The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 13, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1893
Page 2
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THE DAILf^HKONICtE ,MAY 13, 1893, THE DAILY CHRONICLE TBKMtS itnlkvereit. 1O Cvvtn per week Sabserlptinnii received at the office nt tub atfon I5i State street. • . ,)..M. MOSES, PubUgniiiv *pN£'BURGLAR ftenko, In Attempting to Erit«r a Hoasa, Is Shot Dead. DETROIT, May 18.—Shortly before (Pc}ock yesterday morning. .Marion Wiczriewflki, proprietor of a grocery and saloon at 080 St. Aubiu avenue, was upstairs preparing to retire, his Attention was attracted by a noise as if some one was trying to break into the house, He looked out of a window and saw three or four men in the back yard. ; "Wizcnewski went downstairs, but the men had gone. Be discovered that the window it a clothes closet, situated off the diniagroom in the rear of the bar, liad been forced open. Wicznewsk: then told his wife to put out thejighi ' and go upstairs, while he armed himself with a revolver arid waited for the return of the burglard. 1 After a watch of about 20 minutes hi teard foot' steps on the outside an( then flaw a head slowly appear over the Window sill. Wicznewski fired two •hots in quick succession. There was a Bound of a body falling and the hurriec •teps of some men making off.' He then ran out into the, yard and found a man lying dead just outside the win* dow. Officer Balowski, whose attention was drawn by the report of the pistol, met Wicznewski near his house on St. Anton avenue looking for a policeman. Together they returned to the house and recognized the dead man as Anthony Renka. He had no shoes on, and the lower portion of his face was hidden by a handkerchief tied over hjs mouth. A bullet had struck him in the middle of the forehead, and death must have been instantaneous. Wicznewski was placed under arrest. INDIANA BANK FAILURES. Stanches of the 'Columbia of Cf* t)un & r Company's Report of BtiSiness. KtTMOES FREQTIEUT. Roasted coffee, especially that in' packages, have been so reduced in quality lately that I havejeeased to bandU* it and now sell the green or unroasted. Parties can see what they are buying and know^t is pure. Yet I continue to sell the old^eliable, the Qszama roasted. '-k- X • ..A. Go Down. PORTLAND, Ind., May 18.—A courier . from Dunkirk has announced the failure of the Dunkirk bank, which is and controlled by • Dwiggins, rbnck & Company, of the suspended olumbia bank at Chicago. Attachments were at once filed and a deputy sheriff left immediately to levy on all the available property. The bank has gone tinder for at least 175,000, and the amount may reach $100,000. The firm Controlling this bank owns a number of .others, and these are reported gone to' the wall. The Geneva bank has failed. Colonel Bnford In the Race. filCHKOND, May IS.-'The fight over the Democratic nomination for gov- ; ernor of this state has been enlivened by the announcement that Colonel A. 8. Buford of this cityjs in the race. Lieutenant Governor J. Hoge Tyler I and Congressman O'Ferrall have .-been ' long in we field, but the three-cornered contest that will be waged from now •until the convention meets will rival the Mahone-Daniel fight in which neither candidate received the nomination. . Order, of Replevin Issued. , NEW YORK, May 13.—In. the -Tlnited States circiiit court yesterday Judge " Wallac^Jssued an :drder to replevin to WiUiam' f peering & Company of Ghi- cago, to recp-ver |552,000 worth of goods • delivered to the. National Cordage company tni«r tp its failure. The goods were delivered'between February and April and the Chicago firm. claims that toby are still in the possession of. the railways. &T. ttpre Buying of CoiniiiettJtai Ptvpet- Than a •Week Ago—Intertoy Money.attaritmts Are More Caatlcna, Bnt 3*ot Enough gcncy Seen 16 Chotk flenerkl Trnd •*reosnry Improved In ftesetvo OoldY JtEW YORK, May ISs'-^B^'Ci, & Company's weekly review .of trade says: [The smash in industrial; stocks a week ago, the failure of some firms; and of the National Cordage company and the largest decline in stocks known in any WeeSTBince 1873,. have caused, surprisingly little disturbance. Business has shown remarkable . soundness and strength under such a, strain, although disquieting "rumors are naturally frequent, ' Bank failures at Chicago and Indian- Spoils, and ' rumors of others, reflect large I6sses through Chicago speculations