The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 15, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1893
Page 2
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S<«3 t>l£Y CRONICLE t ? v.-\. t .,~ '- . •" . • '''.....^..'*.^-...-..'. ....^.-C'v... tv .A ....c\. ^. . 1 THE DAILY CHKOWCLK Dally, <M»e y«artt|foncb P. O...14 7S fraily, delivered. 1O cent* per weeR Sntfccrl priori* recurred at the oftk « ni*pnb stion 15i Slat* street. . .• . ; ' j.M. PRESH >tK>M THE of Intoreit^Conclenocd Harried Render, . . . . The United States produce" GG5jOOO,000 pounds ol tobacco. China's tea crop promises to-be largo and, oJ excellent 4nality this year. ' : / There were 768 ftres in Boston last.y^** which destroyed piroperty to the ampuat of W.053,228. jf ' A pension of 0,000 francs a ywu; -nos becti. granted to Mme. Rennn by t.he.Franch ROV-- ernment' /^ Daring last year 1,040 elk' were killed in Nojrway-and 1,678:. in Sweden, about the average nuinjiej;^ The Kaiaihazoo and South Haven railway witt extend its track to the harbor PI trance at South Haven. ,.,. -Mrs. JPawcett, tbe young EngUshATomn! of recent "above-the-scnlor-wran.fflrr' fame, has adopted the profession of olx trlcal engineer. Mrs. J» Baker and daughter went to Ann Arbor toxtay^wbere the latter will have be? eyea treated., Messrs. Geo. Myers, Bert Scares, Dan Sheridan and Francis Deoel drove, to Battle Or«ek yesterday. Mrs, Mai gery Timerson died Sat^r- day at the residence of tier daughter, Mrs; Fjotcher efttnpbeS!!. / ' ••* A cocttmer.ciai%an had on exhibition at JoliuJBntiei^s slore^tjit^ aflefBoon a largei jind Elegant liue df^bdes; JAr, and Mf^ Willis Hifiabrant we : rit to bliioiiKO yesterday aftcrn.oon nfier a short visit 'wltlitricnds in * C«tf«e. ' . Iloasted coffee," especially .that -in packages, have been so reduced in quality lately tfrat i have Ceased to hand!* It and fnow'sell the grfiett oif unroasted. Pattie'6 can. see what theV'are buying and tfnow it If pire,, Yet I continue to sell the old reliable, the Ozanift roasted. '" ' ' ' Full line French Soups at ililla brant's; ; . : < ' lioVolutlontAts PANAMA, May 15. — .f4rjiun<1. AilvicVs from Nicaragua show that the revolutionists are gaining ground and daily are becoming" more aggressive. Two battit-s fought near Mttsaya have resulted iii favor of the" revolutionists whose .SU.IKV rior artillery caused the government troops heavy looses. Business Man Ooo»:Ui'><lcr. JACKSONVILLE, His., , May 15. — Fred Einatman, fdt many years a dda^ler in The promptness fend certainty of its cures have nvlde Chamberlain's : CoUgh Remedy famous. It is intended especially' for coughs, colds, crotip and Whooping cough and is the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. 26 ahd 60 cent bottles for solo nt-Greono's drug store. . Notlc* to __ r The practice of riding bicycles on the sftia walks must be stopped .at once. Any persona, violating the law in this respect do so at their own peril. Keep off tbo walks and save trouble. PETER HOWE, Marshal. Boughton will sell you wall paper und ha.ig it for you.- ' - i [ • - (,::.. . {1. (Jet your wall paper arid paints a 0eo Boughton's new store. ./. : ^iitiimes for visitors to tho World's Fair is the tjiJe ol a ntiatlittle hook, contain^ ing the Address of about 9,000 families, who .will Accotntn.0da;te visitors, also a list of hotels, illustrated with large __ scale map, sold at M. C. ticket Office. Chafes on batfes.sore Hipplfes afire 1 *** 80 2on £_ ^ _-_ flammation of the breast instantly re-J 1'he new Lavelte safety mailing enve k ', . _ ,-,., . . : i f\v\na of KmSth'a bf fill in • : , heved with Lavendar Ointment It is proposed to build a big dam at LaV Albert Nyanza for the purpose of nivi;* Egypt a plentiful supply of water dui-L the low Nile. ;' A man at Griffin. Ga-i who belieVes nor' day Confederate money will bo redeoin•••• and will be worth dollar'for dollar; 1.. * $l,OOOiOOO in confederate bills stored aw.