The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 15, 1891 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1891
Page 4
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15,1891. House Cleaning. ' .' Tl. nin Lewis is uow ready to do housr cleaning. Carpets taken up, cleaned and put:down, stoves'taken down, and in fact everything in the way of house cleaning done in a first-class manner at reasonable rates. Very 4,'heap. The farm known as the Tracy farm in Marengo, south of Rice Creek. <• Will be sold very cheap if sold before the 15th of May. S. S; LACEY, Asct. Found at Last. The nicest, most beautiful decorated pattern' in semi-1'orcelaiu of J. G. IMcakin's make (Kngland) ever brought into this city. Ladies who intend to purchase s< mething nice this sprinjr to set their table with, something that cannot be distinguished from real China will do well to call at John Wiseman's and take a look at them before buying elsewhere. . • Price Reduced. NicaPapsy Plants, for 10 cents for two dozen" by Glen McNames, West State street. d m25 Spring Suits made to your order from $20 t,o $30 at F. S. Powers'. There aae thousands of families in Michigan that cannot be induced to use any other remedy in'their families than Columbian Oil. In case of an emergency in any pain., bad cold or inflammation ita action is sure and certain.: For Bale at Greene's drug store. v Who has not had Poor Hose? . No More Whipping. Duncan & Lewis have erected a car* pet cleaning machine on Exchange street opposite John Adams' novelty works. Carpets cleaned at 2J£ cents a yard. Work called for and delivered Call and see it. Don't go without a Spring Overcoat when you can get one made to order for $25 at F. S. Powers'. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorii A v NAlttJfi^Pl|DX: F° B Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, ics, St. YItus Dance, Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In- ebritr, Sleeplessness, Dizzi- . ness, Brain and Spinal Weakness. This medlcine"ha's direct action upon the neive .ocoters, allaying all Irritabilities and IborBasIng the .flow and power of nerve, mSl. It Is perfectly harmless and leaves no unpleasant effects. Our Pamphlet for satierers ot nervous di- ceases will be sent free t» any address, and poor patients can also obtain this medicine tree ot charge from us GOOD RUBBER HOSE could' be bought ten Hf SS ' > v ^° AU Sizes and Pricesat Cost, §oM by dealers to-day contains little or no pure rubber. • our Blue BRAND'HOSE u to ow-/«A<(>n«rf«n5 All who use them adrise their and U made of rvlbber. With good care It should last • ,, . L . Eva or ilx year*. U lit cheap at the price. Ai is gnar- neighbors to do likewise. ThlSiBall SW'a tifr&SfiS I'j&mrW.SSttS we can ask. Over .100 now in usa in brand on every length: . Marshall. All whose residences are on any line of the The Gas Go's, .main pipe, can have service pipe put;in free if they will buy a Qa« Cooking Rang* of The Gas Co.' for Cash and agree to use it. -— *,, w«i«nd!f AH Should Profit hyjjiis Offer Hf yon!cannot get It of your dealer, ws Will send It, • ~T- • *' Tf express paid, on receipt of money. | PfiOOS Of GaS.OoiUnXBiietl 88 TOg 16 GENT BOSTON WOVEN HOSE CO., Mtnf'r*. of Rubber Belting and Packing, 226 Devonshire Street, a«§tbn| 20) Lake St., Chicago! 8 Buth St» San Francisco, Cat This remedy baa.l Paator Koenip, of I ten years, and is ; i tion by the KOEfHI l)r. W. B. Churoh'a prescription file is loft at F. G. Seaman & Co.'u drug store. Any old prescription can be had or renewed by going there. A Card. Mr. Wni. Blankenhoru wishes to no tify the public that he is located East State street, No 412, ground floor, and is prepared to execute all orders for painting, graining and paper hanging, decorating and finishing, making a pecialty of first class work. I employ one but the best .workmen. Also dealer n all kinds of paints and oils, d m!4 Will you part witu yourj dar ling babies in sickness, or call on your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Ointment and Asthmatic Balsam, medicin » that save lives when doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inflammation rf the Luugs, Lung Fever and Typhou Pneumonia, also quickly relieves a i<" Cures Croup, Scarlet Bever, W 1 ooping Cough, 8ore Throat, Burns, S *»lds and similar afflictiont, 25 and 50 cents or by mail? Dk H. SHARPSTEEN, Prbpri- clor, Marshall, Michigan. Price 