The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 6, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1893
Page 2
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THE DAILY _ „ irattf , o*»« »*»» ttarouirlt I*. 0...*+ IS Dally, rf*ll*erc«* 10 wit'" P*MT we«?K lit Htate street. • .. "''-•-' ; .- .«•. M. » OSES* Publisftjr, .. ttw , of Interest C*ttAeoB<>A for •Haflr&a fceatt^n , t Vaitcrs'at Indianapolis httW W a strike, demanding *34 per.jnonfch. Dr. Charles Tanner,' ttie note* Irish tionalist and • memfeef of •parliament for Middle Cork, is cHticnlly ill in London. . Page, - FOE SALE! -.. ONE '• CAR : LOAD o| Cooking, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, ADDiflpNAL LOCAL. v,- .Wri). Connor is home from the cast- AD artist Ifoni Porker's studio'* IV.ittlt Ureek. has an attraction in Drake's Window this .'afternoon. ' >- ? '* Albion Mirrori "J'6 r Rn"Hyue was sent •to 'Marshall jail tofrait trijVVln the cir cuit for highway robbery m ihis city." Circiflt Ctiurt. ... • ' V Bi'rdsell Manf'g .Co. -vs. j nines uml Grant Hutringtou •Judgment for • plairtlifl of $27134. Edson Lake, convicted of adultery, sentenced to one year (it'Iouia, and Francis Bailey to 80 days in jail for same offense. -V- Fra'nk Cross pleaded guilty to the charge of forgery aud sentence was suspended until the first day ol next term. «*' Mrs. Lindsay's bail was reduced' from $500 to $200 and the case continued tin til next term. V Court then adjourned witliout day. , Ohkago million. iiire, is announced to takf.ptace in the near . kettles, rfcilk The Cherokee JjndJnflRf 8kft Wall etreet, want bonds instead of cnsh in payment for oC tin ware. Consisting of tea and ^,...~- ,r----.j- .• ..- •-•/: -. • " .pans, wash boilers, everything in HIV,Copper, 'porcelain, gerflian. 1 and anti rusting tin \vare. . ' >•••" 0NE HAIiP OAK LOAD 1 kands of tools used for farms' and gardens*" , FIVE TONS wan ons ns ^ the Cherokee outlet. . Tlivy havo oveif o f.' 6 t; ee l ,, a iJ 9 both Wire and cut. ' {$,000^000 coming to thflhi. They ask that the bonds pay 4 per cent interest. : . . f Mrs. Cornelia Aspintvall of New York, , o r barb' and plain wipe, has brought suit against her husband, f ' - "' '";, to restrain him ftom in- TEN TONS FIFTY DOZEN of Sinm is illat.his palace, and cannot all do business in the cdiiter, but it will pa* you to afive me it is said that the Ptencb government- i3 ca ll. ' ' 4» I8J13, Ll»t No..t8, Callioun Bookman, Charles Palmer, Adalbert A, ;• Buibee, K. V • KOKers, Perrla - - Hent'ilck, Joe B. . Hunger, Agnes Leanengud, Ml«« Mary Sobooly-, ,{|enry Mnruhy.John W, Tolies, C. W. o To obtain aboTO applicants should call' vertiied letters and state datp of lltt, .• One cent postage will hereafter bu charged for advertised fetters. Hare your mail addressed to your box. *,; -:: a. F. aKYl)£R. Postmaster. An especially tipe Hue of ladies' an-1 children's hosiery at the bazar. Midget Pickles at Hilla.branl's. A Surgical Operation. For the cure of Piles is always painful often dangerous and useless, and invariabl; expensive; on the other hand there is a new certain cure, perfectly painless, gives in stant relief and permanent cure and cost but£ trifle. It is the Pyramid Pile, Cure. I^Jra more certain cure than a surgical operation, without any of the intense pain, expense and danger of au operation. Any druggist will get it for you. Tin roofing and ail kinds of tin work done pro.mptiy by ftobert ~' L " C. E Jeflres.