The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 12, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1893
Page 2
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THE-Mill CHRONICLE ttKttMSO* .f4 1* ota* y«mr tturoufh P. delivered. 4O cent* p*» received at Ibe «fflt v **' jpnb Levee Between Greenville and Lakeport Brokln. THE OBEVASSfi OVEB 200 FEET WIDE, if any Thousand Acres of Corn and Cotton In Advanced State of Cultivation Flooded •ad Great Destitution Will Result. Fanners Poorlj Prepared to Stand the ; Disaster. GREKNVILLE,. Miss* May 12.—The levee between this place.and Lakeport, Aric., on the west side of the river broke at an early hour yesterday morning, flooding the greater portion of Chicot county, Ark. The crevasse at S o'clock last evening was over 200 feet >wMe and' caving rapidly. The break occurred near Sunshine landing in a bend of the river. Many thousands of v - « * j '"' • by Kansas paper deafers ot "tHreats by the paper trflst to undersell them unless they join the combine, Governor Lewelling has issued instructions to county attorneys throughout the state-to hunt tip the agents of the trust, have them arrested atfd vigorously push their pro- eectitionv He offeW to assist them if necessary, ; • ,,.,;.• '-,,.. Another Bank Suspends. » INDIANAPOLIS^ May 12.—The Capital National bank of this city suspended payment .yesterday morning. <No statement has yet beet^fiYert out. The BUST pension was paused by the failures of. the Chemical National bank of Chicago and the Premier steel works .of this city. The. Chemical bank is a debtor to the Capital National to the amount of at least $90,000. , , The .Report Shows a Profit. NEW YOYK, May-48 ; —The annual report of the board of .directors of the „ t _ Roasted coffee, • especially that' in packages, have been so reduced in quality lately that I have ceased to handUi it.and now sell the green or unroasted. Parties ban^See what they • *.t$ buying and know it impute, tet 1 continue to sell the .old reliable, the Osama roasted. . . A, WATSON. Noitce to tiyiblttfU; The'practice of ridlOK bicycles on the sSda' walks must be stepped'at once. Any persons violating the law in this respect do so at their own peril. Keep off the walks and save trouble. PETER HOWE. Marshal. Full line brant*s. French Soups at Hilla fUifVXV V*. W*»W fc/VC*J.V» V* A*« ww«v«»* v— .,-—«• WestinghotiBe Electric and Manufacturing company to .the stockholders given out yesterday afternoon shows a profit from manufacturing of $1.491,817.18, and from other sources'of $112,760.66, making a total for the year of $1,604,683.73. •• „ Plums for Detroit. WASHINGTON, 'May 12.—President Cleveland determined upon two important Detroit appointments yesterday, vi?.: James Phelan for collector of internal-revenue, tot succeed Jfimes H. Stone, and Ignatz Freund for appraiser, of customs a| Detroit to succeed C. F» Kimball. t t - acrea,of corn and cotton in an advanced - ttate of cultivation have been flooded and great destitution will be the result. ' -".'••"' '-"•': '• • • • /• " •• The water will flood Chicot 'county. Ark.; Tensas, Madison, Morehouse and Bast and West Carroll parishes in Louisiana and make its way intoBayptt Tensas, thence to the Mississippi below Natchez. This section of the country is thickly settled by farmers and plantation owners who have not recovered from the floods of a year ago, and they are poorly prepared to stand the present disaster. The Missouri Pacific tracks are under water for about 80 miles below Arkansas City, and the traffic can not be resumed before the middle of June. ONE TOO MANY. I Weathwr IndlcajkloM.; . « For Michigan—Showers; cooler, ! except ptationary temperature 1 hi extreme western •er Michigan; gales becoming northwest. ••' •":'.'• " .;•.;• .•: • ' CONDUCTORS' CONVENTION. The promptness and -certainty of ita cure* have ni«ide Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It 1ft intended especially for coughs, colds, croup aad fchoopingcough and is the most effectual remedy krrdwn for these diseases; 25' and 50 cent bottles fo" sale at Greone''s dflig stdre. Chafes on babies, sore nipples -and in flammation, Of the breast instantly-re-, liBved with Lavendar Ointment. Pnbllc'Meetinsr. My books and accounts are at fi. JE. Simmon'6 store. Mr. Simmons and Mr. Hulbert arc authorized to receipt for any money that ^you may wish to pay me. H. M. MERRILL. Children Cry for Pitcher's .Castorta- Bicycles nt Cost. As 1 no longer act as agent for, the Columbia and having two on hand, J will sell them at greatly reduced prices A. WATSON. Robert Shelley has opened a tin shop in the building formerly occupied; as a meat market, opposite E. L. Murphy's store. Give him a call whefl in need of any tin .w.qr.ft'.' '• ",.'