The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 16, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1891
Page 1
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'"nun;) VOL. XH-NO 210. MARSHALL, MICB., SATiKOAJ,JWY Ifi, PRICE TWO CENTS A Pure Cream of Tartar .JPowder. t8* every other known. Used in Millions of Homes— ., '' 40 Years the Standard. Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky . . Biicuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable and Wholesome. powder does such ^rodc. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure is Without «rjwr« < Jlel in'the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos. itjve guarantee, a. test that no other cure, can sue- oessMlly -stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada." If you have •a Cough.. Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use ii, for & will ewe yon: If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief as sure. > If .you dread' that insidious disease '"^Bsumution, use it. Ask your Druggist for LSILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cte. and T I .'do. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame \ & Shiloh'a Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. Do you know that you can byy a chimney to fit your lamp that will last till some acci- derit happens to it? Dp you know that Macbeth's ." pearl top " or" pearl glas§ '* is that chimney ? You can have it—*your dealer will get it-—if you insist on ib He may tell iiim three times as much some others. That is true, say tneyare just as 3p!on ? *: you believe it— tney nliaybe' better for him; be may jlflceAthe^bcfiakmg. , ••' '•'-if- -'-.':;?• ISr"*' ' -'•• M-ACHJMH4 CO., 1 and Mind, Effect* IA Old OT 70ttlld t(ow la «n^UwiLerommORUKB* PiRnoTBODX AkMlBUh milUUi« HOWE THSATMfilT-BiihelU la > d.i, •*• 14*04 tnm U SUtc* *»ttonjp> COTplrf^WrilMhei CAN SHE ^WHIP THE CHARLESTON' Belief That th« £*mei%lda Will.Be Too ' • Knelt for "the CrnUer. ' AOAPDLOQ, Mex., May 16.—The 'Ohtliati cruiser Esmeralda entered this jjort yeater. day and sailed again today. > fleriral Qffidere were^ ashore and need Hhe wires and made various itquiries regarding the action of the United States, showing that th/oy. jb§4 been informed that ihe cruiser. Qharleaton had been font in pursuit "of the Itata. It is believed tliat she will steam north to.inter- cept the Itata and protect her should -the Charleston attempt to capture her. ' The oflicers who came aahore were veryi;e- ticent, but from one -of ^ha sailors it was learned that they eipedied to sight the Itata and act as her.consort down the coast... The T^smeralda has a numerous crew, and peflra'nce they are veterans and will fight. The opinion 'prevails hjrre that should the Charleston attempt t« capture the itata a naval engagement will take plao» 4nd the United States cruiser will get thr, worjtof rt. Toe Esmeralda is still off this port this evening waiting to see if is possible to ob» tain coal. Another strange steamer pan ba seen which is supposed to be the Itata. There is no American steamer in sight. , h .... SAN BLAB TKPic,.May H.—A. long, J#f»|, rakish craft is lying'off thi* pott.wi^iisteam up and flying uoooldri,! Pishing ^boats report her as being mannfedj by t' large crew and protected by formidable guns.' Apteam yacht has been sent out to investigate.; SAM FBANCOSCO, May 1)5.—The steamer, Montserrat, which has been loading a > ear- load of provisions and cereals here, left this afternoon for Chili. Close watch was main• ' ' «J.- : ' - • -v ^ ""^ • tained to the last over her byl customs o/fl- cere that nocontraban'd-gobd^Be taken iput. LONDON, May 15.—THe Standard in an editorial this morning says: "V^e ea^i o|ily ao- pount for America'^ iertraprdinary. zea) in pursuing the Chilian steamer Itata on {h assumption that the -government is delighted at having an opportunity retrospectively justifying its Alabama contention as tgjainst England. It is doubtful, hovever,i 'Whether 1 this ingenious behavior Caa establish any new dictim in international law." j WASHINGTON, May 15'—A -cable dispatch sent by Admiral Brown from the San Francisco, which is now at semq. (^hilia was received today, but information its contents was refused at the further than that it was an answer from Admiral Brown, to the lost ructions..tjabj^d him last week. This is an indication. ta«t oven in the event of,the failure of the Charleston catch the Itata the latter ve^al vrill not have escaped all danger, and will still have to run the gauntlet of the United)atates vessels now oh the Chilian; coast. Up. to the close of business hours; at the department, no advice had been received of'thq Charleston or the Itata. - V.