The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 20, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1891
Page 4
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llonie Cleaning. Tli im.'.s Lewis is now ready to do hous,' cleaning. Carpets taken up cleaned and put down, stoves' taken down, and in fact everything in the way of house cleaning; done in a first clas manner at reasonable rates. 20.1891. Very Cheap. The farm known as the Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Rice Creek. Will b sold very cheap if sold before the lotl of M«y- S. S. LACEY, A«t. Fouml>t Last. The nicest, most beautiful decoratet -pattern in se'mi-rorcelain of J. G Moakin's make (Kngland) ever brough into this »ity. Ladies who intend t( purchase s( mething nice this spring 1 t set their table with, something that can not be distinguished from real Ckln will do well to call at John .Wiseman', and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. No' More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected a car pet cleaning machine on Exchange street opposite John Adams' novelt: works. Carpets cleaned at yard. Work nailed for and Uall and see it. cepts , c ' Don't go without a Spring Overcoa when you can get one made to orde for $25 at F. S. Powers'. Children Cry for Pitcher's uasnria. \l Children Cry for Pitcher's, Dr. W. B. Church's prescription fil is left at F. G. Seaman & Co.'s (Irug store. Any old prescription can be ha or renewed by going there. * „_ ; V A Card. Mr. Wm. Blanjienhorn wlshqa to rJo tifythe public that he'is located Eas State street. No 412, ground flooe,'aid- is prepared, to executl all orders fo painting, graining and paper haneing decorating and finishing, making i pecialty of first class work. I emploj one but the best workmen. Also deaje n all kinds of paints and oils, d tal4 MOTHERS Will you par with your dA- ling i; babies J&r sickness, or call on your ilruggial^Jo Dr. Sharpsteerrs Lavender Omlmen and'Asthmatic Balsam, medicine* tha save lives when 'doctors fail in Mem brauous "Croup, Inflammation ft thi LUUSS, Luflg iever and Typhoid Pneu monia, also quickly relieves and cures Croup, Scarlet Fever, W toping Cough, Sore Throat, Burns, S'uldrafic similar afflictions. 25 and 50 cents o by main DK H. SHABPSTEEK olor, Marshall, Michigan. What \vas it, Jehu , That made your face BO free and ftom pimplea, said his' sweetheart. % iion't you know, Eva? • For over a year I m<u» everything I could think of without helMac m-, then I bought two bottles of Bulphuj Bittern, and now I haven't one pimple on m; face. It is the best blood cleanser l\ei« saw. To .the AjBftlcted, Since the introduction of Kol, bian Oil it has made more permanent cures and given better satisfaction on Sidney •op*. piaiute and Kheum&fcm than ony- known remedy. Its continued aeries of .wonderful cures in ai! climates has made it 1 eafe and reliable ageut to emnlCT aches and pains, which are the forbrnnneri of more serious disorders. It afits s and surely, always re," " --''•ten saving life. The e — WW , M „ ^ its timely use on rheumatism, kidney sjfe<£- tion, and all aches and pains, tfpuM,o3li|f* . ing pains, cholera morbos, diarrhoea, coughs colds, catarrh, and disorders amc" •"-"•*— makes it an invaluably remedy t< ways ou hand in every homa. N« -v.