Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1964 · Page 28
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 28

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1964
Page 28
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D«c. 21, Gleb*-G»«tt«, Maton 19M ity, U, No s/gn o/ a yearend market rally NEW YORK (AP) — Stock market prices firmed a little in moderate trading late Monday afternoon, Volume for the day was esti mated at compared Thursday. There was 4.1 million with 3.58 shares, million no indication that the market w^s gearing for a traditional yearend rally. Steels and utilities remained the strongest groups. U.S. Steel and Jones & Laughlin gained about half a point. American Telephone pickcri up more than half a point ant: most other utilities were aheat by lesser fractions. RCA, which reported record sales and earnings for 1964, was actively traded and up half a point. With the price of gold rising in London, gold mine slocks ad vanccd. American South Afri can gained more than,2 point.' and Dome a point. Richfield Oil also was active and gained nearly 3 points. IBM lost 2 points and Allied Chemical, Union Carbide am Polaroid were off a point or so Prices were mixed in moclcr- ale trading on the American Stork Exchange. Corporate and Treasury bonds declined. NEW YORK (AP)— Late stock quotations Monday. Report car-train mishap among 10 city accidents A car-train mishap on S. Ken- ucky at the Milwaukee Road racks was reported to police shortly after 0:30 a.m. Monday, t was one of 10 weekend accidents reported through Monday morning. Police said the collision involved a car driven south on Kentucky by Paul Bernard Nielsen, 1218 N. Rhode Island, and a train traveling east on the railroad tracks. Raymond R. Gross, 200 N. Crescent Dr., was the engineer. Polict s»!d thtt • n«arby resident called an ambulance, but there were no injuries. Nielsen's car, towed from the scene, was damaged in the right rear, left front, front and undercarriage. There was no report of damage to the train engine. Police said the car was partly turned in the accident and came to a halt on the east side of the street, north of the tracks. James Patrick Kcough, 41, Route 2, Mason City, entered a plea of innocent to a charge of failure to control a vehicle. The hearing was continued to Wednesday, and Kcough has posted a $100 bond on the charge. Police said Keough was driving west in front of 255 Willow- arook Dr. Saturday evening when his car went out of control and struck a tree about eight feet from the curb. The arresting officer said Kcough had liccn drinking prinr to the accident. The front of the car was damaged, and a wrecker towed the a charge of improper changing of lanes. Police said she was driving west In the south lane of 4th SE in front of 1304 4th SE. At »h« attempted to ch«n«t lanes to turn onto Maple Drive, police said, her car was in an accident with a car driven west in the north lar,e of traffic by Andrew Achenback, Rudd. Damage included the left and right front fenders of the Achenback car and the right side of the Rue car. Sunday afternoon, a car Reu ben George Hinton, 1315 S. Fed eral, was parking in the Tempo Jot in the 1400 block of 4th SW struck a car parked by Walter Howard Finneman, 221 S. Monroe. Mrs. Glen Berg, 205 24th SW, was closing a door on the Fin- auto said from the in Police scene. Court Kcough Monday Allied Ch 50% AlliedSlrs 75 Am Can 42% AmChain — AmCrysS 17 A in Home 65 Am Mot H'/B AmSmelt 49'A Am Std 20'/i Am Sugar 19% Am T&T (i(i% Am Tob .12% Anaconda 52 1 /* Armour 53% Atchison 32% All Refin <J1 BeatFds G6% BentlixAv 44% Beth Sll 35% Bo'ng Air (J8Vi Borden 84'A Brunswik 8 JI .10% Chrysler 61 '/H CollinsRa 18-% Con Edis 95 CornProd 53 VH Curtis Wr 17 Deere 44V4 duVont 235 Vi EastKod 140 Eflra Cp 29% Fairmont 23% Ford Mot 53% GmblcSk — Gen Elec 90 : !!