The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 11, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1893
Page 3
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V* t V r •V 1 .' r\ y\ A „ \'* Y .y*^-*-J" f;;.-"*'^ ""ifl * * " , -T, * - . ^ ';. '' , «, 'This ia tbe time of the. yeaf When most the aouaea Up And BODH& of those ia the country s Mrs* Z. H, fcennfeon went to l|pii tcfday, called the of Mr. Dennison'a mother - v BeUt'lve to Co**, ,„ . ._-. , ;,Tb-fr ordinance rel«avq !o pasturing The Michigan Cetttral-ifttising thfolqisdws itt toa street ,w~itf be sttictly ep- t obber mats on tb6 ftlsfes and passage- (forced: Nfetcattle will be allowed to be pastured inj any street, whether they are tied or*nb| f "and all cattle found at I f HVlWWsV tJJI*UD WM Itm+lf m*m**mirvr •——i •- rw ways of its dining cfrf s. , They are prov I Ing very acceptable. At the meeting of the Ladies' Boat club yesterday tbio name of their badge decided upon. This name will be ' , Ascension day. Cb*s. Ufaeeriey went to Jackson yes terday," ' J ' A. H. CJedd"es» of Battle Creek, was in 'the city today, ' I made public afcilhe Ladies' Boat club L;W. Wager, of Battle Creek, w a* in dance and a prize offend to the first •the ctty ye&terdjiy. JBwn who correct^ guesses the reaaou Websterrel Allflgan* has been in for the name Riven. The dance will be . today.' The Hagan case, which caused Prose J L Dobbins and Phil 'Joy were in o u ti n g Attorney Clark so much trouble, Battle Creek yesterday on electric light oame to an end in Justice Tmotaoa'tf . - • I '• 'M* ' * • . . ** _* _ -i. «>. A 1 \r ft ft \iw\ 4/\ large In the strce% whether tied of oth ' J A~i_ 1- _. J """—" *•"•'"•" '*-"— - - -f - i - -'- - - - - erwise, will be taken care of. No ex caption will be made to this rule for . v . City Marshall. STRAWBERRIES . .'• DAILY, Spinach, Lettuce, Parsley, ri *-^ _ ^ Tremble, who has has returned business. Miss Katherine been visiting in the city to Allegan. Miss Kiltie Eggleston we,nt to Allegan today to attend a party to be given at that place. •Mra. Dr. Hayes and Congressm Hayes, of Clinton, la., are the guests of q. T, Gorham. The Juvenile orchestra are preparing a concert, which they will present at the Opera House on the evening of the court Tuesday. Peter, walked up to the captain's offi.ce, pleaded guilty and chipped in a little over seventeen large and elegant dollars toward* the library fund of the county. Mr. Megan could have saved about f 14 in cash for himself fcnd considerable trouble to Mr. Clark had he have pleaded guilty when first Wrested. It is stated that the collec'ion of pos' tage stamps has brought into existence a professional stamp repairer, who for a small fee, "never exceeding twenty ' , . Bring'tour Carpets. : The carpet cleaning works on. Ex change Street will be open on and after. Monday, March 27th. C. E. Jcffres, piano tuner of Albion, IS in this city prepared to tune, repair and cloan pianos and organs. Comes recommended by Prot. C, B; Shefller, of ] Albion conservatory of music. Leave orders at M< J« Gillott'a. Sufferers from Piles should know that th« Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and ef fectually rempve^tvery trace of thorn. Any druggist w'll get it'for you. Onions, fRUTEi IN . ' AT-. ? • • •- ',, . J. Cunningham's. 7th of June. The interior of the First National bank has been painted and otherwise improved, and the desks arranged so as to be more convenient for those working there. What does the Battle Creek MoOn mean by the following insinuation: "Prosecuting Attorney. Clark was in Marshall yesterday and got back alive." Tbe Ladies' Boat club have decided five cents," will dexterously repair torn of mutilated stamps. His specialty is restoring the margin to envelope stamps thst have been cut to shape and have thus lost mucbLof their philatelic value. Scene 'at Chi6ago railway station. First visitor to the world's fair (from Klunk)—"What? Going back already. Smith*" Second ditto—"Yes. Toil see we have some more property which is in my wife's name, and the hotel people have agreed to let* me go back after It." An especially fine line of ladies'' and children's hosiery at the bazar. the Vest Oil Cook Stove. With steamer, will cook potatoes, tur _ips, oriions.. eggs, rice, oat meal and pudding, ooce over onu wick. No smell. H. E. PIIELPS. .For Honitou lace and Crepe Tissue paper call at tho Bazar In the new block. CEO. H. MEAD Artistic, Carriage Painter. to give a bop at Arbeter *•«'«*•••• 1 ~- EPOET 9f THB CONDITION day evenirg next. Music will be fur- j JJ — -or—— — nished by the Battle Creek, orchestra The C ommer ti a l Savings Bank and an enjoyable time may be antici i . ° .. > pated. Lou Thompson has in course of manufacture several handsome bicycle badges. They are designed from Mr. Thompson's own drawings and reflect much credit upon the artistic ability of 'that young gentleman. at Marshall, Michigan, at the close of business May4 ' 1893 ' ^SOURCES. Loans and discount*..... , Stocks, .bonds, mortgages, etc 8»,86» SO People dsBirre Ice are requested to . leave orders At my office, or notify me by mail or leave orders at the Statesman office. >.F..GAOT. Oranges for slicing, at Hillabrant's, IB n cents doz. * '...; A Surgical Ope rat loo. .For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and coats but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. I It is a more certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you. Pure Ohio maple Sugar at Hllla. brant's. __ Don't fail to go to-Hutett's and have! your eyes tested. All tests positive!