The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 8, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1893
Page 2
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8, 189& THE DAItf CHRONICS. TKRHg Of StTBMCBIFTlON. P. 0 ..»4 7A «r«liVer«d« »d cent* per WeeK Snbeorlptlonc received at the offlrr »<* pnb fctlon 101 State Htreet. ' ">*•*• ~~~ J. M. & OSES, Pnblisdir, ADDITIONAL LOCAL.. Lost—Bettve0n DICK Butler' f and Dr. Greene's residence,"a.pocket book, con- taming a five dollar bill, a 50 cent piece And enough Change to make in amount 'abOut 80 cents. Leave at Dick Butler's grocer; and receive suitable reward: * AD application was made to Judge lagersol1 tod ay for t ho « d ni iss i on of Grant Avery to tlie insane asylum The case will be heard tompr,row morning'. Jt will be rewombered. that Mr. Avery was thrown.from a horse and hurt during tli'i Blame campaign, and lie has nover. recovered, from the effects of that accident. Dr. J Smiley examined him and pronounced him insauc. , •--••. The religion's of the world vyill be represented at the Columbian oxposi- lion. This is better than an exhibit (f their navies. Thirteen great races have planned to meet, bringing their altars , and their beliefs. An eminent Brahman lawyer of. India rejoice* in tin's meeting, for°he says: . "The time is fast approaching ,when Uie beat .religion /mustcome to the front. . ~<", , C. M. Nonetrmn's became frisky tbis afternoon while Banding in front of Greene's drug store, and after de scribing two or three circles, uame in contact with the telephone post, corner of Slate and Kugle streets, which, de. tached the hoHo froiii the buggy. The . horse cantered down tbe street and was stopped in frcnt of Mr. Nohetnan's place of business. The buggy waa cOn siderately left in front of the CHRONICLE oflice and was almost a complete wreck. Ten Lives. Crushed ^Out , Twinkling? ELEVEN PEESONS BADLY HUBT. ONE Hie Accident Caused by the Failure Of the Airbrakes to Properly /Work xy ilffcrjr Victim Dead \Vlien Found — Railway Officials Place the toss at About Fifty Thousand Dollars. . •'« • - ' • LAFAYETTE, Ind.,-My 6,—Ten lives wetfe crushed out in th6 worst jrailwajr accident known in- the history of Lax; fayette, both in fatalities and in damage to property, which 6ccurred_jJun^ay_; FQE SALE I : CAR : LOAD of Cooking-, Heating-, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, ONE HAL J 1 0 AH LOAD of tin Ware, consisting of te£ and xtoffee f>o v is,'kettles, milk patys, pails, dust pans, trashboilers, everything .in tin, copper, Ipurcelaini-german steel gOods and anti justing tin ware*.„ . , -"'' •>. • An especially line line of ladies' children's hosiery at the bazar. • Midget Pickles at Uillabrant's. uuU A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on tbe other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives instant relief and permanent cure and costs but a trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pam, ex- peneo and danger of aft operation. Any druggist will get it for you. Tin roofing and ail kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. "\C. E. Jeflres, -piano tunur of Albion, is In this city prepared to tune, repair and clean pianos and organs. Cornea recommended by Ptfot G« B. ^heffler, of Albion conservatory of music.,' Leave, orders at id. J. morning at 1:1.5 o'clock at the South Street depot. 3jhe Big Four train No. 12 from filhicago came in, on time and its engine, baggagecar, postalcar and one exprosscar were totally wrecked at the south end of the passenger station. He accident was caused by a failure of the airbrakes to work properly. The train came dashing along the track near the South Street depot at a high speed and when it reached a point about 100 yards from South street the engine left the track and dragged tbe mentioned 'Cars with it. The engine was. dashed to pieces and the baggage- car reduced to splinters, the_-maucars were overturned and letters, papers, etc., scattered far and near. ' The trucks of the - first passenger coach were dragged out and the left rear side of the coach was knocked into fragments. The escape Qf any passen- irs in the car was almost miraculous. 10 crash tore away' the covered por- ion of the platform, extinguishing the ights leaving the scene* in utter darkness and operating against immediate work of rescuing-tne victims/ Thepo- ice force* and fire department were called, the latter to extinguish afire which started in the wreck, which it did with little trouble. Willing hands jet to work lifting the unfortunate from beneath the the awful mass of wreckage. Every victim was dead when found, and the majority were frightfully mangled. The killed are: Engineer Michael Walsh of Indianapolis, who stuck to his post and was found, underneath his engine. Hia head was- split open and his body was terribly mangled. Sterling Mclnness, Urbana, Bis., fireman. . Thomas McMahon, Bellevoe, Q. A. B. Chadwick,. postal clerk, Shelbyville, Ind. Jesse H. Long, postal clerk, Lebanon, . df, steel ffdcids, hoes^. rakes', BhoVels, $padfiSj hay, dung and. .weeding forks. and fcll kinds of tools used for farms .and gardens, " ' ..... . of steel nails' both wire arid cut. TEN -TONS DOZEN of barb and plain wire. locks and d<jor .knobs of every kind and a full line of hardware of every description. I. knbw lain a 'little to the east end of Main street, We cannot all do business in the center, but it will pa« you to p-ive me a i, •'. •. «•». . * * . i call. .