The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 27, 1891 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1891
Page 2
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DAILY CONICL 27,i891. THE DAILY CHRONICLE. TKKHS OF SUBSCRIPTION^ ' " 4 Daily, one year ................. ... ..*4 75 Unity, delivered, 1O cents per week. THE DEMOCRATIC EXPOUNDER, Friday, $1.50 a year. Subscriptions received at the office of publication 151 State stree. J. M. MOSES, Publisher, Marshall, Mich. SLOVENLY AMERICANS. . A Surprise Party. Little Jack—Mainmn, can I go to the surprise party at Billy Bunt's tonight? Mammaj-Who ura going? "Oh, till the boys; 'bout n hundred " •J^Iorcyl Perhaps you won't bo welcome." "Oh, yes, indeed. Billy Invited us his- eelf."- "He didf Then who is to be surprisedf" "Idunno. His mother I guess."—Good News. ' Coarse Corn Meal for chlckeus. MERKILL. MOTHERS Scathing Words 'About tho Appearance of tjje Average Buslneas Man. The American, and I allude only to the male, is lamentably untidy— I hesitate to say unclean, but I do not hesitate to assert and to assert it vehemently, that tho first clause is true of our^men of all -classes, stations, vocations and degrees of wealth. Its evidences parade themselves in our palaces, where a lack of means . cannot exculpate. In fact, cleanliness, neatness and money havo nothing whatever to do with each other. Animals can touch men important les' sons in self respect. An American lady residing in London a port of each year, when asked suddenly what' especial superiority she found in the British over her own people, replied naively, "Oh, their men are so clean I" Tho thrust was as unconscious as it was unstudied. It were well for our men to accept it as such. • Take one of our morning trains and ferries carrying an average American crowd to the city of a morning. Here we have a fairly representative variety of types and of classes, and a sorry enough spectacle it is which presents itself to our view* even at this early hour. Spotted clothes, un- brushed shoulders, frowsy hair and frayed • shirt cuffs are not uncommon. When this herd returns at 5 o'clock, after the struggle of the day; we will 'draw the veil. If I meet a man in the late afternoon with uncertain finger noils, depressed collar and soiled cravat, and he laboriously explains to me that he takes his cold water bath every morning 'at 6 and a sea dip upon his return to his country home before his late dinner, J refuse to be impressed. His assurances carry no conviction, even though I do not for an instant doubt their veracity. I do not care to be informed that he was clean early and will be clean again anon. His present aspect in noi«> «v» isaa revolting. I desire him to be clean now, while i am >* the way with him, and not poison my day with bis present forlorn performance. The average American., -He shuffles wltn his feet. His head .is sunk and held low between his shoulders. His arms are carried like the grocer boy's, busy in his conscientious delivery of the brown paper parcel If he bows to you, he will either give yon a grin and an imperceptible nod, or shove his headgear back and forth on his head without dignity. Nothing less -impressive and distinguished can beim. agined than an American's salute. There has been a good deal of righteous wrath covering the ill concealed pin pricks of a foolish jealousy in the tirades of oar countrymen against the American woman's predilection for foreign . lovers and husbands. Pray remember, my indignant gentlemen, that feminine 'creatures are always allured by externals. The male bird found it out long ago, if you did not. Nor have I always discovered it a certain assurance, of mental brilliancy and moral rectitude that, the poor body should be neglected. This, however, is the prevalent opinion, and it seems hard to persuade our countrymen that it is an error, i It may be said that our women, on the whole, are extremely clean