The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 5, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1893
Page 2
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OHRONICLE, MAY S, THE DAItY CHRONICLE Of bally, *tt« year thT«H|f H P.O...** 76 Dally, rtnUtrercd. 10 cent* p«>r wefck receded nt the iffi'f '"'p'ib M. H.OSES, Pnbhuhjf, tfhd Water Not Going Out iw JTiwt ns Ex- . ,4 ADBt'f IONAL LOCAL. - •MisVFheta Do Wn a ami DV. PJiinkeit, of Bolton, Miss., were married the 18ti of last mouth*' ', .Two strafisers, trt fniist U»;y look strange, struck Urn town today. We understand thipy have come to stsiy.' : Hiss Margaret White, assisted byher pupils, will give a series of urusicales during tu« uiotith of Jim-,-, at her i)<jixie on Mansion street. ". V '•• e ' For'Starching in.uslins, ginghams and calicoes dissolve a piece of alum the'size r; ot ft bfcfcorynut for every pint of staten. This «?ill keep the colors bright for a long time. , •» ' The case of LaPieire vs. C & G. T. Ry. came to all end yesterday afternoon. Judge Smith took thu case from thejuryarid ordered a-verdict for the defendant. 'The Birdsell *Manufactur , lug Co. vs. James and Grant ".Herring ton is new on trial *. ' * The body of Phillip/H. Lockwood, , who disappeared last fall, was found in Lake Michigan Wednesday. It will be remembcre^d that he left this city for his home iu Chicago, after a visit with his "grandmother, Mrs. McCkire. and Was never heard from after lie left, ex' cepting that a letter'which he hail written to Mrs. McClure before he left here —waa-'foceiVedi pristrnarfced in/Uhicago, the morning after bis departure. Every CtsciNNATt, May 5.—"the outtqbk at the Lewiston reservoir is more iFopeftil. The \vater is not going ont ns fast ns expected, but, the country below is being greatly dainafed by tho water which stands from one to sis feet deep .ajid. ie moving rapidly. No lives have-been Ipst BO ftt,r, ., :, . "'. " ' ''•• : • ,. '"' The brealt at the reservoirs iUtide a now ehjtiinel for the Miami .rivejf'find J5»read. ont over several'.farms, doing jserjouV. dainage to tM'tettd owners. The gap fe growing inreeir^i'll the time, -bnt the water haft- fallen about afoot since last liight, Frivols, McGolloch* a member of the board of ^public works lias alarge gang of men at Work filling coffee sacks wim eatfd and stones ftna dropping them into tho breach. They hopo by this ineaiis to-getrtne water under control. " • ' ' Still Falling. ST. Louis, May 5,—The river here continues to decline. " By tho inarks at flark yesterday evening 31 feet were SALE! CAR : LOAD ONE of Cooking, Heating, Gasoline and Oil Stoves, P OlSrE HALF CARLOAD of tin vVai-e v coHsistrh^f c tea fi,ird-coffee • pots, 1 WttlofS/rtiilk pans, _ dust 'pansy.'tfash boilers, everything in tin, eV>pp0r, tporfcelain, gerttiart stee^. i rastiiig tih ware; * . • ' • v » ••;••'- ; OISA H AliF CAR IiOAl> goods arid a fall of seven inches in the last JJ4 lidtirs. Th$ river voll continne to if all-more ra'pidlytoda^, but thfe. weather bnreau reports another storm developing in westcrftiKansaf j -rcliich willprol;)- ably cause rain throughout the upper ofTstolf gooU§, hoes, rukes/shpvels, spades, bay, dung and weeding .>=%rks, and all kinds of tools used f6r farms and gardens. ' ' . FIVE TONS of steel nails both wire and out. ^. _ .. Jl__ TEN TONS , of barb and plain wire. • ... • . - • v FIFTY DOZEN locks arid door knobs of c'very kind and a full line of hardware of every description. 1 know I am a little to the east end of Main street. We cannot all do business in the center, but it will pa'your to tjive me » call: .<-.-..'••• 1 Hardware Dea1of, N Martin Block, East Maift Street. The Missouri river Jias 'fallen a foot at Herlan and tho tipper Mississippi, was falling at the Baine rate qtt Alton. The Illinois nver is stationary at Peoria. Tlxe danger is regarded, as over unless heavy-rains \ eet in* " e • -1 / Arctic Xav!gato!r Ucnd. ( ' ST. Jottss, N.; E,, May 5,—Captain Bicuard Pike, master of tho sealing Bteamer Kite, who carried the Peary expedition party north for the past two. Siars, • died'yepterday from a cancer: e was 59 years of-age and one of the ,«t Vn.-twni arctic ipivigators in New- He conveyed the Greely party to Lady Franklin bay in the the command of Lieutenant Garlang- ton. - . • • • • Dlrcfctprs Klc-cted. NEW YORK. May 5.