The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 10, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1893
Page 4
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tHE DAILY CHRONIC1$, MAY 10, 1893. . • > < - . ^ , , _ . .... .-. ....>'.O ... - - - -' '. IIJJI.I A new remedy has created a-sensation among physicians by its wonderful effects in' Bpcedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing t& tnoves the disease so: quickly, Safely and Any druggist will get it for. you. Both the method" and results \vrhen Syrup bf.jFiga is taken; it is pleasant .ind refreshing to the taste, and acte E »nLly yet promptly on the Kidneys, iver and Bowels, cleanses tho system effectually,- dispels colds, headaches and fevers and eures hahitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only-remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing-to the taste and ac« ceptable to the stomach,,prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most .healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most' popular'remedy known. Syrup of Figs is, for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- .cure it promptly for any one • who wishes to try it. Do not accept .any substitute. • ' CALIFORNIA FIG' SYRUP CO. • ' . &4N FKANCISCO. CAL. i , LOUISVILLE. KY. NEW MM. N.Y. For a number of years I have been subject to,v.iplent attacks of inflammatory rheuma- tisiiv. which -generally..- lasted about - two nioiithfs.<L)n thojirst of this jrionth I was attacked in the tneCtod Bufferedseverely for two days, wtien I procured a bottle 01 Chamberlain'sPain Balm and it retiovec rue... almost instantly. I therefore tn cliecrfurty recommend it to these who rfre similarly, afflicted every whero.-'-R, D. Whit ley, Martindale, N. G., Feb. 1888. Mr Whi'tlcy is a very p'roinincnt man in th place iuid his disease was 1 very widely kiy>wa as ho suffered such aovero pain. W^" Houston &,Co., Merchants, Miirtindale. C. &0 cent bottles for sale.fft Greene's drfl toro.- Cliafea ou babiea^-wiro nipples tint! i of the breast instantly re lievcd with LavendarGUntment. CHEAPER GAS FOR LIGHT. CONSUMERS OF GAS The Gas Company anqunces the£6llpwing feduc tion M prices of (2as*Ebi* MGHTtfcf Q whefgver 0m is used AX.SO to G0OKIN0t>r HEJATING to take effect on and after H : .i-::.' •'._• '" .:•"."•• "• ' " - ).. — — Seed Potatoes Grcp.n Mountain, »8d Empire State. GroAvu cm sandy soil in the north part of the staler Enquire of GEORGE H. WHITE. I5o Coiiipluion on. hr. Romovca Uver • Moles, iuhburn and Tin, ftores tho skiu to its nal freUiness. producing a •jlear und healthy corn- lerloii. enpertnr to all fiKio ___ .......... .... preparations uini perfectly harmless. At al) suijOr mtiil<-<} lor SOi-ts. Send {or Ciroulai VIOLA ktKIN SOAP '» «n£[>ly lncwnpmr»Mi> »> i ihra pXirirf JI|C Suap, unequal*--* tor the U*Hel,"and without • Ival u>I <1|A nur^ry. At>-'luJ' W P'* r -" and delicatel/ aciil ,»tu.i. At 4ni«in». Pr-ico 25 Gents. 1 C. I3ITTNE3 & «<y.. TOLEDO, O Eresli arrival of Malaga grapes, lb., tit Hillabrant's, . Maltese blood *rcd oranges, at tlilla- braut'a.. • Robert Schelly ii prepared to do kinds of tin wort, shop opposite E. L Murphy's. . ' ' Smith, the Photographer. ' Has tome, nice Frame? for Cabinets , and otlier'sizes,- just reoeived. Call, and | sec thenai. "Royal Ruby" Ryo Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage in wood, it id a ''•Ryo as is a Ryo," and costs no inure than inferior brands.. Try it and you. will never be satisfied to use any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poispn; and should not bu taken into 'the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. O. Seaman &. Co., Druggist. For all Gas consumed wliere a GAS RANGE , used; •„- ' • ;/. For all gaa;conBmhiea where COOKING OT,H^ATfNG'STOVE8 «o,.