The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 29, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1891
Page 1
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DAILY VOL-NO XII227, MARSHALL, MICH., FRIDAY-MAY 29,1891. Baking Powder A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other known. Used in Millions of Homes— v 40 Years the Standard. Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable • and Wholesome. , Mb other baking powder does such' work. STORY FROM BATTLE CREEK. A Brothnr-ln-Lavr of Mr«. Hawrer Talk* on the Tragedy. BATTLE CREEK, Mich., May 28.—Mrs. William Simpson, of this city, received a telegram this morning announcing the murder of her sister, Mrs. George Hawver, of Climax. Mr. Simpson immediately left for Climax and on hia return this evening said that ho noticed no marks of violence On Mrs. Hawrer's body, and says that the body had evidently boon dead five days. The bird in the cago^ had starved to death. Mrs. Hawver was not known to have had any money about the house and Mr. Simpson knows of no motive for the crime. Until recently he says Mr. Hawver'sson lived with her. He is now married and lives in Scotts, Kalamazoo county. He is heir to the house and lot in Climax. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure* is without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos. ttivt guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- cessnuly stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home rathe United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for jit will pure you. If your child has the»Croup, orWhoopifig Cough, use it promptly; and relief )S sura. •> If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for L'HILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts;, 50 c(s. and • I.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame. \ „» Shiloh'a Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. « One of the troubles of life is the breaking of lamp-chimneys. Needless. Macbeth's "pearl are top" and "pearl glass tough against heat. Ycni will save nine-tenths of your chimney-money by using them, "Pearl,top" fits most of the littie lamps; " pearl glass " is for " Rochester, " Pittsburgh," ^Duplex," etc. r " We make a great many sizes and shapes, all of tough glass. You can get the right ones. Talk with your dealer about it. GKO. A. MACSETH& Co. FREDONIA. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oaus spent Sunday with friends in Athens. John Van Blaricum is building a peper- inint mill. Mr. Fred Mohorhrdt and family have rented the Scott house at Ellis' corners. Mrs. Frank Good, who has been very ill, is able to be out again. LEE. The White Caps have not been around this vicinity lately. Misses Millie Bockofen and Clara Long* were the guests of Will Van Arman last Wednesday. George Kibler has purchased a new horse and cart. Ralph Wagner is very sick. Luvi Page has purchased a new windmill. L. P. Page is raising his barn. ''. •#» .• '• -. Hort Murray lost a jthree year old colt last week. Angeline Smith is still failing. Gilbert Smith has completed his new kitchen. _____ ECKFORD. Auisden Anson of Tecumseh, spent the week with Mrs. An son, nee Myrtle Roger?. Mra. Charles Vandsrvdbrt is moving to tlamwond to join her husband, who has a position there. Mrs. A. E. Sisson, o.f Battle Creek, spent a part of the week with her parents, Mr. an i Mrs. George Sexton. George Kingsland, of Wayne, a former residei.t of Eckford, died Saturday, May 16th. Mr. K,iugsland is well remembered by hia many fmnds here, who join in sym pathy for the sorrowing .relatives. His son and daughter, Fred Kingsland and Mrs. Luther Rogers, left Monday to attend the funeral--. " ' , . AWVIilM'ISEO I.KTTBBS. No. 22, May .8, 1891, Itlcur»hi-ll, ONLY GOLDMEN IE SERPEITS OF DISEASE, mkfct ttrole effort* to tn« t-tnuelvu, it act tnowini bow to laqcentnlly LEOFFTHE HORRID SNAKES cure op in dopfclr ud link tola » eulj tfh.tuEBKOBiTherclilUU.rt>. OUR NEW BOOK Mat frw. pott-p-id, (sealed} fort limited Ume,"I!l*lw •_.