The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 8, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1893
Page 1
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j' Aj ^'*>^^^^^^W^^!' a ; ' 7 ^:^'>>'' ; -'^^i£^^l:A.^.:",;;/'''."' ';•'••>•""•.«-' ' . ! ?*^^^V. ; : : ^*^|j| ;; 1^'"5v-?'!rl : v';'.'•"' ' -•-x*!!!!^^^ '.": ; "'". ''' PRICE TWO --'CENT? Absolutely Puro. / • ' A cream of tartar-baking, powder Highestof! all in leavening atrenjjth Latest if. 5* Government Food Re-, gort. , . ' I^OYAL'BAKING TOWUEJi CO . ' • " t 100 Wall Street, N. Y That Kills" «V overwork— makes no difference what kind, Usin, greasy and inferior soaps is one roa- to preniature decay—sore hands- sore hearts-^clothes never clean. Not so when - s AMERICAN FAMILY The White City Noi Open to ..-.' tiie Public §unday. ' ! "•'•". THE RULE RlGtDliY ENFOEOED, eld rt I ' • 11 I CinOAOO^Mivy 8;—Dr.' H. li, Wihong, j ^medical insp(jctor of the deiwrtinont of ' health, with amassistant,'paid an early, tnorning visit yesterday to' the world's Pair groun(ls, tvhem they inspected 'the »«-—•«—• -yphb: had,*-just htrtv^d from the One,of,.tpeae, Abram (Jahoudj, dieel in Jffew; York, near Rurneilsvillrv eady i^attirda^ morniiifr. It was reported at the tjme thftt the.dead man showed strong symptoms of cholera. On arrival here the car containing the tTurks was stopped until a thorough es* aminatibti 'could be madti, ' It was learned beyond question that tiahottdi h&d died of peritonitis, tho rosxilt of a kick in the groin. Tfe entire party was then permitted toxHsem'bark %vith- ottli further delay. . Ho Siuv IJuniito IJJIl'g Show. CHICAGO, May 8.—The Duke and tl^e _achdss of Veragua and .party attended high mass tit St. James clmrclv'yftster- day\niorning. In the afternoon., tho ducaVparty visited Buffalo .Bill's Wild West Idiou" und staid tlmftighoxit tho performance. The viaiting foreign naval officers also spent the afternoon at the WiW West show. Both, partita Vere. cordially greeted by the spectators they innde their- appearance. ' is used. " Cheerfully proceeds the labor o| wash-day with health and long life assured. Hands all right- hearts light—clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrift. JAS. S. KIRK & CO., Chicago, of WofrldngniMttV'Turticil Aw«iy« VullrtHy of' the ijiw. oT ICongresa Ctosliig tlie CslttS to Do .Tbittcd\U[ : tbti Courts T!i!rt Week—Health OfflceV In Kjiects t'Ue Tui'lsii.H Arrivals. CUICAOO. May 8.*-The rule to the gates of tho worid's fair Sunda; was rigidly-enforced yesterday, at least, BO far as the ticket purchasing public was concerned. 'The fortunate hundreds who bold passes wcro admitted, however, and allowed to wander about tho grounds alf '•j/lieir will. Jt ; AV/IS a beautiful day and thousands of work- ingincn, soine of them "\vith 4 families, went to the fair grounds under the apprehension that the gates be open. And when these toilers were . turned away they"left in ariytning but . • Elaborate .BwmkitaHf. V/>^*c ',A N/X CHICAGO,'May8.