The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 25, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1891
Page 4
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THE DAIL¥ CHRQNICLE, MAY 25,1891. —— — -i—fc^^^afc ^M*^M•^•w House Cleaning Thomas Lewis is now ready to do house cleaning. Carpets taken »p,< cleaned and put down, stoves taken down, and in fact everything in the way of house cleaning done in a first class manner at reasonable rates. Found at The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in semi-forcelain of J. G. Moakin's make (Knaland) over broueht into this city, tadiea who intend to purchase sc mething nice this spring to set their table with, something that cannot be distinguished from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. , . • x NI> More Whipping. , Duncan & Lewis have erected a carpet cleaning machine on Exchange . street opposite John Adams' novelty ; works- Carpets cleaned at % cents a yard. Work called for and delivered Uall and see it. . Don't go without a Spring Overcoat when you can get one made to order for $25 at F. S" Powers'. Statistics of. disease show that is a create* mortality from kidney difficulties #: End rheumatism than .any other causes and '•• the fatality and Buffering which attend these ; ^iscaseff «»*« " th « . mora ^MLt2 --' bring before o-discermng public the.greaj i healing, aoothiljg and curative properties ol KellOBg'a Columbian Oil, as it acts directly on the kidneys, rheumatism and all achea and pains. For sale at Greene'a drug atore. Two Bottles Cured Her. * CAUO^L, U.. July, 1889. mbana 2 bottles cured me. 8. W. PBOR . Cured at Last. i«- Lancaster. Wlfl., December, 1889. 167 Af^r .ulnu all the advertised remedies, and af ^'fflrTo^n!^ NeXToulc loan truthfully say that this did cure mo^ fl o . guLUVAN . ins ' Dayton, Green Co., Wls.. May, 1890. no more fits for about four- yearn BROOKg Free of charge frpnii as. _, ^ ^^^3 Who has not had Poor Hose? •oM Onr GOOD RUBBER HOSE could be bought ton years ago. Why? Be- oauie there was rubber In it The hose GAS . paying bran «lx year*. It Is cheap at the price. As a gnar- lat you are getting what youpay for, and arenot „„ a high price for a poor article, we place tali id on every length: nve or six years anteethat 16 CENT ••••••••••••^ If yon cannot Ret It af yonr dealer, we will send It, •zpreis paid, on-receipt of money. BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Htnf'n. of Rubber Betting and Packing, 226 Devonshire Street, Button) 1 209 Lake St, Chicago i 8 Bush St, San Francisco. Cat flood Look*. de- looks are more than skin deep, pending upon » healthy, condition ol all the Good . tinim a. Liver be , iaTe a BUMoos-irfOk. if your rtomacrrbe ordered you hive a Dyspeptto Loojynd tt yonV Kidntfs be affected you have a •&<*»* LOOK. Secure good health and you will have Kood looks. Electric Bitters IB the great al- tVrative aud Tonic acta. directly on these vital organs. Cures Pimples, Blotches, 8°^. and gwea a good complexion, Sold at F. Q. seaman's Drug Store. SO cents per bottle. 4 There aae thousands of families in Michi. gan that cannot be induced K> use anyBother remedy in their families than Columbian Oil In case of an emergency in, any pain, bad cold or inaammation its action wear e and certain. For sale at .Greene's drug store. Foi> Over Fifty Years, Mus. