The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on May 15, 1891 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1891
Page 1
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1K)L XH-NO 215: MARSHALL, MICH., FRIDAY MAY 15,1891. PRICE TWO CENTS METALLIC MILLINERY, THE WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENT THJE ART OF WEAVING. IN A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. —Superior to every other known. Uied in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard. 'Ddkfcmt Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky . Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable • : • T; and Wholesome. MeodtO baking powder does such weak. SHILOH'S 60NSU IN PTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Care is trkhool m jwillel in the history of medicine; Alldr^gjtfsti> ac authorized to sell it on a pos-.Mm guarantee, a test other cure can sue- ^twshuly stand. That it may become known, •'•' the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are ; placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home to A»"United States and Canada, (f you have -•Cpagh, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for -it will cure'you. If your child has the Croup, •Cr Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and ruliui -it-sore. * If you dread that insidious CoMumution, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and t)t,OO. If your Longs are sore or Back lame \.a Shiloh'a Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. Do you know that you can 1 >uy a chimney to fit your lamp iiiat will last till some accident happens to it ? Do you k '.o\v that Macbeth's " peai 1 top " or " pearl glass '* is that chimney ? You can "have it—your dealer wiltget it—if you insist on it. He may tell you it costs him three times ap much jwsqrm; others. That is true. He. ji>ay say ttiey are just as <*x>d. Doii't,you believe it-r- they n?ay b^: batteri for him; may like, tl\e breaking. '' ' * Some of the Different Method* Employed Reproducing in Metal—Figures Heretofore Woven in Silk, XJnen and Wool. All Finer Kinds of Metal* Used. ' The fashion which began some time ago of trimming the collar and cuffs of women's dre sea with . lace, network and. other articles in metal, has not been confined to the daughters of Europe and' America, but has struck a responsive chord in the savage breasts of the denizens of Africa. From all parts of the Dark Continent conies a cry for the cheap and gaudy metal millinery > of Christendom.' The derail nd is particularly large 1 from the communities where brass, copper anij other wire has long been employed as an ornament for the neck* arm, wrist, waist and ankle. The practice is followed by the warriors as well as the women, and is said'to produce very picturesque results. In Christendom the practice, ha^ gradually grown to rather large prpportiens. According to a late price list the viefcate employed to make the fabric* are gold, platinum, gold plate, silver, silver plate, nickel, steel, German silver, pewter; lead and Berlin iron. The articles mannfact^ ored include collars, collarettes, waistbands, belts, sashes, braid, lace, crochet work and embroidery. Over 8,000 designs *ze in (hf tnarket already, and more than twenty, manulactnr- en advertise to reproduce auy ffesi^n within a reasonable time to please either jobber or retailer. Intone system the goods, are produced in the rough by passing sheets' of metal between embossed cylinders of hardened steel.•' This makes the oheanjBf and poorest work in the market. U It is chiefly employed iu>manufacturing metal collars, belts and attachment for hanging watches, handkerchiefs atu} etbooks to the waist. Its only adV; is that it enables a poor girl to bay a 6 washed belt for $1 which resembles in a faint way a handsome silver one coating |40 or more. The rolls will not tarn out fine goods such as lace work and the'like.' METHODS OF MA^JSG. A second method employs dies; run steam power and the requisites metal rol _n sheets of high tensity. Formerly it was difficult to get dies and stamps to do really ine and delicate work. The coinage of silver and gold and the embossing of ^4 > were about the highest points- reached. Recent improvements in mechanical science and art have brought in a.waatohange (or the better,! and now «nable'4)u* metalsmith to stamp out fabrics as delicate as Brussels' lace. In a series of experiments, .according, to this mode of manufacture, admirable reproductions in steel, tin and r aluminium; bronze were made of .ferns, cycads, Nottingham lace and crochet work. The work is exquisitely delicate and can be brought down to a thickness not much exceeding silver foil. The imitation of fabrics is excellent, especially that of lace work. A steel collarette, .to ba fastened to the outside of a cloth coat collar, is mjde by this method with such clean cut can be. poroducedsucE .a« .no. "point'^ ever displayed, <lff|th.; the properikindof metal, tb* durability of. mil theBeitBwIttgled art products approaahe»lndestractiMiit) i The cost of this textile t*£xe*fai«jen i greater or the dies. ..-., The . and, the expense* rapidly with Uw IntrJcacy of the design employed and the flmaesn of the wire, • i,: ' .,. .1 ,!-> • v ,<•• • .'a.'i ( ,,, ; ... , A fourth process ba*hbeat»viiitrodnced from Paris. Any article to be reproduced to immersed in a strong basil and exposed .jy.^jgyjffy •to.&sHrft** h 2* electricity and powerful reagents. • -'The tttbms of toe article ore abstracted wider ed wider the** conditions •• and replaced by thus* of any metals, deaired, vAjnqng, tfce things thus .treated may be 'shells and minute fishes.