The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 13, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1893
Page 4
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THE 1JA2LY ..TX^S32^-S^^^J^±^ t mt, KJCC2XKU lAlj|;'»w* ****;!* «*w««»wv-"j—T"-J _.-. v ripened and matured by eleven yeSrs storage in wood, tt is a "Rye as is a ftye," and costs no more than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use any other. A putfjfiToid -whisky is 'al^ayfc free from fusil oil/which is a poison; and should not be taken iit\i»:Jthe system. Age eliminates it ,_f,raia:thj|ipmt by oxidation* and if is converted into ftagrant 'others whiph.give the bouquet to whisky. Sdld only by IF. O. Seaman & Co., Druggist. ; , : .' 'V , GeoT H. Greene, the druggist, desires us to publish the folloting testimony, as he handles the remedy and believes it to be reliable: •'.>.... I bought a 50 cent bottle at Chamberlain 8 Pain Balm and applied it to-my limba, which have been afflicted with rheumatism at intervals for one year. At the time bought the Pain Balm I was unable to walk. lean truthfully say that Pain Balm has completely cured me. R. H. farr,. Holywood, Kan. Mr. A. B. Cox, tho leading ip speedily curing every form of Piles, It is called »he Pyramid Pde Cure. It is cheap arid' simple tO,u$j,, but nothing removes the disease, so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it-f< CHEAPER GAS FOR KHng Your . „ Tlfe ciirpet"'cleaning v?0rks on EX cliange street will be-opcft ot» Monday, Mnrch 87thy •'•.j C BfJcffreis, piano-tuner of Albion, tg in this city prepared to tune, repair tod cloau piaaos and organs Cornea recommended by Trot- C. 1J. Sheffler, of Albion conservatory of mCisife bcave orders at;M. J. Oilkitt'a. _ Sufferers from Piles should know thatthe" Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly-and ef • fectually remove every trace of.them. Art- f druggist w-'ll get it for you. • An especially liueTTue of ladies' mv children's hosiery at the bazar. Tlie Meat Oil Coolt With steamer, will cook potatoes, tut- WvwU) JA»l*» ****« "» —" ' i ». »*,•« u »v.-. T -• - - » druggiftt at Holywood, vouches for the truth I ^. O yi o n8,. eggs, rice, oat meal and Budding; all at once over oiiu wick. No • *•« «r-» •«-» smell. of the above statement. *•—.""• "Royal Kuby" Kv* is "a Rye as is a Rye," naturally ripened and free from all foreign flavor and adul- ""^xteranta, guaranteed pure and,over eleven jfeata ?f age, recommended to the connoisseur as a meritorious article worthy o£ the confidence of invalids, convalescents and " tho aged. Sold only by JV G. Seaman & Co. Pruggists. ' ' For years IhTeditor of tho Burlington Junction (Moi) Post has been subject tc cramp, colic or fits of indigestion, which prostrated him for several hours and unfitted 1 him for business for two or three days. For the paat year he has been using chamber-, Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoaa Remedy whenever occasion required, and it has invariably given him prompt relief. 25and5C cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. fteinuved, I have "removed my office to Eagle block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston. H.E. PliKLl'S. , For paper block. Honitou lace and Crepe call at tho Bufcnr iu tho new- 5.QOO spring and summer have arrived. Call and select yom summer suit or pants. Better cho'ct -M ur p B y'a. than piece goods Call and exuorne before buying. Quality and price to 8Ult * l TED'S, the tailor, Over Fletcher's store. —. i In almost every neighborhood throughout the west there -\B some pne or more persons whose lives fiave been saved by Qhamber- lain'e Celic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or may have been cured of chronic diarrhoea by it. Such persons take especial pleasure in recommending the remedy to Theprals* that foliowa it» introduction;, and use makes it very popular. 25 an<l 60 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store Corti and wheat grits for little chick, also compound food, greatest food on earth, at C. A. Chcsber'a mill, "fcost—Between DICK Butler's and Dr Greene's residence, a pocket b<*..okt con aming a five dollar bill, a 50 cTent piece and enough change to make in amount about 80 cents. Leave at D"ick Butler's grocery and -receive suitable reward. Don't fail to go to Hulett's and have i your eyes tested. All tests positively 'free. Aak to see the new perfection bi- ifocals with which the wearer sees to read or sew and with the same glass I see at a distance. Remember We MWO you from 50 to 75 per cent on traveling optician's prices. j. "Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Uobert Schelly is prepared to do kinds of tin work, shop opposite E. L TO CONSTJMEKS OF GAS FOK;FUEL. The Gas Company anounces tH^ollowing reduc .