The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 12, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1893
Page 1
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' <p -••VOL fiy~HO 230 MARSHALL, MICH., FRIDAY/ MAY 12, 1893 ,. PRICE TWO nvestigators Ask For Resignation. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A. Cream of tartar baking powder Highestof aM in leavening strength . Latest U. ^"&»wrnm.9ni Food Re, . ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, N, Y, _ t -••*. An Indian Outbreak tit a dreadful thing— undoubtedly caused by the irritating effects of dirt. • Outbreaks, an0 crime generally, are never possible among people who are addicted to the use of CULMINATION 01 THE TfiOTJBLE Chief ttarplRt Schnecker Included Ip the AflWr and I* Given a Fearful Rasping The liberty Bell In Oranges »tad I*mon» In tlio California Exhibit-^ <Jn»co Darling's Boat at the Fair. CiitOAdo, May 13»~^fter two weeks of hardwork'iie ; feoni?nitteeiiiTeatlgat' Ing the misunderstandings in the bureau of music late yesterday evening made a report to the national commission. The report, in effect, stated that Mr.- Thomas' usefulness as musical director of the fair had ended and that harinony in that department required that his services .be dispensed with. The report of ,the committee reviewec the whole situation from the inception of the disagreements that .have beer disturbing the waters of the musioil circle.i, .-•, • • ••-.-•-'" '• • .!" .,.,.-• ' "Uh'e report of the music inye»tfgatin| committee is a most severe arraignment of Mr. Thomas and his methods of con ducting the bureau of music. It give a fearful' rasping to Chief Harpis Schnecker who proposed to a local firn of musical instrument manufacturers that he would play their harps for a 15c tUilw tw *TVi**Mi Mr***J «»***•• ••••" f bonus of §1,000 a year. Schnecker in his. testimony it appears admitted hav TttAINlNO V,INE8 IS HORTICOTuTUiM L HAV* •w nat may be knpwn . as. the nrst or early promolical display is now in pet- 'ect shape in the horticultural building, it matees., a beautiful and tempting urray and does especial .credit to ^Caji- tornia and Florida, the.great American rivals in the .production of citrus and fruits. The . Liberty^belL firesh' arrival of Malaga grapes, lb., at BiUabranfs. A New Ortaln Cnfe for Piles. ( 'Ye dot intend to enddrse any except artU cUs of genuine merit} we therefore, take pleasure in recommending to fcuttererstfrom Piles in any form, a prompt and permanent cure* The following letters speak for themselves! . ' "•• Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, of •Hflppner, Ore., writes,. One pkg. of Pyramid Pile (Jure entirely "cured tne of Piles from which I hate' suffered for yea,ra, and I hape never h^;, '.«? • slightestreturn of them since';*. ,, » . Mr. E. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Nob., says- Tho pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely te- rtnoved every trace of itching pile*, l.can- not«thauk you enough for it. . , t The Pyramid Pile Cure is n new, certain, painless oure for every form of Piles. It is safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will get itfor you if you ask' him. / ___ ^ blood- red . . In orange and lemons is aunimie feat-, ure of ^th^l California' exhibit; Then there are towers and pyramids made out Of thousands Of the golden fruit, TUj^t^rrfiTi'a aT-Whit. nomnnspH 120 iaTB Some of the drand Ar'ttiy boys iriny bb in- in thfe following from Alex. B, Pope, Ai.D. pM Commander rjept.'Tenti. FAMILY SOAP The great soother of angry passions— the promoter of health and good- feeling. Cleans everything—injures nothing-4on't be afraid to use KIRK'S Soap on the most delicate fabrics, &? CO., Chicago. .Qa. Jle days: "We havd;had':an.,cpi- demic 'Of .wh< Doping cough here', (, ing MODEL Or "8AMTA MAMA." the proposition, and stated UUll Vi VUVUDAUVW V* «««»v H}v»v»w« __ ___„ Michigan's exhibit comprises 120 jars Of all kinds Of fruit and 300 plates. It compares favorably with any of the- northern states. Upon entering the Boutb/do6r of the northwest curtain the immense Canada display of fresh fruits that have been preserved in cold stor- ape and fruit in solution is seen. This space consists of two long center and two aide tables, occupying one- fourth of flae entire curtain, upon which the agents of the Dominion have placed 18 varieties of fruit and eight of berries (900 plants and over 4,000 jars). representing exhibits from the provinces of Ontano and Quebec. It is one of the largwt displays in the department. In center of this space ate four tfago- one on each side and two to, the i vuulo, which are enlivened with men- did tpecimens in jars, much of which Is from the central experimental farm of Canada. • , Placed under, the dome of the trans-^ portation building is the lifeboat used by Grace Darling, the heroine of the Faroe islands, and in which she rescued so many shipwrecked mariners and brought them safely to shore. The boat is named Grace Darling, and carries the cognomen of its former owner on us bow. It is a wide >oat of ordinary fashion, and quite unlike the lifeboat of modern days.. Ho;:self-nghting apparatus can be. found in the green ana 0ace4 on Tcnn.,) and Chatnberlain'a' Cough Remedy JLVUV*)/ •€»*•»• ^*«»«* »*•««- • ***BMB u -w wwgp-B* *»-»-•« ,-TT^ baa been the* 4nly medicine that has done any good."' There is no danger from whdop- ing cough when thin remedy is freely giijen. It completely controls the disease. 