Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 29, 1964 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1964
Page 2
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1H4 Glob«.G*x«tt«, M«i«n City, la. Snow blocks flood airlift SAN FJUNCISCO (AP) — For the third straight day a snowstorm Tuesday blocked an urgently needed food airlift for 500 refugees cut off in remote Siskiyou Mountain canyons by the coast's disastrous Christmas week storms and floods. Thn plight of the refugees, isolated for nine days on the Klamath and Salmon rivers in northwestern California, was the center of critical immediate need in the ravaged four-state region. - - .-...., v**j, ((| ti^ai liu; \Jl U£UI A mighty forct of men irvd l)0 rder loaded for mercy mis- rnaehines pushed ahead else- sions l)l11 l| nab!e io take off be where in the task of cleanup and .. repair in a region battered by l '" ns "We l)ofnsc break in Civii Bill Sowlf, "and what California's governor called "a major American dis aslcr." mont were hauled into Califor- „„. fl ; P |ir, - ll( , , nia's Humboldt and Del Norto. ever seen counties by a massive airiifl ' , '. . fleet. lhls )S very, very rugger], mountainous country. Jn some "The chances ara pretty bleak areas we'll have to evacuate for getting anything off the and in others we'll have to drop supplies. We have a report of 14 children In ono house at Oak Hottom 70 miles west of here on the Klamath. I'm concerned about those people and I'm con corned about Un; people on whom we have no reports at all." Roughly the northern third of California, ail Oregon and 14 counties in Washington bad been declared a disaster area, enabling tlie region lo receive special government assistance Uncounted thouiandj of men were at work in the three coast states, and Idaho nnd Nevada, also hit by floods, beginning tho restoration of roads and highways, railroad service, and Hughes is irked at letter Charges undue Demo attacks , DEK MOINKS (AP) -Gov. Harold Hughes says tbnl a letter distributed last week hy the Iowa Manufacturers Association casts reflections on Democratic legislators "without Vnowing them or even nltempling to get acquainted with them." Hughes commented Monday on statements in the letter Ibal the Democratic election platform is "antagonistic lo Indus- 1 try." Tlie 1905 legislature convening Jan. 11 will he controlled 1>y the Democrats. The letter, dated Dec. 22, wai signed by association president H. S. Kviypcr of Pclln and asked businessmen for financial sup port. Hughes said he is will nc qualntcd with Kuypcr, head of Jlolscrccn Co. of Pella and wns "surprised that he feels that way." Tlie letter said the Democratic platform is pledged to repeal of the right-lo-work law and to changes in the workmen's and unemployment compensation laws that would needlessly increase their cost and encourage "malingering by employ- es." U also said the Democrats propose a new system of legislative rcapportionmcnt that could leave Jitllo representation to industry. Hughes said arguments about the right-to-work law hnvo been tbo letter's comments concern ing "malingering" on the par! of employes and changes in the Jaws affecting them. The Democrats have no intention of fighting business nnd industry, he said. Paul Franienburg, of Conrad Democratic state treasurer ufaclurers Associalinn, also cril of everything (he ROV a;Jtl , „ nnor has .said about his plans j.eet urea for industrial growth." Hughes said the associnlion Idler prejudged new legislators ., by -stating they "do not have an _ appreciation of the problems of industry and the importance of a favorable industrial climate. My Fair Lady "stolen" by the Russians MOSCOW (API - The Russian version of "My Fair Lady" is a hit in Moscow, but the American owners of the famed nusical claim it's piracy. "Tho show was a great success," the Soviet news agency Tass announced after the opening Monday night of "Maya Prckasnaya J,ady," as it's called