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP has been used for children teething. It soothes the child, soften* the gams, al- lavs all pain, cures wind colic, and is tb& best remedy tor Diarrhoea. Twenty five centsTbottle.' Sold by all druggists throughout the world. To U0r b7t KOCH»d MEDIOINE CO.. SO W* SEE? «K «-, CHICAGO, II*. 03 ww, ww^, OHUOOI8T*. Price $1 5er Bottle. 6 Bottles lor *6. For sale by M. B. Powell. BOILERS STEPHEN PBATT'B BTBAM BOILER. WOBKfi U&Mp*i£-> *• B track* Drtrdt ,»ch. CHIOAQO INVESTMENTS For »afe Investments, apply to ALLEN, OPDYKE & ALLEN R«al Cttate and Loan*. ROOM 29*. Montank Building, W Monroe St., CHICAGO, ILL. to ItfmanJ. Ga K e, First SULPHUR BITTERS THE GREAT | German Remedy | TRUTHS FOR THE SICK. J For those deatfflyl »1,000 will be paid I I Billons Bpells dependlf or a case where 8ui> Ion SULPHUR BIT-|PHUR BITTERS will JTKB8.ttwiUcureyoujnot assist or cure. It I V^""""™"""a™"™"!!!?! never folia. I Do yon sutler —'"-I I tnaUuredandallgonel Cleanse the vitiated 1 feeling? If so, use I blood when you seel 1 SULPHUR BITTERS; I its impurities burst-1 I It will cure you. ling through the skin I 1. b_. .B fBlotche8 l Commerce, LoulaTUle. Cincinnati, Jackson & Item WALSTON H. ?ROWN, Eecelver. Time table taking effect Dec. 7, 1880. Tratos paw Marshallas toUows: Don't be without Ladles in delicate health, who are all run down, should use inn BITTERS. the Afflicted. Since the introduction of Kellog's Oil it aa made vAa» rmanent plaints and Bhenmatism than ony known series of wonderful I procure sufficient °'- - lerclse, and all whoi-suLPHUR BITTEBSI lare confined (ndoors,l w m care Liver Com- 1 I should use SuLPHURIpiaint. Don't be dls- 1 I BITTEES. They willtconraged; Itwlllcnre I not then be weak and| yol u^' §C ' SULPHUB BITTERS I Will bnild yon np'and I make yon strong and I healthy. ' SULPHUR BITTERS | will make your blood All Sizes and Prices at Cost, All who use them advise their neighbors to do likewise. This is all we can ask. Over 100 now in use in Marshall. > 1 'All whose residences are on any line of the The Gas CO'R. main pipe, can have service pipe put in frAS'if they will buy a Gas Cooklltp Range of The Gas Co. for Cash and agree to use it. All Should Profit by this Offer Prices of Gaa Consumed as rag istered by. each motor sepa rately eachmonth will b« , FOR LIGHTING , When under 5,000 cubic feet, $3.00 per 1,000 cubic feet. When C.OOO and under 10,000 suWc feet, 5 per cent, less *r $1.90. f When 10,000 or more cubic feet, 10 | per cent less or $1.80. FOR COOKING When under 1,000 cubic feet 15|per cent less or $1.70. * When 1,000 cubic feet or more, 20 per I cent less or $1.60. A discount of ten cents per 1,000* I cubic feet will be made on all above rates when bills a/e paid on or before lOth of month when due, but In no case un- I less paid by that date. • THE MAESHALL LIGHT 00 MICHIGAN " I** Niagara FalUBwt*.'' TIME TA '^LE, NOV. 30, 1898. T&A1XB BAST. If you do not wish to inner from Kheum- atism, use a bottle of SULPHDB BlTTBBS; it never fails to cure. Try SULPHUR BIT* I ITEBS to-night, and! I yon will sleep well I land feel better for it. I wanttoe best Medical Work P*bUshei ue Itct. stamps to A. P. ORDWAY & Cai , Mass., and receive a copy tree. ,._,J OH afford to hjB oiwe, used it never v tain in ito remedial cure when wfrV/f*. •.