The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 5, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1893
Page 4
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Almost fatally Destroyed. GRAND BAPIM, May &.— Tjha village olyBadJSy, about $5 milea northwest o) heft), •wa?. almost totally destroyed bj are "Wednesday. A lamp was over < .turned in the store of George, Hircli "berg, ^he whole store toi«i Koirfed, anc the fire rapidly fepread to tho neighbor ing buildingp. . The stores of Lindley <S Company and A. \V. Ft&rton and tb( residence of J. W. IJnnfer vrero totallj destroyed, s while &• rihiiiber of other bnUdinga \vere, badly, damaged.- Thv loss 'will reach fully $30,000. : ; Rianftpetl.Itet Owri /Child. ~ CpiDWATfeft, May' ,5,-*-f'B8terday af ternoon, as.the teaGfet^of;ftnd kinder garten at the state pnbl& - school "was out "walking near the school grounds mth her class, a woman, mother of on« of the children, stole here child arid, be forp the alarm could be given had es caped, and no trace can bg fotind of hei W the Child.' A The Superintendent Won. YPSH.ANTI, May '5;—Superintendeni Whitnoy of the public schools was re elected by the board of educatiofi a quiet but bitter opposition. It ia expected that several lady teachers •will decline reappointment and thai ,the fight against the superintendenl will toe carried into tho next school election, wEigh occurs in September. Charged With IiifunUcUle. PAW PAty, May Becker, a ycranggirl of 18, Jfrbui Gouloville, has been arrested and lodged In'jail, charged -with the murder of the joung infant •which v?as found dead a fetv days ago. ,'• .: : : *-'\ ': ,..• • -• -:•-: '",. •.. . An Old Kcsldont Uoinl. ;. .. EAST TA'\VAS, May 5.—>Sainucl B. • t Andrews, one of the oldest-resideuta ol this city and many years supervisor of of Thompson township, died last night ., of old age. "Will Ndt Withdraw tho Troops, LONDON, May 5.^-In the house of commons yesterday Home Secretary Asquith Baid in answer to Kier and .»., Hardio._XL)alfflr) J _ibat the government would not withdraw from Hull the troops engaged in protecting tho property of the shipowners from striking union dockers so long aa the authorities of Hull deemed their presence necessary. In the course offered by Mr. Gladstone the secretary said he agreed with the labor members that it was unwise and impolitic to parade troopa before the- strikers, but the friends of labor ought to take his assurance that the government had dt-signed to support the shiy ng federation. (She Itefuscd. LIMA, O., May 5.—A few years agu George Behrens, a prosperous farmer of Henry cdunty, became infatuated with Amanda Miller. He forsook his family and neglected his business. The Miller woman,gained pbssession of his money and then left him. Thursday afternoon he called on Miss Miller and insisted - ihat she sh&uld marry him. IJpon her positive refusal so ttt,.do, he assaulted her with a knife, cnltiiijg her head to and ended the task by killing self.' . . . • : • , An Officer Shot. BRISTOL, Tenri., May S.jr-Deputy Sheriff Mullens of Hancock,.county, went to the distiller^ of Washington' Lindsay, near the Virginia line, to arrest 4 man named -Roy.. Mullen was accompanied by his sou, a lad of l&ye'azs old. A row ensii#d ovtr the 'arrest when Lindsay, the distiller, shot Mujlens through th.e .bjodv, mortally wounding him.. .Tlifex boy"* seeing his father fall, drew $'pistol and shot Lindsay, killing Mm fhitantly, JDanluged by Storm. • BostJJOif, May S-j^JJujJorts from all, r.tne Hew England states show that' damage was done ".by the etorin^of yesterday. Landslides and Washouts occurred on all tho. railroads causing considerable delay to traffic, Streams are badly swollen and have "llboded^the lowlands, doing great damage 1 to crops. "Many mills have been compelled to clo4e down. No fatalities, h»ve thus far bepn reported". " Coming jyjd Going. PAS% May 5.