The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 29, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1891
Page 4
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THE DAILY CHBONJOtE, MAY 29,1891. , House Cleaning. Thomas Lewis is now ready to do. house cleaning. Carpels taken up, cleaned and put down, stoves taken •down, and in fact everything in tho way of house cleaning done in n first class mannernt reasonable rates. • No More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected a carpet cleaning machine on Exchange stapet opposite JJohn Adams' novelty works. Carpets cleaned at 2J6 cents a yard. Work called for and delivered Call and see it. Don't go without a Spring Overcoat when you can get one iiiade to order for $25 at F. S. Powers'. There aao thousands of families in Michi. gan that cannot be induced to uso any other remedy in their families than Columbian Oil. In case of an emergency in any pain, bad cold or inflammation its action is sure .and certain. For sale at Greene's drug store.,- ( __ . • For all inflammations of the bronchial tubes or bad colps, Kclloggs's Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. A few drops should be taken clear on sugar every three or four hours, and batho the throat and chest t*o or three times a day. It speedily allays the irritations, ticklings and itching, and creates a 'healthy action, and a complete cure is readily effected. For Bale at Greene's drug store. I lv.a- to j t,n« Ko.- I • Oood Look*. Good looks are more than nkin daop. depending upon a Lual thy condition of all the vital organs. If ' the Liver be inactive you Lavo a Billions Look, if your stomach be disordered yon Lava a Dyspeptic Look and if your Kidneys be affected you have a Fii ched LOOK. Secure good health and you will Lave good looks. Electr ic Bitters, is the great al T terativo and Tonic acts directly on these vital organ 8 - Cures Pimples, Blotches, Boils, and gives » good complexion, Bold at F. O. Sea man's Drug Store, 50 cents per bottle. 4 To the Afflicted. Since the introduction of Kellog's Columbian Oil it has made more permanent cures and given better eatisf action on Kidney com- piainte aud Kheumatism than ony kuown remedy. Its continued series of wonderful .cures in all climates has made it known as a eafe and reliable agent to employ against all aohea and pains, which are the forerunners of more serious disorders. It aots speedily and surely, always relieving suffering and often saving life. The protection it affords by its timely use on rheumatism, kidney affection, and all aches and pains, wounds, cramping pains, cholera morbus, diarrhoea, coughs, colds, catarrh, and disorders among children, makes it ao. in valuable remedy to be kept always on band in every home. No person can afford to be without it, and those who have onoe used it never will. It is absolutely certain in its remedial effects, aiid will always cure when cures are possible. Call at Greene's drug store and git a circular giving more full details of the curative properties of tnis wonderful medicine. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorii How Often We see some young man who has squandered his .money and rained his health by excesses; and before 30 years of age in an all broken down and played out man. In all such cases I prescribe nature's .tonic and ner- vine, Sulphur Bitters, They supply food for the brain, strengthen the nerves and are successful nine oosea out of ten—Old Physician Two Bottles Cured Her. CARROLL, IA., July, 1869. r-iT.-r'.rff li> years from shocks In my T'ivieli M, thafat times I didn't expect >.T I U»>li rnedlRlnes from many aoc- cu.tTtfvtauy relief until I took Pastor . s.. : -v 'I'o-iio, tlio i<ccou<l dose relieved •I... ::•>•••• iv i i.v.-. S.-W. PECK. Cured at Last. 167 Laticust-.T. Wi.-i.. December. 