The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 21, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1891
Page 1
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DAILY VOL XH-NO 220. MARSHALL, MICH., THURSDAY MAY 21,1891. PRICE TWO CENTS Bakm- Powder FIELD DAY. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other known. Used in Millions of Homes— 4° Years the Standard. Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable • and Wholesome. Mo Other baking powder does such work* SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success ot this Great Cough Cure is Without a parallel in the history of aiedicine. All druggists, are authorized to sell it on a. positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, of Bronchitis, use it, for lit will cure you. If your child has the Croup, Or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and reliel £> sure., •> If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for JiHILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cts. and »)l.oo. If your Langs are sore or Bacjc lame >.;s Smloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts.. iJb yo» kn.;-\v you car buy a chimney to fit your lamj.: that v, ill lust till some 'acci dent hn->!-e • i to it? Do yoiiknow that Macbeth'*" pearl top " or " pearl glass " ii; that chimney ? You!;;jEan have it-^your dealer will get it—if you msist on it. He may tell you it cost&him three times as\rnuch as some others. Thatfe true. JHe may say they are/just as good. Don't you bdfieve it— they may be betted for him; he may like the breaking. A COMPLETE LIST OF THE ENTRIES. Contestant* Will .'be Her* from A1 Surrounding Colleges and Behools. Afternoon, at Fair Ground*. 100 YARDS DASH. 1st heat— Asa J. Townsend, M. A. C. W. M. Ferry. Olivet C. A. A. ('. D. Thomas, Hilladale C. A. A. II. Eastman, A. C. A. A. 2d heat— Myron W. Townsend, M. A. O. L. Q. lUckerd, Albion 0. A. A. Fred R. Close, M. A. C. A. Hindenach, M. A. C. 220 YARD* DABB. L. G. Rlckerd. A. C. A. A. v M. W. Townsend, M. A. C. Fred R. Close, M. A. C. E. H. Ward, H. C. A. A. ' A. J. Townsend, M. A. C. H. Eastman, A. C. A. A. W. M. Ferry, O. C. A. A. F. R. Frost, O. C. A. A. G. G. Newell, A. C. A. A. 440 YARDS BUJ». H. B. Wilder. Battle Creek A. O.Q F. R. Close, M. A. C. * J. S. Parker, B.C. A. A. . A. J. Townsend, M. A. O. H. Eastman, A. C. A. A. W. M. Ferry, O. C. A. A. F. R. Frost, 6. Ci A. A. J. A. Mapes, O: C. A. A. J. D. McKay, O. C. A. A. L. D. Bryant, O. C. A. A. G. G. Newell, A. C. A. A. 880 YARDS BUM. H. B. Wilder, B. C. A. C. F. R.C10M, M. A..C. E. H. Wiird, H. C. A. A. A. J. Townaend, M. A. C. J. S. Parker, H. C. A. A. F. R. Frost, Q. C. A. A. H. Eastman, A. C. A. A. J. A. Mapes, O. C. A. A. i J. D. McKay, O.C. A, A. L. C. Calkins, M. A. C. L. D. Bryant, O. C. A. A. 1 MILB BON. H. B. Wilder, B. C. A. C. F. R. Close, M. A. C. E. H. Ward, H. C. A. 1 A. F. R. Frost, O. C. A. A. L. C. Calkins, M. A. C. •'«./•' J. D. McKay, O. C. A, A. L. D. Bryant, O. C. A. A., 220 YARDS HURDLE. M. .W. Townsend, M. A. Q. C. D. Thomas, H. C. A. A. W. M. Ferry, Q. C. A. A. L. C. Calkins, M. A. C. G. G. Newell, A. C. A. A. F. R. Frost, O. C. A. A. .880 YARDS WALK. F. R. Close, M. A. C. Geo. G. Green, M. A. C. F. A. Fumer, B. C. A. C. BOYS MOVIpB BACK. Entries received until 1 p. m.. May S2d. 1 MILS BICYCLE RACE. R. Van Schoick, A. C. A. A. (J. $. Gaus, M. A. C. Entries received until 1 p. m., May 22d, '; 2 MILE BICYCLE RACE. . . 4 R. Van Schoick, A. C. A. A. C. E. Gaus, M. A. C. Entries received until 1 p. m., May 22d. . 