„,- C»ll at Greene*; dr^; lar giving more full details properties of tni» woaderful GRAND mm HOTEL. £181 to 103 Horn m Street 4 minute* I|P» MCourt Houw. COUNTY or CAUIOU H. Dated April 8Ut, A. D.. 1891.. JABON NKWTOK, \ Complainant, tin ) all inhammations of the or bad cotes, K^pgga'a Oil ifl a eplenoUTW^y- A should be taken clear on suar every three or fouiuoBr^^b^ttet two of ifcfaree tinaeB « ;•*», lays the irritationa, .faoklingB and icing, and creates a heatthy action, and » OOI»- plete ewe ia readily effected.' For eale at Greenf 'a4guf atoie. Th« Wo ok ly, $3.00. 1^Nn»I«nU, 50o up. Reataumnt by Qompagnon, UOM OHfOMO CLtTB, CHE*. POPULAKPBICE?. NfiWBOUTB Cut tola out for further reference. Chancery. . AMKLU N*WTON, _ Suit pending in ^e'eircult Court for the County of Calhoan In Chancenr, **•*& Michigan, on the Slst day of April, > A. D , 1891. tho* h7r realdence cannot be ascertained, on SoUon of Je^M? HMcU, Coalnanolic. Itor It is ordered that the ST A «0* 8 . • Chicago, Lv Ealamazoo Battle Creek.... Marshall, Dp.... Detroit [tuff [Lin . Mall t a.m. 705 11 60 1266 1 4S 3 1C 6 15 810 p.m. Day Ex.t a.m. 800 803 8* 8 60 480 645 p.m. K»l Bxt a.m. 'fis 800 887 866 155 1810 p.m* At'c EEx.* p.m. 10 10 885 4 tB 500 687 686 920 a.m. 555 p.m. p.m. 985 817 804 888 867 440 780 a.m. »15 p.m. L'al Pass i.m. 6 16 air 7.S 755 P.». • • •* • TBJOMS W«8T. •TAtlOXB. i '' Uuffalo. .. Oetrolt, Lv Jackson... Albion .... UarahaUi. Battle Cr'k Chicago, Ar ack L'al a.m. 71( 781 8UC 8-tt a.m dall t *»ai> 11 28 1807 1288 100 811 7 8C p.m Day Kx.t a.m. 1880 750 1005 10 88 11 1G 1189 18 IS 4 at p.m Chic a. si. 680 p.m. 180 -»-» 860 40( 4» 50! ttOC p.m. Ral. p.m. 44* -T16 768 881 B« «8C pVa Kve. Kx.t W to* 1107 1180 11 K I860 «« a.m fsxui ¥ .sn.. 2501 1150>188* 125k 18* 8 IT 806. ^_ u^ . N. X- limited express whion leaves Chicago aft a.19 pT m. will atop at Marshall to let oil passant eore from Chicago. Saturdays exoepted »»aily tSundiws excrated O. W. RUQQLBB, Qen. Pass, ft Ticket Agt. UKO. A, JoHMSox. Freight Agent, _.', C. B. OSBORK, Ticket Agent, Marshall * t ^OUND AT LA8T—AJt«* year* of wandertoR 1 •-™wm^gfa3ffitf»Sg& r-TSotliiBK store. This i« ni»«iAi- thA managftFf"*f* of Walter W. • • - - •• - has tew equals best Salve in the world for Oot», Sores, Ulotpi. Salt Eheum, V» w Tetter. Ohapped Hands, Hi» *hop has recen edta elejant^tyle, every- tat clean. ,Tr»itant per- dAva after service on her ol a copy of ^IS3£S^S!£ i ' s£SSSia S»^5!SSSfi«ffiH? newspaper printed! pnbltehed and circulated In aaid county and that such publication oe continued there at least once In each week, »orsix ^^tosuccesdon.ortoat^cause^op^^ » «~......—».. -r -•-He is well ported on Denuatology, ward and. tender faw veTlt la^aald that h.« on*ofWs euatpmjrstodeaOi, Salfyou want a Circuit Court Commissioner Calhoun County. Michigan. „ -attt'* Solicitor:^ Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Common Sense knews that a lot i>> the heart of the city of Chicago at $SOO, la a better investment than ' GOLD DOLLARS YOR FIFTY C?m Ton can secure tuoh lots at that prtca and les» by iolalnjj tue . ' , ' Douglas Boulevard Land Awwafoo. 184 LOTS, 104 «HAl|E». 61 Lots, 160 feet deep,'front on-the Boulevard $500 per share Including abstract wyth lot, Md« walks etc. ' . ... pot, T«r»n»Vcw|^«y. [her particulars JttdrWto • FIBTH 4 COOBfiAN. 90WASJB1NQTON 8t. CHIC AGO, 1LU f Titles Per ~, Forfu . Pnce . by F. Q. Seaman A Co. . in Chancery. A Few of It» Victims. ot1h» dii»i P|CKLED !^ WEAKNESS S TATB OF MIOHIC Notice Is hereby ' the Probate Court made on Oft p., 1891. alxm

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