1 For in prepared, by the Beyerepd Wayne, lad., tor the past prepared Under hia direo- EDIOlNE OO., M.. I'CilCiflO, ILL. DRUOOI$t>- le. « B. Po*eii. BOILERS BTLiPHBN PRATT'B STftAM BOILER WOKKg Established, 1886, Manufacturer of high and low pressure and steam heating boilers of all kind*, "moke pipes, breaohlngs. etc. Old boilers taken In exchange tor new, Rivets, boiler plates anC ooller tubee forsale. Conwr Foundry atreet and Micniran Central B. R tracks. Detroit Mich. T7»OUND AT LAST—Alter years of wandering F over this mundane sphere, I have found a tidy little barber ahop. located at 78 State atreet opposite J. W. Fletcher's plothlnu store This •hop IB under the.; management of Walter W. Clark, who af a tonaorial .artiat ha* few equals and no superiors. His ahop has recently been refitted and lelurnished In elegant style, every thing dainty, neat and clean. Fragrant perfumes, razors smooth as satin, and all mec know what a luxury It is to be trim Jied up In artistic style. He is well posted on Dermatology and if you have a hard beard and tender face call on Waller fora shave. It is aaldth&t he never talked but one of his customers to death, which U<*rUlnly Inhls faror. So if you want a good clean shave orjUsJOT Wr cut, call at 78 0. J. LANE,*- D., formerly with Drs. K. A K. MOTHERS OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Calhonn, as. O Notice is hereby given, that by an order of the.Probate .Court;tor th»County of Calhoun, made on the aarenteenth day of April, A. D., 1891, Biz man$s from (hfttdftte were allowed for creditors tolpreuent their claims against the eswtet of Qseajr M. O'Keefe, late of said County, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claim's to said Probate .Court* at th»fxohatal office, in the City of Marshall, tor examination and allowance, on or before the seventeenth day of October next. Dated April w. *f^ iraoiBgOL : 4wka • Judge of Probate- Cinmati, Jaton & Maclinai W ALSTON H. BROWN, Eeoelver. Time table taking effect Dec. 7, 1890. Trains pass Marshall as follows: THUMB OOIHO 1AST. JCo, 88, Toledo Express • H, Cincinnati Express ; « 81, Mall aad Express 1 » 87, Local Freight 600pm TRAINS OOINU WXBT. rfo.82, Mall and Express,... 8'18 p n 8. einolnnati at B. C. Express 621 p «n 8? Express.... l«68an> 88;Local Freight «*7»H. All trains daily.except Sunday. Direct connections are made at Toledo and Cincinnati with: all roada diverging Trains 81 and 98 make good oonneetlon at Mon- Wlth with the Q. R. 4'!., and at Allegan with the C. A W, M. for Grand Aaplds, Muskegon and all points hertk. V B DRAKE, Gen. M'g'r. T. C.»M. 80HINDLBB. Gen. Pa*s. A«t». •J, J. MOADUMW. Agt-TMarsha}!. istered by eachjpeteir eepa rately eachmonth wul be FOR LIGHTING When nnder 5,000 oubifc feet, |2.00 per 1,000 oufar-feet. When, s.OOO and, under 10,000 aubio feet, 6 per cent, less •rfliOOi When 10,000 or Baore cubic feet, 10 per cent less or $1.80. FOR COOKING When under 1,000 cubic feet ISJper cent less or $1.70. When 1,000 cubic feet or more, 29 pur cent less or $1.<H>. A discount of ten cents per 1,009 aiibio feet will be made on At I a. bOVO rateswhen bills are paid oh or before lOth of month when due, but trvnoeaae un- Ieaa pa Id by that date. THE MABSHAtli LIGHT 00 TIME TA^LE, NOV. 30, 1890. BTl.nOKS. 'Jhlcago,Lv...., Wliut it, Jobn That made your face BO free and clear from pimples, said bis sweetheart.. Why, don't 'you know, Eva? For over a year I took. everything I could think of without helping m-, then I bought two bottles of Sulphur Bitters, and uow. I haven't one pimple on my face. It is the b?at blood cleanser I ever saw. To the Afflicted. . Since the introduction of Esllog'a Columbian Oil it lias made more permanent cures and given better eatiafaction on Kidney oom- piaini,« and UheumaHim than ony known remedy. Its continued aeriea of wonderful cures in ai. climates baa made it known as a safe and reliable ageut to employ against all sine* aud pains, which axe the forerunner* * of more eeriouB disorders. It ao^s speedily anl surely, always relieving wufterinK s>nd often saying lifa. The protection it affords bj UB timely u-e on rheuniatiam, kidney affection, and all aches and pains, wounda, aramp- mg paiuti, ch jlera morbus, diarrbcea, coughs. coIcU, catarrU.AuJ diaordera. among children^. m&kea it au invaluable remedy to be kept al-" \va>B on hand in every