-.. , The healthiest spot in the world scor to be a little hamlet in Franco named As mono. There* are only 40 inhabitants, • of whom are 80 yeatp of age and one is ov. .100. An underground 1 river, strongly impregnated with iron, was found recently near Charlotte, N. Q. It is reported that the stream, which is 45 feet below the surface, U 700 feet wide and G feet deep. Near Marshall, Mo., while men were engaged in digging a ditch for draining 1 , they dug into the ruins of an old Indian camp. The skeleton of an Indian, a brass kettle, a gun, several clay pipes, Indian arrow heads and other articles were found. The Lunatic oil spring of Wheeler Canyon, Col, at the time of a new moon §e- gins to flow oiL When tbe 'moon Is at its full the spring yields three barrels of oil a day. The quantity decreases with the waning of the moon, and ceases when the moon's last quarter is past. Farm thieves are making life miserable for Cass county agriculturists, and the latter are worked up to. such a pitch that a severe example will be made of the first offender caught.. The thieves not only- steal grain, tools and harness from barns, but enter cellars and appropriate stocks of provisions, while in some localities not a solitary fowl is left. Another new cannon has just been invented In Germany which Is expected to revolutionize the artillery of all Europe. Krupp, It is reported, has offered 9,000,000 xtfarks for the exclusive right to the invention, and the Inventor, Herr Ehrhardt, has refitoed the Offer, i He proposes to establish a plant oZ his own for'turning out his guns, It will be the most rapid nrlng :can- flon In the world. - Work on the mighty telescope foj? the French exposition of 1900, which was to enable us to see the man in the moon, has been, suspended, after considerable prog-. . teas had been made in the construction of lit, especially In the optic portion. The 'gnat lenses' are already cast, but the whole affair is now abandoned for want of money. The principal man of funds in th,e. enterprise was the late Baron Reinach " livestock in this county, Has made an assignment. He .was also engaged in jthfl-mercantile and milling, business at Meredosa. Bis assets are estimated at Public Meeting. My books and accounts are at R* E. Simmon's store. Mr. SimmonR and Mr. Hulbort arc authorized to receipt money that you may wish to — H. M. MBIUHLL. opes at Smith's studio. for any pay me. $33,000 and liabilities at $18.500. ' Attended A Military Review. •HAVANA, May 15.—The Infanta Eulalia, and her .husband attend a^ grand military review yesterday afternoon md in the evening went to a ball at the 3asino Espagnol. It is reported that she will embark today for New York. Arrangements Completed. • LEBANON, N. H., May 15.—Arrangements for Almy'B execution/ tomorrow tiave nil been completed, with the exception of testing the gallows, which wul be done today. Homeward Bound. LONDON, May 15.—Miss Rose Cleveland sailed for New York on the Etruria yesterday. Gounod 111. TARIS, May 15.—Charles Francois Gounod is confined to his room by illness. ttobert Shelley has opened a tin shop iu the building formerly occupied as a meat market, opposite E. L. Murphy's More. Give him a call when in need of •«ny tin work. •"' Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor!3 ~ Bicycle* ut Cost. As 1 tto longer act as agent for the' Columbia' and having two on hand, I will sell them at greatly reduced prices. A. WATSON. Smith is making tho new porcelain enamel photos. They just fill the bill for a nice picture. World V Colombian Exposition. The Michigan Central will sell tickets ropj Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars and thirty cents or the round trip, limited to Nov. ,5th, Children, under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets hot good on 1, 4,10 or 20. Fnr Sale. ' Pure Plymouth egps, 50 cents for 13. Enquire at Marshall House. LEWIS PBRRIN. STOdIANTED TO JASTUR1 Ternis cheap, see or address, A. IB. KING, Marshall, Mich The popular tonic, beef, wine" am iron at Hillabrant's. Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on hand. If you art) lingering from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, consumption,, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleephffianeas,* dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or , scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for bis vegetable cure. oz. free. A medicine that will explain to you within itself where!, the head of your disease lies. Don't -get excited over croup or quinsy when Lavender Ointment will- relieve you- within ten minutes if used 25 and 60cents. For a number of years I have been subject to violent attacks of inflammatory rheumatism which generally lasted about two months. On tho first of this month I was attacked in the knee