|3i83d! fcnd t.ha monthlj consumption is not less, than 1000 cubic feet. ' . "~E - 1 ' '\' '. .. E at 8 for Gnauaed [for LIGHTING ONLY remain unchanged aml'ar'o sa follows: Less than 1000 cubic ; ft. in one month, $2 00 per lOOCTcubio ft. ' 5000 ctibic ft. an'd lols than 10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1 90 per 10,000 or over, I month $1 80 per 1000 cubic ft. (cubic ft. Alf the Jkbove rates ara subject <p a disoouat of 10 cts per 1000 cubic ft when the months bill is pfcid In'or before the 10th of the month nest following. __________ The above special rates ace made to induce consumers to uso gfts for cookinj; and heating as well as lighting. - " . • . Experience Prooves The ADVENT AQE of Gas For • • v ' CooMEg Over Every Other Fuel in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, ^ 1' "'Safety, Cleanliness, Quickness, Convenience. 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL,^ SPECIAL REDUCTION IN (BAS FIXTURES. A discount of 10 per cent will be mado from ^regular price a on all bills for Gw Fixtures or inside piping ordered and completed from SHILOHS CURE. Sept. lit 1892,rto April 1st 1893,, * l The MARSHALL LIGHT Co. BE. MOTTO IITERVEBINB Is sold with a wlttencimrnirteetocuro n'.l-i ervous Jleases ol the generative orgaui) of cither ten, <ich in Ner cms 1'rostfatioD, t'aillrg or Lo t Maiihiiod. Irj.!! t ncy, Mirbtlf Kmissions, Yputntal ErroT», Mf ntnl Wnrijr, f "(.ssive uie i ("lotmcco or Opium, which lead to Coi sumption anil In-nnit y, T > (ho wca' it restores the tnap sna vigor of youtli, ana full pi.wer to •)) who uso it. Sold at $1.00 p«r box, 6 boxes lot $5.09. Dr. Motta Chemical Co., OlevoltUMt 0* Dr. Brewer and Son YEARS Cares Consumption, Coughs, Cronp, Sore Throat* Sold by all DruegisH on a Guarantee. For a lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'a Porous Plaster will give great satisfaction.—- 3$ cents. Mrs SHILOH'S VITALIZER. 8. T. 8. Hawkins, Chattanooga .Tenn., ears: "gVUaUz&r-' SAVED MY LIFE.* I e beat Remedy for a detttlitatecisvatfm I ever used. 1 ' For Dyspepsia. Liver or Kidney trouble it excels^ Prico 75 et S Sis^sFR E ME DY. ' ^ave you Catarrh? Try this llemedy. Jtwill pcisltively relieve and Cure you. Price 50 cts. This Injector for its Bueetssf ul treatment is furnished free. Itemembcr, Shiluh's Uemediea are sold on a guarantee to give satisfaction. For yours the editor of tho B urlington Junction (Mo.) Post has been subject tc cnunp, colic or tits of indigestion, which prostrated him for. several hours and unfitted him for business for two or three days. Foi the past year he has been using chamberlain's Colic, Lholqra and Diarrhoea Remedy whenever occasion required, and it has invariably given hi IB prompt relief. .<25 and 5C cent bottles for sal? at Greene's drug store. spring and Bummer sauipifce arrived. Call '• aud select l j;oiu :iuit or puuts. Better cho-ut- thuu -piecti gbods C'all and exuurnc- bt'fo-ru buyiug. Quality aud price U- suit, at TED'S, the tailor, . Over Fletcher's gtore. h;tvt) nil CO Al ' e >' ou troubled IlLCO Use liliiku's ijuppositpn'es. P«r box, $1. For sale at. Elsipu's dru« store Address ill niuilpriler to G.t> Marsball, Mich ''...