The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 18, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1891
Page 4
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;MAY\6i'1891. If.- Hnim« Cleaning. 'in.ts Lewis is now ready to do - cleaning. Carpets taken up, clfianwl iiml put down, stoves taken down, and in fact everything in the way of lioiisi; cleaning done in a first class manner at reasonable rates. Prjo«-ftadneed. .Nice FdnWFlints tot stAesAlO cents for two dozen by Glen McNames, West State Areet. . d m25 order Very Che»p. The far.m known as the Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Kice Creek. Will be sold very cheap if sold before thfl 15th of May. SgS. LACEY, A«t. Found at Last. T,he nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in setui-rorcelain of J. G. Meakin'a make (Kngland) ever bronsjht into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase s( niethinjj nice this spring to set their table with, something that cannot be distinguished from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. . . . . : Spring Suits made to your from $80 to $30 at F. S. Powers'. There aae thousands of families in Mtchl gau that cannot be induced to use any other' remedy in their families than Columbian Oil. In case of an emergency in any pain, bad cold Vorinflammation iteacfum is sure and certaitU> ?of sales *t'«Giteofte's drug . * »» .' V. i • • store. Who has not had Poor Hose? No More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected a carpet cleaning machine on Exchange street opposite John Ada"ms' novelty works. Carpets cleaned at 2J£ cents a yard. Work nailed for and delivered Call and sue it. J welll "* Frtrjlone,' BubuqueCo..^., Sept., 1880 Mlis K. Finnlgan writes: My mothVr and aisle; tused Pastor Koenig'fl Nervo'j or.lo for neuralgia. They ttr« both perfectly well now and never tired praising the Tonic. ' _ Several Cases Cur^d. 107 ' PrrrsBuno, PA., May, 1889. .The ftnUkoown Rev. Paitor A. J. Z , who wi 1 readily give bis 'name on request, writes us : A • GOOD RUBBER HOSE could be bought ten y«*r» ago. WliyT Became there wa» rubber In It. The hoie •old by dealers to-day contains little or no pure rubber. Onr BXUE BRAND HOSE Is the ol<t-faiMoned kind. and li made of rubber. With gwxl care It should last fore or six years. It Is cMap at the price. As a guarantee that you are getting what you pay for. and are not paying 'a high price for a poor article, we place this brand on every length: S G-AS ; inna tif'Ji). i All Sizes and Pricesat Cost, AH who use them advise their neighbors to do likewise. This is all Over 100 now in usa in' V yon cannot get It of your dealer, we will send it, express paid, on receipt of money. is , Samplefretifyoumtntionthitpaper. BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Minf'n. of Rubber Belting and Packing, 226 Devonshire Street, Boston | 205 Lake St., Chicago 18 Buih St, San Francisco, Cat Don't go without a Spring Overcoat when you can get one made to order for $25 at F. S. Powers'. , ,. Children Cry for Pitcher's Casttria. I.,...— • * i< Children Cry for Pitcher's Castqrb I - • .,, (v. Dr. \V. B. Church's prescription file is left at F. G. Seaman & Co.'d drug store. Any old prescription can be had or renewed by going there. A Card. Mr. Wru. Blankeuhorn wishes to no tify the public that he is located East State street. No 412, ground floor, anc is prepared to execute all orders for painting, graining and paper hanging decorating and finishing, making t pecialty of first class work. I emplo; one but the best workmen. Also deale n all kinds of paints and oils, d m!4 throe bottlos of Pastor Koenig'a Nerva cured him entirely. AnfettsTtbqAirinfferod from cramps in anon i aegre&ihiB Bupoame violent at times aud ou danjfereanlsown Ufa. Treatment !a beTera' hospitalr by competent physicians gave onl> temporary relief, but alter using several bcttle. of Pastor Kotnig'S Nerve Tonio be was cured eu tirely, and has been well and healthy ever since fierers ot nervous dl- 'to anyVaddress, and ienta caftfftlso obtain* .tM* medicine by tM Reverend nd..