-piano tunt-.r of Albion, is in this city prepared to tune, repair and clean pianos and organs. Conies recommended by Prot. C. B. Shefiler, of Albion conservatory of music. Leave orders at M. J. Gillett'a. Clam Bouillon at Hillabrant's. Pure Objo maple Sugar at brant's. taking advantage of his j , take possession of aboii^pne-quarter of the king's territory which they claim Baron Dorstnerde Daubenoy, a Hollander of noble birth, and at one lime a staff officer of the .late king of,. Holland, has been indited by the grand jury 6f "Warren countyVKJ., for conspiracy to defraud the New Jersey Iron Ore company. "$. Cr. Lenz,-the American bicyclist making a tour in India, was attacked by a mob of Chinese laborers ncinrShashi and nearly dllcd. Ilia, wheel was badly damaged; and it was only l>y gettiriK the superstitious natives interested in 1iU tricks that he saved his lite. 'Princo!, George T -of Waleft, the duke York, has arrived at Windsor. The news of his betrothal to the Princess May of Teek, who 'had been previously betrothed. to his b'f other, the deceased Duke of Clar» enco, had preceded him, and he met everywhere with a cordial reception. A rich, field oil has been discovered Nelson Ledges,-Portage county, O., on the farm of Mr. Shennan. The oil seems to be of the same quality as that of the Mecca Oil field. Farmers are greatly excited anq have refused fabulous offers for leases from Cleveland and Toledo oil men. Hardware Dealor 1 , Martin Block, East Mfiin Street. New Stock, i • f '• ' New Styles AtSnvder's. Some of the exhibitors in machinery haU-TTrr \X/ or4 *. at the world's fair object to tire tw«| VV G Want ' charges made by the management 4w-fuiv nishtog power to run ^ their machinea, j ^j*h*»*-*-» "••" ^^•~ r i \ \ » • s (rpm exhibitors who have ma< The police of Brookl; diamonds valued at I >, supposed t Country. ? fca ve ),($ in. oja have been A wotnaa French 1 Don't fail to go to Hulttt's and .have your eyes tested. AU tests positively ifree. Ask to see the uew perfection bi focals wtth which the wearer sees U. read or sew ajid with the same glass see at a jdistance. Remember we save ,. * _ you from.50 to 75 per cent on traveling W* T£? optioian's-prices. ' *" w Oranges for slicing, at Hiljabrant's, 15. cents doz. Sufferers from Piles shcJukl know that the Pyramid Pile Caxfr will promptly and ef factually remove every trace oi them. A-ny " druggist W ; U get it for you, -^ ^"' For Honitou lace : *and Crepe 1 Tissue paper call ai the ijazar in th " """ ^bieck. . name wa§ „ charge and were pi rest. Tbewonwnha iaqads, wWoh led to Seripus ^haygea are mde cers of tli'c oceaji passefigcrs, "one Zaaler, lost a sistef on tie that hjs sister WALL • - - * to Every Person in the County. W. T. DRAKE, ' * Druggist, 2,40 State Street. Several , apartment nt>t received fO; v ^ _, ^j.,™—- jif^s. .tthje die! the next "day ed up -in a canva$ oag and cast v *.*i-V JtkC^Mfy *.tw *^w *jf ST. Louis, May 6.— ^ ^ . ipuri Pacific eiigyieers were gjvi^i ft L-in^ yesterday by Genial lfan.a'ger G. C. Smith, and> Superintendent of Power l\ Beardon. TJieae en,\vitU a 'delegation of engjn ~?!