•_, W ASTED—Failljful geotltuiauor laHy to a» litistt In uflicu. I'lirtuou pefinam nt KaJlway ittru ttdvwif ?d bf ru if i rek-reuce acd w»f adrirei-M d ftujufed THE K^TJUtiAL, a AI^Vitlyor f n b^ll(l^lJ^;. l Some of the Grand Army boys may be inr turedted in the following from Ales. B. Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Pept. Tenn. and Ga» He says: "We hav6 had an epi- deuuc of whooping cough ^ere (Stewart, Tenn.,) and ChAiubetlain's' Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has done any good." There is uo danger f rfim whbopr ing cou^h when this r-eniedy is freely given. It completely controls the'disease. 50 cent bottles for sale al Greeu^'a drug street- -• Geo. H. Greene, the druggist, desires us to .publish the following testimony, as he r* aud believes ii re- This loug es])erii.'nce and A caroful stud; of tho bust .method* eunijh'8 UH to euro pvery 1'uru.blu Case. We keep a recorU of ererj tui-o treated aud HR- result obtained and cau re- k-rycju to puuplu \>ho Lii^g>tjt»oij cured by GUI method of treutuiunt. ^^ tionviiliutioii Ircc it nil liuukonablo leniiM fur I'rviMinuitt. ' We haw visited the same olBce« every eight wt>eks foa the past twcuty five years, \\'o are iircgnrcd to ehaw Bucctteaful results ID treating di.-ieuswe yf tho UVer, heart, luaga, atom ach, ladm.-ytf, brain, uorvt'o. rheumatiam, oearal- gin, (Jcliiliiy. (.•iimrrh Jltn, youthful ladincretiou i-inici.-fp., old pon-i-, uimois, diabutla, ayepepul*, (lropby...i;hrQiuc diarrhcoa, euzema, loss of volets.. IjriMjonitia, Aftljma, pnuumoula, consumption, ,.serofu!u, ermitioiis.'piint.ltB.- humors, blotcbei 5iud all i!i«tuHuci of louj; atandlujr. Ure.BrJtwer & Sou, l36.Chicago Iltitioiti. Will Uu ut ihu Uerndou HoUbe ou Wednesday. Way v!4, /Claafl >iu-, Ttiuredtty,j_ Kay i5, and Buttle Cti-uk, Alny-20. Dr. Jftt.wer's biirc Ilpart li(!K u| * to r gives im- relief. JUr. Brewer's DapUr.o for Diou^aua of the sTOraach/livnr, fcidlieys utid Wood, $1 jier bottle y l)r. Brewer's tsure Sti.uiaub-1'i-lltt'lar dyspeptics ./ 25 uvuts a box. " • i - tf imiaendcd fojsf-fa- 6>iirPOJ56_ilni4 l-'lue i trm, wittjcombtafss Use. fc-aturaid ot Uotsct liable: I bought a WceaiUj&ttte.of Cbambferlain's ;Paia Baliij arid applied it to iny> limbay which lia ve bgeii afflicted with rheuvmi at ^ntervalbj for one year," At bought the Pain Balm I wa» unable to walk. I CEO tfFBtbfullx.'say tbat I'a^n '-.B^lm has comp.tately,, cared w#. ft, B'-. *$h Hoiy- A.-B. Coi, Jth^Reading drugget «)r Holy wood, youches for the truth ^ £. A.L * * »_ _ • ^^ I ^ -i*-- f ' , * r . "ttoyal Huby" «ve is "ja Rye as is a Rye,.' 1 naturally ripened and free from all foreign aavdr. and adulterants, guaranteed'.pure/and over eleven years of age, recpmmeuded to the eounois- eeuJas a meritprious / a?|iel<?i w<jrth>- «f the confidence '?f invalids, **(5^*^eseents and the^iged. Sv id only by F, Q» ^eamiui & Co. Druggisb. -,-_ ''• ' % / ^' Removed, - ' 4ive removed my .office to Eagle k iu-'the IT. Houston formerly' occupied KLIAS __-^ , f -j, ^ ' '\iT^ ', , almost evjery nejghb.orhood througUout est ^here j» 6pme-o»e <w lives Ifaye been.-. saved ^ take e»peciil pleafiuru uae makea' Lotties for sale at 'jiatug|totV.T" J JACKSON FAVORITE I 1«e ibis »«# JJ-9f,«f «|3g^ 0 THE MOST line of Spriny Suiting, ever M'io Marshall just arrived. Dressr - Suits?,- £us.ines$ Suits, Youths Suits, Hoys' Suits, £GJj,ool Buits, Ckihtretfs Suifs';' ahd the of ull our * Jersey '/ ail on exhibit (onflow at

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