«? tbe past ^-^is direc. BOILERS STEPHEN PRATT'8 STEAM BOILER WOBKg EatabUsbed 1865. Manufacturer of high, and low pressure and steam heating boilers of all kinus, urnoke pipes, breachings, etc; Old boilers taken In exchange for new. Rivets, boiler plates and ootler tubee for n ale. Corner foundry street and Mieulran Cent'*! R. & tracks. Detroit Allen. we can ask. Marshall. All whofle residences are/on any line of the The Gas CO'B. main pipe, can have service pipe put in free it '1 they will buy a ttfls Crocking Range of The Gas Co. for Cash and agree to use it/ All Should Profit by this Offer Prices of Gas Oonsatodd as rag tstered by each meter sepa rately each month will be FOR LIGHTING When nuder 5.000 cubic feet, $2.00 per 1,000 cubic feet. , ' When r.OOO, and xjnder 10,000 aubic feet. 5 pc" cent, less »r $1.00. . When 10,000 or more cubic feet, 10 per cent lass or $1.80. FOR COOKING NC feet 15|per AflO, III. •OLD BY DRUGGISTS. Price ^1 per Bottle. 6 Bottles for «6. For sale by M. B. Powell. MOTHERS Will you part with your dar ling babies in sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. "Sharpsteen's Lavender QinUnent and Asthmatic Balijaiu, medicin v that save lives when doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inflammation rf the Lungs, Luny Fever and Typhoi Pneumonia, also quickly relieves a *o cures Croup, Scarlet Fever; W oopinjr Cough, Sore Throat,. Burns. S -.Ids and similar atHictionh, 25 and 50 cents or by maji? UK H. SUARPSTEEN, Propri- elor, Marshall, Michigan. 1 " ' ' y. ,.; Wbatt wa.» it* Jokn |J^ That made yonr face ao free Mid rfUar fiom pim'pleu, eaid bis aweatheart. Wby, •lon't yoa kuow, Eva? For over a year I took everything I could think of without Uelpiug rat,' then I bought two Ijottiea of Sulphur Bittero, and now I haven't one pimple ou my face. It is the best blood cleanser I ^ -saw. E OtfND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering , OT«r this mundane- sphere, I hare found a t little barber ahop. located at 78 State street opposite J, W. Fletcher's clothing store. This stop is noder the management of Walter W. Clark, who as a tonaorial artist has few equals and no superiors. His shop has recently been refitted and tetarniabed in- elegant, style, every thing' dainty,! neat and clean. Fragrant perfumes, razors smooth-as satin, and all men know what a luxury it is to be trimmed up in artistic style. He is well potted on Dermatology and tf^ro*' bare * * nard befcrfl•• and tender face call on waiter forVsharer It is said that he never talked but one of his customers to death, which Is certainly la his favor. So if you want s good clJan snari ot, tasty hair cut, call at 78 State street. ' • • , • _ _ C. J. P.. formerly with Drs. K. A K. Cincinnati, Jacta & Hactinai WALSTON H./PBOWN, Receiver. Time table taking effect Dec. 7, 1890. Trains pass Marshall as follows: ,TKA1H8 OOlMa BAST. JJo.88,Toledo Express ...,. • a, Clnolnnatl Express •• 21, Mail and Express « ») Local Freight... 600pm tKAIMB aOIHU WB8T. No.BJ, Mall and Expreaa, 813pm i Glnoinnati & B. G. Express.......8 ai p w M^Kzpreas 1253am US, Local Freight. ..