Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 29, 1964 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1964
Page 14
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BUZ SAWYER ( PANGTMOSI CCCSC/, X I MUST HAVE A V BUSTED PROP/ ^—<_ . - _J For ALL fho New*, Read hSe GUb*-S»iett« HE GIVES IT TOWER AW THF -i v ENGINE THREATENS TO I TCAR LOOSE. f By Roy Crane 5 .' VIOLENT VIBRATION. BUZ THROTTLES THE ENGINE BACK AND rr STJIC W9RATES. REX MORGAN, M.D. OKAY, THERE'S S HEV/ GOT 70 LAND THIS TWINS.., BUT WHERE? lELOW THERt'S MOUNTAINS AMD JUNGLE. .. HE'S LOSING ALTITUPE. Us* a GJobe-Gazette Classified Ad By Dal Curti OH, I DON'T KNOW;..n"S PROBABLY ONLYA&OUT FIFTEEN DEGREES ABOte > ZERO/WOULD YOU CONSIDER THAT CO.D DR.MORGAN...FCRTWOYOUNG, - '' VITAL PEOPLE? „ J Bar YES, THEY/WE.' SYTHEWflY AREN'T THESE x ~-. \ BEAUTIFUL FLOWER5 I DON BROUGHT? WHERE ARE DCfl rWOTUNE* DONALD DUCK The Globe-Gazette's edited for the horn* By Walt Disn«v THE FLINTSTONES You'll find Globe-Gazette comics are the bast By Hanna and Barbara OUCHff CKIMI/MY, FRED... I WI&H VOU'P LOOK BEFORE'YOU SET THAT BLOWTORCH COWN / ARCHIE Complete North Iowa and Southern Minnesota n«wi coverage By Paul Robinson ANOTHER SCHOOL, OFFERED OUR -rTHE MU3IC TEACHER ^PRINCIPAL MORE AND HE'S^l TRYING DEFECTING/ ^ TO REPLACE HIM? YESJ Birr IT'S WELL, HE CAN'T EXPECT TO GET THE CONDUCTOR. OF THE PHILHARMONIC.' WHAT ELSE. CAN YOU PLAY? PIRATES / THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE/'.. 2O T "-CENTURY PIRATES.'/ WHAT'3 EATING SQUIRE TRELAWNEY? Your dally newspaper—the total selling medium By Chic Young I GOT A CHEMIiTRV SET POR CHRISTMAS, MR BUMSTEAP B >V-3-2-I L-AST OFF MARY WORTH In Mason City—Agrldustrlal Center of North Iowa By Saunders and Ernst I'M AFRAID I MWT DO THE ,. TEACHING, •••WC CAN rHflR.-AL6E8RA.MIW ' \ MAK.E IT (IP \ I'M TUTORJNGl TOMORPdOW ) !HEM DURING Tilt VACATION MIND YOUR AUNTIE, ->i OK .y , ADD)£| SPORT!.- ANO TOMOWlOwl THAI* a NI6HT X)U CAN 5EC MY " 5HOW!---I'LL DO THE SWORD DANCE JUST FOR YOU' IT MIGHT t/W. HOUR TO (.IT /V 1AXI OUT HERE IAPDII ' ..I'LL ^U YOU wom , BRICK BRADFORD Globe-Gaiette—"The Newspaper That Makes All North lowans Neighbor*" i By Paul Norrii NOTHING POtNi?:, I'M ffiOINC* TO LEAP THE A\VXY YOU,, THS POLICE ACE GOING TO ?TA*T THE WOOP5..., t SAY (='OOP-pyE..,,iSOOP • EETLE BAILEY Globe-Gazette ads will stretch your shopping dollars By Mart Walker I'LL HAVE you KrlOW THAT WAS PREPARED BV THE FOOP-PLANN'INO BOARD IN AS A MATTEW OP FACT, 3OQOOO SOt-PiERS AI?OUMP TUB WORLD HAVE THAT EXACT MEAL IN PROMT OP THEM AT THIS MOMENT Ever hopptn to you? by Bud Blok« WHV Ho YOU ALWAYS WAIT TILL t G&T ALL WAY up ueee TO CAUL MS. 6A.CTK ? Dennis the menace By Ketch am A THBV CUTE? I«N'T THAT TH4N A OKAWffR FULL O' A Cryptogram Qnotation DH DL OTLU HK LHTFR T ITDF PVH RDQQDWVZH HK LHTFR TF DH WS. — WSDFOLO IBKMOBP Yesterday's Cryptofliiote: NO BIRD SO*ARS TOO HIGH IF HE SOARS WITH HIS OWN WINGS.—WILLIAM BLAKE Clob«.G«rerte, M«Mfi City, l«. D««. 