The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on June 1, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1891
Page 1
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I TOlfc-KO XII228. MARSSAf4ffiCH., SATURDAY JUNE 1,1891. PRICE TWO CENTS THE GORILLA CAPTURED. Who HM l»p«n **r««14«ntlal A Fore Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other known. Used in Millions of Homes—. 40 Years the Standard. Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky Btacdt, Griddle Cakes, Palatable • . and Wholesome. 'tUfrtMhTT baking ponder does such worjk* SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. Arrest of a Geutiemib With, But Not $ • - '•. -. ' _,'•- Pirty. • ' \" •. • • CHICAGO, May 31.— "The artest "of "The Qorlllji' is a most important, one/' said Liout. Kapley today, referaQg i» theatrest of Robert Rathbbne, in Gantpn. O., on Bat- urday. Rathbone; alias Roberts, -who; is known to the police as be brought back tp Chicago for. ing a most daring bank robbery on the west nide over a year ago. With a man named, Bonson, who is also a clever crook, Robertii planned to rob F. C. Gohrko'sba'ik aVthe corner of Milwaukee nvonuQ aid HotieV direct. The attack was made -at »h» noon liour when but few people werq in the bexAi Benson distracted the attention of theioffi- ciul behind the counter, while «fThfl<3orlMa > / Boized a bundle of bank notes containing $3,000. The clerk saw the theft,' ^howeVirr; and gave the alarm. Both thieves Wok t&' their heels, but were captured by officers and locked up. "The Gorilla" wjaa arraigned, placed under $2,600 bail, an<L jumped his bond. Since then the polioeihaye beenimak- ing every effort to QapWf«jb> fjigi&Te. i SaW urday^ Detective Kellogg* arreited thq fugitive as he was working the 9*owd that attended a show at Canton. "Roberts is '*n« of the cleverest all-around thteYes in thl» country," said Lieut. Klpley today, "and we ought to have no trouble in'convicting him of this bank robbery. He baa; been following the president on bis western tour and working the crowds." ( »•' 1 » BLEW ..MJS ..JiEAD-QEf 1 The appearance on,,the 1 frontier of the AT my Q£ too yrfltfi)rflnft f bfltt •Jlfcnft it IMOQ9* sary to tranifer the ~~''- :; ':Wlafar''• btitst Iforaft on , h . porters, a Utter of solid framework, in which woman qf colossal proportii • ' __; __; _; > OTcr _!!'. Stools tine of "this Tchna. M the coferta of Uganda have : ig«« of ebrpaleney. ' isTCgardedias a token iof iwealfh jpA OOA> makes the royal spouse an on| eot of enry. This result is brought about qy a eoxim o< and , v , -, ., Jam* aMe, to stand ^it"herr feidU of ngat of;, fattened 6V o( 10x017 8TOPI •And read this. I have concluded Ut sell f 11 of my stock of groceries an* Qxturea at cost and go out of the bnsi- nejH. So I will sell on and after May ttwt just what the jjoods cost me at wholesale. This offer you never had before, so come quick and get 700; snare. I will name a few t lings. 80b Tobacco. ....... ....... . ....... . . .S8« UOoTea ........ . ............ *.„... .4M Clear Salt Pork, bonelesa...... <..... ?e £k> Coffee.... .......... ..,, ......... *8« 26 bars Soap.. ....... ..... ...... .fl(*' 4# Ibs crackers. . . '.T^TS^r. T77T. .M«~ Gab tfoods, fresh, front * •'• ..... 8 to 10* Baking Powcer, warranted. . . te per Ifr j^d everything aT Jus^ cost. This is a great chance fbr'alT irh6 may come. West of the parked JogfrH.MeKA.Mi6. saccess of this Great Cough Core is Xjt&ont a parallel in the history of medicine. Ail dnfguts are authorized to sell it on a pos- live foarantee, a test that no other cure can suc- uly stand. That it may become known, Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are toeing- a Sample Bottle Free into every hgrae a theUnited States and Canada. If you have • Covgh, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for t wiltenre you.. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief fr lore. > If you dread that insidious < disease Gotasnmotion, use it. Ask your Druggist for rJafiJOH'SfCURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and r*t*o. