The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 6, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1893
Page 4
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*' fi ^ * Ji S-'-' '"' ••-• fttttvtfV ^ _i» . ^. f. • ') * » !_.„ V Wftgta Kedttced* , May f,-^Accoirdipg ^n bf fin employe of ine 'Penn- iylvaiiia failtoa<l,"tlre wages of the paen .WorWrigin the work shops have t>e6n reduced from 30* to 40 -per cent. It is said that abdttt GOO men are affected. Complaint has been: made to General Foremaii Stewart who, promised to present their' grievance to A hew remedy bqs created a senBatioti among pby^iann by "|% •wonderful effects hdt speedily curing cfery for/n of Piles. It ia called the Pjrtftnid Pile Cure. It fc cheap dfttt Pimple ro U"»c» but nothing re-' Ovcft the xliaeape Y<O quickly, tofoly ami surely. Any.druggist wiM #et it for you. * and give' the men an answer neit :Mon- O day> There is no disturbance and no Strike is: threatened. The officials of the company say that they have" not yet heard of any dissatisfaction among at mills. . Will ilve Up to the Schedule. CHICAGO^ lUtay G<~president Hart has receiy4d*a'long telegram froin Chris Von der Ahe insisting .that the game scheduled for' the .Morincl City tomorrow bei played s there as ~$&t schedule, Tomaiaithe J-ump and playin Cleveland this afternoon the < colts will have to charter a special train. This has been done and the Chicagos will play the Browns tomorrow.- There was some talk of sending the Louisvilles to St. Lbnifl and the colts to Cincinnati, "but this scheme has been abandoned. The special train, will Tjost a good bit "of money, but the colts will live up'to the league schedule. Will Fight Juito 30. PORTLAND, Or., May 0.—Jack Demp- «ey leaves today for the east to prepare for hia fight with Billy Smith. Yesterday he received a telegram from Judge Newton, of the Coney Island club, informing him 'that June '30_had been fixed for the date of the/t fight. In a ihort talk he saidi. V'The fight will . cqme off at the'time fixed by the Coney Island club, providing Smith accepts the club'a offer. The Cresent City club of New Orleans has raished Newton's offer, to 17*000, and Smith may throw the fight to that organization. Either ' place will do for pie although the larger purse is the more acceptable!" - Tlie Mississippi Still Rising. St. PAUL, May 4r-Contrary to the predictions of the signal service,officers the Mississippi has been steadily rising all day and now lacks but an inch of. 15 feet. The news from up the river is also discouraging, a rise of nearly a foot having been registered at Sank Rapids since 8 o'clock. The west side of the river at St. Paul ia pretty well drowned out, A relief corps is doing all it can for the relief of indigent " families in the submerged -districts. The Anchor Shoe factory has stopped the work in the basement of their building. The Basement of the building oci cupied by the Weat Side bank has three or four feet of water in it. IB a Receiver's Hands. COLUMBUS, O., May 6.—The Columbus Bridge company has beejj put in the handjs of a receiver. The proceedings to secure an appointment of a receiver were brought by the Columbus Eubber company, which has a claim of £248, " a, $160,000; assets, 82SO,050. For ft ofyearH I IwVe" b.euh hjibjeet to violent attnc'kn'0l-4rvflaiiiiuat»ry..rliomnn- tisip which generally lasted about; two months. Ou the fir*t of this luouth I wha attacked in the kiH-.«;nhjl.. H'jjTfcfc!»T:BO.«er^ry, for l\vo day';?, wln>u t jjrocuivd ,a bottle of Chnmberlfti'u'fl Pnin Balm nhd -Unrelieved nie ftlmoirt instantly. 1 therefore most cheerftdiy recommend it to thos'w who »iVc similar!, nfiiioted everywhere.—TiT IT. \Vhit ley, MartindaTc, N. C., Feb. 1888. Mr* Whilli'Y is n very pfoinino'nt ninjft ill thi plnco niul his disease w?m vgry witjoly 'known as h<j'suffei't-d such poverc pain. \V. M. Houston & Co.i Merchant!