^ l.j.,3 ^. ..*. A.V. n n «-.^*t^ 4?r\rvw f\- GiBcimiati, Jachoii & Maciinai Time table, taking effect Bee. 8, 1893. Trains paes Marshall as follows: " ' TE-UK8 QOIK8 BAST. }Jo '•SH., TQleria Eipress .,..,...«27 m ,' i', C'lnclunatiExpress...,,.••..«..,...8 41 A,m « >, Mail and Express,.;... 1268pni " i . Local ?*eiebt WANTS, FOUND, ETC: .Twenty cents a. week for eapU ootlpa n?t ex eciUng five lines. ' No charKa leas th»» twenty cents. ... . '•';'' 'Mo. sa 'ailandBroress...... .;....1115a» •• S, t tooinnati * B. C. Egress,...,. .8 2J p <n «• ai, iiproBB...... .'•...,.....!»38 an« 2S, i,ocftl Freight..; w BsfTa All traiuKdally except Hunday. _->'.• , Direct conuootlons are madiS at. £4>Jedo 'M 1 * Cinoinatl witQ all rtiads diverging ' : Trains 21 aud %2 make go od conueotipn at Blon teith with. the. G B. & I:, and at Allegan with tb< C. & W. M" for ai_au<rasplds,.MttSkegon and ** pujnts north. F Bi DRAKE. ••lea, Jt'g'r. " C. M. »<?flIN!>LEE. Sen. Pass, AsV. C. B. MIZE, Agfc,, Miirshall. Artistic Carriages Painter, .All ©f manner. eieeated ,JD the eers were closeted on the sixth ^Upor of tiie Eq,uitable buildiug for * several lipura. The result of their conftfreace ja not yet fully kno«j?i. In case a satii- fictory adjustiaerit igvi nyt rea^heii the affair •wiil be agaj», referred to the gea- • (gi^tgrie'vajice committee <jif lae dissatisfied employes. The discharged men axe charged with Timekeeper Cook with- conspiring to defraud tho raalroad, -Gook -would allow ex;tra time and tnen i -Compel the gen to'diyide;up. 1 Coal ysu»i»* at Bttlutii. 1 [-, Jfay 0,—Tna ,;predictej, coal • famine at Puluta is npw; an "actual loot. • i Tae 4ownT?ouad §e*t a?A the three-world's .fair stegnier^ >w3i .^ot ; , * Ql ?lni**^ teaUe'toleave.i&tai&Q coal AeeJ. iff-* g ; ^i v '"" {$ •ffiJ.'Wwia ^%^^>%S*'*':.S^£*;.T.|a ^Jftow vessels to g«t» or out muctt pg- ,: .a^m... .8 M ,-.r- ' rrrir^—-. _—~ f,**mft *^v «\A'«7fl -. \ •>{<»« * ' . S K N OT?IOJB;-Mr8. W. L. Buck IB agent for thft <; hristy knives and wll furnish all who wlatt them. I7<OR B\LK— An anii<iup oak bed room nit, JT good ua new, been uaad bat » short time. Jail tills, Sa 'MRS. W. J. FRANCISCO, Corner Mansion and Jeffereon Sts. [XQR SALE—A gas stove with oten. .»H~— , b at rooms over Marshall Light Co.'s offlc*. _ mare, 12 years old. bVsold on tune U desired. Forjuuf Ueo. Hoyt, West Green 8(ieet, Will A desirable hoove on Hanover street, «est r for renC Enqtdre otZ.3. Blakssfeo. R OOMS FOB R.Jt,NT. VV: B. _«^,_ Mansion and Madison j "The Niagara Fullt&Qutg. W HY pay rent) when you can buy a lot OB • Martin and Hatch's addition and have jp house built to suit you, «nl pay for it in small' monthly payments. For information call at of- nce otX M, Batch, over Win. Martin's store. . „ bfr?0 4||f tlllf IffJM f Is tie W;lay * -TATIOSS; Day W £&$::;:*. >c4:«tH»l.'..v" *' i-ttaU ,.... fr , Bxt At'c Sx.* B 5 * Spl* !»«' Lf HS. MOKTUOMUBY, who wlllieoon return !||T t*herhomela>l«iwhu.llyWii>uld lute tq^jen- ajja the servioee of'» good.cook.' VH»Wy */#p ^My^j^^^gya^-^—^iT .' "uipp rr*3*~ , - ^eoW/««*^r'*^BW*tto^ery^% bjpjf»*ife A ^emww ^w**nw i oia p lele Msoyun ^rt alw^TS o» aaod, tmeofywv-l r ->.——rr——— v I • —,_i« CajrjiiM* r *•-*--

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