in their persons, their clothes and their houses. They are even dainty. Probably no establishments are more scrupulously- well kept, and this under that peculiar restriction as to a proper number of domestics which remains a tradition even in our upper classes, and which so greatly, increases-the difficulties of housekeeping. This is a digression. If the American woman be a martinet in the ordering of her home and so careful in matter of her costume, is it not a lack of respect for her fastidiousness that her husband, father and brother should, as they must do, so constantly shock her delicacy f There is a much abused creature KWtg about in our streets and drawing rooms, hooted, jeered at, made 'the laughing stock o£ the ctab and the scapegoat of toe the' ater, a harmless, mild creature enough as to retaliation— possibly because he Is PO ' perfectlyself satisfied— the dude. • Nowtl i dude has done for us a great deal more than we deserve, for all the abuse that is heapei on his good humored 'V < ^f T ?fff'l g *iffnflp g The dude hag helped to institute out" of door life among us, which is excellent, and over Will you part with your' dar ling babies iu siekucss, or call on your druggist for Ur. Sharpstcen'a Lavender Ointment and Asthmatic Balsam, medicine* that save lives when' doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inilammation d the Lungs, Lun« Fever and Typhoh; Pneumonia, also quickly relieves a ' ?' cures Croup, »3carlet Fever, W ooping Cough,- Bore Throat, Burns. S ^'Ids and similar afflictions, 25 and 50 cents or by mail? DB II. SHARPSTEEN, Proprietor, Marshall, Michigan. and beyond this the dude keeps clean. All honor therefore to the dude, gay L-^Julten Gordon in QopmonoHtan A Ouo.rant.coti Cure i'or We authorize our advertised druggist to HO!! you Ur. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds npou this condition, If'you are afflicted with LaGrippo and will use this remedy according to directions, giving it a fair trtai, and experience no benefit you may return tho bottle and have your money refanded. We make this offer pecausj ef the wonderful Buccdssoa of Dr. KinJJ'H) New Discovery during last season's ediaemic. Have hoard of no caaa iu Ubicb It failed. Try it. Trial bottles free at P G. Boamsn&Go/a Drug (store. Large size and $1. i 500 Feed your chickens from Merrill's. course corn meal 4 When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorte. When she was a Child, she cried for Castoiia. When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria. When obe had Children, she gave them Castoril Price Reduced Nice Pansy Plants for sale at 10 cents for two dozen by Glen McNames, West State street. d m25 II. A.TILLOTSON, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER. All business attended to promptly and carefully. Is the only justice in the city having a safe'to keep judgment docket and other valuable papers in. - Spring Foe try. Ojae, two, three, Three, two, one. I like my Peanuts Pretty well dpne. Three, two, one, One, two, three. I buy my Peanuts At the Big Grocerie. Use Rice Creek mills flour and you will have no other. Wli u.t wast i $, J oil 11 That made your face BO free land clear from fiimplea, said hi* sweetheart. Why don't you know, Eva? For over a year I took everything I could think of without helping me, then I bought two bottles of Sulphui Bitters, and now I haven't one pimple on my face. It is the best blood cleanser I ever " Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Sprmer Suits made to your order from $20 to |30 at F. 8. Powers'. TRUS A full assortment od sizes. The best kinds and at reasonable rates. Truses fitted without charge for fltting, at qjlEENE'S Drug Stpre, J03 We»t State6t..M The Largest Stock, ' The Lowest Prices» At Hyde's Drug Store, I.ljave leased the old Turner Bakery, iornif. ly oobupied by Doc Snyder and . BEFITTED IT ENTIRELY and am now prepared to furnish the public wi^n ' Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes A fitoe line of Confectionary always on hand. Fridts in season. 