The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 2, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1893
Page 4
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•I- THE DA1JLY CfiRONlCLE, MAY GALA DAY'^T CHICAGO Cleveland and the patty pattying him were taken to the offices Of Director General Davis but ; in ft short time wore escorted to" tho private office of t'r.e"<ident Hiiaiibothain., wl\$fe h« Bpenf th^rf'st- of the time froiri 4 to 6 o'clock ext>re«3sii)K his delight at the "BigMs he hfulsmt. •••'•• • • 'At 1 .")' tH'lock.the'wives and daughters " of the. officers .r.oMwned from the the ipethod and jresjilta, when Cyrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant And refreshing to tho taste* and acts roptly yet promptly on ther Kidnej'r Liver and Boxvels, 'cleanses the syo- tarn 6fFectually, .dispels cold's^ bead-\ tshes and feyera and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho "only remedy of its\ kind a ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to.the stomach, prompt ifi its action and truly beneficial in .its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its' many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50q and §1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist -who may not have it on haudcwill procure, it promptly for any one -who wishes'to try it. l)o not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO. CAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. H£W YQtlK, N.Y. \ > . ' A new remedy lias ureutcd a sensation uuiouy i.'hymciatifi by its \v.oudci'fi;l ulVeL-ts in speedily curing every form of I'iles. It is called the 1'yrtiiiiid l'iU> Curo. It is cheap and «tiu>|>li* to UKO, but nothing removes tho disease HO quickly, safuly and eurely. Any druggist will yet it for you. For a uuuiocr of years 1 have been subject ^.to violent attacks* of inflammatory rheumatism \\hich generally lasted about two months. Ou the tirnt of this month 1 \vns attacked in the knee and suffered severely for two days, wheu 1 procured a bottle ol Chamberlain's Parti Balm and it'relieved ma, almost iustaXtly. I therefore im.s' cheerfully recommend it to those who art similar! L £tHiete<i everywhere.—H. L>. Whit ley, Martiudale, N. C., Feb. loba. Mr. Whitloy-" is H very ••woman's building arid nil \yoro ready tO: bo driven to.' the Terminal station, . tyhere a ;8peeial Illinois Central train WnsittVaiting. •;-••• . ;,. Tho <lottiotistr:ntion on the way 1 waJ3 On a small scale because most of the thousands had already seen enotllgJi df the president fcir one day. Afctho depot Mr. Cleveland and his cabinet met the Earl and Cduntessof Aberdeen, ^yho are philnhthropically interested in the Irish village. . At the president's special request, ion account of his inability to visit the village, he receivetl h delegation of Irish lacemakers And dairymaids. Lady Aberdeen presented tho president in his .car with a hunch Of shanuJoks, fresh from County Cork. a blackthorn stick, a gilt badge or Blarney Castle and a beautiful Irish point lace . handkerchief for Mrs.' Cleveland, The countess also presented Secretary Grcsham with one of tho badges. . " Cleveland Snya Goodby. • At f>":15 o'clock the engines whistle blew tho signal for departure. GOT* enior Altgeld and others said goodbye and d parting shout went up from tne crowd as the presidential train drew the'station wither. Cleveland standing on the rettr platform, hand in hand, with a smile on his face. At the Grand crossing the presidential party •connected with the'second section of the Pennsylvania, limited. Ambassador Bayard \v*as the only 'member of' the presidential party to remain behind. , TJie get-no at • Night. • The splendors of the. nign'l outshone the-jdories of the day.;, The potent factor, electricity, \vas displayed in all ij» brilliancy and rivalled for supremacy the one gleam .of noonday sun/that graced the opening ceremonies. The center of attraction was, as during the day, the administration biulding and its court of honor, ana the masses flocked in multitudes. President Cleveland's departure from administration building shortly after 5 o'clock, was the signal for the day's crowd to leave and the grounds bore a deserted appearance until ^nearly 6:30. Notwithstanding the chilly air which settled <iver the grounds as the evening grevf; people began to gather early and by th& time darkness had encircled the white city a multitude filled the plaza from rulministration building to the peristyle The lirst touch of magic given the night setting of the great scene was a fringe of incandescent lights which surmounted the- columns, the peristyle run- CHEAPER FDR ., LIGHT. * TO CONSUMERS OF GAS The ti6niil$ Company aDounces the!followiDg redue ees of®a$*for Liu-HilNG wnerev^r Gae to take is msM ALSOJor COOKING or OR and afb^r GAS STOVM HAlilS»$1.60perJL600 cubic Pi: For all Gas bbriatftaed wtore a GAS RANGE lisqtl, , gas consumed where COOKING or HE^TlN;Gr§TOVES are until and the monthlj iption is nbt Ipsa tlrim 1000 cubic foet> ~ ft at's tor Gaa used'for LIQHTftNQ ONLlT remain unchanged and>ro as foliptfa: Less than 1000 cubic:ff. iu mie month, $2 ,j(k) per 1000 a cubio $t.. 5000 oub'ic ft. and less than 10,000 cubic ft 1 ittoivtli- $1 90 per\1000 10,000 or over, I mouth $1 bO per 1000 cubic ft. (cubic ft, All tho above rates are subject ta a discount of 10 ots per 1000 cubic ft wheu the months bill if paid in or before tho 10th of the month next following. Ths abovj special rates aro made to induce consumers to HBO gas for.co6kin's and heating as well as lighting. a Experience Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas. For ; • Cooking Over Every Other Fuel in Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness, Quickness, Convenience. 