in real estate and grain, and at Indianapolis through the failure of the Premier Steel company, but commercial credits are'-not as, yet materially affected. -There is more buying of corn- _ xnercial paper than a Week-agp^«nd- while foreign exchange had risen above the exporting point, ;no gold is, yet ordered for shipment, as banking liouses reckon on large exports of products be^ fore long. Interior money markets are growing lighter and more.cautious, but no Buch stringency is, yet seen as to check general trade, which appears] to have somewhat improved with more seasonable weather. ' < Speculation has lifted, wheat 2 cents, though the crop report is less gloomy than was expected. Corn has slightly advanced and, pork products largely. Cotton is unchanged, exports in April having been $3,000,000 in value and 42,000,000 pounds less in quantity than last year. *0il is 11-2 cents lower; exports also declining. All exports from New Yor.k have been $3,100,000 less for the past two weeks than last year, while imports show an increase of $8,000,000 week of May, and gold exports can scarcely be prevented while this state of foreign trade is continued. Meanwhile the treasury has slightly improved in gold reserve, hold- ingover $99,000,000 free. While failures for the past week were 280 in number, against 175 last year, and in the United States 257 against 150 there were only 11 with rating over $100,000. From $200,000 to $300,000 there were five; from $800,000 to $500,000, only two; one from $500,000 to $750,000, and two with rating over $1,000,000. . Considering the extraordinary " Full line French^ Soiips brant's. \ at Uilla Notiols to Cyclists. of ridinjt bicycles on sida m\k6 tntist be stepped at once, Any persons violating in ibis respect do BO at their own peril, keep' Wff the walks abd save trouble. EETER HOWE, Marshal. Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in the building formerly occupied as a meat market; opposite E. L. Murphy's Store". Give him a call when in need of any tin work _ you wall paper Will and hMjg U for j The frfornptttess and certainty bfils cures havb m«ide Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs,'colds, croup and nyhoopina c6uch an<} is the most effectual .remedy knoxicn for these diseases. 25 and 50 cent bottles io sale at Greene's drug store.. \ \ " ••«• »1 jl'lV *-H/lMCr» *Ua. Tftd««iV/a0 n^v vaa-u »» ^»» •*« v» «.»•-• Chafes on,babies, sore nipples rfttd ml |^u- e t i t io 0 f a neat little bookj contain ttaUVmation of the breast instantly re,-f mgSbe aildre8g,of about 9 k OOO families. .Get your wall paper and paints at Geo Bhughton's new store. Homes for visitors to the World's Fair lieveXl wilti Lavendar Ointment. Public Meeting. My books and accounts are at, E. E. Simmon's 'store. Mr. Simmons ' and Mr. Hulbort are authorized to receipt who will accommodate visitors, also a list of hotels, illustrated with large scale niap^flolti at M. C. ticket office. Price 50 io for any pay mo. . The new Lavette safety mailing enve opes at Smith's studio. money that you may wish to I . . H M MERRILL f Smith- is making lira, new porcelain enamel photos. They just nil the bill Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorlf*- Hic*<x)es at Cost. ...•>. \_ As 1 no longer net as .agent for the Columbia and having two on band,, I sell them at greatly reduced prices. . A.AVATSON. ' -•.-• •-• - ';••'•'• •- ".::.. • ••'••>•• •-': for a nice picture. World's Colntnblan Kzposltlon. The Michigan Central will sell tickets < from Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars and thirty cents 'for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5tb. Children under 12 years of'age, half *---' Tickets not good on 1, 4,10 or 20. Pure Plymouth eggs, 50 cents for is. Enquire at Marshall House. LEWIS PERBIN. STOpAffl) TO PASTURE Terms cheap. See or address, A. B. KING, Marshall,'Mich The popular tonic, iron at Hillabrant'a.- beuf, ft mo arid pressure in stocks and money markets, the report indicates greater soundness than could have been expected. The business failures for the last seven days number, for the United States, 257; Canada, 85; total, 280; as compared with 248 last week, and 238 the week previous to the last and 175 for the corresponding week of last year, JQJB Hraniion Hanged. CHARLESTON, May 18.