—The.foreign naval •^-«n«w com iu an (iera, who^are now the guests of Chicago, were tendered an elaborate breakfast tni$ morning at 11 o'clock by President ,'Higinbothan^, on the occiv- sionof .the^r second visit to the exposi- .tion, The' .breakjEast was spread" in Music hall. Invitations were is sued by Mr. Higinootham for 130 to"200 guests. Noted Man Gone. LONDON, May 8,—Sir James Anderson idied at 2 o'clock yesterday morning. Sjr Jameg AT^erson was born in Dumfries, Sco'tlai". in 1834. Ho commanded the steamship Great Eastern during the laying of the Atlantic cables in 1885 and 1866. " . Cowboys" Hilled by Indinira. DUHANGO, Colo., May , b.—Henry Hunt, a cowboy just in frtftn Mancos, reports that a 'tragedy occurred at Cross Canoa, Doloros county, near the southern Ute reservation Friday morning, and-it is attributed ,to ivuogade Navajot'B. Lee> Sheets and Samuel Eldiuth, cowboys, were rounding up horses for the Bar H, outfit, when some Indians appeared..aud claimed the eluded. '^tock.^ ^ ue punchers 'refund to give The vaiiiliiy of the law of congress up the' horses arid tho Indians opened closing th« gaU>3 is to be • tested in the fire, killing JUdinth. Sheets was slight- courta tiuV-weijk, Charles W. Cling- ly woundqd"'and escaped to- the r#nch. :Fiill Htin Fftmeh Spftps at bratitV-, ' •''-•• •• .. '-;• . ' ••':'' - - . •- . . - ' ^, "*" - ' R«»b^tt t Shcllfty;Kii8.'opeupd a tin sJmi> in tint ouiliiinetforuiofl.v occupied as a ui.j?'!i.t'nj!irkp}', (»pposi»e 'E Ci' Murphy's i; v Give him n call when in tic'cd 6f tin work. ' — V " J "' v vvill Pel for von. and lift.. (?< t your ;\valf ( , . .• •....* i; o you watt paper papier turd stored at Houu'« I'm- visitors to tho World's Fair* is »iii> title of :t noa't littlts hboK. contain ma tin: ndd't-OHM oi about U.OOO families, w|iuvlfi;.itc(-ooMuoilat« visitors, 'also a li-i of hutcN. ilinstnitod with largo *ca!i> ni|i|J,-'-.«(ihl at-M, (.! |i(;k(;t' Priro .7) ,-vt't-. o(! >i ''« •»< Lavutto safoty mailing nnvo W (rl'O. papc'r. and IIPW Hjliip • ' x bnutii H making/tjiti iH-w porcelain |»l!o;os-. They just till tlio bill nice picltm, •V"«-l«l.'» Tho Mu'hiyan Cuntra) will sell licketH fioru Mar.-li;Ui to Chicano ami rc.uirn at . Ttrcr of ».evvn doilurs a««. thi'riv- cents for tho round trip, limited toNu'v. 5tlK/ ( liil.lrun uihktr 13 yi ars of aye, haff arc. 'I ickols not tjood on 1, 4, 111 or 20. VlliWIKO TUB TROI*iCJB JM.AST8IN HOUTICUL •ri'KAL, liAI.L. a good l.nfii'ir. It WUH laighlya-gjjrnvat- ing to Hieiu to see the favored thou- eauds enlt?r the ^roundtfon passes while the\ r who \vi.rkfd all \veek were o.x- in an, who is tv 6toc;kholdor in the, fair has notice on 'Secretary- Miond.s-tlj.iifc ho "will upyt-ul to the cpurts ; ftifi fair 'on .'Aunday,. In his - . •lt?tter-he, in the internist . people, and as'-'thd ^epresen'tatiye of j oth(-r,BvOi klioldwra, denlauduel that ih'e peopia bo admitted Smuluy : the same as _^ a .. ___ „• j.T, _ . '.' • 1 .."1' ._._'*' J.I. • ... !