->,. __.,.-__ ^^-^jjjj.x^Q-^TlNCjr^^ whei?^0r ^aei 500^11^1 or HBATINpl- tcrtakS on and afbet ; ^ .- t S^TBMBBB 1st 1892. (3-A.SSTDVS RATES$1.60£erl6oO ''cubic Ft. For ft u qfl««rtngnmel(i where a GAS RANGE ™*&> . ' - —• For all gaa Consumed where COOKING or HEAtlNG'STOVES *re nsed and the fflonthlj constunption is n&t loss than 1000 cnbio feet,, ,,,,,. R'ats for Gas nsed for ttGttTING ONLY remain unchanged and>ro as follows: Less than 1000 cubic ft. in one itorrtk,- ; -*3 00 per iOOO^cubio .ft. 5000 cubic ft. .and less than 10,OOJ> cubic ft 1 month $1 90 pe? 1000 10,000 or over, I month Jl SO per 1000 cubic ft. (cubic ft. All the above rates are subject to of 10 cts per 1000 cubic ft when th* months bill is paid in or before tho 10th of the month next following. - Ths above special rates are made to induce consumers to nse gaa for cookin* and heating- as well as lighting. '. Experience Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas For Oqpidng Ovei; Every Other Fuel in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, . Safety, Cleanliness, 7 Quickness, Convenience* aerQver 175 QAS STOVES now |n use in ;MAR$HALL-»» SPECIAL REDUCTION IH GAS FIXTURES. A.discourtof 10 plr cent wW be made from.regular prioes'on all buls forGis Fixtures^or inside piping ordered and completed from , ' . ^_ . " ' "1st 1893, ; 'f 'i Sept 1st 1892, ^ttARSHAIA I.1OHT Co. . t Dr; Brewer and Son YEARS Smith, the Photographer. Has some nice Frames for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and see them. 03*# .go^, , Both the method and results when ' ' Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant ' refreshing to the taste, and —*" This long experience and a careful study of f > the beat methods enables un to «iro every .^ Curable «a«e. We keep a record of everj r cag» treated and the resalt obtained and can refer you to people who toave been cored by oui method of treatment, L.ouHUItatian free and Beahonable tcrniM for freatment. Wo bare visited the tame offices every eight weeks foj the paat twenty-flve years, We »re prepared to show succ*sBful result a ID treating dlBeasas of th<» liver, heart, lungs, •ton ach, Uldneye, brain, nerves, rheumatism, neuralgia, dohliliy. catarrh flu, youthtul-Indiscretion cancers, old eoree. n»morg, dUbells, oyspepiia, dropsy, chronic dlarrhcjea, euzema, loss of voice, bronchitis, Asthma, pneumonia, coiueumption, scrofula, eruptions, pimples, humors, blotcnes and all diseases of long standing. Address Drs Brewer & Son, 186 Chicago Av«., EVanston, Illlnoln. • " / Will be at the Herndon House on Wednesday, May 04, Charlottts. Thursday, May 85, and Battle Creek, May 26. Dr. Blewer's Sure Heart Iteguiator gives immediate relief. . . : ' Or. Brewer's Sure Depuro for Dloeasea of the stomacli, Hverj kidneys an4 blood, $1 per bottle. Dr. B^evter^Sure Stomach Pills for dyspeptics • 25 cents a box. * >: ; . written guarantee to core all>ervou» Jisemaes of the generative organs of either acs^ urh, »i Ner />us I^ostratioo, tflll g « £& Lo-t Manhood. Imp tncy.Kichtlj £nil»*jon»i, YoBthfal Erro'a, Jj -Mental Wowy, exttssive use cf Tobacco or Opium, waHn lead w SS Consumption and lD»anlty, Tjthewea' i t restores the »nap and •- ---" —"--" to all who msa 1C Bold at 11.00 •«^«^mSB*S2-'J«"r i ' gently yet promptly-on the Kidneys, ^ .- _ J tHH.OH f 8 VITALIZER.- Liver and Bo^lsf clean** the sya- the best Cigars at ii S^9sass^tt^&&wsn j 1 1 tern effectually*' dispels colds, head- •< >: K^,,«- M 4.«.,,« 5 aches,and "fevers and cares hahitual GreeU? ? S Drug Store. ? ° * TO - : " ^ CaiJ and Trv Them. constipation. Syrup of Figs is tjie only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and a§- ceptable tp the -sfomjlcli, prompt in ita actiipiij^mJ truly beneficial in its eSectp, -pr^^red only from, the most -jonuww*™... —rr-r-i—-iir a sswjorL • heaJtSy^od agreeable Buhstaiefs, its . m >o»«s»iuK«u^^^w«^ flt ^^ . »Sy exeeHent comm^d it ^_L_ _. . , =„.«.«„„, i ^. ^ ^ d j^ v ^- tt ^ e ifc ^.- 1 ^ ~ '. 1 popular remedy kjtoyp., 1 ™ 7S " *J* fTC—" S— £«•. THE MOST COMPLETE liite of Spring Suiting ever broUghi to HarsKail 'just arrived. Dress Suits t Business Suits» ulhs* Suits,. Boys' Suits, School : / Children's Suits, an<| ihe - ,. ft promp^y, for a»y/o»ie tfy ife • :M not I FAVORITE r-itcher'8 Castorla. — ..k £ \ «n ' A IWi wvarJE^^ 1 * " ww^wip'w?'*ySF tfSLfB8iU$tt, -:'im#>a&& Stilt MARS

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