The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 16, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1891
Page 4
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Honne Cleaning. Tli.'in:i3 Lewis 13 now housi' cleaning. Carpets taken cleaned and put down, stoves taken down, and in fact everything in the way of house cleaning done in a first manner at reasonable rates. Very Cheap. The farm known as the (Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Rice Creek. Will be sold very cheap if sold before the 15tb> of May. S. S. LACEY, Agt. 1 M*<W 16,1891. _*••_* * - Prlee Reduced. Nice Paniy Wjtols |tw|;f^kn Jjr Gl State street. ptlfl, Ames, West d.m25 Spring Suits made to your Border fromfaoto |80 at F. S. Powers'. ,1, .There aae thousands of families iniMiord-1> gan that pannot be induced to use any-other retneSy In their families than Columbian Oil., In case of an emergency in abg.pain. I bad cold or inflammation ita action ,ia BUT? I and certain. ,,Vof sale j»V ereejieV 'dhifi; TO.' - .- ' • /-,R. r ;• Found at Last. The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern in semi-Porcelain of J. GT. Meakin's make (Rngland) ever brought into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase s< mething nice this span? to set their table with, something thatcan- v not be distinguished from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman!*, and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. hold tha tnoMuro , as Rubber note ion Of couAetttere»nJlta!*tlon» however, by which you can to HU Ai tde " Spiral B*. It BLACK* «)0t «*rl\ II. HI. No More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected a oar- pet cleaning machine on Exchange street opposite John Adams' novelty "works. Carpets cleaned at 2J{ cents-a* yard. Work 'called for and delivered call and see it. MOTHERS Don't go without a Spring Overcoat when you can get one made to order for $25 at F. S. Powers'. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castwfc Children Cry for Pitcher 1 ! Castorfc Dr. W. B. Church's proscription fill is left at F. G. Seaman & Co.'d druf store. Any old prescription can be btw or renewed by going there. A Card. Mr. Wm. Blankenhorn wishes to no tify the public that he is located East State street, No 412, ground floor, and is prepared to execute all orders for painting, graining and paper hanging, decorating and finishing, " making a pecialty of first class work. I employ one but the best workmen. Also dealer n all .kinds of paints and oils, d mid Will you part with your dar 'ling babies in "sickness, ,or call'on your druggiit for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Oinlpent and Asthmatic Balsam, medioun»Mhat save lives when doctors fail in Mem- braaous Croup, Inflammation ri the Luuas, Lung Fever and Typhoi Pneumonia, also quickly relieves a t 1 cures Croup, Scarlet Fever, W ooplng Cough, 8ore Throat, Burns, S vildsand similar afllictionh; 25 and fiO cents of by mail?- DB H. SHARPSTEEN, Proprietor, Marshall, Michigan. " What watt it, Jobn 0 That made your face so free and oleai from pimples, said bis sweetheart. Wbyj don't yon know, Eva? For over * year I took everything I could think of without helping mn, then I bought two bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and now I haven't one pimple on mf face. It ia the best blood cleanser I ever saw. To the Afflicted. Since the introduction of Kellog'a (JolUM- bian Oil it has made more permanai* «u*e* and given better aatiafaotiou on Kidn*y epm- piainte and Hhenmati^m than ony known remedy. Its continued series of wonderfnj cures in all olimates baa made it known a» at safe and reliable agent to employ against jkll aches and pains, which are the forbrunne^a of more serious disorders. It aota BpeMily and Burely, always, relieving Buffering awl often saving life. The protection it affiuda b| Its.timely uoe on rheumatism, kidney affection, ana all aches and paina. wounda, seaup- 'ing pains, cholera morbus, dlarrhcaa, coughs,, colds, catarrh, and disorders among «hildren,. makes it au invaluable remedy to be kept always on band in every home. No. person afar afford to be without it, and those who h4?