The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 3, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1891
Page 1
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3 MARSHALL, MICH., WEDNESDAY JUNE 3,1891, PRICE TWO CENTS Baking •^^^ < ' • ^^^ A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other known. Used in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard. Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable t and Wholesome. I yOfrtP** baking powder does such work. ENGLAND'S GRAND OLD MAN. K. Glailitone Befriends HI* Poor Itelativrs In Ohio. Si-niNanSi-D, O., June 2.—The following Btory shows the sympathy and kindness of heart of England's grand old man, W. E. Gladstone. At Wavcrly, 0., live a family 'named Gladstone, who have always been understood to be related to Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, thogrtat ex-premier of England.. Between September 28 and November 2,18C2, -there was an epidemic of diphtheria in Wavcrly, and little Esther Gladstone was taken ill with the disease. Every effort was made to save her life, but in vain. She died after sowing the seeds of disease among her little brothers and sisters. One after the other little John, James, Jane and. Joseph Gladstone succumbed and were laid beside their sister Esther in the cemetery at Waverly. For twenty-nine years the graves of the little children have been but slightly marked, but a few days ago an order catno from England from Mr. Gladstone to have live marble tombstones erected in the cemetery to mark the graves of his little kinsmen in America. The tombstones will be erected at once. MET A HORRIBLE DEATH. Six Cars I'H«M«(| Over Dlnrtin Fly nil's Hod?, Killing Him Inntiintly. EL PASCO, Tex., Juno 2.—Martin Flynn- roadmaster of El Paso division of the Santa Fe road, suffered a most horrible death, ono mile east of Anthony, N. M., and two miles •west of El Pas'o, at four o'clock yesterday afternoon; He was sitting on the flat car on a rock train arid Conductor Tom Powell was standing near him. The engine was pushing the train, when a sudden jerk threw Flynn forward on the track, and before ho could get out of the way six cyirs .passed over him, mangling his body most li orribly, causing instant death. Powell \\ats also thrown from the car and, though landing a safe distance from the track, was stunned and painfully bruised. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. , ' The success of this Great Cough Cure is without a parallel hi the history oF medicine. Al) druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos- ithre guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, th$ Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into avery home tathe United States and Canada, if you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for it will cure you. If your child has the Croup, ' or Whooping Cough, use it promptly.- and relief Jt sure. •> If you dread that insidioift disease •"x>nsumution, use it. Ask your Druggist for 1JHELPH 1 & CURE, Price 10 cts'., 50 cts. and ri.oo. If your Longs are sore-or.Back lame. v a Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. * _ i m-r-i- —^....j.. "**™ — "•"•"^"^^^™ 1. - ---... mi. Some merchants get the best they can; some get the meanest they can. Your dealer in lamQ-chim- lieys-rwhat does he get for you? are common glass and it glass.tough against heat. are foggy and clear. are rough and fine, youug woman named Alice Woodward died 'There are carefully made and i aua " was buried. Her brother, M. M. wood- • m ~*.. • i .-:.." .. /*" wni-/l . rwnnntlv foap-hasard. ^ ; YOU can't be an expert in $tltmfteys; but this you can do, JW§t 9P Masbeth's " pearl top-or *'pearl glasip whichever shape VQU require. They are fight in aii thQSe Ways; and curlsalorgt^c^erfect as possible. 4^ey |p not break from hea|, " ~' " not oae in a hundrejt, ^ Billing to pay a nickel more for them. A PASTOR ACCUSED OF THEFT. An Ill-I'nlcl I'aHlor Charged With Em' 1» zzlorueuc. NEW YOUK, June 2.