The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 21, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1891
Page 4
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE, MAt 21, J8dl. House meaning;. Tliom:i3 Lewis is now ready to do hou?.: cleaning. Carpets taken up, cleaned and* put down, stoves taken down, and in fact everything in the way of house cleaning done in a first Class manner at reasonable rates. . Very Cheap. The farm known as the Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Rice Creek. Will be sold very cheap if .sold before the 15th of May. S. S. L.ACEY, Agt. Found^at Last. The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in sernkforcelain of J. G. Meakin's make (England) ever brought into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase sc mothing nice this spring to set their table with, soniothing'thatcan- not bo distinguished, from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere.' PrIAe Reduced. Nice 1'anay Plants, for sale at 10 cents for two dozen by Glen Mctfamea, West State Street. d m25 Spring Suits made to your order from $80 to $80 at F. S. Powers'. There aae thousands of families in Michigan that cannot bp induced to use any other remedy in their families than Columbian Oil. In case of an emergency in any pain, bad cold of inflammation its action is sure and certain. For sale at Greene's drug store. Dotffc Waste LACK LINE STl R AL" be "Spli al" Cotton Hone having no outside covering to hold the moisture, asRubberhoso does, drlgsll koatowoU OfcoursotheroaroJmltatlons; there arc iFO UK WAYS however, by which you can toll If the dealer is trying to sell «n Inferior hoi^e. Tho Genuine " Spiral" has I. A Wfcch line vxw* '» •' B* sor« It is BLACK, Dot «UrK Wu*i re4 or iO No More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected a car pot cleaning machine on Exchange street opposite John Adams' novelty . works. Carpets cleaned at 2% cents a yard. Work nailed for and delivered Uall and see it. Don't go without a Spring Overcoat when you can get one made to order for $25 at F. S. Powers'. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor!* Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorfc Dr,.W~*«B. Church's .prescription file is left aijj F. G. Seaman <Sji Cb.'u drug store. 'Any old prescription can be had or renewed by going ther.e. A Card. **?' i ' ' ' ' •-* Mr.%Wm> Blankeahorri wishes to no * tSfy-the public that he is located JSast State street, No. 41?, ground floor, and is prepared to execute. $11 orders for painting, graining and paper hanging, decorating, and> :£nishmg, making / a pecialty otjtirst' class wor/k. I.employ one but the best workmen. Also dealer n all kinds of paints and oils, d m!4 IVeTo* Perfectly Well! > FrtmoRi, DubuqueCo.,1*.., Sept., 1889 MlM K. Finnigan writes: My mother and slater need Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonlo for neuralgia. They are both perfectly well now and never tired praising the Tonlo. __ . _ __ / Several Cases Cured. • 107 PrrTBBrao, FA., May, 1680. The wellknown Bay. Pastor A. J. Z , who wll) readily give his name on request, .writes us : An orphan under my care Buffered from epllepiy foi four years, which had advanced very far, bnl three bottles of Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic cured him entirely. Another boy suffered from cramps In such a degree, that he beqame violent at times and endangered his own life. Treatment in several hoipltalr by Competent physician* gave onl? temporary relief . but after using several bottlei of Pastor Koeniri Nerve Tonlo he was cured en tlrely, and hw been well and healthy ever since. Our Pamphlet for sunerers of nervous diseases will be sent free to any address, and poor patients can also obtain this medicine I ree of charge