home. No person oa? afford without it, and .thoxe who have ouoe used it never will. It «_ kbac^utely oar-, taiu in ita remedial effects, " r iud will always cure wbeu cures are poBaiule. Oallat Greene's drug store and get f circa lar giving more full details of the oorative properties of tuii wondtiriul me<uoiue. F^r ail innauunatjLons of the bronchial tubes or bad oolps, Kelloggs'e Columbian Oil is a splendid remedy. A few 4ropa should be tak,eh clear on sugar every three' of four hours,' and bathe the throat and chest t\yo or- three times, a day. It gpecclily allays the imtatipus.l ticklings and itching, • and creates a healthy action, and u complete cure is readily effected.,, Eor $aJe it Gjreene'a drug store. • Cr> for Cutarik WiW^WF^W TRUTHS FOR THE SKiK. For those deathl njm will bejpaid for a case whore SUL- i BHTKES aot assist or eure. never fails. when you aee imparities bnrst- Sou-arm Bnrrxift will cure Liver Com- you jip majk*i yqn stroo|;*M aMam, uaeabottle to-night, and feel better S TATE OF MICHIGAN, 1 , THI OiBovrr COUBT FOB THB v In Chancery. COUNTT or OALKOD H- I Datea April tlst, A. p.. 1891, NKWTOS, ) . Complainant, Vi. AMBLIA NBWTDN, Defendant.: Salf pending la the Circuit Court for the County of Calhonn in Chancery, at MarsJmlli Michigan, on tbeaist day of April, A. D., 1891. In this cause it appearing from affidavit on file, that the Defendant, Amelia Newton, has departed from her last known place of residence, and that her residence cannot be ascertained, on motion of Jess» M. Hatch, Complainant's spile- Uor, it Js ordered that the said defendant, I Amelia Newton, cause her, appearance to be en I tered herein, within five month* from .the date of this order, and in oaae ot her appearance that \ she cause her answer to the Complainant's Bill of Complaint to be Hied, and a copy thereof to be served on said Complainant's Solicitor within twenty days after service on her ol a copy of said bill, and notice ot this order; and that in default thereof aa'd bill be taken as confessed by the said non resident Defendant. And it la furtber ordered, that within twenty days the said Complainant cause a notice of this order to be published in the Daily Chronicle, a newspaper printed, published and circulated in Mid county, and that each publication be continued there at least once In each week, for six weeks la succession, or that ha cause a copy of this or J»r to be personally served on said nonresident defendant, at least twenty days before the time Above prescribed '-- k — -——•»— Bat tie Creek... Marshall, Dp... Aiitlon Jackson.t Detroit Buffalo. m. L'al Pass a u sir 7.i 7G5 tinflalo. Detroit, Lv Jackson. .. Albion.... MarehaJl . . Battle Cr'k eCaUunaeoo OMca|to l Ar 64fi a.m. Pact Cx.* p. ax 1260 9M 1150 18 U 18 M 1 21 817 BOB a.m. Circuit' Court Commissioner Calhoun County, ^ Complainant's Solicitor. A true copy : Attest. • ' " 'WILLIAM J. GREGG, - -.•".' Eeglaserin Chancery. Wood's THE CBEAT KMOt. Jsed tor Sejrearr a thoii »ni>os suo- ibiftulT. Qvar- infffdfo oi*r« all oria* of Merrons .Voakneu, - ' N.T. limited ezpreaswhion leavas Chicago at <.19 p. m. .will stop at Marshall to let oft paasen- from Chicago. irdaysexoepted *l»a41. . O. W. BOOtOliBB, Qen. Paaa. * . 3«o. A, JamaoM. Freight Agent. C. B. OBBORK, Ticket Ajcent, Marshall GRAND PAUCE HOTEL 81tol03»erlliCla?lStNet BBMEDY. ofYouttrulfoUr *nd theexceayes later xean. of. Ask druggists phodlMjtakeno 4 minutet from C6urt Houte. Both Plan*. Waakiy, $3.00. Tr»n»l«htt, 50o up. ^ Restaurant by ' 7 LATK CHld.80 CX.UB, CHJlf . POPULAH PK1CB8. Cut this oat for further rflterisnee. Bold in MaHball by F. G. Seaman A Oo. CHICAGO INVESTMENTS -: For aafe Investments, apply to ALLEN, OPDYKE & ALLEN " ; " RWkl fpWe und Loaof. Booms ij»-?0,ltoirta>»k BoHdin^, 115 Monroe St., " CHICAGO, I1JU. . permission to, Lymao J. (-^HP, Fiwt ' OhiokKO. U>8ttn C, Mi^qf, 0.8. H. 9, Burfor4, #*nk of Any man of Common 8ena«. kn«FS A»t j a lot la the heart of the city t>f Chlos^9,at .9500, U a bet^ terinve«tm«nt than • UOiD BOW-taS FOR HF1? CENTS, You can secure tuoh lota at thai price and leas by Joining the , ie40T8, ' :. - IS* SHARES. eiliotW 150 feet deep, front otfthe Boulevard |600 p*r «hare iaclodiog »bsteMt with lot, Mde ' ' Tltlap Perfect, Term* Very f a»y For rurther partiottUirt A'ddrw« to WBTH ^ COOHKAN. St. CHICAGO, ^ti ' V

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