Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1964 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1964
Page 10
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O«c. 30, 1H4 GI*b*.Giitttt, M«.on City, fa. fgf^gl f'SlSil Ooow! 7-foot Watusis in a zone By BOB GREEN NEW YORK (AP) — "I'll destroy the game of basketball," chortled Joe Lapchick, the very successful coach at St. John's and center on the orignal Celtics. "We'll win 'em all 1-0." Then to Ken Norton, Manhattan coach: "You want a job, Ken? make you a fjreat coach." kidding — maybe — when he talked about his approaching retirement and an African offe he has, "It's a bonafidc offer," Lap chick insisted. "I'm gonna go coach the Walusis." t Then the 64-year-old who re tires at the end of the season explained: I'll Tvc been coaching in the . .. East a lot of years now. When Lapchick whose career spansiwe get a kid f>-foot-7 we. figure half the life of the game, was]man, this is the year. We've goi &—>. SUC.'AU HOWL UKCOU1)—Thcron Lewis, Southern University of Baton Rou^o, wins (ha '100-inctcr clash ovent in New Orleans for a new Siijw Bow! record of :<!(>.9. Lewis, the first Nc^ro ever to compete in I lie SiiKur Howl track and field meet, was named (he outstanding performer. Shockers lose final Wichita coach won't return to Quaker City one. Our forwards go fi-1, 6-2. Then these Western teams — Michigan, Cincinnati — come in and they go R-7, 6-7, 6-6 and 6-5. It's, discouraging. "Now, I'm retiring, you know. My daughter Jives in Uganda. I've got a friend over there, Harry Kngland. He made me this offer. "You see, the Watusis used to be the warrior tribe there. A runt goes 6-10. Bui the Bantus got real powerful and kicked them out and they're wandering f(round the out-hack now. So Harry figured it would he a good thing, restore confidence, pride, that sor,t of thing, if we found something for them to do Contract Bridge •y •. JAY IECKER Top record-holder in m«tt»n' individual championship play THE ENDPLAY South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH *Q74 91083 WEST 4 A 963 «• 4 J10973 K10753 EAS* 4K108 485*2 + AJ6 SOUTH 4 J52 * AKQ6542 4 AK The bidding; Smith IVest JVnrtfi 3J Pass INT Kant Pass Opening lead — jack of dia- they could do rt-al (,'ood, "Like basketball. "So I'm Koing to jjo coach Ihri ---- Walusis and I'll destroy thoi ;ame of basketball. I "Can't you just imagine five seven-footers playing a zone? Think of all those arm.s up here. We wouldn't have to seore. We'd win 'em all one to monds. 'I'Jie term "endplay" is a misnomer in bridge, since an end- Televised Drake vs. St. Louis Saturday DES MOINES —Drake's bas- Ihose five seven-footers'^ 0 " 1 "" squad returned (o prac "I'm going to think about it. A I. first I didn't think I was in- .erested, but now I'm not sure. I'll 'think about it. I'll think 1 arms up." |'iee Tuesday afternoon as the Hulldogs befjin to prepare for their heavy Missouri Valley Conference warfare. The Bulldogs, fi-3 after their 87-(i!l spanking of Northwestern of the Rig 10 Saturday, open the Missouri Valley Conference TV series in a 1:30 p.m. clash at St. Louis Saturday. Then fhc Drakes tackle Louis- NEW YOIIK (Al 1 ) — Coach villc Monday before returning Fast to rely on rookies in AFL clash will he relying on Associated Wichita By MIKE RATHET Pi-ass Sports Writer bnsketbnll coach tho things thai were .said wore pretty bad. The funs are too Ciiry Thompson didn't fly a kite hut the way he figures