—Hon. T. A. Coojidge, the retiring' American minister* has, presented his letters of recall to 'fte French government: TJ^Hon, James .;..B. Enatis. th^newly appQintedAmeri- • jban ambassador, will present Ms ~Sre^ ,dentials pn {Saturday, accomp^fiying them with a spefech that w;U',to 'eonje- thijig more than the formal ad.dr,ess customary on such occaaipna,.%, ~" A new remedy 1 has created a sensation* phj aioiftiwf by ite' ^pond^ffitl etfefeis speedily ourln^ ctery form of Htes. It is c-rtllptl tl»& Pjtni^fil Pile Cure. It is chcnp jind simple to we? IJnf notttibg "rd- t>h« (liwft^o so quisskly, sAfoly and Ally sltosaiM? will get it for you. r ^ 'I''oi v & iiii'fnh'pr of yonr-s I tonve becfl subject. to violent nttiic'ks of itttltluinmtory rheumatism which generally; lAs^tcd abput iVk'q, 'tiibh'lhsT^^Ufl ihc first of ihis m'dttifi I was •Attaefcc'd in tlio krieij Mid fiutfcred BD^iotely for lwt» ..dayi*, wjien I procured tt^boltje of Clininborlnin'a Pfinr"ftAlin anil it relieved tuc iilmost 1 therefore /mos* CHEAPER GAS TO CONSUMERS OF Gl The Gas C6ihpahy atiounces tion in prices omasifpr LiaHTINC i& is ttsed ^SUfor OOOB^NG QP HBA l mT& 'to' take effect on and alter' •-.'- BBPTEiMBiJE similnrl. .ntUie,Jietl ev6rywh«fre.- i> i& 1 .D. Whit ley, Arnrtindttle, N: (?., Feb.- 1888. »tr.' Whitloy i's a very prominent uian in thi place nnd his disease was very widely 'known n9--te£ suffered puch sovore pain. • W. -M-. •iTimstoil &• Co., Merchant^, Martintlale. N. C. 50 cent bottles for sale at Grcqne'a ' tore. " Chafes on 1 babies, aore nipples and .in iliiumiiitioa of the breast instantly re litjvcd" witb-Lavdndap Oinlmeirf Green Mountain, and Kmpffo State. Grown on snudy soil in the north part of the stale. Etiquire of WHITET. — 15c OAS STOVB KATES,l .QOperlOOO For all Gas consumed where a QAS RANGE ueod. Poriallgae oonaame^wlrtre COOKING or HEiATlNQ'STOV€S*r« tiaed 'knd.ttie mo consumption ie not loss than 1000 cubic foot. .?• *^ ' It at s for Gas used for LIQHTINO ONLY remain ntsohauged and>'ro u follows: Less than 1000 ciibte ft. in one month, $8^01) per 1000]oubio ft. 500Q cubic ft. and less than 10,OdO cubic ft 1 month $1 90 per iO,66b or, over, I month $1 80 per 1000' cubic ft. ' (oubit ft AH the above rates are enbjeot ta a disoouat of 10 Ma per 1000 cublo ft whan th» moath* bilUn paid hi or before the 10th of the month next following. Ths above epeclal rates are made to induoe oonaumers to nae gaa for Oooktn? and heating M well as lighting. ' Experience Prooves The ADVjSLNTAGB of-Gas For Cooidiig OvbrEveiy Otlier Fuel in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fael, . . .. .. V- . • . . •' .Safety, Cleanliness, ' ' Eresh arrival of Malaga, grapes, ., at}nillabrant's; : Maltese blood red oranges, at Hilla« brant'*. ; Robert Schelly is preiwifed to do ki-uds 6f tin worK, shop opposite E. L Murphy's. Smith, th« Photographer. ' Has some nico Frames for Cabinets aud other sizes, just received. Call nnd see them. jwrpver 175 GAS STOES iiow;in use in SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A diaoourt of 10 per cent will be made from.regular priosa on all bills for Oa» .FlxtarM : or inalde piping ordered and completed from * , Sept. 1st 1892, t& April 1st The MARSHALL Co. "Royal Ruby" Ryo Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor aud adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage iu wood, it is a "R>e an is a Rye," aud costs no more than inferior brands.. Try it and you will never be eatiafled t6 use' any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fiu-iil oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it fixmi the Hjiirit by oxidation, and it is converted iiito fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to tvhisky.—Sold only by F. G. Sentnaii & Co., Druggist. , t'jr"- )L-ais the editor of the Burlingtop Juue-tioi; (Mo.) 1'ost has been subject tc cramp, colic or fits of indigestion, which prostrated lain for sever-ill houps^ind unfitted him for Imsiucan for two or thjee days. Fqi tho pnht^ycar he has been using vliaruber-. laiu-'s Colvc, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy wtton'evcr occasion required, and it has invariably given him prompt relief,, 25 and 5C .cent bottles fopsalo. at Greene's 'drug store, 5.UOU 'spring' and Summer have arrived. QalL ilud ;select jBiunuiur suit ur, pabts,;.;. than piece jiuods Ciill and before buying. •.