< Gen Fd.s 81'4 Gen Mot 95% Gen PCm 21V<j GenT&El 37 Goodrich 58% Goodyear 45% Gt West S 34% G'hound 22% Hershcy 32 1 A Homoslk 51'/i 111 Ct-nl — HIM 4UVi Inl Harv 74'/i Int Rcsisl IM'.a Inl Hall l>7 Inl T&T M'., InlcrslPw 3(11 n la ElI^AP lowalll G la. P&L K C P&L Kcn'colt Krsgc SS Leh PrlC LochAir Martin Maytag Mon Wrd Morrell Nil Dairy Nat Gyp N Cent N Nat G Pkging Par Pict Penney Pa KR Pep Cola Phill Pet Proct G Quak Oat Hadio Cp Key Tob Rock Sid Sdfew'y Sear ilob Shcr'ln Sinclr Oil Socony Sou Pac Sid T3rc!s S Oil Ind S Oil NJ Shi Pack Simmy Swift Co Texaco Un Elcc Un Pac Unl Air L Unit Aii- US Gyp US Rub US Steel Van'd Cp WU '1VI Wcstg El Wilson W'wrlli 30% 34 '/H 42 4 6 Vi 50% IT/H 37 '/4 18'A 40% 40 :i2 7 /« 8(5 40% that a mechanical failure caused the car to go out of control. V e r a Annslasia R u c, 55, Crcsco, posted a $15 bond on ncman car at accident and the time of the reported a left 59 21 49% <;G 37'/» 59'/i 52% 79% r>2'/o 39 24 7 /H 70Vi Most grains turn lower CHICAGO (AP)—Prices were mostly lower in futures trading n the Hoard of Trade Monday s liquidation of long positions in oybeans (me! wheat found little uying /esl. Commission houses were prin- ipal sellers of soybeans as cx- orl'shipping tonnage last week roved disappointing. Carlol receipts were esti in at- 97, 22, arm injury. Damage included the left rear of the Finneman car and the right side of the Hinton car. Mrs. George Vokken, Albert Lea, Minn., was treated at Park Hospital Saturday evening for knee and neck injuries she suffered in an accident in front of 3D 12th NW. Police said a car driven east by Marlyn D. Nagel, 1439% 4th SE, struck the rear of a car parked by Vada Kay Myli, rural Kcnsett. Mrs. Vok- ken was standing by an open door of the Myli car. Police said the rear of the Myli car was partly in the line of traffic, Damage included the right front of the Nagei car ami the rear of the Myli car. Three other Saturday accidents were reported. In one, a car was parked facing south at 115 S. Enterprise Alley by D. L. Aschc, rural Clear Lake. As Aschc opened the right door, it was struck t'l iven crson, by a southbound car by llah Kathrinc Pcd- 1735 Ccrro Gordo Way. Damage included the door and right front of the Asche car and the left front of the Pedcrson 8V 55 '/ 02 '/ 79 4 2'/ft C'/i Ask school ride grants to parents i Legislators are being asked by Citizens for Educational Freedom (C. E. F.) to pau a bus ride bill which civet graati directly to parents, to eortraet with ptivate carrier* to deliver|city Junior »s f o / Dr. Christopherson Friends of the late Dr, J. E. ChristopbenoB Monday afternoon announced the Dr, Chris- topfeerson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. Its purpose is to provide scholarships to Mason Christopher son's demonstrated interest in scientific education. children to their schools. Jim 'Collison, Mason City,' executive director of Citizens lor Educational Freedom, in a letter mailed to all legislators, calls for "a fair bus bill thai treats all children fairly and equally in the same or similar circumstances." CeHison said MM test way to provide fair transportation is the "G. I. Bill" method. "Benefit's and aid should go directly to student citizens," he said. Collison said the object of the C. is service directly to children." The executive director said the "Legislature will discuss many other proposals for fair bus transportation." He said 'bills to receive the support of C. E. F. will have to meet these standards: Provide for transporting students. The scholarship was set up by bis friends because of Ik. E. F. "direct grant system to provide a safety-welfare WHAT IS IT? — This creature, held by Lonnie Findling, 19 13th NE, was attracting a lot of attention Monday from city sanitation employes. The animal, apparently a squirrel, has ears soinething like a rabbit. James Bonemann and Donald Hamilin found it in a box during garbage collections. The animal possibly crawled in the box to keep its ears warm. children living hazardous tances from their schools. all dis- d at: wheat 1 car, corn Hits 12, rye none, barley ind soybeans 12.' At l.hc» close, soybeans were V\ -f> cents « bushel lower, ,lan- lary %'i.m wheat %-l low- or, March $l.50M<- l /<; corn un changed lo % lower, March $1.25%; corn %-v* higher Mflrch 7JMi, and rye unchangcc to !