." Boiijijutoh will sell' you wail paper and ha.ig it for you. Get your wall paper and paints at Geo Boughton> new store. . ' Home! for visitors to the World's Fair " is the title of a neat little book, containing the address of about 9,000 families, who. will accommodate visitors, also a list of hotels, illustrated with large scale map, sold at M. C. ticket office. Price 50 scute. • The new LaVette safety mailing enve opes at Smith's studio. Smith • is making the new porcelain enamel photos. They just fill the bill or a nice picture. World'* Colanablan Imposition. The Michigan Central will sell tickets from Marshall to Chicago and return at rate- of seven dollars and thirty cents 'or the round trip, limited to Nov. 5th. Children under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not «oeid on 1,4,10 or 20. '•'••''v • .; ... .'••. far .Pale,! . • '•.'•• Euro; Plymouth eggs, 50 bents for 13 Enquire at Marshall House. LEWIS PBBRIN. Kmbeulement and Suleld* ot ma AshevlU* Paymaster. ASHEVILLE, N. 0., May 12.—Edward Aston came to Asheville from England three years, ago, accompanied by his mother, wife and three children. When George W. Vanderbilt decided to begin work on his $1,000,000 palace here young Aston was made paymaster, in which fofiitioa he handled thousands of dollars «nry week). A shortage was recently discovered in Aston's accounts. This led to an investigation, the outcome being that thousands of dollars could not be accounted for. Aston fled, leaving his family; here. He went to New Orleans and- from there wrote a letter to his wife, in which he declared his intention of drowning himself in the Mississippi liver. I" --'','. ' - --•" - The . family returned to England* Telegrams .just received here front Jesuit's Bend, La., show that Aston, did drown himself .his body being found, a- few days ago. Aston's ruin was worked- by whiskey and women. A portion of his time was spent here wifca his family, the rest being: passed, with another woman in £h adjoining; county, where 1 he maintained a separate establishment in fine style. He was about {fc years old. ' They Select Atlanta fpr the Next Place- o: Meeting. TOLEDO, May IS.—The delegates to the convention of the Order of Railway Conductors' at their meeting yesterday aelected Atlanta for the next place of meeting for the convention to be held in the second week of May, 1895. The only other business transacted at the session was the consideration of the reports of the grand chief bbnductor and fee grand secretary. The report of Grand Chief Clark shows the order to have entered a phenomenal growth within the past two years, and the finances of the association are shown by the secretary to be in a correspondingly healthy condition. * The delegates will probably conclude their labors by Saturday. Last night they were tendered a reception, ball and banquet at Commercial hall. At us eessfon yesterday afternoon the woman s auxiliary to the Order of Railway•Conductors elected the following officers for the next two years: Grand president, Mrs. J. H. Moore Toledo: grand vice president, Mrs. E. N. Marsnall, GalesWg, Ills-t secretary and treasurer,' Mrs! E. Biggins, Columbus, O.; STOCKfASTEB TO PASTURE Terms cheap, see or addresi, A. B. KING, Marshall, Mic beef, wine and The popular tonic, iron at Hillabrant's, Fine'stationery at the bazar store, A complete assortment always on hand. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagrippe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly akin* constipation .or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for his vegetable cure, oz. free. A medicine that will explain to you within itself where the head of your disease lies. Tin roofing and all kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. loe. People deairre ice are Becolved. CsacAQO, M*y J*.—The Dukeo| Ve- ragna, his 80»anddaughter, his brother,, the Marquis of BarboleB,,and the mar- and Commander Dickinson, visited tiie exbibii of th« kingdom yeeterday afternoon ^.e hospitably 'received by the. oonunisoioners from that country. The duke's daughter' was presented wita iBagniflcwnt bunches of rosw Until aha no more. The visit wat and unexpected. grand senior sister, Mrs. W, C. Turner, De Soto, Mo.; grand junior sister, Mrs. J. B. Vandyke. Snnbury, Pa.: grand guard, Mrs, PelJBobinson. St. Louis. Carlisle Busy, WASHINGTON, May 12.