*, MnrUndrile. N. tJ."""OU cent bottlos for-nulo" ftt Greene's drug toro. ~ ' ' *, ., ..' Cliiif>;s OM'tntbies, soro nipples, nix! in Iliunmtitiou of (Ire breast inst.mily ro licved with Luvcudar Ointment Sf^tl l*otnti»r». Green Moulitniii, and Empire Stiite, drown oir-strudy soil iu tlj't 1 ' north pnrt of the stale. Enquire of . •••' . " ~~ GKOKOE H.WuiTE. , CHEAPER CA8 FOR TO €ONStTMBRS OF GAS FOR FtTEL. The Gas Company anounces th^Jfollowing reduc tion m prices of Gasifor LIGHTING wherever is used AUSO for COOKING or HEATING tb take effect on and Eresii arrival of Malagu lb., at liiUabram's. , - . ; THE MARKETS, Review of the Grain and Cattle Markets For, Maltese brant'*. blood red 'oranges, at UiJla- Robert Schelly is prepanul v jto*<'o d nds of tin workshop opposite E. L Murphy's. Smith, the Photographer, ' Has some nice Fraaies for Cabinets anil other sizes, jastreceived, see tlH'tn. " Royal-R«^y" Rye c Wh all'foreign (Jnvor find adulterants, naturally ripened and matured bj cloven years storage in wood, it i« a "lijejis is a Ryo," and coats no mor« -than inferior brands. Try it and you will never, be satisfied to'uso any other. A pure old whisky j* always free from fusil oil,'which' is a poison; and should not bo taken into the tsj stern. Age eliminateH it' froth the t*p.irit by uxidntiou, and>it is eon- vertt'd ujto fragrant ctlierrf whieh give the to whisky. Sold only \>y I'. 11. A I'o,, Druggist. , SBPTBMBBB' 1st 1892: ^ RATES,$1.66perlOOO *cubic' Fi For aU Gas consumed where a'GASRAN£E need, ' : For -aligns consumed where COOKINGor HEATlNG'STOVES we tiaod and thft montktj.'' coiiBwnption is not leas than 1000 fcnbio feet. ' .• :B ( ai«:for Gap naed for LIOffTlNOflCiKLY remain unchanged and'aro as follows: •J, l^ess than 1000 jmbic'ft, in one month, $2/ 00.per 1000'cubic ft.' i 5000 cubic ft. anid less than 1,0,000 cubic ft 1. month- $1\90 per 1000 10,000 or over^I month SiljbO per 1000 oi'ibjo ft. , (<-ubic ft. All the above rates ara subject to a diaoouut of 10'eta per 1000 onbio ft whftn the month* bill is paid in or before the 10th of the month next following. ','".' Ths above special rates are tnade»to induce consumers to ttss gas for cooking amKUftatiog as well ae lighting. .' Experience Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas For ( OpoKing Over Every Other Fuel in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, . Quickness, Convenience. fi*£-0ver 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL.^* SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. • t A discount of 10 per cent will be made from regular prices on all bills for Gw Fixtures • or inside piping ordered and completed from ' , >' '' Sept. 1st 1892, to April 1st 1893; The MARSHALL LIGHT Co. M qftei? j ^ ulUuiJi/'i wtltcn puarantee to euro n!l i ervous Jl j» of the «enermtiT« organs of cither iox, iuh m Ner nu» I'rrprstion. raillpg or Lo-t Mai.hcir.d. Imp i ncy, M^'htly EuiIsnionn, Youthful Error*, Mrntul Wfirry, novsslvc use of Tobacco or Opium, which Itftdto Co»8umptionknd Iii-anlty. T,> the wea' it restores the pnapamd vigor of youtb, «ndfull puwer to »ll who nse It, Bold at $1.00 per box, 6bo»e» Jor 85.00. Dr, Malta Chemical Oo. ( ~~ "' ~ Dimo. Detroit. 1 WHEAT—No. 3 red, 72#c;- May, July, 75?£c; No. 3 red, CSk'c; No. 1 white, 5f2Vc. COBN-'NO. 3, 47c, OATS-NO. ,2 white, 37M<-'- • Chicago. WHEAT—May, 73j<c; July, 75%c; Septenv ber, 78^0- i • COBN—May, 44X, July, 45>£; September, 4&)£c. OATS—May, 32>gc; July, 31>^ 'September 28%c. POBK-^-May, |19 00; 3*Jpten\ber, ®19 75. LARD—May, 110 b5; Only, *10 56; September, $10 75. BlBfi^-May, $9 «5i July, $10 W; September CLO WK- C5ATTLE—Natives, «5 50<g;0 00; medium, "ft Others, ** 30@4 75; Teians, : native cowa, $3 10@4 50. . .Cwed and packers, $7 20@7 40; _ heavy and butchers; t7 46®7 60; it/17 35Ja7 40; pigs, 15 90^6 75. HBEP—Tejcans, fi 2«@5 GO; others, (5 SO i 75; western wethers, $5 9Q@6 05; lambs, l-'or jc'irs tlie tditur of the Burlington Jumtioi: (Mo.)Vost IIILS l>eun subject (c crauii<, eohc or tils of indigustioa, which jjrost-rated hitu for several hours and unfitted him for busjnetts for two or three dayfe. Foi the past year he has lieou using «. haiubcr- luiu'a'Colii.