it he not a bigger -shock in Philadelphia As for the officials, Thompsnti|Worlh .snid they were "mil consistent! ami t .on Saban ivc, rookies when he sends his Oaslern Division American •'ootba 11 League. All-Stars igainsl Sid Gillman's Western iquad at Now Orleans' Sugar liwl .Jan. Ifi. Tho East has rookie running Hicks Matt Snell of New York nut Sid Blanks of Houston along vilh Buffalo's .Jack Kemp, Albert Duhenion, Cookie Gil- •hrist and iloslon's Hahe I'arilli n its backfield. Other first-year men on Sa- Kin's sciuad are center Jon Mor•is of Boston and defensive cor- icrbacks George Byrd of Buf- 'alo and I>ete Jaqiiess of Hous- lon. (1 ill m an, whose San Diego Chargers lost (he AFL title game to Sa ban's Buffalo Hills, ins o;io freshman on his West cam — fullback Mack Lee Hill of Kansas City. In addition to Hill, th» Wast is Clem Daniels and Hilly Can. non of Oakland, Abner Haynes of Kansas City, and Keith Lin- cnln of San Diego ID handle the running. San Diego's Lance Al- in their culls. I disagree than Hen Franklin. jllie tempo. There is mure "Tin's is the, last time I'll contact hero. Ihiui in the come here," Thompson said west." Tuesday night after his second- ranked Wheatshockers were beaten by lOlh-riinked St. Joseph's, Pa., 77-(i9 in the championship game of the Quaker City Basketball Tournament. Thompson's complaints were nboul the fans and, of course, the officiating. "1 don't bave rabbit cars," Raid Thompson, "liul some of hotly Mitl- 'I'lu- WhiMlshockcrs had 2'.\ personal fouls called against them liy referee-, .lohn Stevens nrul Jim l.ctiiiini lei la f () r si. Joseph's— and jirhuilly lost lhi> giiiiu- jit Ihi- fnul tc go i is (iillmnn's flan kerb nek 'ii Dawson nf Kansns City and John Hadl »f San Diego are the West's quarterbacks. Weekly sports special by CBS returns Jan. 10 home to face the Bills at Vets Auditorium on Jan. 0. Conch Maurice John gave the Bulldogs a post-Christmas holiday of two days after their fine performance against the Wildcats in lhc> Chicago Stadium Saturday night. The victory evened Drake's record for Stadium games (they lost to Brandeis there in 19. r >U- VI) and also their Northwestern series, having lost to the Wildcats in 1925-27. The 32 points hy Gene West in the Stadium affair not only marked a career high for the Ames senior hut also were the most by a Drake player since (Ins (riiyclon ran wild at Brad- Icy to net 35 points in 19<>0-61. St. Louis wins first game under its new coach ST. LOUIS (API-Coach Hichi<- d'ucrin of tho St. Louis Hawks could almost he heard yawning on the bench. Tuesday play need not occur near the end of a hand but may weil take place in the middle or even at the beginning of a hand. The endplay is one of the best methods available to declarer for gaining a trick he might otherwise have to lose. It occurs when declarer throws a defender into the lead at the right moment and thereby forces that defender to make a trick-losing return. Sometimes declarer must lay the groundwork for the eventual- endplay, but at other times <Je-l clarer finds that nature has per-j formed this chore for him. Here! is a case where declarer, near ; the start of the hand, found aj situation practically ready-made for an endplay. ! West led a diamond. South took it with the king and played the ace of hearis, West showing! out. Had both defenders followed 1 suit, the contract would auto-! matically have been made by drawing another round of! trumps and leading the