from us. This remedy bos been prepared by the Reverend Pastor Kcenlft of Fort Wayne, Ind., for the past ten yean, ana Is now prepared under bis dlreo- III. . IV. Sola tveryviDtn. iSTON WOVEN HI ng and Packing, Lake St., Chicago) II. Tb« steijcll "'SPIRAL-' A\a.rcb 3 0 , 1 8 80 ," or) every Ungth Tb«CORRUGATEDCOUPI-WG*i»d BATiD&F incut. Eacb lengb Is now put up wltD PlflK WRAPPER around the ftosc near tb* coupling. A iamplt vriU bt untfrte if you mention tbti pvtlica ''OSTON w8vEN r HOSE CO., Manfrs, of Rubber -- ' * •• 226 Devonshire St., Bostoni I 8 Bush St.. San Francisco. BDffiERS STEPHEN PRATT'B STEAM BOILEU WORKS Established 1865, Manufacturer x>f high and low pressure and steam heating boilers of all kinds, tmoke pipes, breachings. etc. Old boilers taken in exchange for new. Rivets, boiler plates and ooller tubes for gale. Cornur Foundry street and Mlculran Cent.r*l R. B> tracks. Detroit -Mich. 50 w«i, matin, on. CM* at, CHICAGO, ILL. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. Price 91 JHBr Bottle; . 6 Bottles for *6. For sale by M. B. Powell. MOTHERS Will you part with your darling babies in sicknesa£or call on your druggist for l)rt-'Siharpstgen's Lavender ^Oictlinent mod Asthnjatio Balkan?, medicine*.that '.#aTO livea, when doctors fal^ in Mem- 'tranous 'Croup, Inflammation'' -rf the Lungs, Lung lever and Typhoid Pneumonia, also quickly relieves a'id cures ; *QBaup, StfarCfet 'Fever, W oopirig Cough, Bore Throat, Burns, S mlds and similar afflictions,, 25 and 50 cents or by mail? PB 'B. SHAKPSTEKN; Proprietor, Marshall, Miofiigan. F OUND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering over, this mundane sphere, I have found a tidy little barber shop, located at 78 State street opposite J. W. .Fletcher's clothing store. This shop Is under ythe management of Walter W. Clark, who as a tonsorial artist has few equals and no superiors. His shop has recently been refitted and leinrnisbed in elegant style, every thing dainty, neat and ojean. Fragrant perfumes, razors smooth as satin, and all men know what a luxury it is to be trimmed up in artistic style. He Is well posted on Dermatology and if yon have a hard beard and tender face, call on Waller for a ihave. It is said that h never talked but one of his customers to deal which is certainly In his favor. 80 It you want good.clean shave or tasty hair cut, call at ' State street. C. J. LANE. M. D.. formerly with Drs. K. & Cinciiati, Jactoii t Maciinai WALSTON H. BROWN, Receiver. Timetable taking effect Dec. 7, 1890. Trains pass Marshall as follows: TRAINS OOIMe BAST. Ho. 88, Toledo Express ?S> m • 8, Cincinnati Express 829 am " 81, Mail and Express l 2B j*pm " 27, Local Freight 600pm TRAINS ttOINtt WIST. «0.23, Mall and Express,....... ?^? pm 2, Cincinnati-* B.C. Express 6 21 p m 84,KxpreBB 12 68 a IT 28, Local Freight «27an. All trains dally except Sunday. Direct connections are made at Toledo- and Cincinnati with all roads diverging Trains 21 and 22 make good aonneetlon at Mon- telth with the G. R. A I., and at Allegan With the C. & W. M. for Grand Rapids, Mnskegon and all points nerth. ^ T. C M/SC^NDlsR. Gen. Pass. Ant. O J. J. MoAmunw. Agt., Marshall. All Sizes and Prices at Cost, All who use them advise their neighbors to do likewise. This IB all we can ask. Over 100 now in use m Marshall, All whose residences are on any line of the The Gas Go's, main pipe, can have service pipe put in ffrVO if they will buy a Gas Cooking Range of The Gas Co. for Cash and agree to use it. All Should Profit by this Offer Prices of Gas Consumed as rog iatered by each motor sepa rately eabhmonth will b» FOR LIGHTING When under 5,000 cubic feet, $2.00 per 1,000 cup'c .feet. When *,000'and under 10,000 «ubic feet, 5 per cent, less »r $1.00. When 10,000 or more cubic