hero. The hit song was "Get Me to tho Church on Time," the same number thai stopped the show when the U.S. State Department sent an American company here in J9GO. The Columbia Broadcasting System, which controls foreign rights to "My Fair Lady," and Vice President Michael Burke charged in New York that Soviet authorities had not requested nor received permission to put on the show. BurL'e said CBS lawyers had prepared a protest to Moscow. CROWS r Eastern American crop's arc •bout 19 inches long with a wingspread of three feel. 1 * ground today," said a Civil De fense spokesman at Yreka, op erations center for the Siskiyou refugee relief effort. Between 400 and 500 person. 1 were isolated in vcstpockct lum bering and raining communities along the Klamath and Salmon rivers in extreme northern Cali fornia. They have been cut off since Dec. 21. Civil Defense workers said they undoubtedly were getting desperate for food Dozens of helicopters were in Yrcka, Calif., near the Oreg of snow and icing condi- power communicalii>n.s nnd lines. Many northern California contractors halted work on construction projecls and sent their men and heavy equipment to he aid of stntc, county and city crews in Ihe mop-up operations. California's Gov. Edmund G. Brown made n low-level helicopter tour of part of the .stricken area Monday nnd called the levastation "a major American disaster." Frank D r y d t n, deputy Jireulor of the Office of Emer- Roncy Planning, and other Washington officials inspected flood ravaged areas in troth Cnl- ifornia and Oregon nnd carried n report on the silunlion to President .Johnson. "Not a tnlnuto is being wasted in getting reconstruction projects under way," Drydcn said. "President Johnson has ordered that the entire broad program of federal disaster nid be :»lncccl at your disposal, just, as it was for Alaskans after last spring's earthquake." Leftover sugar beet crop high WASHINGTON (AP) — The domestic lieet will enler the HEADING FOR THE HOUSE—President'llyn- don .Fohn.son presents this interesting study as he walks with his daughter Luci toward the LBJ Ranch house following a news conference in the front yard. Questions refurnishing in capitol UK.S MOfNES </n — Slate Sen. H, O. Burrows Sr., It-Belle Plaint-, questioned Tuesday a S al > G6 ' first Socialist president what lie callc'd the expensive in Italian history, swore faith to and Inck of competitive the nation and the constitution bidding for refurnishing and re- Tuesday as a 101-gun salute iecorating tin; lieutenant gov- thundered over Rome from the ernor's office at a cost of about Janiculum Hill. ;8,<;oo. ,,., , . ' * "v ijuiiiy lurmcr i Ihe purchases include a $915 minlatcr look his oalh of 0|U cherry wood desk with a $330 gtand|ng slim crcct bc(Q ° re c « CHlHor cliair « matching $57 combine(1 s j sion of Parlia conference lab e with c.ght menl< which c|ecled n = m to chairs eostmg $178 each sever- sevcn . vear lcrm Mond onl ^ "' *™ fl ''""^^ZO ]ealhcr- 21sl ,/ a , lol . He succce / s Cnris . 518 ash tian D cmocra t Antonio Segni, Charles or" K. Storey of DCS -- - j ... ~~o The 13 bitter days of balloting Yloines, an official of an office left Christian Democratic Pre- furnishhrgs firm who sold the mier Aldo Moro's center-left state the furnishings, called government ridden by rivalry hem "the Cadillacs of furni- and In danger of collapse, ure—the bust." Moro's Christian . Democratic The expenditures for the of- party was badly split, ice to be occupied by Demo- Although Saragat is pro- :rnl ,Lt Gov.-elcct Robert Ful- NATO and anti-Communist, the on of Waterloo have been ap- Communists' 253 votes were the proved by the .legislature's joint decisive factor. They, gave him and redecorating committee - a total of 646, well beyond the Republican-controlled body— 482 necessary. 