Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 25, 1978 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1978
Page 4
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Jr— Ukiah Daily Journal/ Ukiah, Calif. Wednesday, January 25, 1978 Ray acted alone in King slaying, FBI decides Dateline Ho Wednesday, January 25, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif. WASHINGTON (UPI) — Martin Luther, King's friends believed there must have been a conspiracy to kill him — and even James Earl Ray said he had an accomplice — but the FBI privately i decided Ray killed King with help from no one. In the largest manhunt in history, the bureau decided Ray had both the racial hatred to provide a motive and the means' to finance an escape that carried him to Mexico two days after the slaying and to Lisbon and to London within five weeks. The FBI, trying to question everyone in contact with Ray in the year between his escape from prison and the April 4, 1968, slaying, could find no one who plotted murder with him! The bureau's internal files on the King case, compiled by 3,075 agents and totaling more than 40,000 pages, were made available to United Press International in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.. They portray a small-time robber who charged fellow prisoners 50 percent interest . on loans to finance their poker games. And he "mainlined" amphetamines an,d barbiturates, and after he escaped from a Missouri prison moved to Los Angeles, visited a hypnotist, paid a plastic surgeon to reconstruct his nose, and pulled bills from ' a fat wad in his pocket to pay for dancing lessons. He signed up for lessons "wherever he moved — but never became much of a dancer. ' His racism came through in a remark he made to a friend, Charles Stein, who drove with him from Los Angeles to New Orleans and back. "If Negroes want to be free, they should go north or west," Stein quoted Ray. "If they stay in the South, they should be willing to be slaves." The FBI acknowledged in a memo that it failed to establish how Ray raised the money for the. $1,995 white Mustang in which he escaped or the $134.95 for the 30-06 caliber Remington pump rifle with $74.60 telescopic sight used to kill King, or the money to go first to Mexico, then to , Canada, where He bought a roundtrip tifcket to London. ' But the special agent-in- charge of the Memphis bureau told headquarters on June 27, 1974, that agents found "nothing to indicate that Ray ever received any large sum of money from anyone, and what we know of his living habits both before and after 'the murder would indicate' that he lived on a very limited amdunt of money. "We do not know the source of even the smallest amount of money possessed by Ray, but since we know him to have robbed, a bank in England after fleeing to that country, it is a reasonable presumption that Ray committed robberies during, the time he was a fugitive," the agent said. , As for Ray's claim in a magazine interview that a shadowy "Raoul" offered him $12,000 to kill King, the bureau, after an exhaustive effort, rejected that possibility Dec. 2, 1968, saying: "Investigation by ub, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Mexican authorities has failed thus far to identify Raoul or to verify his existence.. We have no information to date to indicate that Ray was involved in ( a conspiracy." Ray * also encouraged conspiracy plots when he stood in court on March 10, 1969, and changed his plea from innocent to guilty but said he could ''not accept" the assertion of his own lawyers and the prosecution that no conspiracy existed. Ray, 50, was sentenced to 99 years and has made numerous attempts for a new trial. He escaped for a few days from Brushy Mountain State Prison in Tennessee last June.' A special House committee is secretly re-investigating both the King killing and the assassination 6f John F. Kennedy. Many still believe that King was silenced by those who hated him for his victories in the struggle to bring true equality to blacks. The' documents disclosed Ray was planning to fly, to South Africa or Rhodesia a few days before his arrest by Scotland Yard at London's Heathrow Airport on June 8, 1968. It came two months after King was shot down while on a motel balcony in Memphis, where he had gone to lead one more march. Traveling with a Canadian passport under- the alias Ramon George Sneyd, Ray had gone! to Lisbon and was heading for Brussels. He was , carrying a timetaj^e of South African Airways when British detectives seized him.