queen of! clubs. But when West showed out, South had to watch his step. He slopped drawing trumps in order to effect an endplay. He first cashed the ace of diamonds and then Jed the queen of clubs. East was forced to take the ace, but could not make a return that would defeat the contract. When he led back a trump. South was able to win it in dummy. He then discarded a spade on the king of clubs and thus made four hearts. If South had not cashed the second diamond trick before, leading the queen of clubs, hcj would have gone down. Easlj would have taken the club and! returned a diamond, and South! would then have had to lose three spade tricks regardless of how he played. The outcome would have been the same if it had developed that West had the ace of clubs. Any play he made after taking the ace would have limited South to two spade losers. NBA picks All-Stars Four chosen unanimously NEW YORK (AP) — Look al the National Basketball Association slali.stics tables and it's easy to see why every writer and broadcaster who voted for the NBA All Stars picked Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Will Chamberlain and Jerry West. Robertson. Russell, Chamberlain and West were the four, unanimous selections for the, two All Star squads that will meet in Si. Louis Arena Jan. 15.| i Robertson, Cincinnati's daimglit: "It's a snap. There's/.ling guard, leads the NBA in •••>thing to this coaching." assists. Boston's Russell is the' All ho had to do was sit back league's lop rebounder. Cham-' and ,/atch his Hawks nice away berlain of the San Francisco from the Sail Francisco War- Warriors is the leading scorer; riors 122-11)4 gun offense pleased Ben Hie Natioiiiil cialion club. a run-ami- and West, Ihe Los Angeles must have standout, leads in field goal per- Kerner, owner of centage. Basketball Asso- The game wns the first for the Hawks under (Iiierin, who This would be the finest and most expensive bourbon in the world, V Glefimojt ...ifthe^price were higher. filmed Miens' two ni«hls pull.,, o,l by lhe| Tlu> o)n , ni Hawks, extended (heir unbnilcn fe;i| m -e t h t .string 11) III ;uul continued local^i,,!,,,!,.,,!^,.;. inastery nf the <l-.vca.-ol,! torn-- 1 ,.,,,,,!,!,,,,,;,,,,', namciil. SI. Joseph's also woi jlho tournament in !%1! while t | H , Washing Vill«ri«.v« ami LaSalle won the Washington, lie'." "V-nl'is.'uin"' others, ,. "N.Miiui. horn-teen programs, featurin. Sixth-ranked tllinois, which ;l diversified schedule of lead- dropped a 7.V7I derision to St.i 111 ^ sporls evenl.s, will be pre- Joseph's Monday night, tooKJ*' 1 ' 1 '' 1 '' on Sunday afternoons third place in (he tournament:" 11 ' 1111 *!" April II. ; with a 7<M>r> victory over Villa-l In all, l!ii events will be seen! novjl - ! "i l">" M programs. Scheduled Besides Wichila, on!\ ' " '" '~ er ranked team was in a tide game Ti>c-..',,y seventh -rated ' .Jianu walloping"* Memphis S'.iie ;u <;« m the! Memphis Slate Classic, Miami of Klorida won |he [Hurricane Classic al Miami by clowning Maryland 80-7H. Davidson annexed die Charlotte Invitational wild an HI fi;i triumph over Ohio t'niversily, Penn Stale nice,! Octroi! 7fv7H in the i • - - - - .-• ,-.••.