feet, 10 per cent less or $1.80. FOR COOKING When under-1,000 cubic feet 15|per cent less or $1.70. When 1,000 cubic feet or more, 38 per cent less or $1.60. A discount of ten cents per 1,000 cubic feet will be made on all above rates when bills are paid on or before lOth of month when due, but In no case unless paid by that date. THE MARRTTAT.T. LIGHT 00 ••' S TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Calhoun, Notice Is hereby given, that by an order o( the Probate Court for the County of Calhoun, made on the seventeenth day of April, A. D., 1891, all month's from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the eatatet of Oscar M. O'Keefe, late of said County, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased arc required to present their claims to said Probate Court,- at the Probate office, In the City of Marshall, for examination and allowance, on or before the seventeenth day of October uext. Dated April 17, A. D., 1890. GBQKGE INGEKSOLL. itTATE OF MICHIGAN, 1 THBCIBOUIT COURT FOB THE' V In Chancery. MICHIGAN (T " The Niagara lallt Routt." TIME TA3LE, NOV. 30, 1898. nuns «AST. STATIONS. Mall 4wka Judge of Probate/ , What was it, John That made your face BO free and clear tiata pjmplea, said his siseethoart. Why,, don't yon v kn'aw, Eva?' For over a year I took everything I could think of without helping me, then I bought two bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and now I haven't one pimple on my face. 'It is the best blood cleanser I ever t saw. ' ' To , the Afflicted. (Since the introduction 'of Kellog's Oolmm bian Oil it baa made more permanent cores and given better satisfaction OB Kidney complaints and Kheumatwm than ony .known remedy. Its continued series of wonderful cores in ail olimates has made it known as a aafe and reliable ageut to employ against all aches and pains, which are the forerunners of more serious disorders. It acts speedily and surely, always relieving suffering Jand often saving life. The projection it affords by Its timely use on rheumatism, kidney affection, and all aehea andpains. wounds, cramping pains, cholera morbua, diarrhoea, coughs, colds, catarrh, and disorders among children, makes it au inv&luablo remedy to be kept always on hand in every home. No person can afford to be without it, and those who have onoe used it never will. It is absolutely oer- tain in its remedial effects, and will always cure when cures are possible. Gall at Greene's drug store and gat a circular giving more full details of the. amative properties of this wonderful medioiue. , FM» all inflammations of the • bronchial tubes or bad eolps, Kelloggs's Columbian Oil w » splendid remedy. A few drops shoullbe taken clear on sugar every three or four hours, and bathe the throat and chest two or three ttnies a day. It sw>pdily al- laifl the irritations, ticklings antf itching, and creates a healthy action, and a complete ciire is readily effecteo. For sale at Graene' v 8 drug Store". fa Pitchif 1 * Caitwk SULPHUR TRS Jhe Best and Purest Medicine] EVER MADE. It wiU drive tho Humor from you, ystem, and make your skin| clean and smooth. Tho » «"» d Blotch... mar > our beautyl caused by impure! ood, and can bel removed in a shortl , if you arel Dated April 21st, A. D.. 1891. JASON NEWTON, 1 Complainant, j vs. Y AMKLIA NXWTON, Defendant. J Salt pending In the Circuit Court for the County of Calhonn in Chancery, at Marehall, Michigan, on the 21st day of April, A. D., 1891. In tBU cause it appearing from amdaviton nle, that the Defendant, Amelia Newton, bas departed from her last known placa of residence, and that her residence cannot be ascertained, on motion of Jesse M. Hatch, Complainant's solicitor, It is ordered that the said defendant, Amelia Newton, cause her appearance to be