The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 18, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1891
Page 1
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VOLXII-N0217. PRICE TWO CENTS A wonuuol WilMed fk*th« other day a*a A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Superior to every other 'known. Used in, Millions of Homes— • 40 Years the StandarQ. Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky ; Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable '• • ' and Wholesome. , ; . Ko other baking powder does such work. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. 1 The success ot this Great Cough Cure is Without a parallel in the history of .nedicine. . All drnggistb are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- oessfully stand. That it may become-known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. j If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for >t will.cure you. If your child has the Ciuup, «r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief is sure. •> If you dread that insidious di c ease > »_JDnsunvtion, use it. Ask your Druggist for l.'HILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and I 1.00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame > ;a Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 '.cjts-; CARTER'S I phe and:rellevo all the troubles iaot" ftUUpua state o( t^e >yatcm, suoh aa u, Nausea, Drowaiuoaa. Distress aTiac. eating. Fain in the Side. &o. While their meet o aoooAH J^os boon ahovra iueuiiaa SECK 3ei4aoha, yet Carter's Little Liver Pills «* fttjoaUf v»U4Pie hi Qou)»tifiiaon. curing ejid pwir iron ting this auinojlc 'icoinplr.lii t,twhilp they alsu _„ , thladtotM&jdng complaint; butforta- nately their gooduoaadoe* notead here,»nd thoao *^~" w • ? - •" and th««e little pula valu. ' '; they will nq>t bo wil- But after aUaickLea4 - - t — f —' -• * ' '-sdu'f,.' >.u.:»' 1 ,'l , , u of ««napy MK»4»ttai|Ja whers *•• &W y >• " "ipffMfli V*J9 Jr^Hit*^»J oeen used for children Boothej t^eicbildr . tlio Flainei ,la -Ttforre Honn. ,>j, : t or MTJSKEQON, Maylfc ll -Tne i nre whic h tfwdp* over thirty-five acres of territory 01 . dny afternoon, destroying from 200 ib houses and stores, was got tin 10 o'clock Satuiiaay nigh£, J and, haa broken out since. ;,<. The Ions will reach folly $600,000, fend the insurance is but little more than ond-il of this aiiTount. •' the" AihWbuBiness nor the principal resident portions! o city wore aot affected. 'The busineBi destroyed on Pine street were smaH ings, mainly two stories high, carryir g small stocks and being used overhead fo: • living rooms. The residence' barned^over jwitB-ttle" homes' mainly of laboring people, houses while neat ar.d comfortable were not very valuable. The loss will fall with' especial weight upon the victims, but t te will not be seriouslj felt by the qity. Thete was not a single manufacturing' ins itirtl destroyed, consequently a large hui a men are not thrown out' of work. 1,203 people have been made home] they will be cared for by citizens and no outside aid will be required. The mayor has called a mass mee 1 Abcftit iss, but iii ; f for 10 o'clock Monday morning to discupa^wsys audi means. ' ' ,± , The vaults of the edinrt hdusb IWe/e lopened today and the contends fourfd'ttfbe 1 Wnin- jurad. The board, 'ofisiftfbrviioW f*i!l be called together this, week to taka' steps towards the erection Of another oourtj hQUpe. Owners of the property' along Pine 1 atafet, which was burned over, state, with spatoely an exception, that they will rebuild nim'etrf- ately, and the. work'bf replacing the dwell. ing houses will commence in a few days. Inside of sis months it is believed that about the only (race of the great conflagration wiH 'be a district newly rebuilt W<r/a'better claU of structured. The lutribe'r "district, usually t lie scene of fires here, was not invad 34.* The fire department was wholly un a cope with the great whirlwind of ] A gale was blowing off fhellake.* a ad the long stretch of dry .w^therfhft^ *re adored everything highly inflatable.' LJ fou rhour^ after the tire alarm was turned in, fifteen squares of buildings had been swep! fro their foundations as if by ( magu: r The principal individual Ipsses iftrA by M. Wilson, a wealthy lumberman, whos J palatial resideqco on Muskfigoj^Jauni ie wi wholly destroyed. The property was'valui at §40,000, upon which there jntfqh} idflli ance of $12,000. ' | .