—Eev. Conrad Young, who has been pastor of the Pilgrim Baptist church on Lincoln street, Jersey City Heights, for two years, and has been sup- portyig a wife and eight children on a salary of $600 a year, is a prisoner in the county jail, accused of embezzlement. The charge is made by William Schulta.e, a member of his congregation. The amount involved is $1,500. Schultze gave the money to Mr.- Young a year ago to invest. The money did not belong to him, but he held it in trust for his threo nieces, to be divided between them when the youngest became of age. Schultze, who is a working man, 'did not know what to do with the irtoney, and Consulted his pastor. Mr. Young advised him to invest it in some good securities. Schultze requested the pastor to make the investment and Mr. Young consented and took the moqey. When Schultze wanted the money ho couldn't get it, nor could he get auy securities. - BURIED ALIVE. Price Lint. 20lbs granulated sugar fl 00 14 Ibs cut loaf sugar 1 00 3 Ibs Met rill's mixed coffee « 1 00 Banauas two for 05 Ingersoll'H superior Hour per sack. 60 10 Ibs Himilnuta .'.... 100 4 Ib^choeolato drops 100 I'ine apple.*, good ones............ 15 5 Ibs Merrill's 50c ten • 200 10 Ib.syoniiiuo ample sugar. 100 Hummock .seats two for..... 25 . Remember these prices are good for this evening and tomorrow. 11. M. MERRILL. " The Ittxly of :i \V«,iuiiU Found Turned In the Coiiiii Yours After Iturlal. EEOKLK, la., June 2.—Word was received from Douds, a towu about twenty-five miles f rum here, telling., of a startling discovery | there. Twenty-three years ago a beautiful ward, recently decided to have his sister's body relnterred at Yillisca. The coffin was opened, and Mr. Woodward and other relations wore horrified tp find the remains completely turned over, lying face downward, indicative that the young lady bad been buried alive. The luxuriant'hair worn by Miss Woodward whjle alive was hanging in •- Polhta fov House Cleaning;. To avoid carpet moths: If you find no appearance of moths in your carpets use ,an "ounce of prevention." ' In other words, after your carpet 1ms been laid" sponge thoroughly in a strong solution of salt and water. It is well also to sprinkle salt underneath the carpet, in dark corners, under bookcases, couches, etc., where the carpet is least used. Above all, keep your rooms sufficiently light,remembering t.ha't moths should be numbered amdng those wicked creatures who''prefer darkness rather than ! light,.because their deeds are evil." Rattan Chairs which have grown dark and discolofed with use may be greatly improved by scrubbing with hot milk and salt, and afterward ex-posing to the sun and wind till dry. In cleaning your pantry shelves use another "ounce of prevention.' Sprinkle a mixture of powdered borax and pulverized alum underneath the papers, and you won't be likely to be troubled with ants. • A remedy highly recommended for the extermination of rats and iniceiscorumcal mixed with powdered glass. Spread the mixture in their favorite haunts; and it is claimed tbeywill flee from tho premises in an incredibly short time. Bad spots of oil or grease upon the carpet, which fail to. yield to ordinary treatment, may often be "removed with buckwheat flour and water. Make' a stiff batter, spread upon the spots and allow it to dry. Sometimes more than one application will be necessary, but ordinarily when life flour is swept off thg spots will disappear with it. Grease spots upon wall paper may be removed with Fuller's earth. Make a thick paste, spread carefully upoy the spots, and let it remain for twelve hours. Brush it off, and if the spot has not entirely disappeared repeat the process. " '" Dr. W. li. Church's prescription file ia left at F. G^ Scamuu & Co.'u drug store. Any olu prescription can bo had or.renewed by going there. The Rice Creek mills UKike the beat Hour to bo had in the city. First c'ass workmen at F. S. Power*', coarso corn