The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 3, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1893
Page 4
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. A results -whoa Cyrup of Figa ig taken; it ia pleasajit refieshing to the tasto, and acts re. n >Jy yet promptly on the Kidney?, Liver and Boft@ls, "cleanses .the sjs- teni efffectually, tlispola colds, bead- ncbcs and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is' the only remedy of its kind , ever pro- tluced, pleasing to the tasto and acceptable to the stoinnch, prompt in. its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared -only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its tuany excellent -qualities commend it ? to all and have , Biade it tha most popular reme%*ktiovra; ••" 'Syrup of Fiffi? '13 for aale in pOc and 81 bottles l j)y all leading drug- 1 ' gists. Any reliable 1 druggist ,may pot have it on. hand will procure it promptly for uny one who wishfes to try it. I)o not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAM FRANCISCO, (Mi, . LOUISVILLE, w. MVJWRX>N,Y. A new remedy h«6 cr«aitetl n .sensation Tiinong physicians 'by its wouderful oilijcts in speedily curing- -every form cif'l'j'les It is called the Pyramid 1'ile Cure. • It i.- cheap and simple to tibu, but uotliiu).? removes the ' disuasc. BO quickly, sufuly anc Bur el y. Any druggist will get. it for you. For a number of years I have been eubjee tp.violent.attacks of inflammatory rhcunm tism which generally lasted about two months. On the lirdt of this uiuuth 1 wa Attacked in the knee and sutiered i-exertl; for two days, when I procured a bottle o Chamberlain'*; Pain Balm aad it relieved me almost instaatlv. 1 therefore nu cheerfully, recommend it to tln^o who an similarly alHictod arc ry \vhciv, —U. 1). \Vhit ley, Martinda!«, K, I.'., l-'eb. ifo-s, Mr. Whitloy is a »try prominent nytn iuttu place and his disease was very widely liuowu aa he suffered such, severe pain. W. M. Houston & Co., Merchants, Martindale. IS'. C. 50 cent bottles for sale at Grt'ene's drug tore. • RUSH Id Avoid tit* spection ItAVfS. „ May 8,— There is a ef immigrants headed for New York,. Thousands of immigrants are on the ocean bound for»America. The reason for the exceptionally large ' influx of future Citifceus'is that tH6 iihiiiigration law goes into e Stehrago passengers oii all leaving t'yre^n Jiorta t*p and after to* day -vVill be subjected to a new* system of .questions at Ellis island and Mil come under the control <?f the new board of inspectors, f 6; -forestall this, many have already iak^fii passage and they -will be here;in sv^drths next week. Ten thousand Italians hftte If ft Mar- seiMes-dtt the 11 steamships whicn'Tia^e just sailed .from that port,.the Belgravia, bringing 1,400; Still In Progress. LINCOLN, Neb., May 8.—The second day of the impeachment trial against state officers was taken up largely with legal tilts between contending counsel as to methods of procedure, points in law and the admissibility .of certain evidence. The only important witness examined was. 0. 0. Caldwell, deputy, and at present acting secretary of state. Ho'testified as to the genuineness of certain vouchers for supplies and the general methods of business of tho board of public lauds—and buildings. "W. H. Dorgan was on the stand a while in the afternoon but his testimony was not important. Before court adjourned.a decision was handed dowri denyirig; thd CHEAPER 0A8 LIGHT. :ERS TO CONSUMERS OP GAS FORJF The Gas Company andunces theJfoHowing reduc tion in^ridbs of Gaffer is used ALS on and afboi* wherever Gas' HEATING to take 1st 1892. l Ruby".Bya Whiskey is free from ,.all foreign flavor an4 adulterants, 'naturally ripened acid matured by eleven years storage * ia wood, it is a "Bye as is a Hyu,' 1 ' und'costs application for the filing of additional BpeciftcatiohB against ex-Attorney Gfcen- eral Lease. ",', •'•• ./ '.'•";-'. '••'';' "..'.-•" • Hold Robber., •• f • - '• , CHICAGO, May 8.^V"hile>Mrs. Anna Phillips was seated in a chair in her grocery fitpre at 120 Dekovert street yesterdayt a masked man approached from behindbnd ordered her to deliver up .her valuables, backing up his demands with .a large revolver. "Mrs. Phillips screamed for help and an officer responded, but the robber made his escape through a rear door. Chase was given and the man overtaken by^the officer, not, however, before the highwayman had fired a shot, the bullet striking Joseph Heer, one bf the pur- suirtg party in the thigh. The man gave his name as John Kelly. Troops In Pursuit. HAVANA, May 3.—The latest news in regard to the insurrection is that the rebels are now between- Puerto del Padre, a harbor on the northeast coast •of Cuba and Manati. Seven columns of troops are in pursuit, the troops being supported bj\two Spanish ships of~ ~ war of tlw coast. Up to date not a single hucounter has taken place between the government troops and rebejs. It is ruuiored that the rebels propose to surrender if they are guaranteed that their lives will be spared. ' . Miner* Go Oat. 1 * ' BHAZIL, Ind,, May 8.