on- terad herein, within five month* from the date ol this order, and in case of her appearance that she cause her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be filed, ami a copy thereof to be served on said .Complainant's Solicitor within twenty days after service on her oi a copy of said bill, and notice of this order; aud that in default thereof sa!d bill be ta.ken as confessed br the said non-resident Defendant. And it Is further ordered, ttst within twenty days the said Complainant cause a notice of this order to be published in the Daily Chronicle, a newspaper printed, published and circulated in said county, and that such publication be cop- aimed there at least once in each week, for six Weeks in succession, or that ha cause a copy of this orJUr'to be personally served on said nonresident defendant, at least twenty days before the time f bove ' 'Jhicago, Lv Kalamazoo Battle Creek..., Marshall, Dp.... Ai'aion Jackson , Detroit... , Buffalo., Day a.m. 7 06 1160 1265 1 46 2 12 8 10 6 16 810 p.m 900 220 808 828 8 60 480 645 p.m. Eal Ext a.m- 7*16 800 827 8 65 • 55 12 10 p.m. At'c Hh't BJC.* ^ 110 885 429 500 527 626 920 a-m. 555 p.m. p.m. 886 217 804 882 8 57 440 780 a.m. 8 15 p.m L'al Pass p.m. '5*23 6 16 etr 7.i 765' p.m. TBAINS WEST. BTATIONS. uoffalo. .. Detroit, Lv Jackson... Albion.... Marshall . . Battle Cr'k £aliunazoo CMcago,Ar Jack L'al a.m. 'e'ao 7 10 733 800 8 40 a.m. Mall . t a.m. 8 80 11 25 1207 1226 100 2 17 785. p.m. Day Exit a.m. 1280 7 50 A05 1086 11 15 11 85 1212 485 p.m Chic BX.» a.m. 680 p.m. 1 20 8 20 850 406 480 5 02 900 p.m. Eal. Ez.t p.m. 445 715 762 821 847 9 80 P"»^ Eve. Kx.t p.m. 745 1025 1107 U 80 11 67 1250 640 a.m. PacJ Ex.* ? .m. 250 9 16 1150 12 S* 1261 1 21 217 806 a.m. Circuit Court Commissioner Calhoun County, Michigan. JBSSB M. HATCH, Complainant's Solicitor. ' A true copy: Attest,, , , . WILLIAM J. GREGG, Begisier in ' Chancery. , ~ I The Dose Ismail—onljTa spoonfnL It Urt and jt- •medicine. Try ,_ will be , Get it of your Druggist. GCT ITATOIICB. H age, oae suffering from Klo-^ and wfih^- — ^ V i3x±'8 Oot-fcoaoL COMPOUND „ jmposed of Cotton Boot, Tanif and Pennyroyal—a recent dUaorwy by an ^ 'old physician. la wcecmfufhi u«Kl ry-Safe. MectuaL Prioe^Tby matt, waled. Ladles, ask your dnutgipt for Oook\ Cotton Boot Compound and take no robstitate,- or ujoloee 8 itanips for sealed aartiOBlari. A*. ireai POK1> U£Y COMPAffY, Np. 8 VU^g JtookllSl Woodward •»», Detroit, flak. BoU in Marshall by 7. a. Seaman 4 Co. CHICAGO INVESTMENTS.i , For safe Investments, applj to v ALLEN, OPDYKE & ALLEN Real Estate and Loans. Booms 5BM», Mwtauk BttUdlisg, 116 Monroe St., ^ .CHICAGO, ILL. j&afor by permiMion to Lynai J. Gage, First Matiwial^aak W^^g^Hu^ 8. N. Y. limited ezpreaa \rnicn leaves Chicago at •U9 p. m. will atop at Manaall to let oft paauen- zere from Chicago. iSaturdaya exoepted »»illy tBundaya etcepted P. W. KUOQLK8, Gen. Paae. ft Ticket Agt. UKO. A. JOHMSOK. Freight Agent, C. fi. OaaoaM, Tictcet Agent, Marshall GRAND PALACE HOTEL. 81 to 103 Norti dart Street GklcaEO. 4 minutes from Court House. Both Plans. Waskly, $3.00. Transients, 50o up. Restaurant by Compagnon, LATB CUIC1.OO CLUB, CWUT. . POPULAK PEICJE8.' NBW KOUTB r ; • Cut tnifl out for further reference. -f ,; Chicago Reid Estate. Any man of Common. Benie knewa that a lot hi tho heart of th« city of Chicago at 9&00, U a bet. tar Uive8tn>ej»t, than ; MLD DOUARS FOp FIFTY CENfS, Yon can secure tuoh lots at that price and leea by joining the Douglajs'BouleTard Land Aasooiation. I84UOT8, 184 SHARES. WLota 150 fee t deop, trout on-tue Boulevard 9500 per •hare Including abatraot with lot, aide Tltle» Perfect, Term* Very Ea»y. • 7or further particular* Addroai to ' FUBTH * COCH&AK,

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