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, i .tt Shiloh'* Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. |w«p JD«TW — r Fate •yvbll* .BjMtrrow, Some merchants get the best they can; some get the meanest they can. Your dealer in. lamp-chimneys—what does he get for you? There are common glass and tough glass.tough against heat. There ar^ foggy a,nd clear. -There are ; rough and fine. There are carefully made and hap-hazard. ;, , 1 You can't be an expert in chimneys; but this you can do. Insist on Macbeth's " pearl top" or "pearl glass'' whichever shape you require. They t;i» all tho'se ways; and not brea^ frqn\ heat, fcrte fri a hundred, 'perilling to> pay ,a^ nickel for them. "" ' ' Joseph Hang's Sad .Shooting In Saglnaw Cojantjr H SAQINAW, Mich., May 31.—"GomeovaritoL my farm Sunday and a^dme \n exterminating sparrows" was the inyttption given by a man named Cole to hiljif neighbor, Joseph Haug, a few days agbi -Thin latter consent-, ed and early this morning- '.was on the scene prepared for action, bavtnjga double-bar^ reled shot gun and plenty of ammunition. About tea o'clock, whfte'Hapg^was reloading his weapon, the butt being on the ground, and the muzzle in line with his mouth, thei trigger fell and the contents of the gun tqre. the right side of justice and head to ehjeds,' portions of .brain and-flesh bping scattered ten feet. Deceased was a popular young resident of the township " ~ lived with his parents, the Macabees. • •'• •' .' ji •'•'•<'•>'• Lost Both Leg*. JAcksou, May 30.—About six o'clock thw ruormng George Ant|o»y, a passenger brakeman on Saginay b|anoh of the jfsljclu'- gan Central, whjle coupling ears in the yard here, was knocked down and one *heel ' * the tender passed over both his fe^8 } crtjt ing them below the knees so badly tfcatajft* putation was necessary. ;5^B was taken into Supt. Bush's office where the operatjipft was performed, after W the hospital, i The man is sfrill Uyiag,, b»i' the ehtuicea aj e very ; aji|h| ot hji8'«cffliftitj Anthony is 33 years of age and .unniarried. He has « widow^i, m<?t*»: in Marion, &.\ where he fonneVly resided; JahrB.ln Aequatoria, "^ »ffl4 w»ns ar»of'th<i tha sponUneooa] y *i» j-| • • .1 I ot. tMuUMtveji The Rice Greek mills intake the flour to be had in the <sftj. First class workmen at F. 8. Power*". Feed your chickens coats*) corn raflal from Merrill's. Horn obioks. Rice 1 Creek mills floor will have no other. MKBL, aad Kendall has nice home ttade Baking, warm Meals, Lqnehes, Bread, Cookie, ftolls, Res, Cakes.Baked Beass . Day board cheap. Everything in my tinfi is good and orderfl promptly filled. .: . Mi88 ; Kgyp^M., iWejlft. Ptate street djife, if only these yoabg rdbnners ptitrtbeirhand to the work. You can get any of Dr. W. B. Church's prescriptions renewed' ftt F. G. & Co'a drug store. ^ - u an the bebandel te all r*. ta tot hlh .U) «*>b« always ke«s« a J^D, ,%•»*•««• »'<» « ta taate ,the I ^grjO.OOO strokes w«fc 1800 mike long. iDf»thKmiB>,l£<4c«»in In forty mfarutxB-hfa) pm JOB LOTIJOB LOT! Hare Just reodived a^ob lot ef bronz6, and antique oak-frames for cabinet and 8x10 pictures, which will be sold at the astonishingly low prices of fiCeaad Ttjc. Sainp frames usually sold far nqore than doable the monej. Coma early to get Urst. choice. tf 8. fl. 3nmk. Kef ore buying Floor, Grain er Feed at G. A. CBBaHXB'fr MILLS. All kitodt-of ¥eed groandand all kinds al GrtAn bought and sold. Uctrorn ernrly errors or later exeeaae*. ov wrwork. ueknew. worry, etc ****•• • 00.. Full to every catunvl »een. Failure Book. exp i. Addtew BUFrALO M. Y. <*•».** i In alone tn dead the mineral oxfkaniojiBattier, goanqg time ago the reaearchei of and Muntx, of i Marcagno, of taif ^^ xp.90«ltj ER ur*» orea5».of l*rt*T.baking powan fliifcirf all in Jaarftping strength* . Smith and his wife money can buy, but tUar ing to ' would give ten years of have one healthy, living Smith of tea says t can be the 'mother 6J leas she is heraeJf in good feis tispm, ty, ihat she canned tope ,|p. ha*t rjeu. Dr, Kejce's Favonte.1 1 sovereign theae aU bottie-wrapper \"

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