested in tho following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Dept, Tenn. and Ga. Ho pays: "Wo havo had an epidemic of wht:opinff cough here (Stewart) Tunn.,} 'and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has dotae any good." There is'rio dana.crf rom whooping cough when this remedy is fcreely-givea-^- It completely controls the disease. 50 cent, bottles for Hale al Greene's drug street. Tour Person* Dro\vne«l« WACKKOAN, nis.,May 15. -Pour lives have been lost by a disaster off Lake Bluff The victims are: Charles Leiul- berc Peter'Johnson, John Larsen and John Swansen. Tho four were taking a'vacht W Chicago to sell, and were capsized. The boat was minus its 31!), Get your tin tin shop 1 . Schelly's capsze. .and was damgero-us in a strung wnm. _)VETER1MARYSPECIF1CS JOT Sorses, qattle, Sheep, Dogs, Hogs, AND POULTRY. , 500 Page ^tyggfgSSaffi**? OTIUES j *eve«,C»j|Be»tlon or bN VVornis. Co\ft 50 doses), ' —-- * Bln^BBtfieCoyftauooaw. -t^/, s .^«i^^oS%u* u 'n- Jwr^tert&if>C!!weO«» " * ••*•;' xienroim iui «>.o »*v^ t -»^w.-~ committee in charge of the present con- ftv,-uce consists of May Wright Sewall, cl'niriuaH- Rachel Foster Avery, secretary and Sarah Hackett Stevenson, Holmes Smith. Mrs. J^ 1 ™ °( u,mley, Frances E. Willard, Elizabeth Bovntuu Harbet and Mrs. William Thayer BrOwn. In introducing Mrs. Palmer aa president of the -cpngre-a. Mr. Bonney jaaid it- was fitting that women should inaugurate these conter- ences of progress. In replying Mrs Palmer, extended a welcome on buhMt of Chicago and the world's fair to .the delegates. She was sure the conference would result in benefit to mankind, and would jEorm a century's-crowning 'achievement for the sex. > She retired and introduced MW- Cliarles Henrotin, vice president ot tne woman's department, >vho made the inaugural address, tho theme of whicy was thiit which stands in the way ot the 'women of the world is woman's^ ignor- anc«'. of practicable attairs, and the fatal ci.ns«.TVtttism of the leisure classes. Mav Wright .Sewall was the next 8 P uker, who hoped the discussom and siH-whes woulft be widely published. Then the Countess of Aberdeen was introduced. 1 Organization, she said, bad accomplished much and perhaps the greatest danger today. was in over° r fS Z Sli£t Wter of England incited Edna Dean Proctor's ode, '.'Columbia's Emblem,'" and in the cheering that followed Mrs! Palmer announced an ad• 5 - * until the* evening session. » ' ?4 _ *J*M -j"\ _- «.l 1 .14 L-» V\< The GRAVESEND inch HACE3. Itrooklyii Hanillcap Won by Diablo. NEW YORK, May lO.-Ainidst a deer and oppressive silence, Diablo, the aged BOU of Eolus and Grace Darling, won the rich Brooklyn handicap at Gravesend yesterday afternoon in the presence of 30,000 persons; This race was the seventh in the history of the event and was guaranteed to be worth j>25,- 000,-of which the vnpner r oecond, §5,000, and third. $8,_ Go to HoujjRTon's for wall paper. New stock ami ntnv styles. Wanted ut oncu—Liulv canvaasi-rs for this city and.for the county. Will make money. Address Mrs. E U. Ad-un*. li Wert Main street, Buttle. I have a new couibinatioii liall U:u- in-: cu.-luou lin-il yii-yclf, s-uiuible t«>r boy» and tirls. worth $-10, which 1 will soil for ^5, whfeh i.-i less than llm actual coat. 1 ba-vu a'si) a cushion tired IBUa Lovcll, whicii u;w botn u»ed but ilittlo. Look it OVIT ami get my price on a. C. HKUBEBT TuoMi'sos. «... v » HI* Answer. TOLEDO, .May 16.—Yesterday in tfce United States court Chief Arthur, ol the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers' filed his answer to the petition ot the Ann Arbor Eailroad company, to the §300,000 damage suit. Th? onl.y thing of importance that he Mmiti V the existence-of the boycott rule of the brotherhood. Mr, Arthur's tranknees S acknowledging the rule is supposed to be Clue to the Fact that his attorneys have found Out that the rale pertains to - brotherhood and not to Mr. Arthur, he be. dismissed witn ma N .. A. Sherman', the old reliable universal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of all kinds. Ho sells anything and everything, household, goods farois, city property, stocks of goods of all kinds'," and. makes a specialty df farm sales. If you. have- uuythina; to sell call uud see him. New stock of wall paper at Geo. Boujfhton's. i -«*) •?<£ HOMEOPATHIC - Buttle %Vith Hungarians. UmbKTOWK, Pa.,May 1«,-A pitched battle took place at W. J. $Smeys cukeworks at Dawson yesterday atter^ ^«,,,.- ---.-•, .,,„-,vu«iriir s-sgion 'noon between about 100 drunken, Hun- owrtiowiug audtence, filled Wellington bllT'Mr^P^wer called *e qvwflow Sing to order and then gave wafe'to UW- Henrotiu who repeated to: ad, dress Nico B^'k Meyer declared that «,««*;« «"«.*> S?54ifr S^^M^^^=lV&n ! :t CUVVli, -The ordinance relative ''-o paslurmg cows in,J^e street will be strictly enforced. No cattle will : bo allowed-10 by pastured in any street, whether th«y are tied or not,, .and all cattle fuuud at lu,rge in the street, wbjetniir tied or oth erwise, will be taken care of; No ex ceptiou. will,bo made to this "rule tor anyone. HCVVVE, 14 r "deputies who attempted to _,..... them. Several of the Hungarians were beaten iiito unconsciousness and lett on the field for dead, while Deputies Yin- qenrGallatin, j'ubn £eatty, Willujm Roach and H^xry Eaymond were wr- • - •• - irhaps tataUy hurt. A i has been organized ma "Cay W ANTED— FallWul geutk-Biau 01 Ji'dy nisi Ln offleo. 1'Ofititu pun. i. two miles this i&. , Wpa* : ^h« wis hound 'with'-a cargo- ot convfjcqjn] T BiSt if OUJCW. ivipim.ii jttailway fare tulvuuted Uno it i upa^' ••• j~ » TU8 e MATU>»AL, *» SlcVUker t, fcuUdn.g. Ch- "SO'VU . ^ -./--' 'GOOD SUMMER WOOD, \" t »*•* A>T 2 . [135 IIXED «a V - ,'7, . J*«^.«, -- ^5!®^ +• -T*^_ « 4 "• ,-, •J."V',f> BS» «<>, fU l Ui^Lli»!H»ffl'i!H lll "B' -'fJ^lW'^" vy tite&iy&sQttiiQ A *<« ,«r^ V.«Kf ¥if; :* "'-" ,--"-',- " '-i,-.v ; .-'^'- r . '.- - • .-, ,-, .-•:^-,.-•-, ;^"^-., 1 . ' i _i. " ? *~*i> ,i'£i "• i ! " il?''' 1 *" ' *" ^ V "~ 1 r •*' "" f j v»; k3§&* 3S ^•i

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