^ Two months before the assassination, under the alias ..'Eric Starvo Gait, Ray wrote for information about travel to Rhodesia, saying it was "not my intention to leave before November (1968)." The documents also showed: —So desperate was the FBI for leads that it instructed agents to "discreetly remind their news contacts" about the tens of thousands of dollars available in reward money. —The landlady in the room­ ing house in Memphis told police her roomer had "a silly smile" — a remark which produced several tips from people who knew men with "silly" smiles.' —Walter Rife, a criminal friend, said Ray, would pull stickups "and would also roll drunks to obtain money and would obtain money any way that a thief could obtain money." He characterized him as a "roamer" and. a "loner." BEEF RIB Ay O STEAKS • lb. RE & SAVE! BONELESS CHICKEN FRY STEAK (Beef Bottom Round) $159 lb. STIAKHOUftl NOW OPEN 7DAY5AWBBK , I J By VEBNCff SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — How does a director follow "Jaws" with a sequel? Answer: prayerfully. "Jaws,"- the all-time international box-office champion, has, so far, scooped up $400 million around the world. "Star Wars" may eventually surpass the record, but until then "Jaws" is No. 1. The original "Jaws" was directed by Steven Spielberg who established himself as something of a genius and was one of many directors sought to helm "Jaws 2." Eventually, John Hancock was given the directorial reins and production began on locations in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., pod: Is 'Jaws 2' an overbite? last June. Less 'than a month later Hancock „ withdrew, • leaving "Jaws 2" high and dry.' Producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown, along with Universal, were in a jam: The picture closed down. They needed a good director. Fast. Veteran directors agreed to take over providing they were given six months' preparation for the enormously complicated production. Because Universal was already contractually committed to putting the movie in theaters in June 1978, further delay was impossible. Happily for all, the studio found an ambitious television director who agreed to jump into the breech immediately. He is Jeannot Szwarc, 39- year-old Polish Jew reared, and educated in France, who had directed only one movie in his life., a potboiler titled "Bug," -' Szwarc had considerable experience, in episodic .television and a few TV .movies to his credit. But it appeared almost quixotic on the part of Zanuck-Brown and Universal to entrust Szwarc with $15 million and a sequel to the greatest financial success in film history. Apparently they chose the right man. Szwarc is nothing if not self-confident. "I had three weeks preparation instead of the usual seven moriths," he said, back in his office after five months of harrowing location shooting in Navarre Beach, Fla. "I accepted the job July 9 and began shooting Aug. 1. I scrapped about 90 percent of what had already been filmed and did some recasting. Of course they gave me the job because I could gea,r up and start quickly. , "I read the script and met with the producers. We all agreed that the action sequences needed restructuring. I simplified, condensed and streamlined as much as I could." Szwarc, in addition to his actors — including Roy Schieder t Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton from" the original cast — was con, fronted with the overwhelming .task of working with three mechanical sharks, He was given the largest crew in movie memory, 344 technicians,, stagehands and craftsmen, and an armada of 75 boats and barges to work with. "Most of the first 'Jaws' was filmed