0 First Class J. 0. KEUCHLE. Ask your grocer for Rice Creek mills flour or call at the mill and get a sack. F. S. Powers, the leading merchant tailor, guarantees satisfaction. Cotton !Root COMPOUND omnosed of Cotton Boot, Tansy and ennyroyal—a recent discovery by an old physician. Js suec«a/uUu tired . fcffectuaL PriceflTllSy maf£ n u?' ask y S^ r drupglst ifor CooFa Cotton Root Compound and take no substitute. i» * ..^X* Sold in Marshall by F. O. Seaman A Co. Ladies! COMEandSEEMY SPRING THE STYLE, QUALITY, GOODS and PRICE are' RIGHT. Miss. D. Kelly. GREATEST SHOW f ON EARTH! • Wlfcl BE AT PQWELL^s DRUG OTOBpuPRIt 1 Where he will open 1OOOO Rolls jf New WALL PAPER. LAEQEST LINE EVER Shown in Marshall Save poney by buying POWELL'S DRUG STORE W W . ture. ' _ L OST— A black fan tied vylth a. blackribbon on Sunday evening, between. Prenbytenan church and Lewis Towusend'a. / MKS. L. TOWNSEND. , uorth ot ii G OLD, silver aud nickel plating done at the Marshall Oyclu Co. Oct your knives, forks andspooiia silver plated and made as good as njaw._Pr_u.'i.-g reasonable. Call and see. For dlaabilltl arge, whet MILO B. STEVENS Attorueya (md Solicitors, Whitne DetroU. allch. •» ' Sweejilnj; Itodnotlnii. To make room for our new wheels we will close out the ten Hicard bicycles still on hand at a Kteat reduction. They must go. This a great chance to get u high grade $!<£> wheel all O. K. at a sweeping rudnction. Only ten left. Call soon, or when you do you will find none left but yourself- MAHSftALL CYCLE CO. ANTED— A girl for general housework.. Must be a good took. Apply to MBS. J. M. MOSES. ANTED— A Kood cook at tho llerndou Hotel. Apply immediately. d jl T O ItliNT— Goorl house on East Qreen street with baru und Burden spot. Will rent cheap. hmiuire of Mrs. Joseph Buckingham, -^ r . 1 ll ii - Albaugh at poatofflce! / S4LE— A gasoline stove, a hard" coal stove, carpets imda lot of household futA- MBS.W,C. RIOHglELD. W ANTED-A do general house work. Good .wages will i>a paid. Enquire of T. L. CUONIN. . " H AY f'OIt SALE—Clover and timothy mired Enquire at Greeue,s dm™ store «. B. SOHUYLEB, U AME into my oucloaure, a pony. Owner can havo eaine by proving property and payinz expenues incurrod. f A1OTT ' , . havo eaine by proving property and enues incurrod. f A1OTT One mile south aud halt a milo west of Ce'resco. ~ T-Four „ mllea Apply to " K. !j. LOgKTON. KENT— Uaud-oiuo agpartments of five vroomii; uioderu couveuieuees; centrally lo( -'.d. _ haijitlru at Guronicie oiSce. K OOilbTO KEN'T first housu eastofTrin- • _Uy uhureh.^J_u(iuire of MJCB. S. S. Dunn. SALK — A bruiid new canopy top surrey, - never bueu run, also a good horse. Kuquiru of_KicUard JJutler. C ASH paid lor old clothes, hats andoaDB, boots shoes, rubbers: iu fucc auythins and everything, at Dr. Sher jiauN auctiou store. lf i __ , _ S. C. BJJOOK8. W ANTED— An 6Ctive. houeust uiau -Salary »IOOaionthiy if tuiUblo, wltu O^ •uiuus for aUvanut, w reprudg.ut iocaliy a . sible New Yui-k liuuae. • itatereuoe .. ' W ANTfciD-Soooiid hand gopdpof every do* scription. Household furniture, stoves, carpets, ttc. Highest cash prices paid. Oall or send postal turf. C. iirojij 'at Or." riUermau auction atorp • L d elti W AKTE0—At l)r. Shotmaii's Auction atora swond hand ' books of all Wnds. Cash paid for them. . . '' tj, O. BKQOK6. , TT*pJK BALK—New fuinlture. -New and largo J? variety of, tinware and notions, aeeoqd hand goods, etc., all offered cheap* lor oasa or trade by a. O. Brooks At Sherman's auction store. . locorrad in tt>4 aprriee or> charge, whether Ut« *«ldiw i» riobor ppo«. & CO., Jlouse Block" . D. <T fe»^*S5^*5^.?J5?S«3; 'Whig tie bust, Eusma,farramorlna»upetfln- ircaaiu. All aoodawt" 1 "— 1 * _.-_-„-„ _^_8cta.ferniuarat 5ullj}»<a/niiehftir goods. VtV*&4*«**#«*£*i<*, »«M

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