The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on April 29, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1893
Page 4
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'I'lijji I>AILY ' - rf * V "•S«s* APRIL 5^1898,: uup ul 't/* The News Received . V* Lieutenant Plummet. . i V • EIGHT ''WHITE.'• ; MRN. bttiiation S'»r« to Hie "IViif !>«•• ' ••- ••• . .•' ' -' ,"' - "v •• ' gc Li ,—_ the inctlipdi-. and. results When Syrup.oF Figs is taken} it i's pleasant md refreshing to the taste, aftd acts ?enl:ly yet .promptly oh tTip"JCidne5'3, Liver arid Bowels, cleanses tho system effectually, dispels colds, headaches &nd fevers aud-ciirca_habitual. constipation. Syrup of Figs is the bmy remedy of its kind ever p*io- duced, pleasing to the taste and ac,, x <fep'taWe to the stomach, prompt in x its action and truly benoficinj in'ita effecta/.prepared-only frorti. the most, fce&lthy and agreeable subltanees, its •"many excellent qualities commend it • 'to ail and have made it the most ... f > ppgukr remedy, fcflown. Syrtiipi of Figs ,js for sale in 50c c and $1 bottles by' all : ; leading drug^ gists. -Any.reliable^-dfug ; may>npt have : ,it on tfi^jid „ ^ K ,, cure it promptly iqr iiiy one jvh i • wishes t6 try;.it. Jjtf iiibt ^cfceptany CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP, CO. SAN FKANCISCOSCAL. '* LOUISVILLE. KY. . filE'W Wfik t N.V, '" .A new remedy has c-rmtcd ,1 m.- u ^uwou among physicians by its wonderful oifects in Bpeedily curiog 'every form of 1'ilps. It is called, the Pyrainkl IMeCuiv. It ir cheap au4 aiuiple to.nsu, .but nbt-hmt; ro moves the disease so quii-kly, snf Jy. aud •urely. Any:dru«gist will get it for you. For a number of years I him- UH-II .stibjoc to violent attacks of/inllainiimfuri rhi-unin- tlsm which genornlly lasted about 'two months. On the first of t-hi.s inontli I was attacked in the knt-c and suirereJ «• \i-ruly for two days, when I jirnc-L-n-il a l.uiil.-ol Chamberlain's Pain li.iln. nn.1 a relieved me almost inataatly. I n,, P , f ulx . Illorj , cheerfully recommend, it U. thc^.-euh,, arc similarly afflicted eVtryuhrre.--1(. 1). V\hit l«y, Martindalo, N. c.\, Feb. i w «. Mr. Whitley is a very prominent tuau in thi Place and his disease was very widely known as he suffered such Bevcrc pam. \v. M Houatoh & Co., Mercbant/," Martindnlo. N'. C, SQpnt bottles for sale at Greene's drug •tore. „ - ..;• "Hoyal ^uby" Rye Whiskey a f ie e h-Qn •all foreign flavor and adultuniin*, -iiV.t : nralJj i* ripsne^ and juaturedbyoloveri years .stbragf in wood, it is a "Rye as, is a Rye," }ind"i.-g*t» no more than interim; brands.- Try u un, you will never be.natigticd to uVo^nuy olhur A paw old whisky is iilv>.iiys fixv fw.u. A, ^fusiloiV.ynich is u poisoft; 'md siioukl uoi V' be taken into the system, A gu t-liu it •;• from the spirit by oxidatiuw, uud it ;-- TecteSiatp friigrant ethers which^yive the •bouquet to whisky. a 0 J.J 00!^.% r" Seaman '& Co., Druggist. Chafes oa Vabje^, ^ fladunation of thcV lieye'd wi.tfa uii»/i. The best Feriunfes ways ifi stock at G Greene's Drug *. • Ladies . SScitiJijriily juriveii from ijio sc-ei}^ of ' fjuisga.t4 £)'ck\ck and of Ct*j>t ism.:' Tom Whyl -on -JTi(! Sun •..1'imt eiied war of tho the BijUH'fs of tlu'-ootitttrv in the viciij •ity o^thoir Jniiils li;(A" OtTmo nt last and '\v-ith it "the' titath. of eight. si-uk'T^ Snch \Vfts lhi> ptivrtling TKTWR jvcyivcii by Adjutnnt: pum'rhl' Kenm-dy,. A+ 9.H (.'cl(.