-i :'*•• ' T .Tp, »yoW ,$hiaxertreB»eUt la only nooes- aary to take the moat light and rapid it* past dtutugittte tinrigryfetage. A glaaiiof milk or mere}y a bAstjuiti; wbitt 'fcungrp will prevent tip after (lorn el appetite. And yet ni^ny'preiefi to rtjin ; their health Mtther than take thetroahtetotnrH Into a , MR. Bt^lNE NOT SO *»* «» " Gout -i$ N«w f OBK, Maf 15.— Secretary of State James G. Blaiiie is not so well this morning as he was yesterday. He is gout and passed abad)mght. he was propped up in bed aadi feeling ly. The family induced bin) to^ partake «f some breakfast, Dri -Dftdnjs" flajlftd thif morning and, after eraqi tfijna Mr. Blaine said it vwould be irnpoajtiblifo^hlm to leavy the city before . Monday -»r Tuesday The family are vef y undecided as to plane for depasture. -Dr. Blame's pbjrairaanj this . aftaifnpp|il ««id: morning-Mr. Blatn had an "attack of gout in both fe*t. ffa^wai p«»Mot hi«i from leaving town f pr « f qg days." can atJb\ G. Seaman drug atore. Ipn Striken. \. Pa., fl^ar rijii—Hungarian .,.,, ,., ^ , i two* Italian deputies at JJeith 4W« t tnorning, beating thetti aevarely. The asaailanteihen robbed one of the depu- ? a ™i9d,Tppjr of ,hia, revojivej, watch:and JMlffi^njW.. Bpth,meaw«« bad | lyhurt i . .b^Hungariansjwho made th^ksakult were rebently evicted; ir,on?- ; the ooropaby houaea an^We.veryibitttir. They*<!hieaten , aimijlai treatment ; to ( all ^he Deputies on do^y «t that, phwe ajxd.'.seribijelirouble is feared , ihasbeen withdrawn and the foreigners are desperate. Quietness prevails in atf the other ^plants ( in the region. The qarpentera of. this place' struck (today ;for.laaa hoars and a aUgUt advance in wages. '< •-• • - • ' "'"'''' -'- '•' Conilder tha L.-^^.^ »^vil habit of going toqjoqg wjitbont IftoMdilam orhich niotry beople suffer ; ag*J'<Men ,art In ijoat a^ their abaorbed to aUowad w paa»««d thato . -after maiur tit woman fitboex- ' *' Do not confuse the Fampus Blush of Rose •wth.the many worthless paints, powders loreamaand bleaches which are flooding tba market. (Jet the genuine ef your druggist, M. B. Powell, 75 cents per bottle. And I guarantee it win remove your pimples, (rookies, blackheads, moth, tan and BUB burn, and give you a lovely complexion. 1 • JOBLOT1 JOB LOT1 Hafe just received a job lot of bronze, gilt and antique oak frames for cabinet and 8x10 pictures, which will be sold at thb astonishingly low prices of 5Cc and 76o. Same frames usually sold for more than double the money. Come early to get first choice. ' : tf s. B. SMITH. . . It wpaidbetatewattiigto %aoowfche different naovw ,by .which Ue forms on -;iriaah ^ dreaae*. , ^SBetByV' r'"Ba Maria," .<-The Krdprites one certain«t..Th***ett%raiefarilfly'are,, ftB^aiaB tt/.ba laboriously polite to the o^ne, woman in the house who Bevarjtalka back. OneiiigntHed mail in particular will naewjaich qg ajl tor two stories to fitted with a velvet carpet phfch. to'medical .they Ate) What a a}ck ^e, buta cuie, ami icine lot s oen eical E ia- eveB.'' ThereV no hesitanoe ' '- Of er 4.000 different etylag Q( good* to uelect from at F. 6. STOP! And read this. I have concluded to sell rll-of my stock of groceries and nxtores at cost and go out of the business. M.3o I will sell on and after May tirst just what the goods cost, me at Wholesale. This ofler you never had 'before, so come quick.and get your share. -I will name a few tiings. 60o Tobacco... . 35c SOcTea 400 Clear Salt Pork, boneless 7c 28o Coffee..., 23c 26 bare Soap l^oo 4i$Ib8 crackers...... ;.. 25c Can goods, fresh, from.........8 to lOc Baking, warranted... Uc per lo And everything at just cost. This is V.gneat chance for all who may come. West of the park. • JOHN H. MCNAMES. The Rice Creek mills make the best flour to be had in the city. First class workmen at F. S. Powers'. Ed S. Lewis has opened the Novelty Iron Works on Exchange street and is prepared to do jobbing of all kinds. Engines, Reapers, M*wers and aUkiuds of^arni Machiuery repaired on short notice by expert workmen. Just at this season a specialty is made of re- and sharpening La*vn Mowers. order is solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Before buying Flour, Grain or Feed call at C. A. CHESHEH'S MILLS. All kinds of Feed ground and all kinds of Grain bought and sold. • Hotv Often " We aee some young man who baa squandered his money and ruined his health by ex- oef BCB; and before 30 years of age ia an all broken down and played out man In nil : ea I prescribe nature's tonic andV «aehea°ea i prescribe nature's tonic and'uer- viae. Sulphur Bitters. They supply food laf the brain, strengthen the u.-rvea and are auooosaful nine coses out of ten—Old Physician POWDER Absolutely Pure. A qreaqi of tartar baking 1 powder, iffhest of all in leav.eniug strength —io(e*/ If. S. Goreraaiant Fort port. *,

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