The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 3, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1893
Page 1
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225 MARSHAL!, Mlgl , ^Yj M^Y i, 1B PKKEW0 CENTS An Afntyt of Men v ' Work. DEAWN Hard at Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder \Highestof all in leavening strene$i' < Latest U. S* GonrnmQnt Food Ro- qort. •'• V --;. •• : ^ : ':- : '-•:::::-'/^'!:'. ROYAL BAKING PO^TOlifo CO "•'"' : 100 Wall."$f^ K. Y ««The Pace That Kills" is overwork— makes no difference what kind. Using greasy and inferior soaps is one road to premature decay—sore hands- sore hearts-clothes never clean. Not So when Rolling Chalra and Knptha launches Do i . Thriving Business on, Account of Si Much Mud—The First Exposition Concert Given at Single Hall—Faderewik. Enthusiastically tleccived. CHICAGO, May 8.—Bright sunshim and a clear sky made .the big whits world's fair buildings attractive to look upon yesterday and at the first opening of the gates there was thin sfcream'bl visitors' passing through, which swelled jd'a steady curreni of humanity- as the 'forenoon Vore on. The early comer* •were considerably jostled and pushed around by the men who were.removing the debris and other 'evidences of the opening and inside the buildings gangs of laborers werp unpacking belated exhibits and putting them in place. ^ The roadways, vtoo, were not the moat attractive places in the world for the exercise of pedestrianism. Between' the eloping amphitheater, .banked against .the administration building, and the grand .basin within the giant statues guarding the stony shore line, lay a mud may accumulate, ^for . ;SyilI be flashed every, night • spick^'and span every morning, ' ^Phe forenoqn crowd of visitors soon jearned that most oi the buildings were 'fitilTin the hands Of-the installation people, and most of the attention was devoted to the .wooded island, the battleship and the Midway plaipnnce, where everything is complete. In the latter avenue everything was in full blast from early morning* The Turks, after prayers in the Mosque began the secular occupation of enticing the nimble dollar from the pockets of ;tne infidel throng. The dancing girls writhed and pirotttted before gaping crowds of curious seekers; the Irish -colleens in Lady Aber-~ deen'p village-, from which pigs are cruelly excluded,. put on their-sweet smiles; the Dahomeyans grunted their approval of the sunshiny weather; the South.Sea islanders, stalked forth and exchanged the "greetings of. the day with their .ne'xtfdoor neighbors from the Island of Ceylon, aftd there was a gen- ,eral. air of epjoymeht,;ndt •unniixed '•with business pervading ' the whole thoroughfare. ; :> ^-. iOutside the gr6unds the cable cars unloaded thousands of passengers, many. S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP is used. Cheerfully proceeds the labor of wash-d^y with health and long life, assured. \Hands all right- hearts light—clotheVpure and white as a Greenland snowdrift MS. S^glRK & CO..^Mcago. BUkM \ HUMPHR Dr. Humphrey*' %>eeillwlirs scientifically and carefully prufumsl Htmiodle»,-vukia for years In private practice efiA for over thirty years by tie . people With *otiro success. Every single Speclflo aB»>clalcuro for tbo Disease named. ' Ttey cure without dn^gintr, porgUig or reducing the system «wd are In fact and deeJa ^e Beiuedles of the World.. .*.'• „—,_.!•«. Ka«1—Fever*, Congesttona, InflaiyiTnatloM.. 5t—Worms Worm Fever, Worm Colic.... 3—TeethluBf Colic, Crying, WaketukvOBS 4—Diarrheu., of CliUdren-or A4ult»i..... i 7-CoUffli«, Colds, Bronchitis...,.., ...... 8-Keu«U»la, loothttche, Faocache...... . 9-Headache*, Sick, Headache. Vertigo.. 1»—Dy«pep»Io, BUloUBnesa, OonsOpatlou, • ll-8uppreiM»e«l or Painful P«riodi?. v \-Z-\Vbltea, Too Prof use Periods « l8^Croni», liarynglttM, HoareeueM...... 