—Joe Brannon, alias Joe Williams, was hanged here at Uopn yesterday for the munlcr of Stephen Kearne.y, an aged white citizen of this city, on theJJlst t>£,August; Just. Brannon made ,a "full confession?'" He Was 19 years old. Closed Its Doors. MOJUiiSTOwjj, ' lud., May 13.—The Commercial bank of Mofratown closed yestercjfay morning from- fear of a ru.n. There/ia confidence 'in the manager'*} ability jjio bridge over the .difficulty and resume business. . No uneasiness is felt py depositors. ~**f Meeting of the bp'at club, at 8 Q'clpci; tonjgbt at Andrew Chry8tars. ! pfljee, _, Tin roofing and ail kinds of tin done promptly fry Robert Schelly. ' • -Mee. People dosirre ice are requested to leave orders at my office, or notify me by mail or lea TO orders at the Statesman office. J- F. GAUS. Oranges for slicing, at Hillabrant's, 15 cents doz. A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on tho other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trine. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical op-. eratioD, without any of the intense pain, expense and danger of an operation, Any druggist will get Jt for you. , Pure Ohio maplu iSugar at; Hilhv brant's. > Fine stationery at the bazar store. A complete assortment always on hand. If. you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagnppe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, aathuia, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia^ sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for his vegetable cure, oz. free. A medicine that will explain to you within itso^where the head of your disease lies. Don't get excited "over croup or quinsy when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten imputes if used as directed. 25 and 50 cents. Cincnati, Mm & Mactm Carpets at lowest prices ia the state. S. V. R. LEPPBB'S. BlariiJ Pool Hall. Billiard hall, and pool room and 15 ball pigeon hole table, 172 East State street, opposite the Herodon aotel. Fine cigars kept. J. BAD?, Prop. When you want a whisky for medicinal use you want it pure, "Royal Ruby" Bye is guaranteed-*pure in 'every particular, and recommended for tha -invalid and tho convalescent. (Bottled at distillery.) RQYAI* mm CO., CHICAGO.,% F, O, .{Seaman &> Oo., druggists. %»,;' . ,-;., WANTS, FOUND, ETC, ..Twenty cents a week for Beading dye lines. t to Declare * Dividend. May 18.—The . Flourioill company of Minneapolis, the majority of the , stock of Which is.held by London Capitalists, lib annual, di^dend^sSfcerday. i» r r. ,JJenn^tt»V s P eciali « t for Chronic Diseases, will be it the Herndpn Saturday, May 13th.:• = Free consultation in German , and ' Time table taking effect Dec. 3, Trains pass Marshall-as fqilows: TRAINS OQffle CAST. M'-.lSB, Toledo Express 3, Ctnciun&ti ~ 1892. "VdfS •» ,.•<•>.. ..,...s 41 >m ti. i|ail ondEzpress 1358pm '", Local Freight ..,...,5 50pm •' ..' XRAIM8 eOUitt WXBT..» 2. Cincinnati & B. U; Bipresi'..!.!'.'-6 21 P TO cents. No each aotice not ex less than twenty N UTICfi-Mre. W. L. Bdek to «gent for lh« Cnristy knwi-s and will furnish all whpTlsh, iheln. OJLl, STOVE FOB SALE. * , MUS W. J Opposite Johnson Honse, 2fc. t^ocal'FFeig'hl*. .^..v«.......... «..'.ti )S7'a IL I ! £11 uolnfl daily except Sunday. '"?:;.. I Direct connections are made at ToJ^dp. and •CjncUu i «ri|;h all roads diverging. Trains 21 and 22 make go od connection:.*! MonJ teith with th u Q R. & L» and at Allegan with the C. <fc W-. M for Grand Rapids, Muskegon and^all points north . • F. &. DRAKK 'iea, M'g'r* ,-' , C. M -tcaiNDLER, Gen. Fass. 48* •-C.B. Mr/JL Agt., Marshall. » i;>OP. SAlaE—A KM btove with OTSU. Inquire Jp at rooms over Marshall Light £>.'• offlcs. . 8ALE-A good mare, 18 years old. Will' be sold on tijjib U desired. Forpariiculars Oi. Uee. Hoyt, West Qreen sueot. A desicaple Jtiousu on Hanover street, west. forre»t. .Enquire of 2. J. Blskssleti, •pOOMSFOEBJBHT. W. H. 5AB8BY. XV ' Mansion and ||adi»o« tilt. ———————^—,.'.''•,. ..—^-rr—' i ii ' Vii '"'',;" ' "" • W HY par rent w-hen you can buy a lot oa .Martin and Hatch's addition aad n»ve a liouse built to salt you, sn4 pay for it in «s mucthly paymcuu. Jor imortuatioa call at ace'5*^v«,.Uatcfl,w " -^ ' , «>J,«.> - _-•. ' _ , T pl- M RB. MONTUOJUERY, who vlU «mn wturn to her hpf^fo MAcahaU, «o«|* yfa> » e fl - jwgetheBftrvieesolagoodcoqk. . cases as have failed fo rpt value !ef w&eat, Very -nngettfed state giv^l as ~s r . ' ' '• f •: l ^^^^ght 'ii wmt f „ UBle? south, »WI i4di«fts«d. J>RKD MllJJB , ppppr twd pgg gl^nfis «b^i»

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