4 Co, VIGOR OF MEW Easily. Quickly, Permanently Restored. " „, ,- JJeryou»neii», Debility, and all the train of evils from early errors urlater excesses. the re»ulte of overwork, sickness, worry, etc. Full •tfntgth. development,' and tone given to every organ and portion of the body. Simple, uittural methods. Immediate Improvement seen. Failure Impossible. 2.000 references. Book, explanations and proofs mailed (sealed) free. Address •Rlt MEDICAL CO.. BUFFALO, N. Y. WEAKNESS Fuse pimples, impure blood.' •; load'oi- nerve and strength. " Irom wh»te»er cause arU- 1»U- PKKCV8 ; MAtlflHBY. usedin m- ~ lam*. miunaUplB form. Bent \*j mail-on receipt TwoDol- ..... . ._. ...... „ ^ VIBOT. W* »fc DSTJIOJT, 1UCU. STANDING HIGH JUMP. « L. Q. Rickerd. A. C. A. A. A. M. Flagg. O. C. A. A. M. W. Townsead, M. A. C. O. Q. Newell, A. C. A. A. f. A. Fuyier, B. C. A.C. STANDING BBOAO JUMP. L. Q. Rickerd, A. C. A. A. A. M. Flagg, 0." C. A. A. M.W. Townsend, M. A. C. E.G. Reed. M.A. C. ' F.W. Rail, B.C.A.G. SUNNING BB,OAB JUMP, L. G. Rickerd, A. C. A. A. W. R. Tuttle, Q. C. A. A; A. J. Towneend, M. A. C. G. O. Newell, A. C. A. A. P. Arnold, M. A. C. • - ' F. W. Hall, B. C. A..O. , • : BUNN1NO SIQH JUMP. , C. O. Borton, O. C. A. A.' A: J. Townsend, M. A. C. G. O. NeweUv A. C. A. A. . F. A: Furher, B. G. A1XJ. M. W. Toyruaend. M. A. C. KU.NNQiO HOP, BTBP AMD JCMP. L. G. Bickerd, A. C. A. A. C. O. Thonoaa, H. O. A. A. W. M.Ferry,O.C.A.A. A. M. Flagg, O. C. A. A. W. R, Tuttle, O. C. A. A. H. G, Reed, M. A. C. G. Q. New3l, A. C. A. A, TUKOW1MQ 16 £8, L. G. Rickerd, A. a A. A. P. Arnold, M. A. C. ' • C. D. Thomaa, H. C. JL. A. H. G. Reed. M.. JJC G POTTIJIO 1« L»- SHOT. t. W. Woodmanaee, O. (3. A, A. . RickerA-i. C. A. A. .) 8. S. Lee, 0. 0. A. A. H. G. Reed, M. A. C. F. B,.^!!, B. C. A. C. POLB VAUW. P. Arnold. M. A. C. A. J. Tbwnsend, M. A. C. BITCH AMD KICK 8. 8. Lee, O. C. A. A. H. O. Beed, M. A. O. C. O. Borton, O. C. A. A. muNNnfo KICK (BOTH LO»ui,M.A.C. .UeTO.C. A. A. i. B*ed, M. A. C. STANDmO THBEB JUMPS. L. O. Bloketd. A. C. A. 'A. . H. G. Beed. M. A. C. P. CloM. M. A. C. Kventnc, »t Open Hoaae. MIDDLB WmOHT BPABBIHO. ' P. Arnold, M. A. O. J. a Parker, H. O. A. A. UBBT WHORT BPABJUIfO, F. B. Cloae, M. A. C. B. L. Gterdanier, M. A.C. J. 8. Purkw. H. C. A. A. P. Arnold, If. A. C. B.Pre«tioe,M. A.C. \ PBATBBB WBICUI aPABBTKO. Bd. Van Ifaen, M, A. C. O. O. £6nrh>*a. O. O. A. A. . A.O. BBAVT VBIOBT C. D. TbQOiM, H. G. A. A. F.W.BBBVB:C.A.O. MU>DI4 WBOHT WB0TUKO. C. D.ThomM, H. C. A. A. L. W. Woodmaiuee, O. O. A. A. P. W. Ball, B. O. A. C. LIOBT wHiuirr WBBnum. W. F. Lyon. O. C. A. A, A. 3. Townaend, M. A. C. ' P. B. Close, M. A. C. B. L. Gardanler, M. A. C. YBATBXB •WBIOBT WBBtTtnW. Ed. Van Dnaen. M. A. C. O. C. Longman. O. C. A. A. There's » Mod doei of guarantee buaineas iutheatoro Keeping-of today. It's tooex- ceaaiv«. Or too reluctant. Half the time it WOldlk. mnnay, artfi jny a reward, is made under the hope that you won't want TOUT money back, and that you won't claim the rowan}, . Of course. So, whoever: 1 i« aooatt. in making it, and works—not on his own reputation, alone, but through the local dealer, whom you know, mething he K*" faith in back of wouldn't stand must have somethL tbeguatantee. -The' a y*w without it. What is lacking is confidence. Back of (bat, what ia lacking ia that clear honesty which w above the "average practice." Dr. Pieree's medicines are guaranteed to accomplish what they are intended to do, STOP1 And read this. I have concliulnd to sell nil of my stock of groceries and fixtures at cost and go out of the business. So I will sell on 'and after May first just what the goods cost rue at wholesale. This offer you never had before, 30 conio quick and get your share. I will name a few tiings. 