_• .'The f Iiidiansvfled for .the reser\ r ation after the .etock. Nothing further is obtainable, but the cattleuien are 'worked, up over'the'incident and are desperate. Preparing For tho Regatta. _ (Jui ,v»ur tin hi If you urr ling. -rir^ from frVors, l.atliippi?, < :>ttirrh, ciiiifumplifm, ouiijih or ljri>|i>'liiiil troubles, a.silunu,. Iienrt ick Dr. lnad;tciii', t pamlyss, 'trisi^itlus or y .--kiu, cuustipatiiin or pilns <-ail on 8ltarp:>li mi for Iii.-* vt-.goiiibto cure. froo. A iiiediciuu lhu( will expUiu uu witiitu itself whor« the hoail of get \vin-u iii-il ov«r cruup or uilur (Jinlmj-ut wiil iili-vf iuu withi-n tun minutes ,i/ used u.s i!irt,'ci<-U ~o uud 50 coots. , lov\'t$i priced jw the stale, S V. R. .L.EWKit'5- ,. " ; 'niOAGO, 8,-y'Afc a meetiag of For Borses, Cattle, Sheeip, Do?-:, Boss, ••" AND POULTK2. fiOQFage Boofeon'rrei!l>:tiur - nf A ;;!...:. ' und Chart tM'ul Vi-i-.". A.A.Splual aieuiiifiiiH, .Uilli Lever. B.B.xBtrains. I.ayjueufs>4, HItOimiat>&i4 S .C.»I>i8tciupur, Kusal Uischal'ijea. .D.~ Bot» or UrubH, Uorinti. l Heaven, Puvuuioniaa- V.F.—CoIic or Ciripcs, HcllyatU,i,'. Q.G.'-aiUcarriaets IjleiuovrUuEi-s. ll.H.— Urinary and Jvidiu-y JJi^;:us(.'s. r.I."-Erupti>-e DJueancw; Sliruuc. Btoele Bottle (over 50 apst,-6), - - . ,0 Stable Case* with SprclQcs, Manudl, Vetetiuary Cure Oil wiil Mfcdicator, „ fef.'jrt Jar Vet^riuiur^ Core Oil> - :. l.eo yDrufKUU) or wnt prti|>al<t aoj-»hcTontl5 ia c •/ em rcMlpl of prlc*. 0 , ' . the' ws;ek. the exedutiye committee" of the nary •rdomaiia'this"" ciintiiiiies he, "not' Saturday night important stops were I>T jay-/int-urt-st nnancially as « taken in 1 preparation for' the regatta to, ; frtoiLaoiaer,'Imt more-especially for the be held at Lake Geneva, Wia., Aug. pco>ik) who t-onht not see the tSspositipn 1* to Aug. 21. It was decided to send on any oth.-i-'day exrcpt on Sxuiday. Frank P. Pratt abroad-to confer with liavmg tnadij this demand on you m the crews ut Oxford, -Cambridge, B0r- writmg I have placed, the matter'in 1% Jin, Dublin and other-, points relative to hands of" rny ?it-torney."' : 'who will com- their pamcipatiou. AtwJtht-r delegate •mtajce legal proct-nidings at .once against VT4 1 . ^ gent to Australia within tho the exposition if,'my demands are not »wct two wejiks. Yah nnd lijiivard comfy led with. <>;) i have accepted the invitauan on th^ con- Prusidtnt Hi^'ubothamreailrthe letter-ditious..that foreign ere-ws attend, and carefully. 4> Wo shall be compelled to i n . olttcial tcorrespoadenc* Oxtord and dafemi the suit if one is brought," he Cambridge have agreed to come if said-' "Resist Suncfc opening, in other American crews participate. A su- wojds." , * •'%• preme college trophy in shape of a gold Ye's, that is the position in which "we (jnp yjill b^ the award. > • '- WOuld bO placed.,]ath^Ugh »»Mgj£ -/ No \ Vwtm *»»* »all League. ' the members are .