(Duality ' and price sui.fin ' •' ,' ' ' : 'H TKU'S, the tailor, Over' Fletcher's store. RESTORED MANHOODjM? written pnarantw to cnro all i errous 'fllseisM of tho JMnBrmtlVt organs of either MX, u<h as Ner>ou» Prostration, ratllnf or Lo t ^fiuhood. Imp t ncy, Nijfbtly Emlnlotu, Youthful Krrori. Mental Worry, fxctiatve use of Tobacco or Opium, which lead fa Coniumptionand In«anity. T>>the weav Ur«ator«i tn» nap MM Tijfor of youtb, and full power to all who natt it. Bold at tt.M p*r box, e boxea lor $5.00. J) r . Ug tte Chtnuoalpo., OlmlHd, ft IN OUR NEW DEPARTMENT WeT Offer to the Ladles of Michigan the Handsomest and Largest Assortment of — ,--:.- Children Cry for SPitcher's Castoria. Some of the Grated Army boys may be interested iu the fojlowiug from A]«x. B, Pope, A. D. C,, Commander Dept. Tenn. and Ga. He. says; "YV^jtiavp had au epi- doiuio of 'pooping cough here '(Stewart, Teuu.,) and Chauiberlaiu's Cou^h Remedy has been the ottiy modk-ine that has'd^e any gooxi." Thext> is ao-dauijer from whoppi- ing cough when/tbJB rffl^edj; js f'reely given. It eojupleteJy cwntroJalhi/djspase. 30 cen^ bottles for gale al reeiae's u^iig street, -• Ever Exhibited in Michigan: All the Latest [PARISIAN STYLES wholesale and retail. Prices Very Moderate. SPECIAL DRIVE. We will offer tbie week a special drive In tbl* dep*rtm*Dt* and invitu the ladles of this Male to call »ud cxamtne 1 oura»- fconnu'iii, which comprises all the latest Parlr.isn NoTeltle* in Spring Wraps, Capes iod Jackets made. ; To tboeu who are an* able lo visit our store we will be pleased to aeud catalogue. •'* s ffi6fc; Wa|ter Bu M * CP-. Wholesale and Ifcetaili 146 & 148 Jefferson Ave. BEfllQilT!, MJOH, . Children pry for Pitcher's Castorla. "Jtoyal Buby" K»e Wbliky U."allye as is a Rye," naturally ripened and fr-.'o from all foreign flavor and adul- teraiito, guaranteed pure and over eleven, years of ago° recommended to the connoiu- ,^eur as a tueritorious article- worthj; of the confidence of invalids, convalescents and the aged. " Sold only by F. G. Seacnan & Co. Druggists. ' • • "••• Eagle 1 have removal my office U> _____ r _ F ^ block iuv'th^ rooms formerly Gco.l li, *Qreene," rhaarug^ist, dp.Bir.eB us ty_ Dr. Houston, to publiay the following testimony^','as j^e . , handles the remedy and believed it'to be re- 1 »'.-,' • /L""' u jA!»' u i.' ,. ., . -- v ,,-,- f ^ — , " V"i—«* auno8t>ev«ry neigbborhood thiibugnout aT , ' i// r -,.,/, "'' iJfikl"* //•«. ^.1 • ," the \veafr'ther£.iSBQmeoneor mora persojaa J bougljit i^O cent bottle of Chainbarlais s 1 \L '"' > -J- K^I A *. n^ K Paiu Balm und appRed it -to lay i&%&<, ** t " 5e " Uve8 ^^ beeo w " wl ^ y OWwijet- ... '' withrbeumatiw ot !awf ^j»b eeo < eoied ^ < . hr o»wdiarth 06 i - --tiSffir^^, jj.iyssr^'Ssstfe ,.,,rAd mo • R TT^Rr?^^ TK«! piai«» tfeftt ifWows ifca i^t^du^en and Guruu TIIM. XL. " _ ij flrr. ;2ctOaY* » » « ^ ^.^ <, • •^f v» *—-» i" tr-pi » »»-P» -Trm>v ,. .^ jjjjilte? it ywy pppulac> ^ and 1 50 oent flrug,« '£':> » anyjom, a ' struck yesterday company is ' PiregarsiitQ aella Mi. E, O'firiea, BWto, Neb,, wyg re- aftd are likely to wa. joined-, iby the ymdfom~t- n , «l^.pr-6piei^r» etoplw qf goods gt a enalt of to , to other eltieg. - . ways Iii stock at G. Smith'feltj'BO much 'encouraged by tienlf a condition' thi$ Jte iteued on £a? steadily He passed and *o far line I MOST COMPLETE of Spring Suiting ever brought to Marshall jmt arrived. Dress _ S\iiis rt 'Business Suits, Youths' Suits,* Boys' SuUs t School Suits, Children's Suits, and the beauties of all our Jersey Suits^ all ,p$ exhibition now at • ^ • o SHANAHAWS. A New OeorUMo Cnr« tot P»J«, . . dot intend to endorse any e««ejKk «rti-

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