14-Balt fihouio, Errslpeloa.ErnpOoua.. 13-Bhenmati«m« Rheumatlo Pains ..... , j[ 0-^Iffij.l jj.yJ B.I C*hi*i6t yoTCS* ftttj jAK"**-" • -* < IftHCatarrbi Infliieoro. Cold to ihe'Hcai. ,25 .25 .25 .25 ,25 .25 ,25 .25 ',85 .25 HUMPHREYS' WTTCH HAZEL . **The Pile 01ntiaent.>'-TrUl 8iae. gff Ct» «o!4 te Bro«lRM, op wnt Jiotiprifl oft Mpet A GUIDE POINT/NO OCT OB ; J?:CT8_OP INTEHBST, placid eea of mud. troddeii and etirred up by the feet of the thousands' of p,eo- pfe who had gathered there On opening day. To the east thergraceful curves of the peristyle showed out distinctly against the clear sky overhanging Lake Michigan, an<l to the aoutli the halls of. agriculture and mechaniis arts showed their .cliff sjif .entablature and smooth columns all the whiter, for the acres of liquid mud stretching away from them. \ The great statue ol the jeptiblic,, its feet in the amear of sticky, earth, gaJve strength and sple4d(^r to the whole scene., Under fooi ar j iiuagniire of all uncleanliness, • above, around and on every side, light, color, prismatic hued ,/^ags, warmth and beauty, Ju this condition of affairs it was not strange that the rolling chairs and electric launches were well patronized. In the former fat men lolled at e,ase, propelled by elinwaisted students in natty nn% forms, and haughtily - disregarded the gibes and jeers of hardier visitors who ploughed'through the "mud, On the lagoons, the electric launches and naptha boats were fijled« by parties of wpm^aa and children, who viewed the panorama in cpmfort from the water. ' '.The mud^Sfeblep wilLfeoqn "be solved, ' ;e|rer, Bjrector .of Works Bura" who turned up ^arly after ^Je " and excitement of the first day, ___„, that all the roadways will be ast*«lted -within a week. -Then instead fcliiigjng m»d there wjlt'^be a smooth, re.n surface, Vhich will turn, the water, ifl,%|kesewers..and .^ith it whatever » '. ,L»_v. , . V M whom, were attracted by the ,.... , phows which line streets for' blocks on' ; every side of the entrances, *• Horace Tucker, superintendont of the department of admissions, was. an 'exceedingly busy man and his staff of assistants was equally so. The exact •number of people who passed through the gates of the White City will never be Known, because thousands of passes were used by visitors, their agents, fair employes and newspaper men which were not taken up at the gates, so- that -the figures, as.fat as,they include those, pecsple, must be approximated. The official figures will be given out later as Mr. Tucker is still at work on them. . ... At 10 o'clock in the morning an orchestra of 60 pieces under the direction of Adolph Leispaiig gavvan open air concert in the stand iu the west section Df the plaza. A good crowd was in attendance, and muffled in overcoats and wraps, listened to a splendjd program. The afternoon open air concert was also well attended, and this feature of the World's fair promises to receive well "•merited commendation. The first concert by the exposition orchestra of/rtl^aSlgiven in the afternoon In music hall, JMr. Paderewski was prese^cand performed upon his faVor- ite piano. The crowd in attendance was email but entlmsiastic. the opening number by Mr. Thomas' orchestra, an overture, the "Consecration of the Bouse" by Beethoven, bpin& loudly plauded. Mr.. Paderewski /was given an enthusiastic reception. He played two pieces, a concerto in-A niinor'by' himself, and. a. nocturne by Chopin. Both.were well received. The concerts Will befeontinued from day to day. ~.»TWO MEN DROWNED^ Charles Fogs^-the- and Alex Herbert the •."''" ' ' . Victims. "' '•'* .. ,;.,.. AMHERSTBCRO, Qnt., May 8.