The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 11, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1893
Page 2
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CHRtWIGl »MAY 11, 1893. _ a ,_ f tfitf DAItf CHRONICLE' -- " • - ' -^ TEAMS OP - Dally* o«e year through P. «»...»* 15 Dally, delivered, 1O tent* p*m w«eh SobiiCflpUonf 1 reccjked M the ofBrr nt nib itlon 15. 3t»te street. J. M. MOSES, .PribHenaf," ADDITIONAL LOCAL, ( Immigrant InSiteetol Cdnkling 'on the Alien Law. PAIJEONES ATJD ALIENS PARTHE&S, The Contract System Oiitragfcoas and Itt- ; Jarious to. American Worklngmon and . Exists Ih Almost Every City In this Country \Vh«ro There IB an Italian Colony. ' . CHICAGO, May 11.-^Immigrant Ih- epector Oonkliug in aii official statement made to the.treasury department as to the violations of the aliens contract - Jaw, among other strong statements, says: , •'„ . . „ "The padrone system is* the most damnable; outrageous and injurious to American workmgmen of any system the Extension. ,*. May 11.—Work on the extension pi the fcetr$t, Bay City and, Alpena railroad is gofrig on now for,* certainty. A crew has been sent out Of Alpena to commence work building the shanties. The first set of camp's will be erected about two .and a .half miles from the city, and a large crew of men will Work both wiiiyV Four hundred men will be. employed and the work will bo 'pushed.. . '* "." ..'- -Went-Over ; t1io Dnra.'•-'-.;" ' May li.^-Donald Caipp- beU, a' prbniinent business man^ was drowned yesterday morning. With <i J. Warren^ arid H. 8. Soles; he was ininding a: break in the Grand rivet tailldata, whentheir boat broke away arid thfe/nten were carried swiftly ovet thedani/ eamtjell'B body was recov- feted half a'mile below the,village. -The other occupants of the boat hung on and wore rescued. .» May Die From His Injuries.* ALPENA, May li.—William Smith, register of deeds for Presque Isle county, -who was arrested last week- charged with'"-an assault upon an old man, Mr. Karkowski, was examined and discharged, but was immediately rearrested on a charge of assault with Intent to do great bodily harm. Karkowski lies in a precarious condition, and physicians give little hope .for hia recovery, ONE •a. i SALE* CAR : LOAD of Cooking, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, ONE HAIiF CAR LOAD of tin ware, consistrrig of tea And coffee pots, kettles, milk pansj pails, dust pans, wash boilers, every thing in tin, copper, 'porcelain, germaft steel goods and anti rusting tin ware. . , ° , ;r v •;:..' OICET HALF CAR !L0 Afii of steel gpodsVhoesi f tikes, shovels, spades, bayj dung and weeding forks* finds of tools used ..for farms and gardeiis. ! v '' TONS • ' " ' . •' ' of steel nails both wire, aud cut. arb and plain,wfre-. :• .• ! « ' : • nflPTTt DOZEN locks and door knobs of every kind and a full line of hardware of every description. I k : now I am a jittlo to thq east end of Main street, We M cannot all do bQsinesjqi n the center, but ii will pa" you to give me call. " • . . — JOH1KWHALEN, Hardware Dealer, Martin Block, East Main Street. An Indian Killed. \ avuiunuuii wui'miijjiuvu u». t*>*j p.uu>»u . jjiHwuui .May, li.r~The'ibody of 8 that was ever practiced in- the United | man supposed to be David Qoud, an States and there is no denying the fact | laaiian,'whose home is near Kawkaw 1 that it exists in almost every city of '- •' - - .•,-.-.*-__,.. -,-• * — *.