—The men in the Brazil Block Coal company's mines at Co_xville and Bosedale have gone out pending the signing of the year's scale. Saturday's conference at Jerre Haute resultedfin failure, and another meeting was set tor Wednesday. The men -demand an increase of 5 cents "a ton for GAS STOVfi KA^S,$1.60perlpOO^cubic .Ft all Gas consumed Where a QA$ RANfGE used. v.» ' . ' ••'-'. For all gas oonsamed»wUere (BOOKING or HEATING StOVES «e used and Hie ttdnthlj cbnauTOption ia not leas tliaa lOpfrctibfofoet-, . H at a for Gas need for IiIGUTING OKLY retn&in nnoUangod and'aro as follows: Loss than 1000 cubic ft. .in one month, $2 00 per 1000 "cubic ft; 5000 pubic ft. and less than 10,000 cubic |t 1 month $1 90* per 1000 10,000 b.r over, I month $1 1>0 per 1000 cubic ft. (cubic ft. All tho abovo rates are Biibjoct toivdlsoouut bf 10 eta per 1000 cubic ft whoh the month* bill it paid in or boforo the 10th of the month next following. • • '' The above special rates aro made to> induce consumers to nso gas for oooktn,; and besting ae well as ligbting. ' Experieace Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas For * Cooking Over Every Other Fuel • in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, Quickness, Convenience. fl*TOver 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL.©* SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A discount of 10 per pent will be made from regular prio.-a on all bills for Ois Fix'ureg or insido piping ordered and completed from ' Sept 1st 1692, to April 1st 1893, The MARSHALL LIGHV Co. . than inferior braada. Trj- it and j pick work a^nd 4 cents a ton'for machiae 'you will ncv^r .be gatisiied to use an^ other, i work. This action is likely to be fpl- A pure, old whisky is always frcu from ! lowed by all the men in this district, i uail oil, Which i* a poison ; aud s |,ould not ! APTS8 OSIMO. *old with • wltfon guarantee to euro nllrervous diseases of the generative organs of cltber «cx, iii-h as Nerwis Prostration. Faillrg of Lo-t Maiihrxttl. imp I ncy, Nijiluly KmienlonN, Youthful Erroi, Mental Woriy, txM.nlV» use <>t Tobacco or Opium, whii-h lead to Cot gumption and tu-aulty. T.itho v«a- it restores the BDipanx) vlfior oj youth, and lull pi.wcr to nil who use iu Sold at 81.00 fee box, 0 bozea lot «s.(jo, fir, Motte Chemipal Co., OteTtlud, 0> .5,000 or G.QQO. IN OUR NEW DEPARTMENT 3 Offer to the Ladies of Michigan the Handsomest and Largest Assortment of Ever Exhibited in Afichiyan. A II ihe- Latest [PARISIAN STYLES wholesale and retail. Prices Very Moderate. SPECIAL DRIVE. We will offer thlH week a ppecla) drive in this department' and invitu ilie ladles of this *t%le to call and eiamttie our as- torliiient, wbich cunprin'B ul) thy latest J'ari'ian Novell! es in Sfitir-g WrupiP, Gapes apU Jackets made. To ihoea who are unable tp ViaU-pur stord wo •»:!!! be pleated to soo'd catalogue, •' Walter Buii&eof., Wholesale and 146 & 148 JefferBoa AVVDETEOIT, be taken into the system. Age cli ini-uatus it from the spirit by oxida.tUm, uuu it IB eou- Tertedmto fragrant ethers which jjivc'tho bouquet'»H = b whisky. Sold only by !•'. (j.! terday «,?id tiit) namts 4 Seaman & Co.,_ Druggist. • j Tiot as Qphepicuous on the - Qhafes OQ bnbies, flammation of the Tieve(TwTlh Laveud^.r.(Jimtiient The l>est Perliimes al- r *' , ' ' ' ' Wftys in stoclc at G,;B, Greene's Drug store. "" I 0. Ladies are invited ,to *c call and test them Cousia>TiXble I'alllug Off. CHICAGO, May 3.—There was considerable falling off in hptel arrivals yea- of nabobs were ... . . registers as on the day '.previous. Notwithstanding iu < the leadiiJS.Votels are all full, very few re p.f the visitors haying left who came to 1 •witness the opening of the fair, hotel j uien do l not expect a steady jnflux of • ! world's fair visiforirliefoEe June. !>tr)Ije a * Cleveland. " '" LJay &— Tl;e brickiayers of this city sure eoi a, stride for an-jeight^ hpur day, A j>urtipji of the contractors, will grant it while others refuse to do so. The <-!.r]j?nter8 have made a de« niaud fyr nn i:.L i reaaft,frooi 87 1-a.cents an hour to" Su ututs- Contractors a^e willing to grant the raise tq ,goqd . men j but will uotjrfve ifc,. to meiiioc'ret car- pen terg and thtr prtisjteets Me a general ride, are gotid." - _ -_J. ' Yypk. Ma>j; 3.'— Edwin Booth, ff'tp hia .attending phyj is still improving, and they assert •be will recover. - •• "".'." .„, on a Gu»rant«u Perans —«5 centj. REMEDY. — Children Cry for Pitched Castorla, ALL THE RAGE! ,. Those §20.00 Siiiis, $25.00 Suits, and those $29.00 Suits now at ., SHANABAN'S, the Record. . - uss A full aspprimetit "oi sizes, The best kinds at reasonable rates Triases, 4tted without at v Store at.: w«<»t state MARSHAL*.. MICH. t-^IR;™ ijlHWsypp^8r ^r^S^^re 1551 ^rrBr ^f 9f£ w^Sr o^^*5t ^_, jj,j. -*££, - '•**- ' l _'i i THE MOST COl^PLETE line of Spring Suiting ever brought to Marshall just arrived. Dress Siiits, Business iSuits, Suits, Children's Suits, and the Beauties of all our Jersey Suits; (ill op exhibition now at » WALL PAPER

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