and suffered severely f r two days, when I procured a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and it relieved me almost instantly. I therefore most cheerfully recommend it to those who Are similarly afflicted everywherel—R, £.' Whit ley, Martmdale, N. C., Feb. 1888. Mr. \Vhitloy is a.' very prominent man in th: place and his disease was very widely known as he' suffered such severe pain. W. M Houston. & Co., Me'rchante, -Martinijaje. N C. 50 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug tore. « Tin roofing and ail kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. . Ice. People desirre ice are requested to leave orders at my office, or notify me >y mail or leave orders at the Statesman office. • J- F- OAUS. Oranges for slicing, at Hillabrant's, 15 cents doz. A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is & new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical op^ .oration, -without any of >the intense pain, ex- penso and danger, of an operation. Any druggist will get $ for you. ' Hilla- Carpets at lowest prices in the state. S. V. R. LEPPBR'8. BUM ii Pool Hall. . Billiard hall; and pool room and 15 ball pigeon bole-table, 172 East State street, opposite the Herndon hotel. Fine cigars kept. J.RAUB, Prop. When you want a whisky for medicinal use you wont it pure, "Eoy^t Ruby" Rye is guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommended for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled at distillery.) ROYAL WINE CO., CHICAGO. For sale by F. G. Seaman & Co., druggists. Pure Ohio brant's. maple Sugar at Saturday's Base Ball. , Baltimore—Baltimore, 10;' D IB- YVa dig out Rod Debts m any part of the civilized world by a new procesafbn the no collection, no pay plan. If you need our services drop a postal to us tfiojttiPJ 1 ^ representative will call upon you. 4 •- - • ~ - AGENCY. Ciiciiali, Jacta & Macto Timetable taking effect Dec. ,£ 1892. ' .Trains paaa Marshall as follows: •> '• TRAINS OOntfi BABT. S.).i23, Toledo KxpresB ...,,...« 27 ,•) *• 8, Cincinnati Express ,..,,..841 >in ' A.Mail andExpress—?.. ....12£8 : pi» 1 -S7. Local Freight ,. f .............8 &ftpna WANTS, FOUND, ETC., Twenty cents a week tot each notice not ex ceedlng five lines. No obftrgo lew than twenty bents, . 5 "OST—A narrow black sllkbelt.with pin in it. I Finder please leave at A. V. H. Lepper> store. At Philadelphia—Philadelphia, 4; York, 3. At Pittsburg—Pittsburg, 0; LouisvfUe, R. At Chicago—Chicago, 8; Cincinnati, 10. At3rooklyn—Brooklyn, 85 Boston, U.- At St, Louis-'St. Louis, 3; Cleveland, 19. Sunday's Game. At Chicago—Chicago, 13; Outlawed accounts a specialty, ° —i.,,,., — Meeting of tbe boat club a£ 8 o'clock tonight at Andrew Chrystal's ^o. as. JJaB and Express, —.......U 15 »W < 2, Oinoiunati 4 B. 0. Express....,.,*2*.p«s «' «4. Express'......*.,..'..,,. "• $ ...«>?S'.38* lr Ail trains dally except "Sunday. Direct, connections Me made at Toledo Clnclnatlwitli aUro*ft«dive,rging,.> . Trains'Sl and82 maJjce go od connection »t MonJ ^ 4 W. U for Qran^ B*plds. Jfuskegsn and «0l J)r. Bennett, specialist <or Chronic Diseases, .will be at the Hei^don Satur and L OST—On Saturday, an Bxpre*8 package, containing silk dreaa pattern. Finder please leave a,t express office. MKS. i. I. 6TAWCB. N OTICE—Mrs. W. L. Back is agent .lor th« Christy knives and will furnish all wno wish Uxem. ^OALSTOVfi FOB BALE. ) MKS W. J. FRANCISCO, Opposite Johnson House, north . C,. B. Mm: , Agt., Marshall. Pa*,. Agt .*. SALE—A gas btove with oy«n. Inqalra at rooms over Marahall lUghc Co.'a omc». t>OJJ BALK—A good mare, 13 years old.. Will J? " b6 sold on tiuiB it desired. For parUcuUf» enqnire 01 Ueo. Hoyt, West Green Btruel. \ desirable,, house on Hanoter street, west, for rent. Jingalreof Z. j, Blskeilea, =P OOMS £UR BENT. W. H. BARSBY, JLV „ Slauelon and Madieon bts. W HY pay rent when you can buy a lot OB JkUrtiij and Batch's addition and have a hduoe built to suit you, *ni pay for It in amall »ojttthly payments.- tor intormatioacailat. o(- flcu"o.< J, O.. UauJu, over Win. Mariin's store. JFreft,cons.u^tatio^ ; " ' |J. TIMeTAflLE.-NQV.jJMi, t89i>. cases a*hove failed tare, pariiculcyltf'jjg ,. , , tp'herho»ein'WarBhall,woujUl like to T«r;;P%ta, near t jof Kovgoro^ Bpioyltchee, gov prices:'finest ^^driQo each; no efprt ^ jbavg " psles, 8 yearn ^-

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