«.-}; tlio adjutant pCT;cr.--.i \%ft ceiAvd i : i-. iu'li^rain from Lli'uVn:.mi •PlimniU'",. li-ii'liim tiiffiit of tlio Xiivnjoy, 'in wljich Iu> "ATiTteTTTint flu? vlni-i- im-n hftd-bcpn- Miurdi-rod by tho Iu<li:uis vi'ho «rc now nt war-with tbo B»Mtl"i-n. jit- dcdar'Hlfhat the situation jtj a, very criiticsilom; and usited that ,tLo be called ovit to prevent f-T^rih* 1 !: shed. The telegram -wiis adiliv.vsi'{l ,to GktVf'mor Wii-itc, but ho is out t/t 1 ' tho city and the matter ivas rbjf^ed by Secretary Lorona to tho ,'i^Jint/iilt gen- Lietiteii;int--I > luiniiier stated llia k t : , tli0 ~ "arc-in-'ft^ijlfl t'eiirsare .their. wj. •Main-pB.sagft'th^.-'.'liisutSiiauii. sUitos two^attliia |iiiVe,.b(;OTi ,fo%'l^(; {xlroadj'. Tho firar \vafe. Mrly' Thtfredo.y, "when; five tncn wen? killed,-all' settlers, ^yhile at ariotlier encounter three more .whiles lost their _lives, ami further blupdlhed ia ftntkuyiited.' The adjutant,-geutral; fatwardod the int'oi-mfttion to, the war? department fit Washington, and it is npt unlikely that orders will be issued from that source for the removal of .the ,trocq>s now quartfrod at 1 Fort Logun.\ . Adjutant Oeneral Kennedy duelijied to giyo copies of th--- ti-U'trnnus received by him, nor would ho ullow anyone to §eo.them, stating that it wan eutttrnry to.Orders. In sjiejildng of the affair he 6aid that tbi-vc arel'.vi Inicks, and tht»v .6re raisintf il.e disttirbaiu-e. "They are all mounted and t-ijuipiicd," he sa'iil, "with 'the b'.-st vepj-alinpp rirhs ami have t:iiipU- hH|)i>lii-s fur a l"!i,j war. Thuy art-a !iu i litt, and ri'vil in jilim-' der^nd innrdi r. There h.-.s Iptitiill- feelini.; aiiioii^ th«-m fur a lon.u" tin»eTand'' it hiw at latij come to a, ,1/i-ad. 'i'l 8ettltra'<:o\m in that country ajid i: Indians M-v.-r could get along in ]..-a- The"J,ji.'iMiai art- contiHually i-]tn;,!rili ana stealiiig from the whites who ' subrnitt'-d to the' thi-Fi.- ainlil th<' "Tht : present coniiii-t \vu.- iiri-i'i;.it:ited by tlii) r,.-s;K_faiK-ootlhe."%fliiti.3 i.o i,!if depredatiojih of a band of warriors who' raided tlto-Vtoci of the • cur.tletnen. .They (feuve vS a largy licrd of «itfek- which they, .tool: 'to tlie uiQuntttins This? w> iu-C!.-,n.iKd,,3he sti'wkni(-u iljut .th^y- Qrgsyii>'.e4'« ;lai'j.ji.- pywiV'.-!.;!, cuwl/tSS'* 5 " tHi ^ Wfciit'to recover iho cattle. T-lie Jadians filed on tho sji^j-iroach of thy'c'o.wboys -;u tiret, and -i'lie*cauh i 'n.jeii vv^re "j^ ji>'iciug in, what- t%y. ioukrd m.-vii ,-^ 'a very easy victo'i-j-,^ , afu-r tu^ynuicl fiixmrt-il .thc-ir .i-u;il<'-,«i;irt5'd to rt-t-nrn tu liair ranx fl a- .'T-hyyit-ld jm.«-e,-,U-d1ait a verv tshort U'ist^iti f, huWi-vi-r, when jhf5' v were atUtfXkejr t'ruiti the llaiiks as tiic'y were pitb'bfH^-'tlvrough a .^urt of .-hallow canyon by tho entire -band of 230.' A degporau- (iic^iuiii-r t\.l{i,vi't:ii, in \vilich five .eftwboys wvro'Killjad, ~mid, it-ia believed, a number uf Inilian?. •-. » - f ? "Till' 3 id luwU.(4' l-.flli-r.^, L.UU ,thj! points up i.bovii_.'.tlu-i i'ouprkt,'a trlluiK'<•(''• i-t IJK-^ tSS- catt-Leiiit-u, \?ni» were iinullv -ri.ptil.sed, They took with them a pinion of thti herd of cattle thi-y ha4 r.x overt d and "I'rtivatLil. r ihfe iiidiau^ by ibis timo v.'ere' VUtoryugljly aro«[ M and- etartcd i>n ir^t^arauUinig expedition across tb x fnnuiry."" * iA di-patch. ftoin Durau-o .