• ii •. mi [/I v. HU*Y [71 «l V ^ Harlem] am [ n | M , iu |ji).st our fast break. I limf ![ lo jbelieve we have the personnel to aml ' Ulink The players named Tuesday — eight each from the Easlern and Western teams — will he ncxl week by two addi- players selected by the New York failed in Ihe initial vot- rulcs say each at least one man so a Knickcrbock- be one of the two Eastern stars added. fiaim>s uled Tuesday night m ,^ 01 ' •'""• '" ; " 1(< "" v I'niled Slates '<!''aml Prix al Wntkins C,|en. N. Lenny Moore cites tension of pro gridders Chosan lo the Eastern with were Phi were sched-'ciotis Jackson in the NBA.'Boston's Sam jHeinsohn and teanv Rus-' and Hal Grecr, Jone.s and Tom Wayne Embry and Jerry Lucas of Cincinnati. Selected for the West with Chamberlain and West, were Walt Bellamy and Gus Johnson of Baltimore, l,en Wilkens and Bob Pottil of St. Louis, Elgin (Baylor of l.os Angeles and Tor- ClllCACO — Grid great Lenny '">' nischingcr of Detroit, of the Baltimore Colts! - os •;J It>t>t ' !l ' (lie Kintf of His Court.I Moon in soflhall learn, The'doesn'l want any part of foot-; les Invitalional Track ball when his playing days arc be featured on Jan 'over, he confides in the January jissue of Kbony. " ; oilier sporis events toi "' Just want lo be a sperta- finals of Tmirna- be broadcast arc the Die All-SI.'ir Howling inenl in Philadelphia, the Oar- misch Ski Jumping Tournament, Ihe tor," says the nine-year veteran of Professional football. He ex- perls to play tun or three more seasons. Pro ball. Moore says in the , Stale t'lified Detroit 7fvVn in lhei'" p Norlh American Figure Pro ball. Moore says in the iMntor City Classic wrapup and • sk;ll '"« Cliampinnships. the Ku- Ebony iirticle. is a grinding Baylor defeated Cleruson i;,s-,v.) r , o ' 1o;ln Toilr of "'^ Flnridn State routine with players suffering a f"i the championship of I he ( '' l ' UN ' " u> ; ^^ 11 Indoor Traek'slrain .just before a cnrne thai Poiiusellia Classic at Greenville '"'"' '''''''' ( ' ll:ll "Pi"ns]iips, and; Moore says is "unbelievable " S.C. 'II'" N'atmnal Water Ski Cliam-j "I've seen guys throw up'in l>ii>nslni». Ihe divssinK room. The tension c . ,., Also the World Acrobatic tics .v«' >'P in knots until von get N Tf\ T t*l A m \19TL \tt f\r* /M...........: ..i_'._ . i *. .. .*!.«< /: * i . ' r *' Sfottlemyre won 23 games counting record in minors NKW YORK ifl—Yankop rook- pitcher Md Slottli-myiT won World Acrobatic Championships, t h o National Slock Oulhoard Motorhoal Championships, National llnrc and Hound Molorcyck- Championships, the World Profession Iho drrssint; room. The .„..., tics you up in knot.s imli! you pot thon hall," Moorr dorlarcs Ebony arlirlo. Tho veteran halfback who won Open 'til ? ? ? New Year's Eve* TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT —Open Evory Evening— Nr\l To Ytmnkrrt first hump on tho field; you settle down and play in the Uookie-of-the-Year honors back in tnnfi recalls that when injuries; plagued him last year ' :tl Trampoline Championships, ie pitcher Mel Slottlemyre won (he Women's World Softball 23 Rantes for (he season. jChnmpion.ships, l!)ii-l Th<irough-|("«t;<«-u mm last year rumors The r>-foot-2 residenl of Mab-' ln ' 0(l Champions, and hunling'snread that he wanted to quit! ion, Wash,, compiled a Kl-ll rec- l;m<1 fishing specials. "I went to the front office and ,ord for Richmond, Va., in the •[ " ' Odebolt bowler Inlernntional League and a !KI record nfter being broufihl up lo Ihe Yankees. In the World Series he beat the Cardinals, fi-.'i, in (he second game. He left game 5 trailing 2-0 due- to care less Yankee infield play. Relief man Pete M i k k c I s e n was .charged with the. 5-2 defeat, the result of a Tim McCarvcr three- run homer in Ihe 10th. (old them I