56 cent b'ottlea for Bale al Groeue'g drug street. Get your tin wur« tin whop. Schelly's Go to 'Boughton's for wall paper. New stock and new styles. Wanted Hi ooee-*Lady canvassers for this city and for th« county. Will make money. Address Mrs. E, H. 'Acintnv 12 Wer-t Main street, Buttle Creek. I have a new coinbinatiou Ball bearing cqshion tired bicycle, suitable for ij.s and girls, worth f^Q, which 1 will sell for $25, which is less than the actual cost. I have also a cushion* tired 1892 Lovell, which has been used but little. Look it over .and get o»y price on it. C. HERBERT THOMPSON. £oVte^JuTSSire t £3^ cur* for Jh? • =f fiaai without _ . W+UM3 vtiLLt, umu »v IMOTC, <*<wr» "Ti. A with'he would have continued to use I exhibitionto illustrate, the -.m'etboas in the harps in question, and would not'l use at lifesaVing st&pons on tn* sea- have changed to another manufacturer. 1chore more than 50 years ago. Before the committee Mr. Thomas de* ' T - ^ •- *""™-«* « nied being in any way connected with any house engaged in Celling or manufacturing musical instruments. He, also denied any knowledge of Schnecker's proposition but admitted that artists accepted bonuses or pay for exploiting instruments, but this y'** none of his business. Mr. Thomas declared thai the authority of the director general over him was only nominal. It was shown that Director General Davis Jhad notified Thomas not to make en- persona who were IU*v ***V*w ****?*** w ** J •**""-— "~«3 , • , * - * lp. the woman's building the show is rapidly unfolding'itself in all the I beauty that even a prospectus of a new art gallery could riot describe. Picturea now line the walhvand 9ther evidences' of woman's art and industry and spread out for the benefit'of the visitors. ""• £m arts building is thrown open • • up m|p t*l llO U IAJ-i,****.*6 -M 3 v»*» *- " — —f -" tolthose who come to Jackson park and a splendid view of the galleries can no ^ be obtained. Men were busilv : engagett in completing the hanging of-gems of art. In a few days little win be needed a Bather duster to dust from the N, f. Shefman, the old reliable universal auctioneer., is prepared to attend sales oV all kinds. He sells anvihlpg and evejlything, household goodn farms, city property, stocks of snoods of J 'all kinds, and makes a specialty/.'pf f arm sales. If you have anvthioK to sell call'and see h >W- ', -^ : ..' ' emenis WHju perbona AVUU THIS/CO uir> pn,t a, leatuer uunuci u\/ **.**>* -«,v—vT t, obligation to use instruments made | giatuarv the thin layer of dust whicli -^"- Ji ~" ' re b ^p'roTFi bl^ by nonexhibitors. ,. ^^ Notwithstanding this Mr, .Thomas has placed in Music hall and had played fit the concerts the pianos-' of a non- exhibiting 3 firm, and the programs of future concerts is soianangea that it practically excludes pianos .or all ex- Mbitors,; Nor was this favoritism con•fined to the use,of pianos, -It has been carried to the use of organs and harps, as flie evidence shows. 'It seems to be an admitted fact, Jhe report continues, that the use Qf a piano in the musical exhibit advertisjes far more extensiyely ;than if it were placed in man- of Prpfeseor Thomal that he ^oalleigilwc^to Director General «^4 that tb? Jftn^oal c^am^tee haS been shaken from the girders by Jthe constant tapping of hammers. •«•..• - _•• ;-,,.7j..- •- r— For a number "of years I have beea ejjbject to Violent attacks of iaflammatory rheumar tism which, generally lasted abput two months. QiT~the first of this month I was nttacked in th? knee and suffered severely four two days, £f|»en I procured- a bottle of ChanjberiAiflVPftin Balm and it Believed me j^mojt inata»tly. I tt»ejjef,ore' B^OS< .cheerfully lecojonnend it to those who Are ^ ' eTerywhere.-!. D. WWk leyi Martindale., ^ C. A Peb. 1888. Mr. a Y*ry njcomjinent of wall, paper at, Geo. Bougbtoa'e. Notice K*I»ttv« to Cow». The ordinance relative io pasturing cows in tie fitreejt will be strictly «n-< forced. JJo Cattle will be allow.«t to be pastured in any street, wheiber-''they are Med or ndt^ and all cattle found at large in the'street, whether tie4 or oth- will beTtakoQ care of. No «x .will be made to this, rule for W ASTED— •1st in gentlemw ot office. Position in, -%'»in*- *»V**f •« **~ft*&*rtf addre*Be<3 f tarn wed 83 MoVicker's GOOD SUMMER WOOD, ^ . [.'. '" ^ - MIJIED r, V,

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