The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 6, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1893
Page 1
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-£ 4 VOL Xlt~NO 228 SAMMY. MAf 0, of the Mathtoery to x. In Operation.' ' HEE DUOAL PABIt VISITS THEFAIR POWDER Absolutely Pure. the taitc fl'id a Tendency td Keep the i i i lJ*'i' H< '^12 1 '' » J *• /'it 'J' 1 «i«l.^i'-i ' People Away— the Great Belay Blcyeie^ Bace Boded—Simply Meant to Tip the .Officer. , CmoAjcK>« JWay. 6.—Jacksoa parkw^H 'be open next Sunday, andthe payment the great republic to entrance just as it has for the past six months. There will bo no formal acttorrtaken, < -• . • ' • I investigate the, inusie frareauof the world's ; fairy -The ••'etfin* JJnittee held its first meeting at the Pril- merHOJJise^yeaterday evening;, fend but- lirtea a <plaii b$ action!' ? A "number of the coinplainlng witnesses we're present and documents in support of 'the 1 arges agkinSt Director, of • Music, tomaa waa laid befora the committee, Meant to Tip the Officer. „..,_,„_„..,..„...,. fl.r-Alb«it Beck, the general superintendent of the Austrian? "~ bits, known as Old Vienna, on Mid,y I»iaUance, was arrested, yesterday •ged .with attempting to bribe a ttQmB,: Inspector; He .was .brought fore CommlBsiOBet Hoyne and ate-> 4 t District Attorney Milchrist thftt he was satisfied that the, linl had no.intentibn of, breaking ^Wat haatmeanfc simply to give ^'-"flfr: jV " '- • •Belny ttMers Bench Chicago. Full line brant's. French ; SotipS; .fat Hfehestof all in leavening Latest U. S 1 Govenritndni 1 . JtllCJtO WJUUL mi 4*V AVA****** «*WV»WM »*«»—., . ^-^»— ^ __-_„__ - ^Tf "^ :•, , Wd there wilLbe no official announce- ,. CHICAGO, May^L^d^L-bicycle relay £.- cream of tartar baki ng TP wder ment made, but the gates will be open, riders fjom Boston rejwjhed here yester- i- .t—^ /• .11 :- i.^;.««;' n w streneth SuperintendetitJt^^ker of thebjureauof | day«t 8:45 o'clock. - Time llahouranad fl«-1 'admissions understands that the force is expected to work Sunday and hap made all arrangements accordinglyy^It has been the rule in the past/to Aave 'gatesvb.pen on the* Sabbath, and as has been, no order to make a c] _ Tucker will con,tinue a&..U8ual. A Robert §helJe.Y has opened,* tin. »faop •'' i t-'>L ' l-.»l!U {._. A. 't Wk.w>. AM)** n'nVill M* Afl SO . Q , *.»\j;v'^" v r/** Vrr* Irt {tie building meAt'ttmrlcdt, opposite E.' L',"'Murphy store. Give him a cill when in need of any4in work. : • . .,.,-,'. -.'.- i < i: ' ; • ' • ''' <!J Bougliitqn will sell you wall papef and lia.ig it for you. .. ... '.•••• ; - Got your wall pape* a'tfd pdlnl^ 1 'at Usp poUKbton's new stor'p. • 'Homes for 1 visitors to the World's Ifajr. ; is the title of a neat little book, containing th« address of about 9,000* fattillieg, who will accommodate visitors, also >a list of hotels, illustrated with, large cftle map. sold at M. C. ticket office. ?riee 50 sents. ' • ^; The new Lav.ette safety mailipg opes at Smith's studio. New stock of wall paper .at 106 Wall Stree ••-- • 9° CYCLONE OHIO- Person* Hurt and Kumbew «1 . V •"The Pace •everal ', Bulidlngi Wrecked. 1 W4i4ttSQ*ou r jO., May fi.