*, Cholera aud'Diurrhwa Ut-medj' whenever occasiou ruiiuircd, and it has invariably _yive.u him prompt ruliet. 25 and 5C ceut bottles for sale at Greene's 'drug store. .5,000 sprint; Au«i buujoier s'aiu|Jic=! have arrived. Call aud selx-cl .yom suminer suit or patiis. Better cho.ot than piece gootls fall and cxuu'LU' before buying. .Qualify and pricp t< suit at '. -''' 'TtV's, the tailor, ' •Ov-er FkucherVs-gf)re. Hew York. o. 2 red, ?7#@7$c; store 79}^e; Ko, l noFtbern, TOKo; JuaiB, 78 *^m, ««.j, TOKe; June. 71 ^, Septejnber, a3Mc;-JDeeemb£ COBS—May.' 61}& June, 5 people, ftafferiug f rojpa Piles, will en-. - fJttre them f QJT' yeaw p? wbn>|,t tp sr- — -, Pyramid " fitores. -, Core and can be found at y druggist will get it for " '* IN OUR, NEW DEPARTMENT WeVOffer to the Ladles off Michigan the Handsomest and Largest Assortment of Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castoria. Sotn.epi.tlie Grand Aruiy boys maj^ be in- ieresttd in the {jjllo\viii{j from Alex. B, Pope, A. ,D. (.'., Conuuauder Dept. Tenii. and. Cia. lit sayti •''-VVe have had au epidemic of whi.upiu^ cout'b herb. (Stuyviirt, i.,1 aud Chamberlaiju's Couyh Remedy.. Itas been the. ouly medicine that bSf> done auy yood." There is uodauger froin'wljoop- iug cough when ibis reuMJily is freely given. It completely controls the'disease',- "5y eent for sale a.l .Useeno's drug street-. Ever Exhibited in Michigan. All the Latest PARISIAN STYLES . ifholnsale aitd retail. Prices Very Moderate* • SFEQfAL DRIVE. ' Wo will offer this weuk a (pedal drive in thin department" uiul iuviiu tbe ladies of this .stale to gird examine but aa- porlini-u^ whicbfouiprit.t88ll.thB'latest Varic-ia^ Mov.eHle» In Rdiiog VVrups, Capes and Jackets made. I'o ihonu wbo are nn- -:-ahle lo vi»H;pur store we /will be-plea*ed to "send ca.taloj£us. WeareSeltint Furs now at ducedR Wholesale and Betail, ' 146 & 148 Jefferson Ave, DETROIT, M10H, Walter Buhl & Co, Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. "Royal Kuby" live \VbUky is "n 7lye as is a Rye," naturally ripened and f 'je from .all forcigu -flavor and adulterants, guaraote.^d "pure: aud o\er ^eleven yearij of age, rocoraniended to the ponppis-. seur as a article^ worthy of the cofltidence. of invalids, convalescents. and teaged. S( id only by F. Druggists. Gco. H, (jj-ccue, th^ druggist, dusires us to pijbiielii the-3$>li«wipg testimtmy, as he *abdlco the remedy and belie\es i,t to be reliable: >^ ' , I bought aiOeewtliottle of Cbc abertaiji'ij ^ain B$Un" atui applied it «to my 'lim'be, which have vbeen afllict.ed'"With rheu^oatista ^i in,t£fy,8i$' for o%e, year. At tue time Ijough't tb%Paifl Baln*^ »'as uuaWe to Jl'caa tnathfuUy say thai Paia \ Seaman & Co. I hav.j removedi niy office to Eagle bloci? ja the rooms formerly occupied py Dr. EoQ8t.on. .» KLIAS, In almost every neighborhood"thiDUghout the west there ia some one or mowi v', jse hvea have been, saved Jby Chamber- 1 i a'e Colic, Cholera and pi,a>rhcea fiemedy, f may' haye,l>6en.cure:d of cJuonic bj "it. Such pcKoos take especM i~i recomweudiijg the r^edy to _ . cured me. E. H. fan, Holjv x ,,e pram* th^tol A. B. i truth »ew r.-fi- bottles ]^>r sale at Greene's drugf^p ..JjjT: A. Sjaerm&o, «-uf«fcl aycUoftaer, is sales of ail |uo4i- oJ4 f«JIable Jo sells , city property,, stocks of giMyds all Jki^dfl, asid iH»^srik t .8^^lty ; lajrto efles,. if fou baye-Say flktoi?. ao ' PV**^ y***y ^^f J THE line of Spring.- Suiting ever brought to Marshall just arrived. Dress Suits, Business Suii^f Youths' Suits, Soys' Suits, School Suits', Children's Suits, and the Beauties of all our Jersey Suifs r nou> y£ SHANAHAWS, »Ve dot-injendto gS genuine jnerlt; e in recowtnending tft ^ufferersl JfHesfnany,:' ~ " ~*- »- - i " cure, "~" Belfes: Pitched Castor la,

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