29, )M4 Live Within Income Get tough with wife By MARY FEELEY Consultant in Money Management Will you please get tough with my wife?" asks a reader in a large eastern city. "I make $12,000 a year, but she thinks the answer to our financial problems is for me to take a second job at night." He goes on to say — in a letter too long to print nere_that they have a $40,000 home to keep up, five children, and a "money-oriented" approach to life that has him going under for the* third time. "All my wife wants," he adds, "is everything that money can buy." Sure, I'll get tough,. It's time somebody did.' If you've been reading this column for any length of time, you may have gotten the idea-that I'm prone to bawl out the husbands for being too stingy with the household money. But when the wife sets the family living standards beyond the husband's earning ability, I think she's at fault. And when she encourages the children to do the same, she's compounding the crime. ACROSS I. Tolerable 6. Refrain in songs 9. Spoken 10. Among- 11. Mix well 12. Fragrant wood 14. Actress: Gardner 15. Enclosure 16. Hebrew- letter 17. Books of accounts 20. Devoured 21. Man's nickname 22. Vehicle with runners 23. Young hog 26. Peruses 27. Injure 28. Crested hawk- parrot 29. Portion of a curved line 30. Motives 34. Gram: abbr. 35. Fasten with, stitches 36. Girl's name ST.-Bottoms of shoes 39. Subside 41. Tidy 42. In this place •43. Sweet potatoes 44. Questions DOWK I.' Explain 2. Mountain nymph 3. Polish river 4. Ancient 5. Confronts 6. So be It 7. Cover 8. Conformed 11. Balance: abbr. 13. Bamboo- like grasses 15. A lever 1 18. Unit of weight 19. Corrode 20. A wing 22. Bodies of "water 23. Chases: si. 24. Unison 25. Grampus 26. Narrow inlet: HSEIIEJ aanan 00 GJSQ gams ansn oarotaaa § ML ME 28. Chop 30. Pauses 31. Mountains: chiefly in Mo. 32. Memoranda 33. Diocesan center Yfwterdiy'i Aaiwor 35. Join 38. Marshy meadow 39. Exclamation 40. God of pleasure ia 10 39 20 i! 8 "The last straw," this harried husband declares, "was when my young son said 'What kind of new car are we getting this year, Dad? 1 Our present car, Miss Feeley, is in fine shape and only three years old." A, lot of the financial problems that come my way can ba traced to this one sad fact: The breadwinner doesn't have the say as to where and how the family lives. This doesn't necessarily mean the-man who makes the money is a weakling. A misguided devotion to his family can prove a tragic trap. For this very reason, it's up to the wife to stand guard over the family finances, and know when to call a halt on spending. She, too, can fall into a t r a p—by "helping" her husband present a prosperous front with status symbols he can't possibly afford. Let me remind you wives that a good credit rating is one of the finest status symbols any man can have! What this wife needs to know is that a $40,000 home on a $12,. 000 income is out of line. When a family takes on a house that costs more than 2'/2 times the annual income, the whole scale of living becomes unbalanced. When there are five children to raise and educate, even that estimate is too high. When a new car seems more important than saving for college, the wife's values are due for an overhaul. A second job for the husband is not the answer, by any means. The real solution is a second look at the budget, and a few second thoughts on the part of the wife. What she needs is pencil and paper and lime out to do some figuring. 