'ttlinill t !l lr ! n rr r\n n*\ mitilinn 1.! ,J « without taking competitive bids. sugar Industry new year with "blown out of proportion Io their enough .sugar lients yei | 0 be significance." processed from this year's crop lie said he was puzzled about Io f111 Ns liHiS tuiotn share of the ' market even If It grows noi a single beet. Tho Agriculture Department said in n report Tuesday that the industry will have an inventory of about I,fi7r.,0i)0 l^in I»n. 1 nnd an additional million tons 'lo be processed on one eleet nnd a member of the Man- fr<im lll ' r ' s . This would ;i<kl up In n supply of about 2,(-.75,00(1 the letter us one showing Ions or .slightly more than llie mu)la for |hc Acreage restrictions are beg imposed on growers nexl CASCADE — Karen Howe, 24, of DCS Moincs, wns killed Monday when her car and' a truck collided at an icy curve on Highway :I51 a mile west of here. SAC CITY A teen-age crats, Socialists, Republicans and Saragat's Democratic So- cialisls — could have elected Saragat, but about 150 Christian Democrats turned in blank ballots. It was a double defeat for the Christian Democrats, Italy's largest and dominant party since World War II. They failed to elect Giovanni Leone, their official candidate, and they couldn't keep Communist votes from being decisive. The result underlined the shaky position of the divided parly. youth who was .shot in the hack as he attempted lo cs- cnpe while bping taken to jail was listed Jn fair condition at a hospital here Tuesday. Sheriff George Maas said that William Riddle, 17, of Fort Dodge, wa.s'd for 'three '' blocks Monday and ignored warning shots before officers fired at him. * WEBSTER CITY - For the fifth time Webster City residents voted against cable television in n special elei-- tion Monday. The request of Websler City Cable TV Corp, for n 20-yrar franchise was defeated 821 to 788. * P E O R I A, Iowa—A D e s Moincs nir! was killed and her father w a s injured Tuesday when n bread truck in which they were riding collided with 'i road mnintaincr on a foggy Mn husk a County road. Dead wns Dehra Mcnlzer, II, who WHS thrown from tho truck. Her father. Jack Ment/cr, driver of Hie truck, was injured n n d laken to « Pclla hospital. Around the country Weather details Iowa: Pnrtly cloudy lo cloudy and eolder Tuesday night anil Wednesday. Occasional snow norlhenst Tuesday night, lows near IS northwest to the 20s east and south. Highs Wednesday 20s norlh to :tOs south, Further outlook: Snow nnd colder Thursday. Minnesota: Wednesday cloudy and eolder with scattered light snow, highs r>-is north, J2-2. r ) south. Globe-Ga^clte weather data up to 8 a.m. Tuesday, to 8 a.m. Maximum :i2 Minimum At R a.m. Precipitation Sunrise Sunset 20 31 T 7:45 4:40 YEAR AGO: Maximum Minimum 18 7 NEW RED RULES MOSCOW (/PI — Factories which turn put defective goods face heavy fines and their chiefs may go to prison in a new Soviet drive lo Impose quality! WEATHER ELSEWHERE Hy TIIK ASSOflATKD 1'KKSS H. I., Pr Albany, rlnuriy -^ | 7 Albuquerque, cl«»r %? :u Atlanta, clnurl* ,\M :u KltmnTck. nnow ::<i IK .01 HnUc, minw 3- -«.j _ JQ Uurtulo, rluiidy ... <'hlr»Kn. rlnmly . .. i'inrlnuall. clear ., ClrvpUiul. cloudy , l>mvrr. olfur !>«•» MnlnM>. ruin . Drlrnll. cloudy Kalrhaukii. mow . . I "or I Hi.rlli. rlourty Hrlrna, clr ar Honolulu, rlritr InilUnnpnlix, rtourij' .1 afkflonvlllr, rlouil )r Jmiraii, anow Kama* City, clotidjr Antrim, rltur . l.niiUvlllr. elfar ,, MrmphI*. rlrtudr .. Mtuml, cloudy . . Mjil«.-St. r»«l, ruin "'.'. Nv* Orlr«n». rlniirij . N»w Ynrk, rinurty OkUhnmi City, rli.uHy OmKha. clniidy rhlUil«lphU, rlinidy . I*hnen1x. rlnudy . ... IMIItkurfh, cloudy . .. PnrdKnrt. M« : , rlrar r«ril»n«. Or«., clnuiiy K«»ld City, cloudy .. Rlchmonrl. cloudy HI l.null, flnildy .... Hall I.nli* Clly. df.r , H*n rlor . . Sm Fr»nclico, ruin . Sf»lllc, elrtutr ....... T*mpi, cl«»r ...... WtuhlnRton, rlatiriy .. Wlnnlp«f, no-.iHj .... M— Ml.tlnr T— Tr»c« 71 i IX II II :u .01 XI .111 .01 .1(1 •.•» T m .1: M .11) .») 1.1 .11) 11 .IX .It .-,•« .11 tl M .11 II •.<» M II .1* 4* II M M .