« onoe uaed it never will. It is abealuialy oad tain in its remedial effects, and will always cure when cures are poaaiule. •' ; .Call at Greene's drug utore and got a oircu lar giving more full details of the pr~"""" properties of thie woBderful medloiu*. For all inflammations of the bronchial' tubes or bad colpe, Kellogga'a Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. A few -. >iiQp% shpuld be taken oleap-^on sugar every three or four hours, andbathe the throat and pheet , tvsi or three tiuiosa day. It Bpetdily allay B the imtations, ticklings and itching, and creates a heathy jaction, and a oom- Hyster* Ics, St. Titos Uanee, Henro^Sness, HjpoolMmdrla, Melancholia, In- ebrlty,* Sleeplessness, Dlzzl* • ,nns;> Brain and Spinal Weakness. This nJedlclne^ has the nerve~"c5nter8, .... , „ Itles and inonaaBlng the flow and power iof oerye^iila^lt is perfectly harmless ttdleave&QJUipleasant effects. Our"Pnini>niet for anberers 01 nervpua di- ceases will be aent tret, to any address, and noor patients can also obtain this medicine Tree of charge from us, This remedy baajbeen Pastor " BJWD ii$ to cut. B*trl***gW ly fcow put up wit* *u-oui)«i 'tbe I>OM A taxipit win bt untfrei ifjo* mention Ml public* *anf'iii of it- S*nrrancl»co? I BOILERS Established 1886. Manufacturer ofh'lgh and low beating boilers of alii kinds, , etc. Old Holler* taken la erchaiwe far n«w. ahrets, boiler plates and Douer'tabeffforftale. Corner Foundry atwet and R.B- track*, Detroit Mich. . 7, 1890. F OUND AT LA.8T—Alter years of wandering OYerthls mundane sphere, I have found a tidy little barber shop, located at 78 State street opposite J. W. Fletoher'i clothing store. Thia shop is under the maBagfenfent of yalter W. bop is ftttdor th 1 Clark, who aai tonso>ifl,.Irtist 4ia« few eon and hQAubedon. His Jakjp hai reoently been remteflikpd "leinrnlshed In elegant style, tyery thing dainty, neat and clean. Fragrant perfumes, razors smooth as satin, and all mec Imow what a luxury it is to be trimmed up in artistic style. He Is well posted on Dermatology and if yon bare* hard beard mad tender face • •• •*-——- —- 1 — ^T-^t-srv *4\| uidthtt he iwners to death, 89 it you want a clean shant, of VVPjV' ^&F * ut ' C *M ** ^ ". LANK, M..D..fonftWry with Drs. K. A K. Cincmti, Jatison WAL8T01* H: BROWN, Time table, taking effect Dee Trams paas Marsha}! as follows : rtuixs ooma IUST. So. »?, Toledo Kipreaa ....* ...... • • 8; Cincinnati Egress .......... t « 81.alB41aaaa*p«i»s ........ : ....... » 8^; Local Freig¥t ..................... 600pm Tiubra aoiHu WBST. eio.», Mall and Express,... ............. H? pni Tft'Oiaoiniiatttt B. 0. Kzpresa ....... 831 p<a which la certainly in hie faror, • cesat Cost, All who use them advise their neighbors to do likewise.. This Is all we can ask. Over 100 now in USA «n Marshall. . . : 'All whose resiliences. Are on any line of the The Gas Co'a. pnaia pipe, :oari have service Sipe.pttt iq.fraa if th^y ' will buy a flay. Cooking Range of The Gas Co. for Cash ind ; agree to use it. AH Should Profit by thi« Offer i Priooa of Qa» O6ns\iWek as reg istered by :; oaoh meter^sepa ratety each month wUJ,b« FOR LIGHTfNG ' When vnder fi.OOO cubic feeC ^.00 per J.OOO cub ti feet. ; When r ,QW .and under 10,000 «ubic feet, 6 pu' cent, less *r $1.90, ( > When 10,000 or more cubic feet, 10 per cent ieui or f 1.80. FOR COOKING W hen under-1,000 dubio' feet 15 Jper cent less or $1.70. .