on land," Szwarc said. "We spent 90 percent of our time on the water to shoot 65 percent of the film. That kind of work is terribly time- consuming." Szwarc is ever aware that he is a man on the spot. Inevitably "Jaws 2" will be compared with the original. Just' as inevitably, Szwafc's work will be compared with Spielberg's. He is not in an enviable position.. On the other hand, it is the opportunity of a lifetime for Szwarc, who came to the United States 14 years ago and has spent most of that time on the outside looking in. "It feels terrific to be on the spot," he said, grinning. "What greater challenge could a man have than to direct sequel to the No. 1 picture? That's a very exciting prospect. , "I don't feel bad about 'comparisons. It's the same with any sequel. In terms of suspense, 'entertainment values and creating fear, I think we will deliver the same excitement that 'Jaws' did. "Sequel may not be the right word. 'Jaws 2' is a continuation of the first story. It takes place' four years Jater — about the same difference in time between the two films — in the eastern town of Amity which suffers a second shark attack on the beaches. "We assume everyone who sees this film will have seen the first one or heard enough about the original to. know the details. But from-the begin- BONELESS BEEF TOP SIRLOIN t STEAK £ 189 1 FARMER JOHN PORK LINK SAUSAGE 8oz. ARMOUR HOT DOGS All Meat All Beef 12 oz. SWEET PEAS HEAVY should be the head under this burden but a housewife in the Republic of The Gambia bears it with a laugh. The Gambia is the homeland of Kunta Kinte, the ancestor •< whose story Alex Haley tells in "Roots." PUBLIC NOTICE ORDINANCE NO. 2081 AN ORDINANCE AMEN- A DING CHAPTER 20, SECTION 20-10 SUBDIVISION (b), OF THE MENDOCINO COUNTY CODE , The Board of Supervisors of the County of Mendocino, State of California, do ordain as follows: Chapter 20, Section, 20-10 Subdivision (b) of the Mendocino County Code, is hereby amended by the addition thereto of a new subsection, which shall consist of a map and/or description entitled: "(1332) Sectional District Map No.' ! 1332, "which is hereby adopted by reference: Said map encompasses the property described by Assessor's Parcel Numbers: 157-130-03 157-140-03 157-160-01 Al| above parcels are reclassified from A-l (Unclassified) to UR :B to size (Upland Recreation : Special Building Site to Size) The above ordinance was introduced by Supervisor Barbero, ' seconded by Supervisor Cimolino, and PASSED AND ADOPTED this 9th day of January 1978, by the following vote of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Mendocino, State . of California: AYES: Supervisors Barbero, Banker, Eddie, Cimolino, Galletti NOES: None ' ABSENT: None WHEREUPON, the < Chairman . declared said Ordinance passed and adopted and SO ORDERED. TED GALLETTI 1-25.1978 DEL MONTE PEAS 170z. ALLAN'S CRISPY LEAN BACON 12 oz." ONE FULL WEEK OF PLUS MANY MORE - V.£t' ffc^ wtSW 1 ^,wwmv/& COMPARE £r SAVE!". SPECIALS FROM WED. JAN. 18 -THRU TUES. IAN. 24,1978 INSTORE SUPER SALES & LOW, LOW PRICES! RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT 10 FOR COMPARE £t SAVE! RUSSET POTATOES m FROM YOUR* - NABISCO CRACKERS Premium Sal-tines 16 Oz. DELMONTE BEANS •Cut & Sliced 160z. NESTLES QUICK Chocolate Flavor 2 , 2,Lb. COLD POWER LAUNDRY DETERGENT 49 Oz. Giant Size $109 RDR 10's .RDR COLD CAPSULES 12's Reg. $1.15 NESCAFE INSTANT COFFEE 4 Oz. Decaffeinated sow SUNDAYS 10 A.M.-7 P.M. 10 lb. Cello ' U.S.#1 FRESH MUSHROOM DESITIN SKIN CARE HAND LOTION 6oz. ' 4R0LLPKG. * ^1 -SI-25 URE SAVINGS f VAN CAMPS 21 OZ. PORK AND BEANS. . . 3/ $ 1 BONNIE HUBBARD STEMS&PIECES 40Z. MUSHROOMS....... .... 49* BETTY CROCKER 160Z. WHITE ANGEL FOOD CAKE MIX .79* HUNGRY JACK 2 LB. PANCAKE MIX 59 c PILLSBURY 160Z. MASHED POTATOES.... 79 MARY ELLEN 180Z. APPLE AND GRAPE JELLY . 59 c Vlasic 22 OZ. FRESH KOSHER DILLS.... 59 c SCHILLING 40Z. GROUND BLACK PEPPER 69 c , ROSE MILK SKIN CREAM 12 oz. Reg. $1.59 RED SOLID TOMATOES 3 Lb. 'LOOSE PACK CARROTS 5 lb,. 