1889. After usinz all t.'iu udviM't sod reiafdie- •'! after consulting many -ji o.1 iiliyMclan* in i... to get curcfl of epilepsy, they nil failed. 1 t ..en thought 1 would neve-- C'.'t cured, lust after taking Pastor .Knonijf'H Nerve Toulo I can. truthfully say thnt this did euro no. y J. II. O'SULLIVAN. 1C3 Dayton, Green Co., Wis., May. 1890. • I hod eplleotio nitnokfl sinoo 8 ynars, tried different remcidics without -»iy relief, took several bottl.eaof 1'a^tor K(Teiila's No. vc Tonic, and had no mqfre fits for about four years. F. M. BROOKS. Our Painptilrt for Bafierers or nervous di- leases will bo st-nt tree to any address, and poor patients can n'no obtain this medicine Iree of chtrgo from HE. This remedy has been prepared by tho Reverend PuBtor Kccuij', of Fort Wayne, Ind., lor the pus) Urn yoai-a, and is now prepared under his direction by the KOEHtO MEDIOtNE CO., KG W;s. Uidira, cor. Cliatoa Ot., COICAOO, ILL. SOLD BY DRUCCISTS. Price $1 per QCttlo. 6 Bottlen for $o For sale by M. B. Powell. SULPHUR BITTERS THE GREAT |GermanBemedy| TRUTHS FOR THE SICK. Who has nor had PoorHose? . GOOD RUBBER HOSE eonld be bought ten yean ago. Why? Bei there was ntb- ... .n It The hose •old by dealer* to-day contains little or no pore rubber. Our BLUE BRAND HOSE Is the old-fathioned kind, and Is made of rubber. With good care It should lui flve or six yean. It is cheap at the price. As a guarantee that you are getting what you pay for, and are not paying a high price for a poor article, we place thl> brand on every length: If yon cannot Ret it of your dealer, we will Band it, express paid, on receipt of money. Sample fret Vvou mention thit paper. BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Manf'n, of Rubber Belting and Packing, 226 Devonshire Street, Boston) 205 Lake St., Chicago I 8 Buth St., San Francisco, C*l ' The Niagara Fallt Routf." TIME TAiLE, NOV. 30, 1890: TRAINS BAST. STATIONS. Chicago, Lv Kalamaroo Battle Creek.... Marshall, Dp Albion Jackson Detroit Buffalo.. Mail a.m. 705 1160 lit 65 1 45 2 8 10 6 15 8 10 p.m Day Ex.t a.m. 9 00 £ 80 303 3 28 360 480 6 45 p.m. Eal jlxt a.m. '•M5 8 00 8 27 8 66 9 56 12 10 p.m. Atte Ex.* 8 . m. MO 8 8S 4 5 00 587 025 920 a.m. 5 65 p.m. Nn't p.m. 9 85 8 17 804 8 82 3 67 4 40 780 a.m. a 15 p.m L'al Pass p.m. 6 16 6ir 7.5 766 p.m. TRAINS WSBT. Jack Mall Day .Chic Kal.lEye. B x.tEx,*Ex.t|Kx.t For. those deathly I Bilious Spells depend Ion SULPHUR BIT- j TKBS, it will cure you. I .Do you suffer with I thaUfred and all gone [feeling? If so, use IS0LPUUB BlTTKES; I It will cure you. Very Cheap. The farm known as the Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Rice Creek. Will be sold very cheap if sold before the 15th of May. S. S. LACEY, &gt. Coarse Cora Meal for chickens. MEKKH.L. Guaranteed Cure CorXaGnppe. •"We authorize our advertised droggUt to Bell you Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Gougna and Golds lupo'u this condition, II you are afflicted with LaGrippe and will use this rernedy according to direc-. tions. giving it a fair tnai, and experience no benefit you may return the bottle and nave your money refunded. We make this offer j ef the wonderful euocdaaeu of Dr New Diaoovery during last season's amio, Have beard of no caae iu which it failed. Try it. Trial bottles free at F. Q. SeaouuoiJc 60. V Drag store, Large size 50e an'd»l. .:.. ' • OperatiTee who are I closely confined in the I mills and .workshops: I clerks who do not I procure sufficient ex- lercise, and all who tare confined indoors, I should use SULPHUR IBITTEBS. They will I not then be weak and | sickly. If yon do not wish I to suffer from Kheum- latism, use a bottle of ISULPHUB BlTTKES; I it never f aila to cure. Don't be without a IbptUe. Try it; yon I will not regret it. Ladies in delicate I health, who are all I run down, should use I SULPHUR BITTERS. 