—A cyclone proportions,.atmcX " is overwork — makes no difference what kind. Using creasy and inferior soaps is one road to premature decay—sore hands- sore hearts—clothes never clean. Not so when 'Mr. TUCKer Will ooniurae tu». UDUIU. *>i w ;iWJ**ftuv #+vtr~ «"*~ »'—'--> —~gentleman who is intimately connected bfftttfUul city ;at 8 O'clock yesterday with *fcegovernmentof thefair/said: afternoon. About noon threatening ----- —'•« ' ---»- began'to, gather' in the north OUWiay. * JUBU uau a MUU, »»»i»» ^v»«r»/. i .,v<->«« *Bw Ctvy IU*1*» inw) j- • J 1 intendent Tucker, and I know thatf he is.badly, damaged, the roof is blown ofl ' iTi.,. _ v _— *,{„ 4.< A ir«4- aaiioWi anrt I *mA t,h» interior soaked with water AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP b used. Cheerfully proceeds the labor of wash-day with health ^nd lofte life assured. Hands all nght— hearti,tight—clothes pure and white as a Greenland snowdrift. JAS. 15. KIRK & CO., CWcagsQ. ,'to have his ticket da . jatekeeperl on duty .... Eiad no instructions to close the gates on the Sabbath, and.hisi last orders, given several wee!k¥ - ag6, were to admit " Get your tin wafn mantled tin shop. Schelly'* Go to Bougbton'H for wall paper.. New stock and new styles. • ' * Smith' is making the new porcelain ertilmcl photos! Tliey' Just till the bill- tor u nice picture. SAKTERS SKto. . haa town «hpwn la SIOK Se*a*cb«. S»t Onrt^r-a UtUo UTBT PIJIB 5ft,Y,1(U£M ^W»W* i TIT «5l ' t ^«fw*.3«f»**y*«* > KVEBYDAY 80ENB AT AN "L" pOAD STATION. the public on Sunafly tfie Same' aiB afiy other aay. He holds, and of course he will be upheld in his opinion, that he has no authority to cloae-tiie,gate««BUl he is officially instructed to do BO, The entire force of guards will be «n duty and the public wSl not be allowed to enter any of the buildings except the horticultural tall arid the green. houses. •• * "We will then wait for developments. The park will be open every Sunday during the period of the existence Of the fair, a£d w a few weeks the exMWt buildings will b» open, but the machinery wilf never be turned on the SaD' Unpropittous skies and chin lake breezes were the elements whicl the attendance §t the ^ na s _™, .^. to a low limit. Thu-i who did i walked about the t«9mnu armed wjL umbrellas and with coat toilers turuea up to their ears. •Vnceremonloun Manner. , CHICAGO, .breeze did not deter th and. I and the interior soaked with water has| Every Church in town, except the Presbyterian, was badly wrecked. Th Heavy bell on the Christian was blown Borne distance into the street and tb epire-WSS blown off and crashed through the roof and ceijing. Jonathan Hartman and Caleb Hazarn were, seriously .hurt by falling timbers and.' Williani Bloom and several others wera slightly injured. The large book Btcffd of .Hjildabrant & Hilliard was crushed like an eggshell and the con tents drenched with water. The business houses of Campbell^ Hammil & Company, H. GK Cartwright & Company, J. "W. Sparks, Bewamin Far- tfuenflu?, F. S. Taylor t E. E. Marble and many othara were badjy wrecked. TM^awellinghouses of W. W. Collins, E, Mi |^c]^, two belonging to Q. AuStit^ 'and several others were de ifihed and numbers Of others were roofed and, otherwise damaged. The wind blew so^uriously Qiat small sticks and- straWs -w&»touiid imbedded in the weatfcerbearpnK; 6f houses. The ter- rjfflo- tain 'that ! ioHc(w'ed the windstorm did^ muob. d,amage\;and businessmen are working all wight\to protect their properly. •''.'''