--, this country where there -is an Italian Colony. "•» " The report details how Italian lahor- ers are brought into this country, coached and instructed on the journey over, so that when they arrive b,y false swearing they evade the inspectors. "They have no conscientious scruples about perjuring themselves, and will Bweaf;to anything necessary to accomplish their discharge, in case they aro detained," says the report: Mr. Conklin says the railroad contractor need fiot be 90 closely watched in .future in regard to the alien contract labor law as the "Italian banker and padrone." The former in partnership with the padrone furnishes the-inoney, and newly arrived Italians are supplied .in hundreds to work on American railways to ' the exclusion of American workmen. The padrone usuallyjbakes a contract with the railroad contractors to feed the*hands. A shanty costs him $100 or so, and he clears his original in vestment from the first month's receipts, all the balance for many months being nearly all profits. The banker thus gets the money he had advanced to the padrone. "These aliens," inspector Conkling Bays, "are of the very worst element, vicious and hard to -control, dangerous to the community near which they re- eide and are semibrutish in their/ manners and habits." They work for small wages, live in a manner that other laborers regard as, barbarous and as a consequence Mr. Conklrng finds ' they are armngvout laborers of other nationalities lit railroad building, , ;•The report was called forth by instructions issued by, .Assistant Secre- ^ary Spalding last ij&reh to look into the legal landing of 10 Italian laborer's at EQis islands. As a result of two — months labor, Inspector Conkling has arrested ' F. Gatonne, a padrone, on whose perjured affidavit the 10 Italians - $pere landed. The case is regarded as an iragortant one and* will be tried in. • the New York state wrarta this month, liri, was found on tE6'track in front of the depot, yesterday morning, mangled beyond description. He was intoxicated and probably laid, down on the track and fell asleep. ' Ann Arbor's Big Snakes. ANN ARBOR, May 11.—A student taking a walk down the Huron river yesterday saw three blue racers close together. He killed them and found that the shortest measured five feet and the longest, which he brought to town, five feet six inches. -STATE] A building boom W being inaugurated at Fenton. ' / A summer normal school will be held at Bear lake next sjam mer. . Fenton peonlfe are making big preparations for.the/June race meeting. At WesyBunkerhill a woman was attacked v$h lockjaw' the other day while yawning. William Wondalene, an Orion farmer, broke both legs and an arm yesterday in a runaway. General Joseph T. Copeland, formerly a well known Pontiac man, Is dead at Orange Park, Fla. E. T. Curtis, for 30 years connected with the Calumet schools, has sent m his resignation. Mrs. H. C. Worden pf Arcada attempted to dissect a dynamite cartridge with a hairpin. The job was well done, but the woman Is now minus a couple of fingers. Doris C. Locher, a homesteader .of Jlar- vey is sadly afflicted. He sees and heaw ghosts from early morning till late a nightj but? nevertheless declares that he does not believe in ghosts. For some time female shoplifters hav put in some heavy work at* Eaton Rapids Last week an officer .searched tfae ESme of two well known Breefefleld township women. He found many stolen- article! of large value. Tfre women confessed an< implicated another prominent woman, New Stock, New Styles AtSnvder's. We Want to Show our WALL PAPER, to Every Person in the County. W. T. DRAKE, Druggist, 240 State'Street. . • •''•:•' " . a • -, • " ', •.: ostnaai era. WA.SHISQTQN, ijy n.