—Secretary Carlisle spent yesterday, afternoon ex ammin&the papers of applicants for office filed in the department. He dei clined to be interrupted by callers. It is, understood that a number of treasury appointments will' be made t9mprrow, among them eight or ten chiefs of divisions. The resignations of the following chiefs of divisions in the treasury department have been called for: B. P. Crowejl, Minnesota; N, A. Bobbins MaiD-eTsixth auditor's office: R. F. Fobb, Maryland first comptroller's office; George N. West, M * ;tora office; C. requested to eave orders at my office, or notity me >y mail or leave orders at the Statesman office. J:V. GAUS. Oranges for slicing, at Hillabrant's, 15 cents doz. A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; oa the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. U is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a.mpre certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for .you. Pure Ohio maple Sugar at Hilla • brant's. Don't get excjjfid over croup or quinsy when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if used as directed. 25 and 60 cents. state. Carpets at lowest pnces ia the B. V. B. Blartaiil Pool Hall. Billiard hall; and pool room and 15 ball pigeon hole table, 172 East State street, opposite the Uerndon hotel. Fine cigars kept. J . RAUB, Prop. When you want a whisky for medicinal use you want it pure, "Royal Buby" Bye is. guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommerfded for the invalid and the convalescent. (Bottled at distillery..) ROYAL WINE CO., CHICAGO, For sale by P. G. Seaman & Co., druggists. i. 1 UUaw JM*» Wv v * v * ** v-**»**'t —•• -r~— —~™_^, West Virginia, internal revenue office. Another batch of. resignations ofrchiefs i of divtsions, it 19 understood, "WUl be called f o* next week. It. <i , M«y 18.— The says in a leader on eortaraoitdon not the Bi „ .tfea^r; Wi> inderstan4 tixe motives of Ini the • Dc«41y WorlF °* » SwHch Engine. CH3PJ.GO, May 1?.— Gus Thomaston aael Cornelius Wagner, .world's fair laborers, and Andrew Olsen, an em ploye of the Pullman carwheel iwor^s & attempting to board anminob Cental passenger train in PnUuaan. yes- morning, &tepped.f rom behind a train directly in front, ff ;a ngine, which wasrupning to an wectt^ and. concealed; ew, an^ were instanliy &% Weslae, ajaopLer Iaborer 4 - T Cincnati, Jackson & Macta Time table taking effept Dec, 3, 1892. Trains pass Marshall a* follows: TBAUH8 QOIM8 BAiT. 38, Toledo Axpreiuf..........'.. ^«-...8 87 . 9 ;.. Cincinnatitoprees, ^^.^84L*tt. ^1. Mall and Kxprese ...ISMpss » ST.LpeflB'relgliJ ..650pm ~" " T&UBB SOUStt 1F»8I. So. 2J lallandBxpreBa,,...' ,.,,U W »« ' 2, sJlnolim»tl & B. 0. Express....,„» 81 p«o ' 84, iirpreaa.;. /,..........«1S|38 an • S8! Local Freight ,«27aii All traliis dally except Sunday. Direct coiiuactlonj are made at Toledo and Clnolnttlwith all »o»4» diverging. _' Trains 31 and 'i2 make go od conneatlon at Mop telth with the O R. * 1., and a^Allegah|Vitn »j J, & W. M for Grand Bapids, Moakegon and *J (Oints north. - ' - f. B. DHAKB. 'Jan, UVt. C. M. tioAlNDI^Ea. Qen. Pass. Agt C. B, HIZK, Agt., Marshall. -Twenty ceots ft week for e*ch notice not ex eediogflTU lines; No ohwKe less:th«A twenty cents, '••'•• a,m ., «*i«uta rhA American ^ ""IWW* *fft J'WKO CVJfCX., watchdog,of Russian —- -— JA -^8 Oie^'i PP:* .ft T ' * May ecwtarx a ion' of care oil on m ».< jJ-ff*^, -».«-'. a. is, Tio 762 8,17 ** *# 8pl« .. 1145 486 n te-% 857 Mall 706 •» •«.-» 1048 pan. «00 | a.i«.^.|B. ajB| 919 " »'.«, FOUND, N OTlOB-Mrs. W. It. Buck 1* agent for the Christ/knives and will furnish aU who wish lOAi. STOVE FOB SALE. / / jMKSW. J.. , Opposite Johnson House, (SALE-;A gas utove with ov«n. at roomu over.Marshall Light Co.'s edict. IT>OK BAliB-^A Kopd mar^ W yeaw o!4- WJU C be »old oa time U desired. Vorponiculars enquire »* <!w>. Hoyf, West Green streei. A desirable bouse on Hkabver street, west, XV. for rept. -Jinqulre of Z. J. JBlsi*»lee. E OOMS FOB RENT. W. B. BARSBY, Mansion and Madvson, »U. W HY A*rti rent when you can buy a lot OB ••»! Jlaiqli's addition **d t»ve » It you, anlpay (or U in amall tor Information call at ot- ~ W«, HUrtin'anan. £•-; «^. ,- fierSojaVlS KttBethe8«yioe«ot*goodcooic. p? L, Joy. d tna jMMit Jftoder l«#f • §t - ' uwan. Biflf -* «••• UT m, f > • *$CWc m< 9»Mi T15 118 « I «w T*TAiiTJE%iM^W)Ul Yj W«W»i%oSt?.» Good w^geiV^AppJy at 1 j»Jtt^^r[c ^f«** [ritwti.uLJu i Y •f '±,-j> f :- '-' > fefe ** • .• Jt-,T. J •«. • S .f -ft '»**.-1

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