meal MF,RL. .your chickens from Merrill's. Korn My I 4 chi'iks. , Use liice Creek mills flonr and you wih hsvve no other. Notice. Miss Kendall has nice home made Baking, wn'rm Meals, Lunches, Bread, Cookie, Rolls, Pies, Cakes,Baked Beans. Day board cheap. Everything in my lino is good and orders promptly tilled. Miss KENDALL, West State street. l"ou can get auy of Dr. W. JJ. Church's prescriptions renewed at F. G. Seaman "& Co's drug store. \ Btanle\ au an explorer, Edison as an tho ventor, Mian Flora A Jones as the discoverer ot the FAB1OUS LLUBtt OF ROSES for tho complexion,-are names that will be handed down us benefactors of tho rao\ Jo all re- cor led titnt. Bl. B Powell oomei in for his share (of tbe profits) &a he always keeps « BIO SUl'l'LY ON HAND, and sells it for 75 ceuta per bottle. 6 •. QKO. A. *B OottOH. COMPOUND " , „<&$ of Cotton Boot Tansy and Bfroy*l-a recent disowwy by an l&inlciaa. U aiecemfvOn «« & CO. Ladlee. iiak jour droegist „ , Boot Compound ind take no snbatttnte. t > ptamp* (or Moled partSoulara. • Ad- Co- SMALLEST CAL-F ON RECORD. \Vou(lerful Little Anlraiil Owned by an 2.—Morris Hosier, of ( Washingtonf township, tl is county, has a freak, on his farm that is attracting widespread attention. It if a perfectly formed Jersey calf,,three months old, which weighs seven: and a-tialf pounds and stands just elevea aad « half inches hfgh.; This woa-i derfullitlileanimal frisky as-the uBual calf in its vealy stage, and nips grass aa'any well-;.' behaved herbiverous animal should. Mr: Hosier has refnaed an offer yf $600 for the infant. " , A Childless lloiui.-. Sini'th and his wife have every .lu\urj that money can bay, l>ut thero is one thinfj lacking to their happiness. Both are fund of children, but ho little voices prattle, no little feet patter in their beautilul home. "I would give ten years of my life.vif 1 could have one healthy, living child -oil my owu," Si^ith often says tu itiuinclf. No vvouutu can be the mother of healthy ulTspriug uu- less she is herself in yood health. If she suffers from female weakness, u<-'ncrul debility, bearing-down pains, andfunctional derangements, her pnysical condition is suc-h that she cannot hope to have healthy children. Dr. Pjerce'a Favorite Prescription 'is a sovereign and guaranteed reniudy for 'all these ailments. See guarautcu piiuted on bottle-wrapper. . - _; ^ , i Bodily ailments are- uiore or less the n> eults^et kidney affection,- When tho skin becomes dry and huaky, pains in~»tlic back, hot and lu'gh colored uriue, soreness in the small of the back, are unmistakable facts that the kidneys arc in bad condition, and n few doses of Kellogg's Columbian Oil will convince any one of its curative properties on their disorders. For sale at Greene's drugstore. , . ' Kidney complaint is a miserable, Weaken ing disease; pains in the soiall of the back; strange, indoscribablo feelings in the back and sides; the least exertion wearies; a sho\v of brick dust or albuminous matter in the urine; an excess of urine or lack of it; breath short; sharp and darting pai' s uuoui t .o vitals, and dropsical swellings,. tiro certain evidences of diseased kidneys. Kellogg' Columbian Oil cures this disease in all it forms, and youj .druggist is authorised to warrant all sold, and will refund the in all cases that fail to give satisfaction for sal«( at Greene's drug store. JOB LOT1 JOB LOT1 l^ave just received a job lot of bronze, lt and antique oak frames for cabinet ul 8x10 pictures, which will be sold at ho astonishingly low prices of 5Cc and 5c. Same frames usually sold for more than double the money. Come arly to get lirst choice, i tf / 'S. B. SMITH. , Heforu buyinjj l<5jour, Grain or Feed call at C. A. CHESUEK'S MILLS. All »iuds of Feud ground-anct Jraiu bonght and sold. POWDER Absolutely Puro. A cream of tartar baking po|irder> Highest of all in leaveoiug strepjarth. '-atest U. S. Govern^itt Fooj ff*.

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