The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 3, 1891 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1891
Page 2
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THE /•»'""' M \ «mi' r E DAILY CHRONICLE. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. o , one year ** * Dully, delivered, 1O cent* per week. THE DEMOCRATIC EXPOUNDER, Published Friday, $1.50 a year. • Subscriptions received at the office of publication, 151 State stree. J.M. MOSEB, Publisher, Marshall, Mich. "" " ' t 1 . : i- •!'• Oar Hirer and Harbor Tonn*fc«. Our lake, river and coastwise tonnage amounts to nearly 4,000,000 tons. The present marvelous cheapness of water transportation is of inestimable value to the people in enabling that .transportation to compete with railroads and to regulate their tfharges. Naturally the demand foi the improvement of the lake harbors, ol connecting streams and canals, and of the immense water courses of this country haa increased, in its importunity with the increase of this commerce; but the increasing appropriations in the river and harbor bills are not even yet one->alf as large as the amounts proposed by the engineer board.— Senator Frye in Forum. Real Entnto Transfers. Crawford Green and wife to Bradford W. Butler, lots 2 and S, block 69, Warner's addition to Albion, $1,500. James 11. Haughey and wife to Will iaiii H. and Euni.e H. Hynett, lots 39 nnd 40 Willis 1 / 3d addition to Battle Creek, $700. Oasimer Youug,.Jr., and wife t6 Os car R. Wilraarth, lot 3, block CO, Albion $1,1(M. Robot t 8. and Elsie I. Yager ta David > L. SuydiT, lots 8 and 9, block 88, War ner & Cliurch's addition to Albion, fl,300. Eugene aud Anna M. Pearson to Howard and Luclla Wemple, lot 17, Nichols & Sbepnrd's addition. to Battle Creek, $1,600. Sarah M. Sage, per heirs, to Joseph B. Boos, lot 4, Mott'a addition to Battle Creek, $500. Jacob Amderson to the township of Albion, parcel of land in the tewnsbip of Albion, $100. WALLPAPER The Largest Stock, The Lowest Prices, • At Hyde's Drug Store, ! Prompt Justice. In the "History of Beverly," Mass., the following anecdote is related of a good justice of the peace in the old colonial times. On a cold night in winter a. traveler called at his house for lodging. The ready hospitality of the justice was about being displayed, when the traveler unluckily uttered a word which his host considered profane. Upon this he informed his guest that he was a magistrate, pointed out the nature if the offense, and explained the necessity jf its being expiated by sitting an hour in the stocks. Remonstrance was unavailing, for custom et that time allowed the magistrate to convict rfnd punish at once, and in this case he acted as accuser, witness, jury, judge and sheriff, all in one. Cold as it was, our worthy justice, aided by his son, conducted the traveler to the place of punishment, an open place near the meeting house where the stocks weft placed. Here the traveler was confined in the usual manner, the benevolent executor of the law remaining with him to beguile the time of its tedium by edifying conversation. At the expiration of the hour he was re- conducted to the house and hospitably entertained till the next •morning, when the traveler departed with, let us hope, a de ; termination to consider hjs words more carefully before giving them utterance in the hearing of a conscientious magistrate. —Youth's Companion. Money and Postal Orders. The money orders issued by the postoffio had their origin in a private speculation by three postofflce officials,' who began the system in 1793. At that, time, however, no order could be issued for more than five guineas, and the charge for sending that amount was 4s. 6d. The system was taken over by the postofflce in 1838, and the five guineas for whlclrte. 6d. was charged in 1792 can now be sent for fivepence. Postal orders are but a decade old. Their issue was begun in 1881, and since then their popularity has increased year by year, so much so, indeed, that in business circles postal x orderB now frequently pass through many hands as a medium of exchange before being presented for conversion into cash at the postofflce counter.—Chambers' Journal. • Ask your grocer for Ripe Creek mills flour or call at the mill and get a sack. t ^ - - tf. S. Powers, the leading merchant tailor, guarantees satisfaction. £• .- COME AND SEE IT. Just received aerate of Brown Dishes called Columbia, very handsome and reasonable in price. Also another crate of John Maddock's best white Semi- Porcelain, which I am enabled to sell cheaper than ever. Remember these goods are warranted not to crackle. JOHN WISEMAN. NEW B1KERY . \ I have leased the old Turner Bakery, -forme r ly occupied by Doc Snyder and J*$ BEFITTED IT ENTIRELY^ j • and am now prepared to furnish the public wun H Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes &ev A fine line of Confectionary always on band. Fruits in season. First Class Lunches J. 0. KETJOHLE. . Flour, Flour. I-buy Flour in bulk and in large quantities. Having bought before (the late advance in wheat, I continue 1 to sell at old prices Perrin Flour, Homer and Union City Hour. All by the 100 pounds BfoflK your own bags and get full weight. No light weight paper or cotton sacks. Also nice clean Screenings for chicken feed, Corn in the ear. % A.AVATSON. Save your nickels for Merrill's sale. Don't forget the Clothes Pin sale Salu&lay. MERRILL. Five dozen Clothes Pins 5 cents Saturday. MERRILL Clothes Pin shle Saturday. Big sale next week. - MERRILL. MOTHERS Spring Suits made to your order from $20 to $30 at F, S. Powers'. What wa» lit, John That made your face so free and clear from pimples, said his sweetheart. Why, don't yon know, Eva? For over a year I took everything I could think of without helping m°, then I bought two bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and npw"l haven't one pimple on my face. It is toe bast blood cleanser I ever saw. r ___ Will you part with your darling babies in sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Ointment and Asthmatic Balsam, medicine* that save lives whe..n doctors fail in Membranous Croup, I«flanimati0n rf the Lungs, Lung Feyer and Typhoid Pnetf monia, also quickly relieves and cores Croup, Scarlet Fever, W ooping Cough,'Bore Throat, Burns. S mlds. and similar afflictionb, 35 and 50 cents or by mail? DR. H. SHARPSTBEN, Proprietor; Marshall.'Michigan. ; - \ Bucklln'B Arnica Halve. The best Salve in the world for Outs, Braises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all Skia Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For .sale by F. O. Seaman & Co. F OR BALE—First class family refrigerator, nearly new. Inquire first door north ef T. L. Crbnin's store. , : ILL the person who borrowed my extentlon bit please return the same. R. H. SANDERSON. UND A gold plated ouff button. Owner can r this notice. H. SANDERSON* have same by paying for this notice. W ANTKD-Uirl to do general housework In small family. Inquire at this office or 832 M. Division street. dj8 W ANTED—A Rood cook at the Heiridoh Hotel. Apply Immediately. d Jl T O RENT—Good house on E list Green street with barn and garden spot. Will 'rent cheap. Enquire of Mrs. Joseph Buckingham, East Green street, or L. B. Albaugh at postofflce. H AY FOR BALE—Clover and timothy mixed. Enquire at Greene,* drug store. - 8.B. 8CHUYLBH. T7*OR SALE—A brand new canopy top surrey, JD never been run, also a good hone. Enquire of Richard Butler. r\ ASH paid for old clothes, hats and caps, boots \J shoes, rubbers: In fact anything and everything, at Dr. Sherman's auction store. • <• if ' 8. 0. BROOKS. VTT^NTED—An active, honeest man—Salary YV »IOO monthly if suitable, wltn oppu. trinities for advance, to represent locally a tiwpo t sible New York House. Reference*. MAN II PAOTUnKB. Lock Box MBS. N. Y. Potting Decoy Ducks. It is said that all true sportsmeu-abhor a pot hunter, and that no gentleman will pot a duck. But they all do it. I have done it myself. I have seen the best of them sneaking on to decoys, and have had the pleasure of protesting against some of the most blatant taking a shot at mine. A short time ago, in one of my rambles, I came suddenly upon a fine flock of mftllards feeding in a little secluded pond near Columbia slough. Fortunately I was not discovered, . fTvrt quietly drew back!where I could study the situation. My Imagination camj to my aid, and I could see the ducks swimming gracefully around, feeding leisurely, entirely unconscious of my presence and the Impending danger. I observed that by going around to the left I could come up behind a little clump of willows within easy range of the game. ' ° . Here was a pudding and no mistake. With the stealthy tread of a cat I approached my unsuspecting victims. I even 'got down and crawled. I was nearly to the willows, and peered cautiously through them to make sure. The first thing that met my view was a dog sitting there under a leaning willow on hip haunches', demurely looking out .over the pond., and the next tbing I saw was a man quietly lighting bis pipe. JW&say that I sneaked back and •way—clear away from that pond—ia putting it modestly, and Friend H. does not know to this day bpwnear I cametopot- t&MC bi» ibool of decoy ducks.—Forest and NDecker & Son, of Battle Creek, have secured Mrs. Farr, of Chicago, as manager of their dress making department. She is a, first class dressmaker in every respect, and we solicit the patronage of the ladies of Marshall, guaranteeing satisfaction. Pxice $10 for wooUsuits, $12 for silks. We need at once, «|wo or three good waist finishers. Children Crj for Children Cry for PiicherYCastorhk Ladies! GOME and SEEMY W ANTED-Second hand geods of every description. Household furnitar*, stoves, carpete, tto. Highest cash prices paid. Call or send postal to 6. y. Br-vjk* at Dr. tihermaa auction store. ' d sift W ANTED—At Dr. Sherman's Auction itoie second hand books of all kinds. Casb psid lor them. 9. 0. BROOKS. OR 8ALB-New furniture. Mew and large variety of tinware and notions, second ' " ~are«iobeap for eaan or at TSherman's auztlon tit handigoods, etc., all offe trade by 8. C. Brooks store. U. A.TILLQTSON Jx JUSTICE OF THE PEAQE AND CONVEYANCER.' ; All business attended to promptly anxl carefully. Hj3 a safe to keep judgment docket and Bother valuable papers in. .; - ' - __. •B 't Spring Poetry. One, two, three,, two, one. , • •; I like my Peanuts *• v Pretty well dene. v • •-•?.' Three, two, one, One, two, three. I boy my Peanuts At the Big Groceris. For Over Fitly Year* MRS. WiusLow'3 SOOTHING SYKUP has been used for children teething. It soothes the child, soften* the gams, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the beat remedy f otPiarrhoea. Twenty- five <jente a bottle. Sold by all drug- gista throughout the world. Kemember Merrill's sale Saturday. SPRING THE STYLEr QUALITY, GOOD Sand PRICE are RIGHT. D. PENSIONS For disability Incurred In U>« servlcs or sine* Alt* charge, whether the Midler is rich or 1 poor MILO B. STEVENS Atternsys and Bolldton, Whitney D»troit.lilch. PBiMOiri.LOrnoii.' A CO., HOOM Block" BOILERS STEPHEN PRATT'B STEAM BOILK^ WOBKg Established 1866, Itj&infaotttrer of high and low Dressure and steam heating b umoke pipe*, bieaohings. etc. la exchange for new. Hiv»l ooller tubes for sale. Corner JUcnlgan Canto*} R. B- ttaaft. kinds. and ana CHICAGO For sate Investments, applT to OPOYKE 4 Real Moataik Building, Refer by permission W atlonalBank Chicago. S tUonal Bank. H. Y. H. «•• v "^<t T70RNI8HBD BOOMS to rent. JP cation. Ifta.ulreat tfcls ogee. , eame fey paying

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