— Tie Mionigan postmasters; appoiiated yesterday -yvera as follows- Q:> W. Torbert, to succeed B.M.T^pnroe resigned, at Breckenridge, Gratiot county; ^. M. Joiner, to sug, ceed X H.;fLnevels resigned, at Ghase, Lake dountiy; T. ^f. Baldwin to succeed Q. A, Simdne fd^ad, at Dewitt, Clinton county; T. *f . Eddy, to succeca H. ^ Partlow resigned at Eagle, Clin^ ton county; J. Et Purvis, ,to succeed Edmon i JacksOn resigned, at -Jronton, Charlevoix county; J. A. Snnderlin, to succeed W. C. Hopper resigned^ at ^lus- Kego'n Heights, Mpfeegon ceunty. ¥;, lay 11.— At the gf terooon of the lpg.tholic Knights .. numei- on| amendmejits to the constitution of 'qi4e7 were offered " and . referred to ^x>mwitteeonlftws, ^e committee the whole, !by ita Chairman, Judge settlement will be made and the matter will he dropped. Fred H.,.;Lec8aard, the wealthy Granc Rapids man who was recently adjudged incompetent and was ordered to be taken to a private asylum, is said to have left t^v^n,. ^JThen the ordpr of 1 the. cqurt'^as learned by liim, he, it is said, at'once made preparations to leave. It is tlioughV that he is in Chicago, and all officer has gone -there tq look for him. Mariy years ago Jj. Clemens was- left an orphan ia Nev^^ork. He was adopted by a family who %d also' an adopted daugh- 'ter. Cleinens wep-t west and lost all traek of his foster sister. He moved to Grattaij.- His foster sister bad married John Butler, and had for m.any years lived a* Grand Bapids. The other day Clemens was at Grand RapidSj and found, the slater whom aehfldnotseen in xuany veats, although be had mad.e many eggtte tb find her. , WiU BpSte«niued TEB»B H^PTB, tod., May H.~The| Cincimti, Jacta & Macta Time table liking efiect peeVa,; 1892. Trains psss Itarshall M foBoweiV, • TKATHB ooraa •*§*. . Xo 98, Toledo.jEzpress 627 ,» V 3,Cinol.iuatlBzprega......... >S,41 ^m •• fl, Mall'And Express. 1368 pa ^. W. Local Freight ..'..5 50 v m tRADW OOINli WB8I.:'' iSo.22 « a, :'aU and Express. ,.,....1115 am Olnolnn»«& B. C. ExpreaB.......B2l poi ^ -rpress ,.....,..;.-.» 12 33 a on »' iZ8, '-ocifctFtelgftt , t»a7sm» All trains daily except Sunday. Direct "onneotloiis are ntada at Toledo ujid. •Cincla»u WtrVaj} 'roads diverging. ' ' Trains Sit tt;.d 22 make go od conneatlon at MonJ teitb inth the, G B. & L, and at AUegan with 'Jie 0, & W. M (or Grand #aplds; Mnsjtegon and^al f lnts north. B. DRAKE •ton.M'g'r. C. Hi C&INULBB. Gan.'-fi^as. A(tl. . C. B. MIZE, .WANTS, FOUND, ETC. ^.Twenty otals a week for each notice not ex ceeding ttvu linue. No charga lesifthan twenty N OTICB-Mre. W. L. Buck is agent for th» Christy kulvtB and will Jurnlsh all who fish Iheui. NOV 1892. C OAL STOVE FOB SALE. - WKSW.J. FEANOIBCO, Opposite Johnson House, IT*QB SALE—A gas btove with <?ven. Inqmire JD at roonia over Marshal) Light Co.'s office. *OH SAl,E-A good mare,-18 years old. Will ' fee sold on tinre It desired. For particulars enquire o* Gep, Hoyl, Wetst Green'street. desirable hooso 04'Hanover street, west., for rent. UiSjoirpoI Z. J. Blakeslee. ' R OOMS FOB BB»T. W. B. •Mansion and Madison Hts. W HY pay rent when you can buy a lot on Mwtm and liatcUV addition and na?e 'a" huuee built to suit you; auJ pay foe, it in small monthly payments, ior imormation call at of- over Ww. MarMa's Wore. ' ' M BS. to her home in M who will soon return ap, would liMs to en- JgMie-the aerviqstt of * f sod eoo£ «• L. ««y- -<• )utebef^eea the miners and operators _ -with the Bigning of a practicaTJy oa^liat yea*?s- pestoiaee. ,_, ' jewelry ^|of«. tion, , The g to uiem'mass this uioj-niiig at 7:80 mass at 9 .o'clock, at wbicli w a prosperous W flood Wigeg. to- accept., ;ecale, 70 cents per ton on CjaicA.%0, May IJ ' *)f j%e fitate **«**

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