The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 10, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 10, 1893
Page 3
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•^'•s^.'-^I? 11 ftsAifaP- O foaaeball^field,abase yonrsert, Whatever else you do, ^, For cftetjttody knows there 1 A Idt of JSles onyott/ Henry Taylor »$ on the sick-list. 1 /John Sanders is reported very low to- the g tate . day. J. W\ Wood was id Battle.Creek yes' terday. ' - N J. H. Shaffer, of Battle Creek, was in this city yesterday - Mfea Belle Lewjs went ^Battle Creek last evening.' " ' ' " . Mr. and Mrs, A M. flulbort went t Detroit yesterday. Mise Lizzie tartdorfer is visiting friends'in Battle Creek.. Claude Wyckoff* of Battle Creek, was "in Marshall Yesterday. Ed VanDusen and Jay Cronin Went to Detroit this afternoon. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith, yesterday afternoon, a daughter. Miss May Mensch is visiting her sis* ter, Miss Ella Mensch, of Jackson. E. 'C. Stuart, who has been ill for seven months, took" a drive this morn ing. Mr. Murphy, of the Brush eiectrio light company, has been in the city several days. • • May 18 has been decided upon as the * date of the Masonic hop. Further par ticulars later; ' - ' ', , „ . Frank Goodyear, of Chicago, was in tbe city today. He left this afternoon fur Battle Creek. The house formerly occupied by H. J. _Coleman has been moved to a lot in the vicinity of the Edgerton shopd. Battle Creek is to have H new engine house, which it is- said, will be a model ' for beauty and convenience. Win. Connor and Albert .Ward went to Adrian today. They carried with them eighteen sample trunks. The Royal Cycle works are turning out as handsome and durable a -wheel aa is made anywhere in the world. Their U»8 wheels are beauties. Marriage licenses issued May 9: Alexander Pixon and Josephine Chase, both of Battle Creek. May 10: Henry A. Parmalee and Nellie Stevens, both of Battle Creek. Ex-United States Senator, James Willis Patterson, of New Hamsbire, and professor of rhetoric and oratory in Dartmoib college, a cousin of Hon. John C. Patterson, of this city/, died at Han ever, N. H., on the 4th inst. We are in receipt pf-fi copy of the Jackson Patriot, containing the inaug oral address 61 Mayor Bennett, of that. «• city. The address is » very business f like document, shows that Jackson has * *a man at the head of its, city govern- mentlwho is abreast with tbe linns', and understands the needs of the city. It is evident that the people of Jaie^gon made no mistake ^in electing Clarence v H. Bennett., may oil The State Military Board will meet in Lansing today and determine whether or'W the state troops shall camp in -Jabft $t»rphy- has entered t& Trunk" i*J^d oflWfe at" Chicago^ aod remain in that city dtfrmgMhe sum- OP, r During the present month 30,000,000] of bn*lnes NATIONAL BANK, t1i6Btateo' *y,4t1», l?9S. OverdjftftB . . tJ. 8. Bonds to secure clfctiUtlon.,.. - planted in the different streams of LORDS anddtsconnts.....i.... *. p.auLou i" | riHJ ,^.. n . doi.n»«d Unrl nnflprtnr ._ state. * s Wanted at once—Lady canvassers for this city and for the countyV Will make money. Address Mfa. E.,JtL AdiniS 13 West Main street, Battle^reek. , 88 -•VBV* 87 25,00000 STRAWBERRIES < ,t •'*'" - i( , DAILY,'''* Spinach^ r . _ - ' UUB IV DOVUIC VIA-*>W»«»*»wm*4 f» • • '™>X— " I securities, etc...... 104,885 62 iinelrom approved reserve agents .'*&£> !? I Due from otter national BanTrt........ »,W Parsley? FBtJITS IN ABUNDANCE and;other cash* Items board of Methodist bishops, wnich have 1,0161-, &1BOO AT recently been in session at Evasion. The following program has been pre pared for the next county teachars' association. The meeting will be held in 217 88 85.010 10 6865 00 m luituvr-u"ivo»•«*••...•••••«•*•••-. v t vw lederaptioa' »ntd with U. 8. Treasure* (5 pprcent of circulation)., • A' 185 :?. ' Tptat.....„..„..! .$468.10990 ' LIABILITIES. Captlfal stuck paid in ,.,..'..,; .'*••»«».«»' Surplus fund... • 1 S5S2 Undivided profits ,. •.. ..•* • • 4 • • «,)»< - ~ jl -notes outstanding; 2!S,OOp 00 loslta J. Cunningham's. q. E. GOBHA.M, Cashier. the high school room, Battle Creek, next Saturday. Kindergarten work, Georgia Errittgton, Battle Creek; music in the school, Eva McAllister, Battle Creek; drawing, Minnie O'Connor* Bat tie Creek; order andenterlainment dur ing play hours, Josiah Phelps, Ceresco; schoel management, H. Meade Lewis. Joppa; primary gopgrapby, Luna Foote, Athens; how to get the most out of U. S. history, Carrie Cronk, Battle Creek; pupils readingcircle,, Maude^faley, Ce nrlDsV , mtCMp ^. resco; music under the direction of Bat. ^ ^ * cleaniDg workfl on Ex tie Creek high school. I cnan g e street will bo open on and after 'As : U& Coleman-house was being | Monday, March 27th. moved yesterday afternoon, it came in contact with a dead 1 telephone wire which was attached to/the chimney on People daslrre .ice are requested ,to leave orders at my office, or notify me by mail or leave orders at theStatesman i office. J.F.GAtis. A Surgical Operation. . For the cure of Pilea-is always painfulr Total.... :. • • • • • • .