--.-.. H*rd\vare Dealer, Martin Block, East Main Street. New Stock, New Styles AtSnvder's. postal clerk, Walton mail wagon driver, Clam Bouilloii.atHilJabrant'a. Pure Ohio brant's. .maple Sugar at Hilla- .Don't fail to go to Hulett's and have youc eyes tested. All tests positively free. Ask to "see the new perfection bi focals with which the wearer sees to read , or sew aud with the same glass nee at a .distance. Remember we save yon from 60 to 75 p«r cent on traveling optician's prices. ' •*, • Ind. E. B. Meyers, Ind. John Lennon, Lafayette, Ind. 'Charles Cahill,moulder,Indianapolis. Charles. Meyers, baggagehandler, Lafayette, Ind. Otto Gerretson, theatrical agent, Chicago. . • • The injured: .XJhatles House, Lafayette, right leg broken. . "William Glace, Frankfort, Ind., bead cut, at Elizabeth hospital. Sophius Bergenhaus. Milwaukee, Jefferson Keese, kempton, Ind., fatal* : ly~bTuis6d*. '~ Richard Johns, Pontiac. Ula., bruised. > Lewis "Weffler, fowler, Ind., badly bruised. • ' i J. N. Vickajy, Cincinnati, postal clerk-spinal injtiriea. C. "W, Carnalian, Oxford, Q.,,p9Stal cjerk, internal injuries; "• Hajry Elder, Cincinnati, • C. 5 :A. Wissel, Shelhyvme, Ind, We Want to Show our WALL PAPER, to Every Person in the County. T. DRAKE, Druggist, 240 State Street. Oranges for slicing, at liillabrant'g, 13 cents doz. ? A. Wetheler, Suniuan, Ind., postal <jierk, slightly bruised. *.. '^ ; " : John Lennon and Charles Meyers- wefe'at the depot waiting for the train. Ciflciiati, Jactson & Macta Time table taking effect Dec. 3, 1892 , Trains pus, Marahall as follows : TUAIHi OQDIa BAST. V tJo.;C8. Toledo Express ........... . ...... B27 Sufferers from Piles should know that the They were killed by the engine auaears Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly andef- striking them "in their mad rush. fectually remove every trace Q| them, ' " '" "' ' ' ""'" dtuggist; w'U get ill for you. Any Otto Gterretson wa$ about to take the train for Indianapolia when he met his death. The train tore away a portion of the handsome Union depot and was piled in a confused mass., The train was a runaway. Engineer Walsh, it is •said, applied prates out they did not work.properly and,tjhfiwpe^tpgiven on tie heavy down grade approaches to the station gent the doomed train off • • v the track on the sharp curve ft little distance beyfl^^he^u|k ^ ,A, B, KINa.Marsball, Mich '.fiig. *Thewreek;TOB ' ' For Honitou lace and Crepe TissUi paper call at the 'Bazar in tbe ne* 'block.- - , , STOCK fAHfED n PiSTDRI .... «* ^.MaUandBipress ................ 1868 pa " ST.', Local Frel£ht.... ............... ..8 50pm ""~ TRiWS S01S8 WIST. • ' So. 82 Mall and Express,.... ............ 11 15am " 2, Olnolnnatl & B. C. Express ...... .624p«n " 24, Kxprees.... ........ ....... ....... 12 33 air " 88, Local Fr«lght.. .»..' ........ . ..... ,.8SJ7as> Ail trains dally except Sunday. Direct connections are. made at Toledo and •Clneln^tl with all roads diverging. s Trains 31 an<132 make go od conueetion at Uooj teith vltb the Q B. 4 1., and at Allegan with the 0. * W. M for Grand B*plds. Mnakegon and ail points north.-- "'„• P, B. DttA.KK,-<iea, M'gV. C. M. SCHINDLEa. Qen. Paoa. A t t C, B. MJZE, Agt., MarabaU. •WANTS, FOUND, |TC, Twenty cents a week for each aptice not « ceedicg fivo Uses. No charfts less than twenty cents, ' ,• N OTICE—Mrs. W. L. Buck ia agent for the Christy kntvea and will furnish all who wteh ifieip. MICHIGAN (TENTR^L l?OK SALE—Au auliflue oak bed. room suit. J? good as new, ba«n used bat' a short time. Call tfiis, Saturday evening^ " 'MBS. W, J. FRANCISCO, Corner Mansion and Jefferson fits. [j\6B SALE—A. gas stove witt QTen. Inquire 4- • at rooms over Marshall Light Co.'s office. jnOK8ALE-A " ' enquire 01 G'eb. Hoyi, 18 years old. Will __,-__ ed, for particulars est Green Btreet. deeirabje bovtse on H eeiranie noose on street, west, torrent. Enqalrepf Z. J,Blslteslee. TO AV OO^IS FOK BSNT. V W. H. BA,BBBY. and U»diaon Bts. rent when you can buy a lot , fa salt you, «ni pay for it in small month! J pajTwents. Eor infofiuaUon call at ' of- flee of J. M. Uaicti, t>?er Win. Martin'd rtflw, A'iM - — - f * CEO. H. MEAD WOY.80rf«92; M KS. MONTUOMBEY to her hoae in akem and pre- L OBT-A uiw and -tbe for cleared and our^was - no$ tracksg iiatact. , » 403 ftssortfljen t al Tit? carpet f Monday, March 27tb. wad 4, complete line.of

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