—Charles Forsythe, aged 28, and Alex Herbert, were>drowned Monday night 9 o'clock. The two| together with John Hirts, cu.,me ovtsr' here frontt Grosse.Isle in the afternoon 1 to buy a, cuita of'clothefl.' _ They-had a small arid poorrowboat. " >^_ " v • ' After spending some time here etarted 'back about 8 o'clock, they had gone a mile the boat sprang, a. leak and sank in & few minutejjw/rFo'lr- Bythe was drowned at once, while Herbert swam about 100 feet. Hirt- hung on to the boat a»d was rescued by i Captain,-W. M, Orftsfield. The latter, sayss'tlfe boat wasn't safe ^enough for un&m^n to crobs in. Both of the drowtfeClsipn. were singte, FofsythrfliY^gi Canada somewhere* and' was fyrowiJy -> *> «chool teacher^ Herbert lived at (^rand ~Rap'id^ v All' three were employed on Jji "" * • ^ - *, ^s ft " Isler at JACEtSON FAVORITE rolif>:?o *!.' »»; iroublen Jnaf- '.<.>\t o abiliouB sfcitotif iho syM.mi, tuoii 3T ;>././.! up »s, rlE.iu*sa, D.rov.vl'jo'ri, Inalrt-^s n.trtx ai»t;. Piihiln the Biilo; Ao. Wbiia tbotrinbaif" caai'kttblo 8uccwfl hua Iwa Blwwu 1 yet Cnrtfvr'fl XJ(.tVt t/.w Wile irv v/ijaily viduabie l/i GinMiii'^'i.nJ. erring iiiulpnj wilting .tW«fti5.n.'3 > ?t!t;r. 1 .'tr.T'i-M. l if. mli ilo they aim way mn/i -. -./'ii» : .n ; ' S-'-'fy •/!,: 'i " ftitle juiis va'o, wbloUifcu vii'v- :••• .':'-\ i,.,:« v ViHuot bo irjii ir. ••»(.> :','._ ;i» . '.•.,- \ •••,«•.«f,-v.i'.l«i,.t-'h««j | . -.. • .. v " . •. . • . '• Iv.' 1 ' . ••• ' i. ; ")•'' ,?,Vv' ,> • it i» ijri 'i • '„.:•> iU '^ •>••* I. '' I-. >J'l- jo nr who A State- School <if Milling practical iristruvtiou in UnuviuuV Physics, Mcehiinjea) niul Electrical En;;i- ueei;iii<j, Shoji-jiructicel Chcuifntry, Amsay-" iug, Ore Dressing, Mettallurjjy, Surve>intv MiuinKi Mincralotjy, l'uUtgrui>tiy, tSroloKj, etc, Hus summer schools in Survojiuj/-, Shop-iiraclk'tt arid Field Ueo'oyy-, Ilabura- torii'p, Shops and St.uup Mill well eijuipjif d. 'k'uition froe. For catalogue apply to tl ,e Director, liuu^hiou, Mii-lugaii. W ASTED— Palihlul gontli'inan.or lady ton.' i-lct in (jfiicfc. 1'oi-IUi ti peiMpant nt _ Uailw.iy .iilvuiu-nd here il eu»;«gt--il. Kuclus^ u-.hj rnjiot- and S'.-If atlunsrsi'd^taiiuied «|»'. THK NAI'IUNAL, Vii .McVkktr'B Buildfug, rhj- , in. HUMPHREYS VETERINARY SPECIFICS Jpr Epcges, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs ' ' * t ' <£,". • '- . S. V v" " •• IP -. .-' ' . -%.':- * /v^ ? t-. 7---,^"- . ,. fc Book ait Treatment of Animnta . uutl CUati Heul free. CUBES (FoyerH.Conifpstions.Iuflamuiatioii A. A. (Spinal lUeuiujfius, Aiilk Fever. B.U...StraiD«; I^ainenesa, liheaiuuiiaui. C.C.»»Uisteiiipcr, INiibul Mischances. II.D.—ltotA or tlrubs, Worms. ' £.K.~CouEhs, IK-u'vu^, fneaiu P.F.^ColIp or 0t-y Mange. Blnglo Bottle (over 50 doses), - - ,<JO able Case, with Bi>cclflc8,iManinajL Veteriuary Cure Oil and Modlcator. ' Jar Veterinary ' ' SOW M prn qiuulilj on Hiai'linKW SHU. CO. , 1 ll * 1 IS William St., Sew Tori* or wot prepaid oajuhtre and la WT of jrlet. • ••* HUMPHREYS 7 HOMEOPATHIC f}f| _ SPECIFIC No.fiO In, M4a SO yean. The only euccessfol remedy for Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness, uul Prostration, f ton» QTer-work or other .COUSQ& •1 per vial, or 6 vials wad law Vial powiiur, for f 5. 8n!4 by DruggUl*, or JcjJ jpuwjn-- 1 --- -• • • frcjM liv«H'«d cm •Wo tave nice fine stocks of boots »ijad sboet roctries, »}eo iUtu farms auij eitr prap«Ky, s»w ilUs, in fcwrt wiatst a^jiblDK J4>a,.w4jftt' tSt cale or t.rgda. MfO& «Sfuuti'|O Buy,'f ujf Sr/pni let rn,i fc|W pd J $»**$, ftf4 Mteiid fa. your wautt. i wlwat « (iaefrtoj: eo«)i a fcou$e aud Jot- worth &lput- S800, «», less. A »,tuai uf -drugs ^ I ^ r * OB . allto - ,-. r • - '' " ' -- »•'"/. .v -M '--'• " ;v • " '• . - •- • *,* '"- *~* ,^-'^.-" "' '-^"i - "r • f ,*-V' f . • '~ f" T , ^-', , ' r'g' J ' "'" . .'• ", - !/<•' J ^../jL^as&^^i^^ifii'/rl'' ^.^^.L&J^^^.,^ ^^.^^^'^..Al^^ rl»r2-.,^/ t ,-sirfc^^"A^.^-.r. 7 '" c "iS : ---*-'rf'l:

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