* free. Ask to see the new perfection bifocals with which the wearer sees to read or sew and with the same glass R ee at a distance. Remember we save Shop orer AH work of-manner. executed in the best Overdrafts 147 'in reserve eiyes 50, W 00 -•-•--- H750 The Presbyterian choir' last evening, Sow win 011 Current expanses and taxes paid Interest paid..*. Checks and cash Items.... 1,74003 3490 ijtaaa 18883 ARE HEBE they are elegant. 866 ai » UIBW.UUD. *.~^.~"- -•- ,,_you from 50 to 75 per cent on traveling optician's prices. ChlldffcnCryfof Pitcher's Castorla. Corn and wheat grits for little chick. Our I also compound food, greatest food on new line of neck wear, the new shape scarf, those elegant four-in hand and a complete line of novelties in neckwear. .1 with the accompaniment of mandolins and guitars, favored several of our citizens with a delightful serenade. Music is never heard to greater advantage than In the open air and the choir *m:«y feel sure of appreciation whenever they feel inclined to repeat their' effort of last evening. Aroibald Forbes- is engaged in the preparation of two articles, one on Bismark and one on Von Moltke, which will portray tbe moments in their ca . reers wheu they were at their Rieatest. I Much new an4 interesting material will I Correct-Atust be used. Th»»rtlcles will be carefully ™*™' illustrated and will appear in McClure'a magazine: * < The Masonic hop has been abandoned owing, we understand, to the fact that the Ladies' Boat club have announced their party for two days earlier. We venture the prediction that had the Ma sons persevered, they would have re cjived their full share of patronage, as thaboat club parties have, up-to date, id National' Bank NoVes 8,»« LIABILITIES. Capital 8took|pald U Undivided proflts..,.. .. Indivlaual deposit? Certificates of deposits ................ ., .Havings deposits ...................... . 149.6Uu 8< Tot-il ...... . ................... ....$277.85099 State of Michigan. County of Calhoun, as. I, W. T. Phelpi, CasUler.ofthe above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above sis,* ment 1s true to the best of my knowledge and be lief • " earth, at 0. A. Cbcsber's mill. Lost-Between DICK Butler's and Dr Greene's residence, a pocket bc*pk, con aming a five dollar bill, a 53 oi'eot pieco and enough Change to make in amount Call at SHANAHAN'S and abou78o"cents. Leave at Dick Butler's see them. grocery *nd receive suitable reward. n . *.,»•**•"•*** **, ^*"*^rv .; 4 . Subscribed and sworn to before m« tmalltti CLABENOK 8. JOY, Notary Public. •Dlreotora,. W.V..BO T. L. CHOI A fresh supply Of De Neufohatel cheese just 'received today at Hilla brant's. The popular tonic, bee!, «" ne iron at Hillaorant's. Flo war log Plants. ».,»»«... ^.—r-i-- . - r - ---- at the prices: Finest French been almost exclusively patronized by I and German panaies, 50c per dozen; the younger portion of the comrnufnty, I Verbenas, 6^0 per dozen; Geraniums, 5c wbiU the Masonloentertainments, lo aUnd lOceach; Salvias, 5 and lOc uaejr, great extent, draw out tbe married peo Crysantbemums, 5 awd 10 c each; Phlox pie. But judging from the reputntion drummondi, I5c per dozen; Victoria^s- Marshall young people have acquired I I5c per doz ; Labelia blue, 25c per doz ; of beipjE great fever* of tripping ihe Monthly roses, SOo each; Hardy roses, light fantajqo,, tfaty WQHiJd i»ol allow the 3 jeajjjold, SOceach* Tuba rose bulbs Jiasooic party to suff«r from lack ofjsc each; Gladiolus, 5c each. Tomato, patronage, especially as the dancing •eaaon'is rapidly drawing to a close. FRESH, UNIQUE, TASTY DESIGNS, Lowest : rces. KORTMTn Gall and Be Convinced. M. Willia B. Hawkins, in Brail ... •oribes -the idyllic life of the country e '/FoV sevwn years 1 had no use f01 "jf'pape.r w»$ published in pepper and. egg plants cheap C. ~ ~ 50 E VBBTBODY _„_ tt»twftltj*p«r,wlUi 1U ?eg«t»bl» past* .,.#ttd Its coloriBgs ia aalntal gins, I* n*smlt*ry, •Ad tb»t to appjj repeated Ujers of such i» « T*rj "aastjr practles," M well Istenporarf, wts, nbf off «»d scales; »0»t it»p» M v»U nspwttlo*" i 'body, Cur a paper ft»» State Boart of Beslt* **• port on tWf Rfcject, w* AI*"'" :-{, , Clam E BouiUonatHiftabrant 4 R. Fine stationery aj the bajsar store Midget Plpklet aj

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