The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 15, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1893
Page 4
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ter *—"r *> cv * • t „< T J < • v * . \ THE DAILY A new remedy haa cteate'd a eetmtiion among physicians by its wonderful effects inspeed ily c'uting ^f tiro ^yirnimd "Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened aijd/tnfltured faytslcven^onrs storage in-Wood/Wisa^Rye asis aRye/^and costs,-- — •- T -,,. r . . no tno™ than.inferior brands. Try it andl'ohfeap and simple to ufte, but nothing re- you'will never besatisfied touse any trthbr. trio*cs the disease to quickly, srtfely and A."pore, old whisky is always" free frbtn | surely: Any drugsiist will get it for you. fiisiLoll, which is a poison} and should not bo taken into the system. Age eliminates it ... : «^«'B •>'«»" «j fronvlbespirH by oxidation, and it is con-| ,.Thd : earp.dt cleaning vyorks on veried'V bouquet Seaman & Co., Druggist. CHEAPER GAS FOR CONSUMERS OF GAS tne spirit by oxiaanon, ana 11 is cou-1 ., .mu ^.« t .^ .v.j-..«... e ""'..,„,«-' ftnJfragrLt ethers which give li,e change street w.l) bappmvon and after iet to whisky. Sold only by ,F. ct. Mondafr;March 87th. ^ ; TheHais Company anounces-th^llbwii^ reduc tion in prices bfGasiforLiaH'riNG whet&vet Gas is usedJLLSOfot- COOKING or HEATINOvto take feffect ; a aicid Qeo. H. GfeeniBj the druggist, desires us ..„,,,, ulllu ,,,. H ,,»m,D ,>,,» „.,=,....«. -,—-.,.to publish the following testimony^ as helrecommendcd by Prot. C. B. ShellleH.Ot .. ... _ « i. ,. ... t I A 11.:*^** <*f\t\aai-\rntf\W nf nll1«ir> I iOfWO,. C. I'l /efl'rcB, piano tiih'ofr of AlBion, j is in Ibis city prepared, to tune, and cloah pianos ntid ••*"-"«= I i ' .ill «•% a 1st 1892; handles the remedy and believes it to Vie reliable: I bought a 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and applied it to iny limbs • which have been afllicted with rheumatism at intervals for one year. A,t the tirho bought the Pain Balm I wasunablo to walk. I can truthfully say that Pain Balm has completely cured mo. R. II.' Farr, Holywood, Kan. •„ Mr. A. B. Cox, the leading druggist at Holywood, Vouches for the'truth of the above statement.. Albion conservatory of music, orders at M.-J. Gillutt's. G-ASSTOVB BATESi$i.6QpefIQdO ^eubic Ft. For ait Gas qonaumed where a QAS RANGE Used, ' ; For alf gas consumed wliereCOOKir4_G or HEA'fJNQ'STOVeS are used and the montnlj a oonsrimptipn is not loss tliftn 1000 cubic feet. , ^ SU Eferers from PilpS 'should, know that the _ ^ f ^ LiGHIING ONLY remain unchanged and^ro as follows: PyramidPileOuro Will-promptly and cf-l URtsIorua8 . U8BU .^:, m ,% „. . _ ,___.,. A0 All __i mnni-..u:. »•*•— "KoyHl Kiiby" Kv» \Vhliky Is '"a Rye as is a Rye," naturally ripened gad free from all foreign flavor' and adulterants, guaranteed pure and over eleven years of-age, recommended to tho connois seur as a n'entorious article worthy of the confidence of invalids, convalescents and "the aged.' Sold only by P. G. Sqamati & Co. Druggists. . , 'iv fectually remove' ever-y trace of them. Any druggist vr'll'get it for-you. An .cspeclaliy fine .line of lailies' rf nivl childrtfri'S hoaiury at the bazar. The Best Oil Cook glove, With steamer, will cook potatoes, tur nips, onions, eggs, rice, oat meal and pudding, all at oneeovcr.pno. wick. No smell. - . ' H.E,' For Honitou laco and Crepe Tissue prtper call at tno Bazar iu tho new block., For year's tlio'"'oJitor of tho Burlingtop Junction (Mo.) Post has been' subject tc cramp, colic or fits of indigestion, which prostrated him for several hours and unfitted him for business for'two or three days. Foi tho past year he has boon using chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrlwoa Remedy whenever occasion required, and it haa invariably given him prompt relief. 25 and 5C cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store ' _ .\ • Ketuoveil, 1 haw removed my oflice*to Eaglt block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston. ' ., ELIAS HEWITT. 6,000 spring and summer sample have arrived. Call and select youi uuturner suit or pants. Better choice than piece goods C'all and exumjne before buying. Quality and price to suit at TED'S, the tailor, Over Fletcher's store. <?orn and wneat grita for little chick, compound food, greatest foiSd on C. A. Chcaher'8 mill. , DICK Butler'a nnd Dr Loss than 1000 -cubic ft. in one 'month, $2 00 per lOOOJcubio ft. #000 cubic ft. and less than 10,000 cubic ft.l month $1 90 per 1000 ,10,000 or over, I mouth .