50c Tobacco 85c 50c Tea .;. ;40c Clear Salt Pork, boneless .7c 28cCotfee ;...... 23c 28 bars Soap $1 00 4J^ Ibs crackers 25c Oau goods, fresh, from 8 to lOc Baking, warranted... ''Jo per Ib And everything at just cost. This is a great chance for all who may come. 'est of the park. JOIIN H. McNAMES. The Rice Creek mills make the best flour to be had in the city. First class workmen at F. S. Powers'. Do not confuse the Famous Blush of Boae ith the many worthless paiata, powder a oreams and bleaches which are tlooditiK tha market. Get the genuine ef your druggist. M. B, Powell, 75 cents per bottle. And I KUtrantee it will remove your pimples, freckles, blackheads, moth, tan and aunburn. and give yon a lovely complexion. 1 JOB LOTI JOB LOTl 'Have just received a job lot of bronze, gilt and antique oak frames for cabinet and 8x10 pictures, which will be sold at the astonishingly low prices of 5Cc and 75c. Same frames usually sold for more than double the money. Come early to get first choice. If S. B. SMITH. and their makers give, the money back if the result isn't apparent. >• Doesn't it' strike you that a medicine. which the makers have so much confidence in, ia the medioine for you? • M*w Try It wfll east you nothing and wfll surely dp Xi good, if yoahave a dough* Gold or any onnle with Throat, Ohest or •Lungs. Dr. King's Hew Dtepovery fa Consumption, Oo&» and Oolda if - paataitteed to give re- ief or money will be paid back. Bofleren fmrggajppe toa»4*. Juet UM . (Wng and under tts mse bad a spe»dy and perfect recovery. , Try a sample bottle at oar expense and earafor Tpuaelfjast new good athinx it a. Trial bottle tre> at F. Q,8e*man4 Co. "s Drugstore; yjargj si«e jtOo and f 1. 3 You caa ffet aay of Dr. W. B. Church's preacriptiana renewed atF. G. Seaman Ed S. Lewis has opened the Novelty Iron Works on Exchange street and is prepared to do jobbing of all kinds. Engines, Reapers, Mowers and all kinds of Farm Machinery repaired on short notice by expert workmen: Just at this season A specialty is made of repairing and sharpening La<vn Mowers. A trial order is solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Before buying Flour, Grain or Feed call at C. A. CHESUEP'S MILLS. All jinds of Feed ground and all kinds of Grain bought and sold. 1 flow Ofteii We see some'young man who has squandered his money and rained hia health by ex- teases; and before 30 years of age ia an all turoken down and played out man. In till snob cases I prescribe nature's tonic and ner- vine, Sulphur Bitters. They supply food tor the brain, strengthen the nerves and are Buoooaaful nine cosed out of ten—Old Physi- MenrtU 1 * Price Us*, 30 Ibs granulated sugar ......... ..$100 14 Iba cut loaf sugar. . ....... . .... . 1 00 »IbaMei rill's 8<U* coffee. lid stock I5c or two 100 100 Banwoks two for.. ."..7T.. .T . r ....,v 05 Ingenoll'a superior floor per sack*. 60 lda»Br*attnnto.,.,...:.:....... 100 4 it* chooelftte drops 100 Pins apples, good ones. 15 r>ffiaMSTiU'»«Oote«.... ..800 1* Ibs geooioe maple socar. 100 Hammock ««»t« two tot. .......... as Remember taeM prieeBAro good for ffcefttor moctaliiT tMm to*9*f * Ufcttheieisa difficoltiM ~5tou ».1ii-' 'jp^Qwe^i^^*^ POWDER Absolutely Pure. A oream of tartar bakiug powder. Highest of all in leavening strength . 4,Gowraoient Food 89*

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