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL^ SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A disoourt of lOjj&r odut will bo made from regular tfrioje on all btlln for Ow Fir'nrem or inside piping ordered and completed from , 1st 1892, t6 April 1st 1893. The MARSHALL L1GK r Co. AFtKA C81BG. oold with a wtltca jrny-sntpc tor-urr r.'l i onrmn Jti.-rmcea of tho generative orgaus c>{ cither HCX, u.-h ni'Ner r,as 1'rustration. KatU"g or J,o Juip' i >i:rhil» Km is Ions, Yotuhf<il ErrO'B, r SlMital W"riy, rxf-Lssivo USQ of To'iacpo'cnr Opium. wi» h lead lo O)-eumptio!i and Insanity, T-> iho wea-it'estates the snap and vigorol youth, sttd full power to nil, who uso it, Sold at $1 00 p«r box. 6 buxea for. §5 4 uo. J) r . Motta Chemioal Co., OlavelMd, U man m thi ning from Music hall to the Casino. t place aud his distas^ wn» very widely known as he 'sulftrod such suvero pain. W. M. Etouston &.Co., Merchauts, Martiudulc. N. , C. ;i 60 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug ' '" ' "Rpyal Kuby" Bye Whiskey is free froEu all foreign flavor a;ud adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eie.veu years stwi ayo in wood, it is a ''R^ae-is a Rye,'" and eo.sis no moru than inferior brands. Try it and you >yiii;jiev«2r be Batishfid'tu use tiia$' ptLur. A pure old whisky io always free 'from fu?il.qy, whieh in a poiayn; aud should uot |je taken into the g^tein. Age elin inutcs it from the spirit , by oxidation, and it -jy eou- rerted into fragrant *thtrs which givu the Bouquet to whiciky. Sold only by F. <j. SeanJau & Co., oa of heved inst.Mttly re Tlie betst Pefiumes al- Greene's Ladies ire iiiMted to 1 ^ •" • '" and test til ?rn This was followed a momenfe later by strips of light which sprang to life on all parts of administration building. The entire structure was gilded with Btreams'of light running around the top of tlje pavillibn and to the dome. The effect;\ya8 one of surpassing btiauty and ' was greeted wHh great applause. !|juch disapppintmeixt was. felt later when it was ^ade kno\vn thf t the piece de re- j sistahce of ; >t;he evening's displayTrthej llacMonnies f ana tain—would nqii. be'T yiuminated. Its two companions "we're dark also, aft tuxdiscovered" break in the wireg causing a postponement of the-.; display. ' . '. ' *'ID the AilaUjuistrntiain UulUlfiig. Inside the. administration buildfiig^ the scene Avas one oj dazzling 6plen40r, the structi-u-B frora v the peak of the splendid doiac a Arcana of gJitter- ing 9 lovolin&-w. Eight" colunrns Irom, each of which <teanched fiO""lights gave forth a flood of splendor froin the ..ground floor. • A roAVpf ligh.^ surmounted the Kaikrry two "stories above and before the* Affect of this display could be lost a semicircle at the ba$e .of the great dome caught the spirit of ihe brilliant scene and sent the whole against the magnificently decorated domemth an e|Eect jxever befor witnessed in an jaiterior, *i , The crowds g?ized in speechless wonderment upon the view and instinct' ively fell pacfc into ihe shelter of "the. pavillions supp>orting r the dome to e»- capa the bexvUdering gpeetacle. . Tlje scene, while on.e of "wtense brfllianey, had withal a reinarka-bly soft effect, ,' '.Manufactnj-es, machinery, m,inee and ,miningj'transportatjo|t f~ a ^ —"----^ We IN OUR NEW DEPARTMENT Offer to the Ladles of Michigan the Handsomest and Largest Assortment d.ff Ever Exhibited in JUicfn'ijau. A 11 (he Latest 'PA JUSJA X STyLES wholesale ami retail. Prices 1 r ery Moderate. SPECIAL DRIVE. We wil! offer ihinwevk a -rpprlii) drive in this depar'nieut" njul hivitf. lite iRpifB of lliip Ttar!u to .oall.aiid oxamtue our »a- ii, wiilcb n inprUi.'f iilj tilt- latest } ; i»rMan ^ov<•llie8 in Vi-ap*, Cuiiuh »i:d .Inwietg made. -'J;o iMee Who areun- to. vlisli oujr stoiiu WB ytll biinleutu'd to »obd cntulotue ated, . j.b-waa 1^ otlock before rents ware shut 'off •m^fe? crowdaleft - * ' of Jay W'^ co«rt. ofi^sei8 l 1jeg»n at* &e , caaee K SHJLOH'S VITALIXER* Commissioner of lie Lands itu4 • Bnildings Hum €hargts§ wr& also urer ATARRH t§yie^e4 tloaiarticlel'of im* ' — *" Children Cry lor 14§ , Buhl & Co -x 4'' Whrfesale anfl -Retail; 148 jeffersoo Ave. DETSOIT, JdlOH, ALL $20.00 Suits, $25.00 Suits, Suits. <>ioiv at Bet dj ue Record. A szes &sspruneiit ol TUe "best kinds * . at r Truses titted without Prug 26-3! West State MARSHALL, MICH, You be§t Cigars at Bri^stprfc "• TrV'Thf mi ow^it pri&f s HYDE'S Dru# Store COMPLETE line :QJ[ Spring .Suiliny ever tooughi to Marshall just arrived. . J)ntss Quits, Busings Suits, Stiits, goys"Suits, School Bit-its, Children's Suits, widtke' beauties oj all our Jetrsey all on exhibition noyj at '- HblVLt 'FRESH- SKIN, COM s 1 1 RATION N S N T H £ " OM PL ^ x i o

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