*« New Italian president takes oath HOME (AP) — Giuseppe Sar- The portly former foreign The four parties in Moro's coalition Christian Demo- U.N. plan put off showdown over payments UNITED NATIONS, N.Y (AP) - The United Nations General Assembly agreed Tuesday to a plan to wind up its yearend business without a showdown over the Soviet Union's voting rights. Under the formula, announced Io Hie 115-nation assembly, seals Io become vacant on the U.N. Security Council Dec. 31 would be filled by a private poll nf delegations, to be conducted by the assembly president, Alex Quaison-Sackry of Ghana. Judge orders grand jury to meet in Dixie JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — U.S. Dist. Judge Harold Cox ordered a federal grand jury to reconvene here Jan. 11, apparently to hc,-ir charges against 21 persons arrested following an FBI investigation into the dralhs of three civil rights workers. Cox directed the 2.T jurors merely Io meet Io "further investigate such matters as shall be presented to them or otherwise come to their attention." Barry praises McNamara for reserve plan WASHINGTON (AP) _ Sen. Rarry Goldwatcr. often critical of Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, has praised the Pentagon chief for his proposed merger of the Army Reserve with Ihn National Guard. Humphrey steps out for Mondale WASHINGTON (AP) _ Vice President-elect Hubnrt H. Hum,,, plire y formally resigned Tuesday •« .n* as a Democratic senator from Minnesota. The resignation clears the .,., „ ... the appointment by «' I* ••« Gov - Karl Rolvaag of Walter » « H Frederick Momlal*. 36, Min- ncsoU attorney general, to serve during the remaining two years of Humphrey's term. | i National Guard chief says all units drop racial bars S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON (AP) — The chief of the National Guard said Tuesday all 50 states—with Ala bama and Mississippi falling into tine last — have dropped ban against mixing Negroes and whites in their Guard anits. "The National Guard of all states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico is now in«Viet hero honored in home town SAUGERT1ES, N.Y. (AP) — About half of the 4,000 resident of this Hudson Valley village turned out in 24-degree weather on the flag-lined, snowy streets to welcome home Capt. Roger H. C. Donlon, first winner of the Medal of Honor in South Viel Nam's war against Communist guerrillas. Stores closed, the auditorium of the municipal building was renamed for Donlon, fellow townsmen gave him a dinner al the largest restaurant in town — although only 250 could fit in — and they filled the biggest school auditorium in Ulster County to its capacity of 1,000. The gifts the 30-y«»r-old cap tain received were humble, but eloquent. The Father Harty Drum Corps that he once led as a teen age drum major gave him his old baton, engraved. The volunteer fire department made him a life member, thje first in its 100 years. Plaques came from the American Legion, Veterans o^Foreign Wars, Dads of Foreign Service Veterans and the South Side Men's Club. The Knights of Columbus gave him a rosary, a desk set came from the Chamber of Commerce, and a desk set-radio combination came from his class of 1952 at Saugerties High School. Service club* gave him a $200 U.S. savings bond, and the women's societies of St. Mary's Church made 2,000 cookies for a.reception at the end of an hour program. PtUr M. William*, chairman of the Ulster County Board of Supervisors, suggested the best gift Donlon had received was "to have come back to us alive and well." The captain was wounded four .imes in leading a successful defense of Camp Nam Dong last July 6 against a five-hour night attack by heavy Viet Cong 'orces. He received the nation's lighest military decoration "rom President Johnson in the White House last Dec. 5. grated," Maj. Gen. Winston P Wilson told The Associated Press. "All restrictions, whether by law or administrative regula