^^^u afford to be without it, and those who bate piwe>ed it never will. ITia *to&9te\yM>tB tain in its remedial effects, aud will always oore when cures are possiuie, ,,,:• Call at Oreene'a drug storoanl gat a lar giving more 'full d»^ui»>if Ihe 01 properties of this wonderful medioioe. ' all ioflaouaationa of the • bro£chiat tubes or bad colps, Kelloggs'a'Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. A few, dcoae should be iaken .clear. on sugar cTery tm?e or four .hours, and bathe theuiroat and cheat .two. or three times a day. It speedll • lays the irritations, tickungs. anr 1 '" and creates • a healttiy action, ^.v.., plete cure, is readily effected. For: "Greene's drug store.. ' " Ip^qont for two dozen by Glen McNames, Wes State street. d m 25 Sprint;''Suits made to your orde from |80 to $30 at P.- S. Powers'. ———— — _______ . . i Tbejre.aa*thousands of fatnilieB in Michi gan that cannot be induced to use any othe renieay in their families than Columbian ?j j .j 0 * 8 *^! 1111 emergency in any pain bad cold M iWfftaamatidhliitfcaotlon issur and certain, E^br fcalef at 6rfcne's drui store. : ,.. . .3T A\\ Several Cases Cured. PrrraBtmo, PA., May, 1889. --=71 iWukhown Be*. Pastor A. J. Zl, who wllJ readily 0T»his name on request, writes us: '£ . . ig^pU,™ Jg, «S^'Ki^^p.^TS^^M suffered from cramps Id snob . became violent at time* an* en k— ~7^r T~ own lu * Treatment iin savera hoiplialr by competent physicians g»w onl temporary relief, but after using leveral bottle of Pastor feoerWsNerreTonlofiewai oured^n tirely, and has Sera well and healthyWer since " ' " t'for sunei free to also obl_ us. T [prepared Wayn pre; *P* ;tha.Re,verend r the pas hiadireo at, ILt. SOLO BY DRUGGISTS. Prtctt $1 j>er Bottle. 6 Bottles for $5 JForaalebyM. B. Powell. HA y* l V mu * d * ne «J"BWr«fl hare found a tidy lltUe barber »hop. located at 78 State stree opposite J. W. Fletcher'g clethlnR store.,Thi shop ia under the management of Walter W Clark, who aa a tonsorial artist has few equals J^no •upeiioM. Hta shop hag recently lieei 1 thtair, daifiity, \ neat ' and.- clean. Fragrant 'per. fumeri, rwow-wnoott-aa »atln, antf'aH men J35!!r5tf-f J.fHJi.J'laS?- ^ m; »«<l HP in ar, cat, call at O. J. j,ANE,M. P.. formerly with Dm. R * K DTATB D_, O Notice ii ty ofOalhoan, 'by an order o of April p., 1891, six months from that date wers allowei for creditors to present their claims against the -«M*«£ar ' County, _., .^ of sal and that all creditors of salt iwd to present their claims to -g«tbe Probate offlcerSth examination andfallowance jeenthday of October next . i loUO. GBOKGE INGKH8O Judge bfPtooa Get it of your O Who has noi had Poor Hose? GOOD RCBBfiB HOSE oonld be bought ten yean MO. Why? Became there was rub- ttr In It The hoie •old by doalen to-day contain) little or no Aare rubber. Our BLUE BRAND I1O8E Is the old-fashioned tind. and la made of rubber. With goixl care It should last fire of ill yean. It ts cheap at the price, A§ agoor- anteo that you arc getting what you pay for, and are not paring a 'high price for a poor article, we place this brand on every length: CENT °Q If yon cannot get It of yonr dealer, wo will tend It, •kpnai paid, on receipt of money. , Sample fret if 1/oumentiontM* paper, BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Manf'rt. of Rubber Belting and Packing, 226 Devonthlre Street, Boston | 206 Uke St, Chlcajroi 8 Buth SL. Sin Francltco, Cti All Sizes and^Pric^at Cost, All who use them advise their neighbors to do jikewise. ThiglsalP we can ask. Over 100 now in use in Mart ball. All whose residences are on any line of the The Gas Co' a .«ain pipe, can have service'pipe ptr t in fr«o if Ranga of The Gas Co. for"c a «h and agree to use it. All Should Profit by this Offer BOILERS BTEPHSN PRATT'S STEAM. HPILBK WOHKg established 1886. Manufacturer, of hleh and low pressure and steam heating boilers of all kinds.. i.moke pipes, breachlngs, etc. Old boilers taken I n exchange for new. Rivets, boilerplates and ooller tubes for s ale. Corner foundry street and mcniiran Central R. B track*. Detroit Mich. Cincinnati, Jacbon <-k Madunai WALSTON H, BROWN, Receiver. Time table taking effect Dec. 7, 1890. Train* paia Harshall as follows: " nuiics OOIHO IAST. Np. 28, Toledo Bxpresa 6874m * 8, Clnmunatl Expreia ......8 29 am •V 81 t <MaU«BdKzpre88 12&8pm " S7, Local Freight 800pm nuncs eoiNu WIBT. tioJSs, Mallaad Express, 813 pa 3, GlnolnnaU & B. C. Expresa .6 21 p w 1 0L?Kxpres« 1268arr S8, Local Freight ....