• pMlowinliy o/ DluM- •» _nd Affllctloni of to» , rthwU ezcliui*Bly oar n, th» wont cwk-«ol LMt or r-lling M_Jiioo4, 6«i.r_l _Bd Hertoiii ».- bUlty. »••*«»» ^ *'*J lid 1U-4. Sfc-i of Error* Bt-nt«d «r OALOO.TUFFAl-O.N.Y. Calliouu Claytou. Misa Fisher, Katy Michigan. Buckflnk, Qeo. (Foreign) Aledter, Ueo. (Foreign.!. NichoUs, J; C. • ' , THIRD CLA»8. Hiiain_er, Jakob , To pbuuu ajiuve. -pplic-niB anould call for _a- crtiBtd h3Uer*aud BUtu dale .of list. Oue cunt postttge.,wlll hureafusr be charged for advertised letter*. •. Uave your addre-aed to your box. S, K. BNYDfiK, Poi-maater. , Merrill'* Price l,l»t. 20 Iba gnuiulated augar. f 1 00 14 Ibs cut loaf sugar..... C .-i... 1 00 3 Ibs Mei rill's m&ed coffee........ 1 00 8 doz fresh eggs.....,, — 1 00 Pineapples, solid stock 16c or two 85 Bauauaatwo for •'• 06 Iwgersoll'a superior flour per 8&$|t. 60 10 Ibs Brazil nuts.,,... 100 4 Iba chocolate drops.............. 100 Eiue apples, good ones............ 15 5lbs Merrill'8 50c tea........ .*... 8 00 10 Ibs genuine wuplt) sa^ar....... i 00 Uauituoolrseata two for %5 lifuuv^bor tbe«e prices aw jcoodfor thw ^veiling and tomorrow. ' ii. M- MsBgyfJi- Boxing is precisely what you make it. If yon put gloves on a couple of toughs the result will be a fight filled with alngKing and gore; if gentlemen put on the gloves there will follow a. contest equally as determined, with blows probably stronger, but directed with judgment and Skill, and received in like manner. The great difference between the slugger and boxer is that the former stands stolidly awaiting his opportunity to deliver a knock out blow, actuated with but the one idea of rendering his opponent senseless, and trusting to his tough hide to withstand blows. The boxer, on the other hand, is testing his skill with a fellow clubman; his blows are clean and strong, b^t he Is expert enough to avoid punishment, or, if not, his opponent is judicious in its delivery. What holds good so far as boxing is concerned, is equally applicable to any other sport, If foils are put into the hands of two of the same class that monopolizes public boating, of what character will be th» exhibition? If they wrestle, will not their coarse nature be evidenced? It is not the sport but the element that pervades It which makes its character. If men put on the gloves for the sole purpose of punching one another into a state of insensibility, why put on gloves at allt The job can surely be done much quicker with the bare fists. Indeed, If the sole idea is to knock one's opponent senseless, why waste time with gloves or fists when a stoat stick certainly would be much more effeotivef Why not take the button off your fed! in fencing, and settle y oar adversary with the first thrust? Why not throttle your mqp at once in wrestling, and have done with it? It is we)l enough to prate of "how shall we refine amateur boxipg?" The sport is all right; it's the muckers that monopolize it, and w °o wflj drag into the mire any game they take' up.—Harper's Weekly. .'•; A Country of Catti* Bal»«r«. Excursions across the territory of Uruguay reveal nothing of>very great interest to the tourist. The ^landscape in parts is pretty; some finely situated estanetas ar» to be seen along the banks of the Urngoay; the vicinity of the Bio Negro, too, is especially interesting and characteristic of the fertile parts of the territory, which present a similar combination of water, wood and roiling prairie. But after an, one soon wearies of looking at the same kind of view hour after hour, league after league, and province after province. The fences of posts and wire are varied sometimes by fences of aloes and cactus; the eucalyptus, the poplar and other trees are also, planted to form fences, as-in