* favor. Of ase%ep ^^ ^ M&y ^^ ^ were interested 'in fcfae lila^ f ormatien fo_r a western-base- ball leigne were forced'yesterday to abandon it, beeaosa Hard id Pil Hall; Uiiliunl iral! u:ul pool rootli and -IS ball .pigeou hole table, 172 East State^ strt'i-.T, Apposite the "llerndori hotel. Fiuu o^ariitpt. J . HAUB, Prop. . -' 4 •& if 4.«- UH.1JJJ1 'ff'XJa* -;__. \^, if , r O. ^ ,f^ 4ay t^fmmr^'^ .«un^wHJ-pom^^ J - 3*r« •CSiiisjj}^! can this praxis not the Of the refusal fit St. and Wichita to come in. At a meeting held yesterday it was decided that Kansas City, Denyesr, Ptfeblo and Omaha should pu* independent''teams.jnthe jBeld "a,nfl, play the season put.without *' schedule. . , - ' Father Poronka in yesfeday yitH 4 revolver, jwd killed himself.-- The prksfr <\v«l ' you vuitit a whisky for medicinal use v«u \vuat it pure, "Royal Ruby" Rye is guaranteed purg in" every particular, and rut-'ouiuit-udud for the invalid arid the. convalescent. (Bottled at distillery:)-" ROYAL VVINJ3 t'O., CHICAGO. For sale by F. G. skaumn <k Co., druggists. . Mlitli'Jjiu Ml i> lut fclluol. •A SUitt; Suhool of Miuing Engineering, t,'ivHJjj practical instruction in Drawing, sice, Mvv'liauieal- aud - Electrical Engi- iug.,; Sliop-praetk-t:, Chemistry, A^pay- , Mre Prussian, Mettaliurgy,' Surveying, MiueraLojjy, l^twgrapfas,. Geology, Hus summer schools in Survejyin.g» - i'rauUtjfl and Field iQeqlogy, Laboratories', Tuition freu. For catalcjgtie apply tii'tbe , UougbtpB, SsUehigaa.. '' ^ , - Vi o huvc j;ic« floe stocks of baots tuu) . 'OCtrioB, al&o.Jlua farina aiid eily property, i iot, tuuet tua>ti>ii]|; i ou \vtuut tor wUo'' .,. ., if vuuwwis to buy, wOJwwnttetinu T.OOW s«i41 vlU try w-fl ^tttma to #«aue wsoite. 1 wool ut once for eaaii a houae and lo* worth -"'"•- $&« fit lew. A stock . - -• "^ -~ jf¥. " - - The V ^very iysia, , Evary h^s it^ * " " .dig wt J?»4 J3f&fo ia'%-. part, of vili2i9d world % a,"tte«r er,ooesf oa ijoHeotioo, fto pay" s>l#g , * " ^ - - |f y ^-,-^^^A^r^^£-&y^lML^,fi^^^^^f^-^'i;^i^. wuspisa,3s»ofa»^^rSB%*w|»% r-jf, --> v* > «.....«„.-,, ^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^•^^^^ ^ ^ i- better-to let matters 1«at fiS'iifev are &v "' v " "-.^— .-% -• ,'* - *"' ,' v - ' " ' " -«wWf*«««HWbjff' . -^ ' Sf^B.*^ r^ -?'^\^^^-' ,-T^t """ > ,"'•" " **• •'•'' -•'/ -* .4?M^W^|B^8HM^-^SMPWlSj» t ^^T^ r '"--'5 '* ,. •/ K\ '^H P,** ! '»'i<i*C-«5"*t'»~«^ v .- • j- - J * _•!,,» ^ ( ".,-?•.<_ _* ! ' ' "..- • , '_ - ,i ' ' .4 t y;1 fc ..---r ^-" : rrt ^^lLS^^ '=-'^ w>\-^- • ^ •'.: "-'*»- ^— % '"^-f. ^ ^..-%<>A- . ^ * " j "^" -* •• ' t^V^^' 4 *-^-T^-^ r'^sz—. ^ i- — -^ ±-_^j!3t. ^T - - 5- —~~^ '__L_ " ' „ , v _ ^ J ,"' ^'""i-"" f * j ^» ' ~ _ f ^. * i 1 ^,/ x *?' ^ f.-"^'r' ^c'-,^* 1 '. ":~; ; W-,V° l "•- -'- -V ~'W-"'/^^-"-/TSjVi^-V/V-\ Z^Afe^^SSt' 5 ! fc&^a,_~_ ^ ft i! .vr.-.L,_4« .iJik^SlAS*? ^-^;?-^ -?a ,-^Jfet^s- .^'•S-ftd-sTiL..-^. d&

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