• ' World'*. Columbian Exposition. The Michigan Central will 8elt'tteket3 J frora Marshall ;to Chicago and return at rate of eevea dollars and thfrty'tie'n'ts for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5tb. Chililreu under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good oy 1. 4, 19 or2Q. If you are lingering from fevers, lunjf, lugnppv, < atari h, cou'sumption, cough or bronclilal troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, sleepiussneds, dyspepsiii, sick headucbe, paralysis, trysij t-l^s.or scaly skin, constipation or piles call ou if. SharpsU'en for his vuguijtulejcurw.i oz. free. A mcdicin« will explain to you within itself where the h,ead pjt. dide^se lies. Don't get excited .over croup 'Or qnina> wdi-n Lurendcr Ointment will relieve you within ten'minutes if used 25 and 50 centa • Carpets at lowest prices in the state, S V. R. LEPPEB'S. BlaFiaiiPiiolHall.. MURPlBERS Men Taken "From Jail "b^r Ma»k«d ' • ' h'all pigeon hold street, opposite Fihecieafs keu ( t. ' pool rpouj, and 15 table, 173 East State the. . Herndon' hotel. J»BAUB, Prop. ' $., May ^An- tonix) Martinez, ABtonio Jose Barlaja and; Victojiano Aragon, three murder- era, were taken from, jail at Las Lunae last night by masked men and lynched. The first two murdered, an old woman, Mrs. Maiauela Miereles, after-first as- aauj.ting her and horribly mutilating her bodjr^ Aragon was ths gelf-conV .fessed murderer of Mrs. Beatriek gon, his cousin. Last Anight between midnight and 1 rfcloc^j^ large fco4y of ten surrounded the jail. \ Ttoee of them approached the jaw and told the jailer they were constants with a prisoner. The jailer opened the rhenhe-waanouncedu *•— * . - : - - ; ...., t . - --.,-l- When, you want a whisky for medicinal use jvaa i?5«ipM^*w»» '"Royal Ruby" |lye . is guaranteed 'p.urie in every parj^cCiliir^ aid" rec'oiuniendcd for thei invalid ^nii Uie cpnr (Bottled at distillery. J ROYAL CSiiOAoo, For sale by ( CQ Vi . P. & Co., draggiete. Spanish ducal party from accepting an tovitation to visit the e^p»*ion brounds yesterday afternpcai in an'»n» fcersmonious manner. They went.out in one 'coaches three mnr derers were Becurely h»ndcuJE»d.and, shackled and »tree outsidei the jail where were foupd thw mor&mg. com, A Stat^ School of-Mining % . giviiig practical instructiou in Drawing, Jihgfiics, Me<^anical r and Electrical Engi- l neering, Shop-^ffaetice, Cheinistry," A3sjay-, ing, Ore DreiJSui^MettaUtlirBy, §3 IV *yj^» etieV Hw s«inuier eohools in Survpyaj^.. Shpp-practice aaef FieKl GJeotogy, LaBoxa- wnirbound j tpries, Shops and Stamp tig- weU^uippfd, Tuition free.* F6r"c'alaloguev x apply MK.MI.B Director) Hou«htpq, ( #ii. \' _ -„-,,,,-,-, - -.^ W t» ««(« KtoitiSSw W%»Sw JSHRSasSR^ JSSG^g 'a .Aprt twe-rwa« (jpen* ^T,ti^» J*rfc| ton of S^hm^d, we|>^ _^ r^rr"-^ " m ^«mftt&*^\ 5fiJfcSJfcPfi5&SS-5&JffiW Xk>lumbia» relics and ' " " ' $&'ynif^Jj^i^'' "' ¥V "" ; ~'*T . ' '' T""'',"; t.discussed were:$*pM -:--• .---,-< /. s '- l&r. y. J ? AJtea] •frqfc jto-r "' I ^mmipiQUerfl LyBuonop, 1*3 ton. .8jgMMft% ,f!l«>flmujtog fffl

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