Chflfc the roads, where one sees long teams of oxen toiling along with huge wagons, we as terrible as those of the Argentine; the prairies are dotted with innunuucable herds of cattle and horses; occasionally you see two or three peasants wearing brown ponchos •riding and driving animals before them; at long intervals you-see one or two ronchcfe, or huts, where the peasants live. In the Argentine the ranches appeared miserable enough, but in Uruguay I saw many even more primitive, mere huts of black mud, with a roof of maiae straw, a floor of beaten earth, a doorway, but no* always a window. The cabbis of the Irish peasantry give some idea of the Uruguayan rincho. It is a comfortless, unhealthy, rheumatic dwelling, less civilized thao that of the Esquimaux and more carelessly built than the most ordinary ^d's nest. CW *•- T PRICE TWO CENTS STQPl And read this. I have concluded t* sell 1 11 of my stock of groceries and fixture's at cost and go out of the business. So I will soil on and after May tirst just what the goods cost me »t wholesale. This offer you never had before, so rome quick and get your share. I will name a few t lines. 50o Tobacco. ....... . ................ 85« SOcTea ---- .... .................. ...40« Clear Salt Pork, boneless ..... ,' ...... 7e 28c Coffee. ... .......... . ............ 28* 20 bars Soap . . . .................. |1 OC 4J_" Ibs crackers.... „ ............... 90« Can goods, fresh, from ......... 8 to lfl» Baking, warranted... fa petit And everything at lust cost. Thto IB a great chance for. all who may coma, West of the park. * JOHN H. The Rice Creek mills make the beat flour to be had in the city. First class workmen at P. S. Power*'. Feed your chickens from Merrill's. coarse corn meal Koru Mel 4 chinks. MRKL. U?e Rice Creek mills flour and yoti wih have no other. Notice. Miss Kendall has nice home made Baking, warm Meals, Lunehes, Bread, Cookie, Rolls, Pies, Cakes, Baked Boava. Day board cheap. Everything in my line is good and orders promptly filled. Miss KENDALL, West State -treefc. You can get any of Dr. W. B. Church'* prescriptions renewed atF. G % Beano & Co's drug store. at wile j as an explorer, EdttHUi M fcnlbe ventor, Miss Flora A Joam M tto Jweov- of the FAMOUS BLUSH QV BOSl^tttr complexion, »re nunes th»t wfll be down M benefactor* of th» rm*-, te i- : - corled time. M.B Powell cone-taf»r id* share (pi the profits) M b« abmy* JkM0>;-» BIO SUPPLY 6N PAKD, »nd •& n i* n cents per bottle, • JOB LOT1 JOB UOT1 Have just received a job lot of brcnuw, a;ilt and antique oak frames for cAblo-i and 8x10 pictures, which will be, |0}<jl • »t. he astonishingly low prices of6C*a«rtt 75c. Same frames usually toM f»ir more than double the money. Corn* early to got first choice. tf S. B. "QolUfaa. Medical Discovery" .cures those diseasee which come from the blood impur- ities-^-ficrofula and akin diseases, sores and swellings, i c . But does it? It's put up by the thousands of gallons, and told to hundreds of thoup anas. Can it cure as well although it had been compounded just for you? Its makers eay that thousands of people, who have bad Tetter and Salt-rheum, Bcte- ina and Erysipelaa, Carbuncle, and Sore Eyes, Thick Neck and Enlarged Glands, are well today because they used it. Suppose that this is ecs Suppose that a quick-witted man wa» far^eeiag enough to know that to deanoe the blood was to cleanse the life.. Suppoae that by many etperitneoto, and after many fail«aw8,ne ia&aeted thw golden k«y'to health and that hia faith in it •I(« you i* so attonf that jo* can go to sour druggiat, boy a bo»l*» and \f it ^oeant belp tdy^-a^aa£N^ tbeinaelTee bA»e faith in. Before buying Flour, Grain or Peed call at C. A. CHESHBB'S Mljos. All itinds of Feed ground and all kinds of Grain bought and so)d. POWDER A cream of tartar bakiugf -fceBtofaHl"' " U.S. gort* *t t<$

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