«*7an. AH trains daily except 8unday. Direct connections are made at Toledo and Cincinnati with all roads diverging Trains 21 and 22 make good eonneation at Mon- telth with the G. R. & 1., and at Allegan with the C. & W, M. for Grand Rapids, Mnskegon and all poinU nerth. -. • • i " ' . T. C. M. SCmNDIiER. Gen. Pass. Act. J. J. MeAmJFFK.Agt., Marshall. •' : When under 1,000 cubic cent Idss or $1.70. When 1,000 cubic feet or more, 26 per cent less or $1.60. A discount of • ten cents per 1,0 subic feet will be niado on all abOV« rates when bills, are paid on or before lath of month when due, but In no case unless paid by that pate. THE MARflTTAT.T. LIGHT 00 TE OF MttHJfiAN, Cosnty-of Calhoan, as. Notice Is h*elry given, tha&byao order of thet Probate-Co** for the Cpoj^y of Calhouo; made; on tne avtenteenth flay, of April. A. D.,-iaai, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estatet. of Qa«ar Ji, D'Keefe. late of said County; deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said Pxobate Court,^t the Probate officer In the City bt Marshall, for examination and allowance, oabfjjelore th|^B9l&ntpenth day of October next. GEORGE INGEU8OLL, 4wk*. . Judge ot Probate. TIMETA6LE, NOV. 30, 1899, BAST. STATIONS. Mall To the Afflicted. Since the introduction Bt tian Oil it has made more permauent cure* and given better aatiafaction on Kidaey oomr plaint* and Rheumatism than ony known remedy. ' Its continued geriea of wonderful cureu in ail climated haa made) it known aa a eafe and reliable ageut to employ „. . achea aud pains, which are the forfaronners of more aenoud disorder*. It.aato and Bureiy, always relieviEg sufltei , ten saving life. The protection tt tfotm of iU timely uae on rheumatism, kidney affeo- tion, and all aches audpaiaa, wooqita, oraittp- ing paina, cjiolera morbua. diarrhflBa, coMb,'catarrh, and disorders among . makes it an iuvaluablo remadjt to be kfj ways on Uan4 ia^eVery home. No pena afford to be wiUfoui it, aud those who have ou«e uaed it never will. It i» »bft taioin ita remedial effects, aud will always" cure wbeu coxes are poasiule.. Call at-QreenQ's drag store uM get a.eirca- ^ lar giving more fall details of the cogati ' properties of this wonderful medicate. ' For all intiauiniatious of the .,,,.„ tubes or bad oolpa, Eelloggs's Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. 4. to 1 * .d*9JW should be taken clear on sugar every tnree . or four huurg, and bathe the throat and chest two or three times a day. It speedily allays the irritations,- ticklkigo and iU and create a; healthy action, and a plete cure is readily effected. For sale al -Greene's drug skpie. Qiuldfen t>| for , B | m^ •* ip, i^ £* ,iiEkS Mood Purifier I»WN. t Medicine is the j at anJKBifcgpS doses of 6UL- i . BITTERSfor $1.00,leas than j lone cent a dose. It will cure the^ I wpfst^ases of skin disease, from, la common pimple on the face/ I to that awful disease, Scrofula, j "JMTJEB8 Is thej a'to use tin att'j . t-«eubbbrBrand •deep seated diaeaaea. Downey a are oat 1 —Xflf«* take t---- - Jot order. Use| tt.ME.MLI-*! :• "M BULPHUr vPv*V|F^B' ^^^VMPvpB^^' and best ! Don't fare unable to *~U r but get some at i 'will cure you. gulbhurl ^Bitters i» ". '• r*h» lMr«JW* ,' The young, the aged and to$-| / terine are soon made well byl [it« tiae. Bamsinber what] you| beret it may save S TATE OF MICHIGAN, 1 ' TUBCiacoiT COUKT WBTHE VIn Chancery. CotiNTT of CALUOUM. ) "• ' f Datea April 81st, A. D., 1891. JASON NHWTON, I . Complainant, j AMELIA NBWTON, , I Defendant., 1 Suit-pending in the Circuit Court for the County of Calhoun in Chancery, at Marshall, Michigan, on the 81st day of April, A. D., 1891. In this cause it appearing from affidavit on file, that the Defendant, Amelia Nawtou, has departed from her last known plac<* of residence, and that her residence cannot be ascertained, on motion of Jesse M. Hatch, Complainant's solicitor, it is ordered that the said defendant, Amelia Newton, oanse her appearance to be entered herein, within five month* from the date of this order, and in