- Words fail to describe, the marrelens fidelity with which and; line, >• copied in the 8TOP1 And road this. I have concluded to sell ill of my stock of groceries nnd fixtures at cost and go out of the business. So I will soil' oh and after May Hrst just what the goods cost mo at .wholesale. This offer you never had before, so come quick and get your share. I will name a few tiings. 606 Tobacco. . ...,.• ............. .... i .85c "W JL Vtt* ••••»•••••*• •«<••*••*••••••• t^UC . Jlear Salt Pork, boneless ........... .7c 28o Coffee ...... . ................. ,..23c 20 bars Soap ................ .....|1 00 Ibs crackers ..... ............... 25c Jan Eoods, fresh, from ....... ..8 to lOc. taking, warranted. . . S)c per lb And everything-at just cost. This is k great chance for all who may come. rVest of the park. • JOHN H. The "fuSt" ipf a'geranium leaf' and,ersn tt*i*ntftrn»o* a fly are thus reproduced, faultlessly,,/This process is the most bean- tifnl as Veil as the most costly of [all the new onesJdeseribed. '(It rbqalres^ie highest mnchantrtU^nd fcrtariU flffsttittto aecare any result *hsteTer: < 'Wbti* td biany cases it reproduces tbe-Uost exqnlalie fabrics, 1 y*t the conditions of 'BTieceas *vejnot thor- oogfaly understood as- >e*j' so'Utat its fail- •ure* *r6 numerous a^diieoiua*: tag.' • The hut process-Bee^B*" 1 ^ posjjefrq a great fnturescientin^vmlue- r^- : preMrviUR permanently 1 the 1 forms of "ri»«»»> and table life.—Drake's •W&i •faf makW J^ Uie'^yweiBteBt" wOr ,of aA, t«eJ ptecVof 7 Whm> «d, no Uning, as they an to be worn over the first white stockings. They piece does a%Jba restf csmbag ay ONLY ITS OF BISEAU. Iktrioie ttortt to fine Ui«mi*lTt(. bwwlag how to ivcceufnUr Mr F THE HORRID $NAKE8 la de*p*ir uid niuk luia »o cwlj U EKKOB1 Tktre k tlSif \\ I OUR NEW BOOK Mnt tne, pwt-Dild, (»aled} e4 tniic.*'xplalas tk* pUtloupkr «( 91MM- M M>4 iMIction* ot tb* u ot Kan; and bow by ME TREATMENT,' iutxl* uicln»iT«lT our own. tat wont tmrnt* at lU»>oe«. erromi D*9! Bo«r . in gathers. All the seam i* featheratitched o^both the ankle small slits are cat in ribbon" of white. The smaller piece of 'I'he Rice Creek mills make tho b,est flour to be had in the citj. First class workmen at F. S. Powers'. bow. These would be equally dainty made of piai] blue- argosy kid; the ribbon should exactly match.—Housekeeper's Weekly. jjyetanyof -•• • k ^ T ordinary eia^eriine inay beooine tbfooo- of a~d«*dly ^eanwii. — KUotria : It's "" f or the idea, ly ignorant and fine lines as to suggest the finest of the jeweler's art. ," •, ' , The third system consists lq »P modifying the knitting machine and the laoa loop, as to allow the use. of metallic threads instead of others. The first experiment |n this line probably took place in the suor cessfnl production- of, wire netting. The uext step lay iu the braidiog and w^avigJBt of wire into all sorts of patterns. The third step was easy, and brought wire,, weaving • down to a common level with' all other kinds, . Metal work has thte over linen, woolen, cotton and rilk. It can be drawn into threads of' almost mathematical perfection, and through sab- sequent treatment with chemicals can be made almost finer than th^ human ey^fpn perceive. When jsuch filament* as are employed in weaving thq web is more delicate tbaa the the poeta. Py using a form, of the quard loom it is possible to weave col pictures in metaJ, osinfc r«d, green and low gold, white or black silver, gray 4 .JD 55 ^.! __ * •« ^« ^ JH ^t_^ J t i , patent tdidiaines are ;The A^Jora'fpater this e^ -we're told, "are most- it comes to medical ! \-What a.aick b|i| a cui e, and _ le jnedicine for Pierce's Golden Medical Dis¥«». tteliejves" and the 'Vnere's 'no heaitanoe bl Bow Often We sae some young man who has squandered hia money and rained his heilib by ex- lesses; and before" 30 years of age i^ an -all neken down and played out man In ull BOoh oases I prescribe nature's tooio aud ner- fine. Sulphur Bittern. They supply food lor the-brain, strengthen the nervea and a r e inoooeafal nine oosea; put of ten—Old Phvai- eian ^ m doctors went the doctors IS»I ly. The makers hear becafasth>F-:neTer keep »?rrrJS:3Zi ^jj, to do on that pardon. Donotoonfose the Famous Blush of Rose the many . worthless paints, powders oreams'and bleaches which are floodini? tha market. (Jet the genuine ef your druggist. M. R Poweil, 75 cents per bottle. Aud I rumrsntee it will remove your pimples, [rookies, blackheads, moth, tan and sunburn, and give you a lovely complexion. 1 JOB LOT1 JOB LOTl Have Just received a job lot of bronze, sjilt and antique oak frames for cabinet and 8x10 pictures, which will be sold at the astonishingly low prices of 5Cc and 75c. Same frames usually sold for more than double the money. Come early ^o get first choice. tf S. B. SMITH. Ed S. Lewis has opened the Novelty Iron Works on Exchange street and, is prepared to do jobbing of all kinds. Engines,, Reapers, Mowers and all kinds of Farm Machinery repaired ( on short notice by expert workmen. Just at this season i specialty is made of repairing and sharpening La*rn Mowers. A trial order is solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed. Before buying Flour, Grain or Feed call at C. A. CHEsntiR's MILLS. All tinds of Feed ground and ^11 kinds of Grain bought and sold... OTmi¥WT- : "---. POWDER Absolutely Pure. *- * A cream of tartar baking powder. Highest of *ll in leavening strength, —Utot V. 9. 8oHr**6§t fwtf '

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