$403,109 90 ofton daBgerou8 and U9e leB9, and InTarlably »5f KarbSR? f t«o U v ne "amed cxpenrive; on the other hamT.thore^a new losolemly swear that the above BtatemeBtj certain cure, perfectly painless, gives in"' " " stant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile, Cure. It is a more certain cure .than a surgical operation, without any of the intense-pain, expense and danger of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you. 5 Con&iMleBt: *• Nofary-pnbl.o C11A8 T. OOBttAM, J 8 H: QDRHAM, > Dlroctow. L..F.-PAUB.. t i Tin rooting and fill kinds'of tin work | done promptly by Robert Sofaell>. Pur/Ohio maple Sugar at Hilla Ibrant's. ' '. C. E. JeflVcs, piano luaor of "Albion, ' this city prepared to tune,, repair pianos and organs. Comes vvuiuu ¥¥»*» •».••.«"*« -T/. - - I anQ CieUU pi»uun «u*« VJIM,«UC». x^vutoo John Butler's shoe fetore and ran thence reco mmended by Prbt. C. B^ Sheffler. of across the street? to the house on the cor Albion conservatory of music/ Leave nerof Mansfon aiJA Jefferson streets, orders at M. J. Gillett'a. / The wire did not give way, but the I Sufferers from Piles should/snow that the hrinkanf the chimnev didi-much to the Pyramid Pile Cure will pwSmptly and ef oriCKa 01 IUB wuuuuoj ««"i «- - , • . I fectually remove every trace of thena. Any, consternation ot,the occupants of the a rugg iBt V\l get it for ^PU. building. At this pirticular time a cer An espcdanFline/Iiue of "ladies' an-1 tain estimable professional gentleman cbnuren'R bosierj^ftt the bajsar. < was having his picture taken by thepbo tographers who havel their rooms in this block and at their request projected his head out of the window for the purpose of staying proceedings. At this mo , / - j* ment a brick diopped from the chimney shape/scarf, those elegant four>m just missing the professional «*ntie- hand and a complete line of nov- THEy ABE HERE And tbvy are elegant. Our new linjB of neck tvaar, ifie new Don't fail to go -----.-; M ltlM ._ your eyes tested. Ail tests positive!} free. Ask to see the new, perfection.,^locals with which the wearer sees to' read or sew and with the same glass gee at a distancev Remember we save you from 5Q to 75 plf cent on traveling . optician's prices. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Corn and wheat grits for little- chick. | also compound fpoU, greatest food on Chesher's mill. man's head. A3 his hair and" the 'color of the brick are about the same hue. it is difficult to tell what tbe consequence would'have been had the two come contact. Detroit Free Press: "At a, m«j>dngof the principle commercial orgarfizatious of this, including the Chamb/r of Commerce, Beard of Trade, Merchants' ami Manufactarers' EkchanR/apd the iies in tieckwear. Call at se e them. SHANAHAN'S and Lpst-Between DICK Butler's and Dr Greene's re«-idence. a pocket book, con aiuing a five dollar bill, a 50 cent piece and enough change to make in amount about 80 cents. Leave at Dick Butler s grocery and receive suitable reward Estate Board, it was unanimously de cided to make every/endeavor to secure from the railroads connecting at this point the privilege of stop over, checks on tickets to and from the world's fair. Some roads have already granted this concession, and it it the. earnest wish of the citizens, expressed through these meetings, that this,, privilege b,e grafted by all roads.** Uftlessi 4he pjeivilege of Btop-o?er checks be granted along K ih« whole route of the difl'erent railroad lines, it is probable that hose auticipat tog entertaining eastern friends during tbe summer, will be doomed to^ disap W A L L Chicago this year. It is greatly to be hoped $h»t the board will decide in favor of "Chicago, as no well ordered city in their 'piwn state will care finy thing about beiog taken possession of by this organization, as th«ir reuurd dBrisyS these yearly outings js decii!«d- lyunenviable. , At a meeting of the Gold Cure 2 Co. November last the ministers «f several churches prpmjsed their ai4, should therd be a leuiandfwr a'He.a?$ a»d A" tar club ia onr city to help the patieut 4»WlQU» w,ays>y ^» enaptoyment bu_ _^,_ _^ , «»«, reading room, T contribuiioiw>Vdi« 4 ,' Finef ^, ? * M < A »».MM l*f^k ^ <kl/¥ -Tjilri l_Z~ _ ^ pointment, as it ia generally conceded that U-wiUcoatjEt email fortune to v|si» Chicago and thSt v fair, an4 everyone will feel inclined to economize on railroad. | iransportatipn. ThW. 6f course, is tak FRESH, UNIftTJE, TASTY DESIGNS, Lowest Goii vincei M, B. will ing it for granted that a reduction be made o.n through'tickets. TUe Bout O»V Cook ot«v«. With steamer, will cook potatoes, tur | nips, onions, eggs, rice, oat meal and -Budding, all a,t once ovbr ouu wick. Ij o oe ii. : H:E.Pflr- " Clam Bouillon at HUlabrant's. ^ittiAllabrant'sV^ at the bazar store., , suasion. from fgrmw life, • *W». , Tn.y j complete itaopjrtment a)iyays, «R band • ' ^ f AAA J»W**» JMHPW* 1"^ tlut wallpaper, witk mad tU eolortrngi 1» nalglwff layer*, of aw* l»- ft 44 outy practice," u well • 7, rota, nta off •ft . torap.perfrpi.mWU**. ^ the various probes. - •-SB-. I aid a walks **l!t^?^ ' t»t? «i^ f * KS« Sivi: -^&(£« )tar Alj®Ai^p ^'.•.-i/o^:^;-W^; ;J : -. % ?: •;-" !.v%L : ^^v>^'4^'; --^'4>"'^^U^

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