case ot her appearance that she cause her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be filed, ann a copy thereof to be served on said Complainant's Solicitor within twenty days alter service on her oi a copy of said bill, and notice of this order; aud that in default thereof *>'d bill be taken as confessed by the said non resident Defendant. And tt U further ordered, that within twenty days the said Complainant cause a notice of this order to be published in the Daily Chronicle, a newspaper printed, published and circulated in said county, and that each publication be continued there at least once in each week, for six wedku IB succession, or that ha cauae a copy of this or Jer to be personally served on said nonresident defendant, at least twenty days before the time above prescribed tor her appearance. u«« IJEOBGE w^ MECHEM, Circuit Court Commissioner Calhoun County, Michigan. ' r i • JESSB M. HATCH, Complainant's Solicitor. A true copy: Attest. ' WILLIAM i. OBEQG, Register in Chancery. "Wood's I>la.osi>tLOt3JLiie,,. ; TUB ORB AT EXOLI8B REMEDY. Oaed tat 96 yearsr •^^\^Ai of,*putbrnl folly anu-^fh^ excesses of l»ter years. Givet immediate •trength tuulvfg- or. Aak drugaiiU for Wood'sPBos- " ie;takeno Oae 'Jhicago,Lv Ealamasoo Battle Creek..., Marshall, Dp... AlUion.. , Jackson , Detroit , Buffalo.. Day Kx.t a.m. 706 1160 1865 1 46 818 8 10 6 15 8 10 p.m, a.m. 900 880 808 828 850 480 6 45 Kal Ext a.m- 8' 887 ' 12 K p.m. p.m, At'c ». m. 1010 885 4*9 5 00 B'S7 6,85 980 awns 566 f.m. Hh't L'al *••• Pass 986 $17 804 8 88 8 67 4 40 780 a»m. 8 15 p.m 588 6 Itt ttir 7.1 TBAUfS WIST. 8T1.TIOM8. Jack L'al iluflalo. Detroit, Lv tackson... Albion.... Jlarehall.. Battle Cr'k liaUmazoo Chicago, Ar a. e'ao 7 33 8U> 840 Mall Day. a.m 880 1135 7 10 18.07 100 8 17 785 p.m. Chic a.m. 1830 750 1005 1086 18 2b 11 15 11 85 18 18 485 |p.m _ il.lEve. Rx.t|Bx.t a.m. 6 30 p.m. 180 s ao a 60 406 490 5 at 900 p.m. p.m. 44* p.m 745 7 15 10 85 : 7 62 821 847 ? .m. 260 1107 11 80 1167 1260 646 a.m Fact 1190, 12 »« 18 Si 1 2$ 817 805 N. Y. limited express winoa leavea Chicago at \19p. m. will stop at'Marshall to let off passen- zers from Chicago. {Saturdays excejpted *Daily tSundays eicepted O. W. ROQOLK8, Gen. Pass. * Ticket Agt. '•Jfso. A. JemiaoH. Freight Agent.' C. K. OaBOftH, Ticket Agent, Marshall kinospf KeCVOtlsK Weakness. Emla-lj Jons, Bpermator •' Wrl» fornamphleU l Co., 181 Wooawar4 gold in MaJwhaU by f. Q, Seaman A Co- ,** "Are yon tow-epWte^ »»d , •/ aufferine from the exc>>«<-c§ ot| jfeff lito, 8UJUPHUB F wW «ore »OB. CHICAGO INVESTMENTS For safe Investments, apply to tLENi OPDYKE & AUEH BMd Estate and Loans. |BociBw2»-80,llontaukBuUaing, 115 Monroe St., CHICAQO, 1LJU . = Befer by penaission tp Lyman J. Gage, First iiatio*al tlank Ghtoago. Uigan U. Murry, p. S. Hatlaaai Ban*. P. Y: H. |Le«rfotd, Bauk of • ' GRAND PALACE HOTEL, 81 to 103 Nortli Clart street Chicago. 4 minutes from Court House. Both Plans. , \Vaalcly, $3,00. Transients,30o up. Re«t»urant by Compagnon, i^Vi oaiCfoo cura, ciucr. » POPUIJLJ8 PRICES. TiTSW ROUTE Cot this oat for further reference. Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Commo^ Sense knewa that a lot >4« the heart of the city t* Chicago at 1500, IB a bet. ter investment than f GOLD DOLLARS FOR FIFTTCENTS, ••* Yon can secare tuoh lota at that price and less by joining the Douglas Bouleraid Land Aasociatiofl. • 144 LOTS, 184 SHARES. 81 Lots, 150 feet deep, tront on-the BouleTard f800 per ahare iucluding abstract with lot, -ude .• Titta* 'Perfect, Term* Very Ea*y. fot farther particulars Addceas to FUtTH ft C.QCSJjtAN, aowAsaiNQTON syt. ..-".., ' ' ' • ^ » CHICAGO,Jtt* . ' * i •-!" • •' • J -. ^**jf. ' .. 4 -4 ^

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