91,000 will be paid I 'or a case where SUL- I PHUB BlTTKHS Will I not assist or cure. It I never fails. • Cleanse the vitiated blood when you seel its impurities burst-1 ing through the'lkinl inPimplea, Blotches, I and Sores. Rely on I SULPHDR- BITTERS, I and health will fol-| Low. SULPHUR BITTERS I will cure Liver Com-1 plaint. Don't be din-1 couraged; it will cure I yon. SULPBUR BITTERS I will build you up and I make you strong and I healthy. ' SULPHUR BITTERS! will make your blood I pure, rich and strong, f and your flesh hard. Unftalo. Detroit, Lv Jackson... Albion.... Uarshall.. Battle Cr'k ilaUmazoo Chicago, A i a.m. 'e'so 7 10 788 8 00 840 a.m. a.m. 8 SO 11 25 1207 12 28 1 00 317 7 36 p.m 1280 7 60 1006 10 80 11 15 11 35 12 12 4 35 p.m a.m. B 80 p.m. 1 20 3 30 3 60 4 06 480 5 02 9 00 p.m. p.m. 4 46 7 16 7 52 8 21 847 9 80 p'.m. p.m 745 ill 25 11 07 11 30 11 57 1250 0 46 a.m. Paci ? . m. £50 9 IS ll.W 12/83 ia 5i 1-21 317 8 05 a.m. N. Y. limited express wbion leaves Chicago at il9 p. m. will stop at Marshall to let off passengers from Chicago. {Saturdays excepted * Daily tSundays executed O. W. BUGULES, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt. UBO. A. JOHNSON. Freight.Agent, < C. B. OSBOKN, Ticket Agent, Marshall Try SULPHDH BIT-1 TERS to-night, and I you will sleep well! and feel better for it. I . Do yon want the best Medical Work published! Bend-three 2-ct. stamps to A. P. ORDWAX & COM Beaton, jtfaas., and receive a copy tree. • ^ FoupU at The nicest, flioat bawitif ul decorated pattern in aenji-i'orcelain of J. G. Meakin's make (England) ever brought into this city, Ladi& who intend to purchase Bc.methjng nice this spring to eeHhaif table with, aome^iDg that cannot be diatinguishea from real China .will do well to call at .John Wiseman's and take a look at thenj before buying GRAND PALACE HOTEL 81 to 103 North CM Street CMcap. 4 minutes from Court House. Both Plans. Weekly, $$.00. Transients, 50c up. Restaurant by Compagnon, LA.TB OHIoioO CLUB, CHEF. POPULAR PRICES. NEWBOUTE Cat this out for further reference. F OUND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering over this mundane sphere, I have found a tidy little barber'shop, located at 78 State street opposite J. W. Fletcher's clothing store. This shop if under the management of Walter W. Clark, who as a to&sorlal artist has few equals and no superiors. Ills shop DAB recently J>een refitted and lelurnlsbed in elegant style, every thing dainty; neat, and clean. Fragrant perfumes, razors smooth aa satin, and all men know what a luxury it Is to he trlmai.ed ,up in artistic style. He Is well potted on Dermatology and if you bsv,e> hard beard and tender face call on Walter fora shave. It is said that he never talked but on«of his cnatom'era to death, which is certainly In his favor: So it you want a good dean shave or tasty 1 hair cot, • call at 78 Sta'u5"Bl»et. . i - > 0. J. LANE. M.JP.. fonn^y with PJQI. K. A g. Cincinnati, Jackson & Maciiiv WALSTON H. BROWN, Receiver. Timetable taking effect Dec. 7, 18fu. Trains pass Marshall as follows: TKJUNB dOINe BAST. Mo. 28, Toledo Express 6 27 a ' a, Cincinnati Express 629 am " 21,41 ail andKxpresa.... 1268pm " 27, Local Freight 600pm TRAIX3 UOISU WBST. cxo.lil^ Mail and Express, 2,13 pa 2, Cincinnati <£ B. C. Express 6 21 p <n 84, Express 12 68 air 88, Local Freight tt*7an. All trains daily except Sunday. ' Direct connections are made at Toledo anc Cincinnati with all roads diverging Trains 21 and 88 make good oonneotlon at lion (cith with the G. B. & I., and at Allegan with the C. & W. M. for Grand Rapids, Huskegon and all points nerth. V B. DRAKE, Gen, M'g'r. T. C. M. SCHIUpLER. Gen. Pass. Agl. J. J. MoAuurju. Agt., Marshall. PICKLED GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! WILL, BE' ATf POWELL'S DRUG