$1 bO per I'OOO cubib ft. ., (cubic ft. All the above-rates aw subject to a discount of 10 cts per 1000 cubic ft when th» mpntha bill is paid in Or before-tlie 10th of the month next following. . The abovo".speclal rates are made to induce consumers to use gas fo,r cooking and heating as yell as lighting. ,, "; . Experience Prooves The ADV riNTAGE of Gas For Cooking Over Every Other Fuel in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, / ' ' Qiiickries's, Convenience, 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL. Grceuo's^csidcucc, a podket bf^.ok, aming a fivadollar bill, a 53 ci'ent piece | and euough change-to make in amouut about 80 cents. \Leave at Djck Butler's grocery aud receive suUablo'reward. Don't fail to go to, Mulett's and have your eyes tested. All tests positively free. Ask to see the new perfection bifocals with which the x wearor sees to rend or sew and with the same glass see at a distance. Remember we .save YOU from 50 to 75 per cent on. traveling optician's prices. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Robert Schelly is prepared to do ki uds of tin work, shop opposite K Murphy's. » Smith, the Photographer. Has some nice Frames for Cabinets •vnd other sizos, just received. Call aud see them. SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A disconrt of 10 per cent will be made trom'regnlar prices on alt bills for <J(W Fixtures or inside piping ordered and completed from :£ Sept. 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893, The MARSHALL MOH J Co. iDrTBrewer and Son 25 YEARS In almost every neighborhood throughout the west there is some one or tnor? persons whose lives have been saved >y Chamberlain's Colic, ChJteraVnd Diarrhoea Remedy, or may have been cured of chronic diarrhoea by it. Such persons take especial pleasure " in recommpnding the'^omedy to others, •yhe^oisa that follows itXintroductibn, and use jnakeXit very pop«larV %$ and bX) cent "bottles for sale at Greene's d\ug store ; X^- TAKE" i THE BEST | SHILOrTS] CURE, DeHcuRe _ JsQtfe -__ K . •••••• Curesi Consumption, Coughs, Croup, gore " Throat. Sold by all Druggist* on a Guarantee^ . * • FoJT iSne^de, Sack or CFest Shiloh's Porpu? Platter tprill pve great satisfaetion.T-a& ecnw.,, SHILOH'S VITAL1ZER. *S£$&S®B&ffi^ "" i %e metlipd and results of Figs is taken yto is pleasant . proraptly'ou the Kidneys, L4yer aad^Bowels, Tcleansep the eys- effectually, dispels col'dS, tead- s and fevers and cures habitual consl4patiQn. Sytup of Figs is the only reniedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste anjl acceptable N to thQ etomach, prompt in This long experience and a careful study of the beat methods enables us to Cure every Curable Cane. We keep a record of'eyerj case treated and the reaalt obtained «nd can refer you to people • who have been cared by oui method of treatment. ,l,onauluuion free and Reasonable term* for Treatment* We have visited the some offlcca every eight ' ' - the past twenty-five years, .__,._ lue pant fcWCUl.jf-M»o jrcaia, ,. \V,u are prepared to show successful results to treating diaeaeu«i of thu liver, heart, lungs, aton ach, kidneys, brain, uorvue. rheumatism, neuralgia, dobiliiy. catarrh Ate, youthful indiscretion caiicers, old eortu, inmore, diabells, dyipepiia, dropsy, chronic diurrhuaa, oozema, loss of voice, bronchitis, Aethma, pneumonia, consumption, scrifulu, eruptions, pimplus. humors, blotches aud all diHoases of lone standing. Address Drs Brewer & Son, 136 Chicago Av«., Evanstun, Illinois. Will be at the lierndou House on. Wednesday. May 24,' Charlotte, Thursday, May 85, and Battle Creek, May 36. Dr. Bi<!wer'a ijuro Heart He^iatpr glTcs im- m,ediate relief. " ' . r ' Dr. Brewer'a Sure Depuro for DiHea,8es ot the stomach, liver, kidneys and blood, $1 per bottle. . Dr. Brewer's bure btymach Pills for dyspeptic* 25 cents a'box. pold with a written guarantee to euro., all i ervnua Ji.-eases of the generative -. organs of eiibtr \BCX, uuh ai Kef:-fiti» Proatration, ialli-g or •••'. Lo-t Mauhuo.d.'Jci» t -ncy, Nlshtly Emis'-ions, Youthful Errors, % Mental Worry, eiJiussive use of •J'pbacco or Opium, which lead to "* Consumption and In«anlty. To the wea< itreatoroa the snapana vieor of youth, and full power to all who use iu Bold at $1.00 pwbox, flJx*e» for «5jBQ. J)r. MotUChenioal0»,, "'—'—•' «- 113 l;U,a**jiA J^J» V »** ^**Vi*W***- W v v to ,ihe taste, and acta ,Yc u can always find j l J , l _ TX *3 the jest Cigars at " l 's Drugstore, Calf and Try Th^m. THE -MOST COMPLETE line Of i Spring Suiting ever brought to Marsfiall just arriv Dress "Suits, Business Sw Youths' Suils, Boys' Suits, School Suits, Children's Suits f and the beauftes~of all our ' Jersjty Suits, ,t •efiecta, pppaied only from the most -T - healthy' ajad agreeable guhjpf^nees, itf , j^ade it -the most a pwjfet prices JL'i 'LJ^ T~ T- _0_ • JACKSON FAVORITE Children Cry for r itcher'8 Castorla. - ^jgifl$$lf^ l^^ff 1 *?

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