«« aE All trains dally except Sunday. •' Direct •onneooons are made at Tolado and Cincinmatiwltb. all roads diverging TraUu 81 and 88 make goed'aonneation at Mon- With with the 0. B..* I., and at Allegan with the C. * W, M. for Grand Rapids, Haekegon and all •dats •mih. V B, PRAKB.aeo.M'g'r. T. C. M/SCSNDLER. Qen. Pass. Ael. i. J. MoAuurn. Agt., MarshalL FOR LICHTJNC fa.OOper • 10 FOR COOKING feet or A discount of ten cents i per 1008 subic feet will be made Qn all above rates when bills -ar*. paid on or before IO trt of „, month when due, but In no case unless paid by tha* date. THE MAE8HALL LIGHT 00 S TATK OF MICHIGAN, 1 Tu« Cmcurr Couar FOB THE VIn Chancery. CooNxr or CALHOUN. t Dated April Slat, A. D.. 1881. JASON NKWTON, i ' Cpmplalnant, J vs. r AMCLIA NXWTON, I Defendant.' Salt pending in the Circuit Court for the County of Calholin In Chancery, at Marehall. Michigan, on the Slat day of April, A. D., 1891. Jn thiscanae it appearing from affidarlt on file, that (he Defendant, Amelia Nawlon, has departed from her last known plao-» of r«aidence, and that haz redMeace cannot be ascertained, on motion of Jeaae H. Hatch/ Complainant's eolic. I tor, it is ordered that the aaid defendant, Amelia Newton, cause her appearance to be en -ered herein, within five month* from the date of this order, and In case of her appearance that ehe cause her anawer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be filed, ami a copy thereof to be served on said Complainant's Solicitor within weuty days after aerrice on her ot a copy of aaid'bill, and no>ioe of this order; and that in default thereof sa.<d bill hu taken aa confeesed by the said non resident Defendant. i And at is further ordered, th»t within twenty days the said Complainant canse a notice of this order to be published in the Dally Chronicle, a newspaper printed, published and circulated in laid county, and that each publication be coa- Jnued there at least once in each week, for six Teaks IB succeaaion, or that ha cause a copy of Ms ovJsrto be iiersonaJIy served on said non- eaidpt dafendant, at least twenty days before be time above prescribed for bet appearance GEOKGH W. MECflEM, Circuit Court Commissioner Calhoun County MichigaB. . J«s«t M. HATCH, Complainant'a Solicitor. A true copy: Attest. • WltLUM J. GBEGG, i ; Register in Chancery. . TIME TAfiUE, Nt)V. 30, 1896. 8CATIOKS. 'Jhtoago,LT.... talamsxob Battle Creek... Marshall, Dp,,, Aiuion ..... .... Jackaoh Buffalo.. Map a.m. 706 11 BO 1BSS 14» 213 810 8 15 8 10 p.m Day Bift 900 880 808 »« 860 440 615 p.m. . 8M At'c Hh't L'al" Ex.* Ex.* Pasa b 1 10 885 4*9 500 587 6» >ao 56S p.m. p.m. • 85 air 804 • 88 857 440 780 a. a. 8 15 P-m. p.m. s'ffl 616 p.m. TKAIMS WVST. 750 laee 10,30 u is u a» U 18 486 ..,. Marshall'. Battle Or'k tCsliunazoo CMcagOjAr <a*HB CHEAT KMO Used tear 86 rears — •-• uiino- . of Youthful folly and the excesses of later jean. CMcagli, 4 irrinutet from Ctfurt Hout e, iothPlan.. , $3.0 J. , TratwUmU, 50o up. ."* Sold in Marahall by ' V, Q. Seaman 4 Co. CHICAGO INVESTMENTS For «afe Investments, apply lo OI^YKE * ALLEli Loans. Montank BnUding, PHIOAOO, , VM1F ' POPltUUB PJRICKfl. " %W BOUT* Cut this ouiforteOieirr««w«no». Chicago ReaJ Estate. Awman'ofOomla ter : lnvMt|h«ni than wthat a lot In

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