Where he will open ' 10000 Rolls of New WAUPAPEll. LARGEST LINE EVER Shown in Marshall Save money by buying Wall Paper, at . POWELL'S DRUG STORE CrAS All Sizes and Prices at Cost, All who use them adrise" f-tieir neighbors to dp likewise. This ia all we can ask. Over 100 now in usa-iu Marshall. All whose residences are on any ine of the The Gas Go's, main pipe, can have service pipe put in free if they will buy a Gas Cooking Range of The Gas Co. for Cash ind agree to use it. All Should Profit by this Offetf Prices of Gas Consumed as reje istered by each motor sepa rately each month will be H FOR LIGHTING When under 5,000 cubic feet, f 2.00 per ,000 cubic feet. i When 8,000 and under 10,000 eubic feet, 6 per cent, less or $1.90. When 10,000 or more cubic feet, 10 per cent less or $1.80. FOR COOKING When under 1,000 cubic feet ISJper cent less or $1.70. When 1,000 cubic feet or more, 30 per cent less or $1.60. A discount of ten cents per l.OOt cubic feet will be nmdo on all above rates when bills are paid on or before lOth of month when due, but In no case unless paid by that date. THE MAB8HALL LIGHT 00 Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Common Sense loiews that a lot In the heart of the city of Chicago at 9500, la a better investment than ; GOLD DOLLARS FOR FIFTY CENTS,. You can aecure euqh lots at that price and less by Joining the / Douglas BouleVard Land Association. 1841.078, 184 SHARES. 61Lots 150 feet deop.lront on-the Boulevard poOO per share including abstract with lot, *ide walks etc. Titles Perfect, Terms Very Easy. For further particulars Address to ' , FIBTH & COCHRAN, ^ 90 WASHINGTON St. CHICAGO, ILL. S TATE OP MICHIGAN, Qounty otCalhoan, »s. ..u Notice la • n P"*by Srfveu. that by aa order of tho Probate Court for the County of Oalhoun, made on the seventeenth day of April. A. !>., 1891, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estatet of Oscar. M. O'Keefe, late* of said County, deceased, and that all creditors of aaid deceased are required to present their claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate office, In the City of Marshall, for examination and allowance, on or before the seventeenth day of October next. Dated April 17, A. D., 1890. i GEORGE INGEK8OLL, 4wts Judge of Probate. S TATE OP MICHIGAN, ) THK Ciacuix COUKT FOB TBB J-In COTOTY or CAUIOUN. I Dated April 21st, A. D.. 1891. JUaoN NEWTON, i Complainant, ! va. Chancery , Defendant.] ' Salt pending in the Circuit Court for the County of Calhoun in Chancery, at Marshall, Michigan, on the 21st day of April, A. D., 18»i. n, ln . % U f*^ 88 i4 »PPettrtnK from affidavit on file. that the Defendant, Amelia Newton, baa departed from her las; known place of residence, and that her residence cannot be ascertained, on motion of Jesae M. Hatch, Complainant's eouo ' tor «,, It J B ordered that the said defendant, Amelia Newton, cause her appearance to be entered herein, within five month* from the d»t« > ot this order, add In case of her appearance that she cause her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be filed, and a copy thereof served on said Complainant's Solicitor within twenty day* after service on her oi a copy of aaid bill, and notice of this order; and that in default thereof s*!d bill be taken as confessed by the said non-resident Defendant. And it is farther ordered, that within twenty days the said Complainant cause a noUce'oT this order to be publish ' " ~ " ~ ' newspaper printed, t said county, .and that ______ .„, ,.„„ ____ ,_ tinned there at least once In. each week, for six weeks IB succession, or that ha cause a copy of this or Jar to be iiersonally served on said nonresident defendant, a* least twenty day* before the time ibo^e prescribed for her appearance. * aBM, pBB County ,

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