—At the annual | meeting of the MiKrityme Canal com- effort was made to learn 6'f his yyhcrea- steamer Proteus in 1881,' Whiclrwasihis bouls, but without success. The'fuaer | first voyage-to the Arctic ^egipn^^ al pocured this afternoon at Oakwood chapel, Chicago. Mr. Lockwood was twenty years of age. • The senate Thursday passed what has been designated here "the jag-cure bill.' It that justices of the peace may, when a person ia convicted of drunkenness, require a recognizance in I ^ expi re d,~were re-elected to serve the sum of f 100, conditioned upon the nntil 1806: JosephBryan, JaaesHooae-J prisoner taking the so-called guld cure, velt, Hiram Hitchcock, Thoraas\B. Ab treatment for at least thiny days, and ' kins and Horatio -Guzman. MrV Rob- that he will not indulge iu the. use of ^pirituous or maftliquors far the period of ninety days. ninety days if it shall appear that, the conditions of the recognizance have been complied with, the prisoner sh^li be dujehiirged. If not, the trial shall '^ proceed as if m? recognizance had been New Stock, New Styles AtSnvder's. __WC ,. tO WALL PAPER, to Every Person in the (Bounty. , former caused by the resignation,] At the expiration of I of James B. Eiistia, the recently ap- »•» j^ rp T^TJ Al^l? pointed ambassador to France. W. A » UJtVnLlYILj MlcUlgan Pensions, ... _ ( "WASHD5GTON, May S.-^Originial- Bruce Buckminster. Additional- ben Fox,: Heissue-Eli , the la^t day of our ribbon J. S. WHITE & ,. . S 2 4° ' Midget Pjickles at Hillabrant's. '. A Surgical Operatluu, For the cure of Pilsa is always painful, often dangerous and useless, and invariably expensive; on the other hand there i* a new certain cure, perfectly painleas, gives in- etant relief, and .pjermanent cure and costs but a trifle. It ia the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is a more certain cure than a surgical eratikm, without any of the intense pain, pense and danger .of an operation. Any druggist will get it for you, Tin roofing and air kinds of .tin work don® promptly Jay Robert Schelly, 9. If: J, eflfcefl', -piano tuner of Albion, is in this city prepared to tune, repair »nil clean pianos and organs.* Comes recommenced by Prot. C. B. Sheffler, of ~ Albion conservatory of music. -Leave orders at M.. J. Gi|lptt'a, •" Clam Bouillon al Hillabraut's. <JKure l>bio itf mapie Sugar at - .J Don't fad. ^6 go to Hulett's and have your eyes'-lest^i. All tests poamvely, Auk to. see $ie new perfection b> with .which, the wearer sees to or sew, an^^Jglh'the .same glass you from GO to 75 percent on traveling nntinian'a nr-tnou . . - •** Blmt'tallisiii la BERLIN, May 4.—Court Counsellor _jckennami, Couservatiye deputy,'as rejH resentativ;e of a group of ^Conservatives and Fre#jConstfrvative8, < has introduced to : the reii^hstag a -bill favoring l?i- nietallisni in Germany. This is ter Carded &$ an cant ^|i Urlug Vour Carpets. The carpet cleaning works on Exchange street w.ill bu open on and after Monday, M&r*b.J7tb. . ^ CEO.TwiEAIi Artistic Carriage Painter SEop oirer Hindenacli & SHnner. All wcJrk -executed in tb« best Cmciiali, Mm & Time table taking effect Pep. 8, 18K. Trains pass Marshall as foUpws: TRAINS ooma BAB.T. So. S*., Toledo lixpresa ........627 . ai ' .' CincinnatiEjcpress.. 841 40 ,'V, Mail and fixi>rc88 , 12 58 pa ST. Local Freight.... .6 50pm . « 28, Local Freight All trains daily except Sunday.. Direct connections are made at Toledo anc tSneinatiwlth all roads diverging Trains 21 and 22 make go od connection at Mon telth with the Q B. *'.l. t and at AUegan with the C. & W. 11 fOf Grand aapids, Moekegon and all points north. F.B. DRAKE, yeff.MVr. '•_» C'. M. SCEINDLKR. Gen. Paae C. B. M1ZE, Agt., Marshall. cents. WANTS, TOUKD, ETC. y couts a week for each notice not. es five lines. No ch»rg» lew tbui twenty I^OK SALE-^A goo* mate, 18 years old. WJJ1 I? be sold onafine If desired. For particular* enquire 01 tJe<j. Hoyi, West Green gtreut. A deeirAble boutu on Hanover street, west, j\. for rent. .Enquire aFZ. J. Blakealec. BENT. W. H. BAB8BT. Mansion and Iladuon B{B. rent when you can buy a lot OB . „ , iad Hiajob's addiSbn Md b»y« » huuae built to stjlt you, ani pay for It ia w&ali moBtWy puypujnte. Tor l&iprotaUoa call at ot- ' atcfe, orer Wm. r" M RS. MONTGOMERY, who will soon return to hej ho»e in Marshall, would like tip engage the serf ices of a good cook. Apply to 3ft». H. L. Joy. pf TIME TAuLV.NOV. 2Q t 1892. F OK SALE—A rag carpet. Enquire at No. 77 corner ot Eagle and JtUnoverstreate, L yST—A setting out of a.gcntleman'i^riiii uwked U W, Q Lost between the Tontlao and the postoffloe. Finder le»Te at C- H. 'a jewelry store. Good w«gee. Apply «| 88 0tapn a aaa f lovt$$ ^ftlfi . All the Week. at tne bazar etqre,, 4 gowglffe fe^>ru»enjt, alwaj* ph from Rlea will M-J 4wa town for y^arp or j ,-cruel and etpengiY.e aurgiieal opera i J J 1 i 1 * degmi jQw-tn; Cww yili p^onrpily ce oft

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