-.*js: Three-hundred Kavajus have ca^t-ait-d ** — WLytf'b trailing rsost w^iou at ic'k. «u the San Juan river nea,f »• Itaijch. Th» h<,«jte^ y|,,i tsr tmte- W y<ib B%8t : tio'¥^,"ja3J M t#ni Vt. and T -yill txy *S^ &U<»a'lo Toor v v-tr. t at 'anoe ft» e^n a liouae>i»4 Itttv w«*t3) about s^W or IIMJH,'A ctoclc'-iif^d/nt^ Vi8ct'- with J^W-. Pft«sou» <J3r<$e J^ Wlnt-ma^'-f fctdrtj,! ,Pitcher's Pretoria GAS FOR L TO CONSUMERS OP GA3 FOU TOptT. aUOnijconBmnpd wlicroa GAS RANGE used; for ap |f* 3 wnAiuifedwheri BOOKING 0r H E A* JN (^STOVES are n 8 =d and the ttonthh c™i»v'npu<m is not ;]p«^ yiftp 1000 onbio"feet.-• "-,.' • »<vt « r.n :ttas ? t M e<ifoYi;taU:TfN^^ l-cjw than 5UOO oiibie ft. in one- moirth, $2 OU per 1000 cubic ft. - 5000 c;»hio. ft, and loss than 10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1 90 per 1000 1AGOO or over, T. ihont h * 1 SO per 10(X> cubic ft. '' (cubic ft .. -All (I,., above rafo« are aubjoct o a discouut q? 10 cts per lOflO cubic ft when- tu0 months bill -i« pah] in or before tlio 10th of tho nionth noxt following. TUH Abov, special ratoe are rift, t,> induce consumer^ to use.gaa for cooking and heating IB well as lighting- : s . ° Experience Erodvefc The ADVANTAGE of Gas For ' , . Cooking Over Ev§ry Other Fuel Htove, Cheaper Fuel, Safety, Cleanliness. , Quickness, Convenience. GAS STOVES now m user IQ MARSHALL^ SPECSAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. t of 10 pw-?aut will bo made from .regular ytioia oo alf biUn forOw Plx'urea or aad completed from Seft 1st 1892, to/April 1st 18p. The MARSHALL L1GHJ Co. ,<* F ^'^Ss v - ';^. r> «v r ; ^ r.-."-. r :' ; -,' ( <• »• ii Tu'? ,TS-/ it s'. } in J)E. KOTT'll orijrjos <ii i;iiti('r sxi., u h j-i her ..u* 'Prostration, Kaili< g c •' «i" * I *J{." 1 ""''' n 'P '.'"T .".ifhtlt Knila lonv^'outhfml ErrO*; ; ^i nial- vvi.ny, r jcvssiv*. USE . i \ ahucco cr Onnjtn whMr lead I ' C- mnnptlonand ! u . tlll iiy. T . me «-oa U4lorea th« enapin tlKorof youth, aM full p..wer to all who use it. Bold at til per box. 0 IKIIBS for ftS.uil. T)i>. Mr.»« i h.h.<«.i n- m__.i S t o f tjie wnert'tire 'ft •nap and per bc* t , . u for $5.uO. Dr. Jlotta ttetaioal Co,, IN OUR NEW DEPARTMENT We? Offer to tho Ladies of Michigan the Handsomest and Largest Assortment off scraps, and Ever Exhibited in Michigan. All the PARISIAN STYLES ' Latest '•irhulcsiih'-nml relnil. Prices Very Moderate. Sf-ECIAL DRIVE. VVr wil! ,.iT..r this.wocltfa f.poclBl drive In., this dep»rtid«Bl« liiui-itivii,. ibe-kales ofibis *iate to call anil'vMm'lnVourM- f gruut-iii, which r ( mprin-s all thv latest Puri«iau Koveltiegjn w'»'S »;rapf, Capes aud JaokeWmadu. To tboes who are tin,,!>,. ,„ visi! our swie we will te fcleaaedi to send catalogue. Walter Buhl & Co., ' * WMlesale and 146 & 148 Jefferson Ave. JDETJIOIT, M1QH, J/.L y-/;/; J;AG&}.. (d SflA^UlAWS, istrF-. y «'s^% • fe^ ; - '1-13-^ f f V 4J' %^ .x\ ituJ usBoiMneitt ot * • sijsos. Ti'ife,, |>;; kinds •;tidat reasonable rateg , . ' -V u > ' 3ittei$ witti Store line of Spring Suiting,, fe brought to .'Afarshaft just arrived Rii-H& usness , Youths' Suits, Boys' Suits, School •Bints, Children's Suits, and the uties of all our Jersey Suits, fih exhibition now at. iSIHSuSS^S

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