•' . , When 1;000 cubic feet or more, 29 per cent less or lUKX A/diacount of ten cents -per 1,008 eupo feet'will be made oh alt'ttbove rates wt^en bi»18 arfe paid on or before JOth.iof'• month when due*but In twoave unless paid by that date^ THE MAB8HALL TIGHT 00 '-of Calhoan, as, ty ap ordwot' Direct oonneoilons are made at Toledo and Cincinnati with all roads diverging Trains 81 and 82 make goed aouneatlon at Mon- letttt with the O. B- & I., and at Allegan with the 0. A W,M. tor Grand flaplds. Moakegon and all 'porata north. SB DBAtJL tttoa, M'g*r. T. C. M. 8CHINDLKB, O*n. Pass. Ajtt. J. J. UoAtrUFn. Agt., MarshaU. _ ., the Probate Court for the County of CalhoM.1 made on the aeTfinl&mth day. .of April, A. Drt-tttiralx menHBnrlprthat dpte were allowed for'areflltorB to prevenftheir cl*(|»' against the eeU(lM of Oscar Till O'Keelfc Isle of said Co5ft&»d6cea8*l, all that Si Cfetlnora of said .deceased are required to present their claims tp said Probate Court, at the Probate office, in the City of Marshall, for exambutioj^airi. allowance, «n or before the seteWWBltfMy ofOotober uext. Dated April 17, A. D., 1890. CiJBOftGK INGKKSOLL, «**pr jndg, of p ra bate. S TATE OF MlmQ^N, 1 THI Clacuir Ooun roa THB V In Chancery. CouHxrra CAIHOUK. ) Dated April *uti A. D.. 1891. JASOH NSWTO^ • . \ Complali • at, , vs. • AMCUA NKWTOX, "Iki Jftap^a FaUt & TIME TAiLE, fcOV, 30,''1898. BTATIOMS. Mall Day t M;t Battle Preek... Suit je in the lhoun In Olronlt Court for the Chancery, at Marshall, County MioWgan, on the Wat day of April, A. D., 1881. in tois cause It aupaanna from afBdavlt on, ale, that the Defendant, Amelia Newton, has departed 'from Mr test liiwwni"'pUoa of T«sldence,,and that her residence cannot be aacenaJAed, on mottok of 'Jesa» M: Hatch, Complalnant'e eoUo- Itoe, it ia ordered that :tbe aaid defendant, 'Atneiia Newton, cause her appearance, to be en. ter«4 herein, •within five months from the ante of thU order, and, In case of her appearance that ehe cadee her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be filed, anQ a copy thereof tp be served on said Complainant's SoIiuUpr within twemty -days after service on her of a copy of said bilk and ootiee of this prder; and that In default thereof-«a.'d bill be taken aa confessed by. the aald non-resident Defendant. And it la further ordered, th»t within twenty day* the said Complainant cause a notice of this order to be published tai the Dally Ohroniola, a newspaper printed, published and circulated in said county, and wat eoch. publication be continued there at least once In each week, for eiz weeks U aocceaslon, 4f that h«%auae a copy o/ ibis orSvrto be pesaonally served on said nonresident deftndaaC ; »t Itoaat twenty day* before 8 . -.ete cure ia readily^ effected- reeae's drug store AiUlon. Jackson Detroit . Buffalo.. 706 11 60 18 1 8 12 8 ID 01B 8 10 p.m. Si • 60 449 845 p.m. Kal Kxt Kfc.* a.m. •000 887 896 »,66 1810 p.m. s,m. p.m. p.m. tlT rao a.m. p.m. L'al PSM 591 BIS 6ir 7.J 7U win. OTITIONS. (Jack tinfflalo. Detroit, Lf Jaokson... a.m. Battl«Or'k ialimazoo CMcago,Ar a.>, Oay-rOhic Bxt a.m. ..... 880 8801125 7 10 Z88 8U> 840 WOT 817 786 9*.* W 80 780 10 OS 1088 18 88 11 15 1 00 11 85 1818 4 SB 680 p'.'m. l.»l sao 8*0 406 480 503 «00, W'J*. KaL p!n£ plin ig Kx.t. 10 £ 7B8U07I -«^ 8J612M p;sa4a.m. Pad ?2^5 11 ao 18 W 1801 ISi SIT 806 a.m. Circuit Qourt Commissioner Calhonn County, r • HAT«B»" • • • . Conaplahiant'i Solicitor. A true copy: Attest. • ,. ' WILLIAM J. QBEQG, , • • Register in Chaneery. MPOUND ^^^^^SfVS N. Y. llmltad «xpnas whiofl laavM OUca«o at 1.18 p. m. will atop at .MawaaU ^o let, aft ,p»ss«n- nra from Ohlcago. IBaturdayaexoapted *J»aUr ^8u»dawl'e«o4»ted O. W. BOQOLEB, Gen. Paaa. *ttoket,igt. UBO. A. JftHvaox. Freight Agent, 1 ' ' T ^ r ' • C. B. OsBOBti. Ticket Agent, Marttall GRAND PALACE HOTEL 81 to 103 Nortli Clarl Street 'Clicaw. 4 minuiei from OouKt Hpute. BothPr»n», y, $3,0 J. TrBltslent>, ; 96bakr. RMtaurexnt by QomiMgh . WT* OHlpAaO CW», CMW. ' POPULAR pj^psa,, VI I . Q. 8e*n>in'» Oo- aa/« iBjeatmauts, apply t» : ^ftPJftT^^ ALLEN Moatstik ttOldlng, 1,00, ILL. '^tymwir.jeaKe, West Chicago Real Estate. Any man of Common Sease-'lcusVrsteai » lot m the heart of tuo cltr nf Chloago At HQO. ls a th>n ' ; --•^' '•'- ' ;lT: * " • aretuoh h>t»at Uat pJlce%a4'l««a I«4«LOT8, 61 Mrt,,150feet d»op,te*t'wi-the : Bbuin »OTperih^lncl.ttdlnga,b»traqtwlJh,4ot, » ^*M*w W Titto

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