• The court house coajt $66,pOO,'dnd warfii' suted for $30,000*.' Th'e fine r&feeMe of AI- ! dcrmau F. Fleming, on Terrace fteei it, was burned. It was valukd*a$ l f 10^000'a: 14,: irisurej. W. F. Wood lost his resid^i on Terrace street.. It waa There were twdehurcheCblVi^Ai'QAe b' by a Holland congregation and the ot tier by the German Lutherans. While there jrere a large number of accidenta, no iataMt ifls occurred. : The 'great 1 bu^4e§» j bopm in Muskegon will only be aooel arated by the eonfla^gratioii. . 1 11. A, TILLOISON, OF All business atteojjted to anU earefuUy. la thfe city, having a s docket a^(|.otjierj via^e papers Over 4,000 different sty% of select from »t S.&: Powera'. lays all pain, ipttr«a wind ool the beat r«uie4y for Diarrhoea. five of. ited the took It, her - - -, . , •-—„ ^•WWVB*. WB> (HO mkn n*m«d thereto. ' $hW'rtrfa; "No of «inr*> nbti he ohljfr died'Sjgm before last. fcnd'I gntei tbcy»r« 1dBt l »Wtit pnttinj him Cn BOW." H« tdld'liA'^e'tKonght it •w** rithep soon for a widow to be after Otollto 1n*«mc*6efoW ^ buried. and ;r Ittttnedby liv- Wwin you've got % Is to doit 1 Wrd of his * ;I Th« agent told , ve a death eertifl-! cue, and she went away. She has evi- ' " i/iiTti | w«r to> te^e tok' oafr'of table •ima^ifcito MMdo Utonhpoltf In kraii milk. •I*o* the ctoeh tat t6te' v «r%iKfmilk and set it r-WhfeWl-it:-mr ? tAr^«Wif. 7the "DroceMof Dg out the ____ _._. —--_ -~—- ^f.^T^ ~^~*f» ••• itj AA ro DOQD •oakipg. tjreetwtqnr boon In tb> milk' after it has curdled, Just as 709 would wash any spot ftrwatefc; TfneT Will finally become y*nr raiht, : «nd' i#»V' now ba washed _«-4. i,' ••;n.^: J __f' izjji! ^% nr %3 • u... ... v^^^> OQV in waxer, ana tne Bnc ume they are it through the weekly WMhlng y the'prob- mf ^^" 1 thkfaU'"*'' '•JAi'it-'v •• i " • «*»•»/ » HJ«> >M t*«H*ff «*. uw iQjc, siains wfll have disappeared.—Kew York Trib- The It to now stated ' depend la to ' t*ork, and 1 that she the antics of toe therefore worth five In tha chains than one Uara ho is , such as and the like. It m*y be rubbed , r^mov- or oA^oclta at 'once, . leavinctbemartue shining and clean. This' waah basins, sink re^ig directly upon the marbles thoroughly without injuring i . en'i playroom, and nunerr of «tobMrooiit r on th. 'flSW-'j w 1 "^WPl i **VWl «'"~ •••-•- - • T«J» _ being thrown abfofc wnenT vassal rolls. _ j iniee business It's tjooex- thetfmeU And read this. I have concluded to sell rll of iny stock of groceries and fixtures at cost and go out of the business. So I will sell or> and after May tirst just what the 'goods cost .me at wholesule. .This offer you nover had before, so corao quick and get your share. .1 will minio a few tiings, 50c Tobacco ....... . ................. 85c 60c Tea ........... . ........ ......... 400 Clear Salt Pork, boneless.". .... ...... 7o SScCoa'ee ........ i..../ ......... .....28c 26 bars Soap ....... ........... ...$1 00 •4^ Ibs crac'kers. . .......... '. ....... 25c Can goods, fresh; from. ........ 8 to lOc Baking, warranted. . . 9c per Ib iAnd everything at just cost. This is a great chance for all who may come. West of the park. JOIIN H. _ _ The Rice Creek milla uiuke'tho best flour to be had iu the city. First class workmen at F. S. Powers'. Do not confuse the Famous Blush of Rose w th the many worthless paints, powder a creams and bleaches which are flooding tha market. Get the genuine uf your druggist, M. B. Poweil, 75 ceutd per buttle. Aud I guirantee it will remove your piupleu, freckles, blackheads moth, tan and sunburn, and give you a lovely complexion. 1 JOB LOT1 JOB LOT1 Have just received u job lot of bronze, gilt and antique oak frames for cabinet and 8x10 pictures, which will be sold at the astonishingly low prices of 5Co and 75c. • Same frames usually sold for more than double thu money. Come early to get tirst choice. k tf /S. B. SMITH. Ed S. Lewis has opened the Novelty Iron Works on Exchange street and is prepared to do jobbing of all kinds. Engines, Reapers; Mowers and all kinds of Farru^ Machinery repaired oh short notice by expert workmen. Just at this'Season a specialty is made of repairing and sharpening. Lawn Mowers. A trial order" is solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Before buying Flour, Grain or Feed call at C. A. CHESHEB'S MILLS. All kinds of Feed ground and all kinds of^ Grain bought and sold. How Often We aee^ some young man who has squandered his money and ruined hia health by ex- eeaaes; and before 30 yearn of age U an all broken down and played put man. In ull snob casea I prescribe nature's tonio and ner- vine. Sulphur Bitters. They supply food for the brain, strengthen the nerves and are aoooMBsful nine coses out of ten—Old Phvui-. cian Absolutely Pure. A oream of tartar baking powder. Highest'of all in leavening strength. . $. Qowamegt Food R+*

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