intended to play after my injuries cleared up", snid Ihe .1! -year-old scatback. ' ! rolls 300 game OnEROLT iff — Everett Wun schcl of Odebolt bowled a per fcrt 3IX) Ramc, the first in fivciM inch tube down thcTnoul of years at Odcboll '---••• • '•• niglil. Bowling PAST FUELING Owners, of fuel docks pay attention lo this one: Solder a — _... inch tube down the years at Odebolt Lanes Tuesdayjtlic big funnels y?u use to fill Blue sas (anks with.' Tube allows of air inside lank lo escape, makes! |pouring faster with no spills, i 4 in the PIER 18 Hwy. IS _ L*k« FEATURING THE BERVETES UNTIL JAN. 2 • NEW YEAR'S EVE Party reservations now available. Al! kinds of party favors and fun. SURFER LOUNGE Cl«»r L«h«, low. PHMW FL 7-2741 D»c. 281h Through Jan. 9th THE CASUALS D*c«mb«r 30 THE POM POMS NEW YEAR'S EVE Both Group* Appearing Continuous Entertainment Cev*r Ch«r»« $1,00 P*r Person Selling To Capacity Seating Only • N«w Ya»r'« Haf*_ H«rn»— Nois«maktr« •CELEBRATE New Year's - Q o! Ar The . . w -z*« Castaways Utf^ ^_J ^—"^ . ^ 105 S. Delaware 423-9754 Hats — Horns — Noise Makers . . . Sam* Reservations Being Taken!' We Wish All Our Friends & Customers A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! JL Mai, m \aAon ^srio Is Playing Nightly For Your Entertainment Swing With Your Friends At The "Red" This New Year's Eve 16 South Delaware WINSTON KEITH And The NEW YORKER CELEBRATE NEW YEAR'S EVE AT THE RITZ • NO COVER • NO MINIMUM • FINE FOOD So. Shore, Clear L«k« u/ine presents | f New Year's Eve t'' ^ ?i Enjoyment j* fun, favors, fellowship ; f free Midnight Supper \ r.. served Midnight to 1 A.M. \ No special entertainment. \ Anyone and everyone is welcome to play the piano ; and sing along. Happy New Year! : JjQTtL The Will Be CLOSED NEW YEAR'S EVE And NEW YEAR'S DAY Open January 2nd "Serving Food To Crow About'" •\\ v "<> HAPPY NEW YEAR •From The PARK INN HOTEL CAFE And LOUNGE Ring In The New Year With Us! Register In Our Check Room For CASH PRIZES To Be Given.Every Half-Hour Nothing To Buy—Everyone May Participate— Starting 12:30 P. M. to 12:30 A. M. GALA NEW YEAR PARTY In Our Lounge Entertainment By: Bill And His Violin Hals and Noisemakers • • • New Year's Day We Invite You To Watch The ROSE BOWL PARADE ON COLOR TV IN OUR LOUNGE • • • New Year's Dinner Served 11A.M. lo 8 P. M; In Out- Cafe or Lounge No Minors Allowed In Lounge You'll enjoy "DEAR AEBY" a daily feature in the Globe-Gazette SURF BALLROOM Clear Lake, Iowa Phone FL 7-2419 WEDNESDAY. Dec. 30th— 8:30 to 12:30 Collegiate New Year's Party Hats — Horns — Balloons — Noisemakers THE CASUALS Roy Haven, Emcee—Admission $1.25 Each NEW YEAR'S EVE MODERN DANCING New Year's Favors — Hats— Horns and Etc. ALLEN WELCH and ORCH. Assured Seating Available Admission— Seating and Checking— $2.00 Per Person FRIDAY, Jon. 1st, 1965 HAPPY NEW YEAR FREE-Hot Dogs and Coffee ANDY DOLL and BAND SATURDAY. Jan. 2nd— 8:00 to 12:00 Collegiate Holiday Special Fint English Group To Appear In North Iowa "A Summer S«n»" "Willow W*«p For Me" CHAD Stewart JEREMY Clyde Bobby Goldtboro— Ronnie Cockr*i>« Jimmy Ford and Th« Executives Admission $1.l7~Plu« Tax T«»«l— $2.00 i APPEARING NOW Miss Jeanette La Mour Big New Year's Eve Party Featuring EDDIE RANDALL and the FABULOUS DOWNBEATS 3 SPECTACULAR FLOOR SHOWS • Hats • Horns • Favors Admission: Only 50c L S 23-25 1st N. E, You'll enjoy "Dear Abby" a daily feature in the Globe-Gazette

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