100 YEARS OLD MECHANICSVILLE — Frank Elsworth Ethel observed his 100th birthday in Mechanicsvilla early in December. Included among his well-wishers by cards and greetings was President Johnson. Hobby Club A doorknob litter bag By CAPPY DICK The doorknob of your own oom at home is a good place o hang a handmade litter bag. t will help you keep your room dy and that will be good for oints with Mother and Dad. The bag may be as fancy as on want to make it, but one n which you simply have print- d a slogan such as "Do Your ittcr Bit" will he adequate. Start with a paper shopping ag. Cut it down in size as lown by the dotted line in "igure 1. Use crayons or poster paints o print the slogan on the side f the bag. Seal the bottom with two-inch- ride mending tape. A strip laced inside the bag as well s outside will make the bot- om strong. Tic a stout cord to the han- Ics of the bag (Figure 2) and ang it on the inside knob of ic door of your room (Figure ). There it will always be andy as a place (o drop gum nd candy wrappers, scraps of aper accumulated while doing omework and all the other :lds and ends that otherwise 'ould clutter up your room and make it untidv. .A BARBfift. £ 3oN owaiNAu -UTTLB -SSIAVBR""! -S«8ASri^M CIACCI ASromA, L.I., wy - 'S 8V TH« 8<T« OF A °arr-Bu<a* r CoNftAD FOR YOU TO SEE ON CHANNEL 3 Joey Dec/c/es to do the Housework THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW-7 P. M. McGu/Ve Sisters Visit Red Skelton Appleby Gives a Double Order of Blood-7:30 The Military Discovers Kates Daughters ON PETTICOAT JUNCTION-8:30 The "Petal Tones" from Blooming Prairie A 16-Piece Dance Band—4:00 Wednesday •-•ANN MASON CITV Tuesday p.m. 5:00 Superman 5:30 CBS Ntws—Cronkit* 6:00 Rtgional and Local Newt 4:25 Weather 6:30 Stand By To Dive 7:00 Jo«y Bishop 7:30 Red Skelton 8:30 Petticoat Junction 9:00 Doctors and Nurses 10:00 Weather 10:05 News and Sports 10:30 NITECAP—"Good Day For Hanging" Fred MacMurray Wednesday a.m. 7:30 Sunrise Semester 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 CBS News—Wallace 9:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 The McCoys 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 CBS News—Trout 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light Wednesday p.m. 12:00 News, Weather, Markets 12:30 As the World Turni 1:00 Password 1:30 Houseparty 2:00 To Tell the Truth 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Jack Benny 4:00 Th« Petal Tones From Blooming Prairie 4:30 Bart's Clubhouie BASKETBALL Newman vs. Wahlert 7:55 Tuesday—Radio 13 KGLO RADIO 13 MASON CITY Tuesday p.m. :10 Anthony Sports :15 Rush Hour 5:00 CBS News 5 5 5:40 Business News 5:45 Lowell Thomas 5:55 CBS Sportstime 6:00 News, Sports, Markets, Weather 6:15 NIGHT RADIO 13 7:00 CBS News 7:10 CBS Evening Report 7:15 Worldwide Sports 7:30 Cronkite Reports 7:35 Pat Boone 7:45 Coaches' Corner 7:55 Newman vs. Wahlert 9:30 World Tanlght 9:45 News, Sports, Weather 10:00 Music for Listening Wednesday a.m. 5:25 MORNING RADIO 13 6:00 News 6:10 and 6:25 We.Hwr 6t3fl Farm Reporter 6:45 N«w» 7:00 CBS World News 7:15 MORNING RADIO 13 7:30 News, Sports, Weather 7:50 Damon's 8:15 News 8:30 MORNING RADIO 13 8:50 Morning Report 8:55 News 9:00 CBS News 9:10 Arthur Godfrey Time 10:00 News 10:10 Art Linkletter 10:30 Dear Abby 10:35 Let's Talk to Lucy 10:45 Top O'the Morning 11:00 CBS News 11:10 Home Town News 11:20 Osage Open House 11:55 Ask Miss Fickeft Wednesday p.m. 12:00 CBS News 12:10 Markets 12:15 Luncheon with Ron 12:30 News 12:45 Farm Highlights 12:55 Weather 1:00 News 1:10 In Hollywood 1:15 Afternoon Radio 13 1:30 Woman'* World 2:00 CBS News 2:30 Fashion Notes 3:00 CBS News 3:30 Person*! Closeup 4:M CBS Newt 4:34 Rush Hour 4:45 Reesoner. 4:50 Ruth Hour

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