tion, barring membership for race, religion or national origin have been eliminated in the Na tional Guard," he added. WH»«, eh.V of tf* National Guard Bureau, acknowledged that there had been "only token integration in some areas far." But Wilson, an Air Guanj general from Arkansas, contended that even token integration "represents a milestone in the history of the National Guard." President Johnson and his Committee on Equal Oppor tunity in the Armed Forces said Doctor says health of LBJ good JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (AP) — The doctor who. keeps daily watch over President Johnson predicts he will withstand the stresses and strains of the White House in outstanding fashion. Rear Adm. George G. Burkley, personal physician to the President, describes Johnson's health as excellent. But Burlcley, who keeps in touch with the President's health through daily observation and a general check every 7 to 10 days, would like Johnson to take off a little weight. He reports Johnson weighs 205 to 210 pounds. Burkley wishes it were nearer 200. The White House released for publication Monday questions submitted by newsmen, along with Burkley's replies. Press secretary George E. Reedy said questions had been entered by several newsmen and it was decided to compile the questions and answers so all would have an even break. A couple of thi questions and answers: Q. In the light of the heart attack in 1955, what is the state of the President's heart today: A. No evidence of residual of the 1955 heart attack. All findings indicate normal function and reserve. Q. The President also had a kidney stone removed in 1955, and there have been reports doctors recommended he drink less milk after a slight recurrence of kidney trouble in 1963. What are the facts? A. There has been no kidney trouble since mid-1963. Calcium intake is frequently reduced when stone formation has occurred in the past. last Sunday they were encouraged .at "definite and clear signs of progress" in desegregating the Guard. They strongly indicated they were not satisfied with token integration in some states. , Brig. Gen. Francis S. Greenlief, deputy chief of the bureau, said, "We expect progress to continue." ,: Eighteen months ago there w,ere 10 states that had not integrated their Guard organizations. They were AJabama,, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South, Carolina, "Tennessee and Virginia. The drive to persuade thete states to integrate began in earnest when Wilson became Guard Bureau chief in the sum mer of 1963. It was a slow job of missionary work, done through person al contact and conversation wherever possible. Wilson was something, less -than welcome in some of the governors' offices at first, •The last two states to fall in line were Alabama and Mississippi. Gov. George G. Wallace of Alabama consented during the autumn and Gov. Paul Johnson of Mississippi made it unanimous Dec. l. Priest claims racial situation is "scandalous' 1 CHICAGO (AP)— The Rev, John V. Coffield came to Chicago Monday night to start his self-imposed exile from the Los Angeles Catholic archdiocese in protest against what he termed a scandalous racial situation. Father Coffield, 50 and a Ro man Catholic priest in Los Angeles 34 years, said in-a brief statement: . "It would be extremely bad taste for a priest to publicly disagree with his cardinal, except that the Rosition of Negroes in Los Angeles * is so scandalous that I stand by the statement I made there." Father Coffield said in Los Angeles he had obtained a three-year leave of absence in protest against California's abolition of antidiscriminatory housing laws and against his silencing by his cardinal on the race issue. He said at a news conference :hat James Francis Cardinal Mclntyre, archbishop of Los Angeles, told him "I should not speak on race." 44.9 CENT DOLLAR The purchasing power of the dollar, based on a 100 cent dol- ar in 1939, is now 44.9 cents. L^on^ratutationS To These Winners Of Our Oxford Shop Grand Opening • GUSSKARLIS...311—UtSt. S.E. Don Richards Sport Coat • KENNETH TRETTEN . .. Rockford Jantzen Sweater • DAVEWORNSON.:. 