'CRISP CELERY 5 bun for REAL SWEET TANGELOS 5 Lb. for LARGE SIZE ORANGES 8 Lb: for SAVINGS ' MARS FUN SIZE CANDIES '• Variety 12-16 Oz. .... $"|»:-. EMPIRE LARGE AA- DOZ. HI & DRI GIANT ROLL- PAPER TOWELS. COLGATE REUSUABLE 60'S COLORTEX 60'S PAPER NAPKINS. HANOI WRAP v LITTLE FRISKIES 22 OZ. DRY CAT FOOD.. PURINA BEEF, BACON AND CHEESE 10 LB. $2" ALLSWEET 160Z. STICK MARGARINE First Ukiah Exit Froflmlorfh Freeway 101 WE WELCOME FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS BONNIE HUBBARD VARIETY 3 OZ SLICED LUNCHEON MEATS FT RANDOM WT. 39 KfcAFT RANDOM WT. ' • •A- I CHEESE 1G C OFF Marked Price BONNIE HUBBARD 60Z. , m€%.< ARTICHOKE HEARTS 59 c LLOYD J. HARRISS 26 0Z. MINCE MEAT PIE........ 89 c BRIDGFORD WM**. WHITE BREAD DOUGH .. 79* ring we decided people who never saw the first, picture wodld enjoy this one, on its • own. • , '.'There are no flashbacks in 'Jaws 2.' I would say my picture is similar but different from the first one. "Audiences expect more from a sequel, so it would be wrong to give them the same things they saw in the first -place. Ours is a very different story and I think it will stand the comparisons well." Szwarc said he had filmed some cinematic firsts, not the least of which is a scene of a shark attacking a helicopter. She feels like a Cinderella HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Donna Summer feels like a modern-day Cinderella. Although Cinderella never topped the music, charts by 'singing a steamy song with five main words, "Love To Love You, Baby," and lots of moans and sighs. All of which is a little embarrassing to the very religious Miss Summer, whose singing career began in church. "I thought my parents ' would be horrified at "Love To Love You," she said, reflecting on the tune that made her the sex goddess of the disco set. "I called my mother from Europe and she asked me if I had recorded a song called 'Love to Love .You.' She refused to believe it was me. > I "Then she said it was her and my father's favorite song. Even " the church members loved it. I get a lot of teasing about it, but nothing vulgar. "The sexy image didn't bother me. I learned to deal with it. It's jus.t one facet of me, like a coat of' many colors." Didn't such a sexy song have any repercussions? "Well, I did get some perverse fan mail," she chuckled. "Some of it very perverse." The loquacious singer, who occasionally bursts into song while talking, said she never worried about, being stereotyped as a sex kitten because she knew she had other talents. Schooled in modeling and acting, she is also a talented artist, dabbles in interior design and loves' to invent things. She enjoys writing her own music, because she feels she has ; something to say. "I try not to be too complicated because I want to be understood. I don't have to make something complicated just to prove I'm intelligent." Her new two-record album, ','Once Upon a Time," is very autobiographical. . "I feel like a modern day Cinderella and 'Once Upbn A Time' is my life story in reality. "There were times I was in tears during the recording, it was so real to me."' Ever since she was a, child, she said, she felt she was special. And when, at age 6, : she sang a Mahalia Jaclcson song in church and had the. entire congregation in tears, . she knew she wanted to sing. "I* always felt blessed, different. It's what I always had to deal with," Just like the heroine in her album, she said, "I made my life different, instead of just accepting what life offered. I used to borrow food on the basis that I would pay it back when I became famous." Her quest took her to Europe, where she sang in the Vienna Folk Opera, and she a had a role in the German production of the musical "Hair." She met and married an Austrian actor, whom she later divorced. They had a daughter, Mimi, and if Miss Summer has one regret, il is that her career cuts short the, time she can spend with Mimi, who lives with Miss Summer's parents in Boston when the singer is on tour. ' "It's hard on my nerves. I want her to grow up with stability. We're very close. She's, a very well-adjusted child. I'm very honest with her."

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