510 North Wash. . Reston Slack • TERRY FREDRICKSON ... 2409 So. Jeff. McGregor Jacket • JIM HUZL . .. 813—15»h PL N. E. Gant Shirt • TERRY KEEPER... 411—2nd S.W. Van Heusen 417 Shirt • E. D. BUNTENBACH ... Garner Umbrella \ • DAVE CLEMENTS ... 290 Lakeview Drive Madras Belt • JEFFREY DAHLSTROM... 46 Winnebago Ct..., Madras Belt • JOHN MONROE. Jr., 409—17th Ave Charles City ... Madras Belt • VIRDELL McKEOWN ... 811 North Madison ... Madras Belt • STEVE SCHURTZ ... 2514 South Federal Madras Belt • BOB SATTER . .. 907 South Shore Drive ... Clear Lake Madras Belt THWHUB Contract Bridg •y I. JAY BiCKER individual dMmpmttfcrp ASSURING THE CONTRACT East dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH +S53 SOUTH 4KQ&7854 *J 48 North VKQ62 \ 4A9854 + AKJ WKST EAST + 10 8 3 2 4 A VC7543 VA109 . + 742 The bidding: East South West 1+ 3* Pass Opening lead — two of dia- mon4s. Let's say you're playing this hand at four spades and West leads a diamond. You win it with the ace and play the jack of spade's, taken by East with the ace. East returns the king of diamonds. When you ruff it with the nine, West overruffs with the ten. He returns a heart to the ace and East now leads the queen of diamonds. This play gives you a sub stantial headache. The 8-3 of trumps are still missing and there is a problem of whether it is better to ruff the diamond high or low. In the actual case it does not matter what you do, since West is . bound to score another trump trick, come what may, and you go down one. You might say to yourself that this was certainly an unlucky hand. After all, West had to have four trumps, as well as a singleton diamond, for all this to take place. Such things are part of the game, of course, and should be taken philosophically, but, just the same, they are not pleasant when they. Happen. And : then, suddenly, something hits you. You realize you could have made the hand. Not only could have, but should have: It was plain silly to lose three trump tricks with as pow Duke of Windsor takes ride in car HOUSTON, Tex. l/n — The Duke of Windsor took * one- ur automobile tour of Houston Monday and when he returned to Methodist Hospital he said he enjoyed the outing "very well." It was the first time he had left the hospital since undergo- ng an abdominal operation Dec. 16.' erful a spade combination at this one. When East took the ace of spades and returned a diamond, the proper thing to do was to discard the jack of hearts instead of trying to win the trick with the nine of spades. The heart was a positive loser anyhow, and it was clearly better. to lose it at this point than, later. When East then played another diamond, it would be completely safe to ruff it with the nine. Even if West overruffed, it would be only the third trick for the defense and that would be the end of the line for East- West. The jack of hearts discard was boun'd to destroy defensive communications and assure the contract. Never say bourbon, say STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 86.8 PROOF Tilt American Distilling Company, h N«w York, N.Y. • PeKln, III, WHT VIIF SUPER WfCJI VUC MARKET Highway 18 — West City Limits HAMS Pork R Shankless Defatted 3 Lbs. to 5 Lbs. Avg. Pork Loin Pound Choice ROUND SIRLOIN 29 STEAK " 69 DECKER'S KORN KIST BACON Lb 25c DECKER'S RANCH STYLE BACON 2 ». 89c DECKER'S QUALITY WIENERS Lb 39c LEAN MEATY SHORT RIBS r.b. 29c Wishing All A Very Best Happy New Year OYSTERS 98 Fresh 16 Oz. Pint ........ CHICKENS BUTTER FRESH KILLED Pound Sweet Creamery Fresh LB. 29 59 LETTUCE.. each 19 C STALK JJt ICELERY .... BUNCH, SEVEN WEST STATE CARROTS . . . APPLES — —^^—^B^^^^^^^^^^^ Fresh Red Ripe TOMATOES Ic Jonathan U. S. No. 1 Ring Pack BUSHEL

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