/4 lower, March $1.27%. A c*r driven north on S. Pennsylvania by Nick Folkama, 203 20th SE, was in an accident with a car driven west on 13th SE by Forrest C. Schmitz, 531 13lh SE. Damage included the right front of the Folkama car and the front of the Schmitz car. Michael J. Coylc, 112 S. Rhode sland, was driving south in ront of 410 S. Federal, find as ic started to change into the right-turn lane, his car was nan nccidcnt with a southbound car driven by Charles Arndt, 2220 22nd SW. The Arndt 50V4 87% 29 42% 59% G4% 78% 01% 52 .Hi 30% 4 4 '/ft Monday noon Corn 51.11 Oats 04 Soybeans $2.03 Mason City grain MUTUAL FUNDS (Courtesy of Lamson Bros.) at 1 u tn. by AllMills 39'i slnrlt quiKnttnni provided Urns. L Co.) Am Air 44 AmCyan (!.Y?» Annco (i. r i BorgWar 4FT'i. CanPiic-Vi'u Ciitci'Trac •!!!'« Cer-tcedP KI ;I M ChRoekls :i2 r >» ChiMiiw 2!!',i CitiesSer 78'. ComCredit 3(5% ConiKdi 53 ConlCnn 4;t% DougAirc 30 DowChcm 7(>V'« ElPnsGas 21'/.i Firestone •12 :> « GenDyn 35'k Gillette 30'^ GulfOil 5!)' H IntNiek82'-j InlPaper 32'.4 InlamlSl43 : !» JohnManv 55V4 36Vi Lorillard 41 : "t MaraOil G4'/4 MM&M 54% Nat Bis 58'i NatCRcg 74"i NatLead 73',4 NiUStecI r.4 NAMAv 54<i* NPacificSBii NWBan 46',i. OlinMalh 40^ PnrknDnv 31 : !i Pfizer 4H PhelpsD 71'i PureOil .Wi HepStcel 43''» RoyDPcl 45' : i SoulhCofifi'-j StOilCul 70',-j TnnGns 23% ToxETran 21 I TcxGuIfS 53 UnCarb :26 ; >x UnionOil 3CW Zenith <H Afriliuled Fund . Uroad St. Invcs. . E&H Bal. Fund . lE&li Stock Fund . 'Life Jn.s. Inve.s. , lass. Invest. Gr. lass. Invest. Tr. National Invcs. . ulnum Growth , Vellington Fund . Bid 8.82 15.7S 13.21 15.51 0.87 9.00 17.17 17.08 n.«3 14.!)S car also was changing lo the right-turn lane police said. The right side of the Coyle car and the left front of the Arndt car were damaged. Two other Sunday mishaps were reported. A car driven north on Beaumont Drive at 2nd SW by Roger Emanuel, Edwards, 804 S. Harrison, struck a parking sign. Police said Edwards was turning to get to a parking place and skidded on the ice. A car driven cast on 8lh SE. by William Richard Martinson Jr., 1413 2nd SE, was in an ac- Hog market turns lower CHICAGO (AP) — Hog prices were mostly 25 cents a hundredweight lower than last Thursday. The top price for butchers was $18.00 for 175 head of No. 1-2 190-225 Ib sleek animals. Slaughter steers were 50 to 75 lower. High choice and prime 1,100-1,400 Ib steers sold mostly in the lower end of a $24.0025.00 range although two loads made a $25.25 top. CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 9,500; butchers weak to mostly 25 lower; sows about steady;' sutchers 190-230 Ibs 17.00-17.75; 2-3 250280 Ibs 15.75-16.50; 1-3 325-400 Ib sows 13.75-14.50; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 12.75-13.25. Cattle 18,500; calves 10; slaughter steers 50-75 lower; high choice and prime 1,100 1,400 Ib slaughter steers 24.00 25.00; choice 1,000-1,400 Ibs Local livestock Good llfht llghta Good medium weights ood medium weights ood medium welfhta iood medium welfbts iood medium weights >ood medium weights rood medium weights >ood medium weights Good medium weights U.S. 1-2 17.75-18.00; 190-225 mixed Ib 1-3 23.00-24.00; and choice choice and , ; Ask cident with n car driven south in 51.54 M.28 1G.7G 10. 78 9.84 18.77 18.4() 10.52 Hi. 33 •v Commercial Alley by Lois lean Limesand, 30, 1528 N. Washington. The collision oc 20.00-22.50; good 22.50-23.00; h i g 1 prime 950-1,000 Ib PHONE—l2S-»6>3 HOGS—«s-zs:n CATTLE—123-J309 Butcher! weighing ZOO-230 Ibs. priced 6.00-16.50 based on quality and condl- Lon. Mediums and culls discounted ac- ordlngly. These quotations are for lOga delivered to Jacob E. Decker Soni plant. Local delivered boga ac- epted until (t p.m MASON CITY — For Monday Steady. 'Provide for transporting children in all grades—kindergarten to 12th grade— as is done now for public school students. "Provide for transporting private school children across public school district lines, for rea- [sonable and fair distances. "Provide for transporting children from their homes to the schools they attend. "The 'G. I. Bill' grant method does all this." 160-l-iO 13.50 ood light lights KO-lsn lli.Sfl nod light Ilghl* 1X0-11)011.3(1 ood lights lights imi-2011 IS.Wl 200-8211 Ifi.Ofl 230-230 Mfl-210 15.80 SSIO-J50 Jii.80 2M-200 15.40 260-270 15.20 270-380 15.00 2X0-290 11,80 2M-800 14.80 Good sows 270-300 14.00 Good sown 300-3HO J:t."!i 2ood flown .. :t:io-:tfio 13.50 Good sows ;«KI-4(HI 13.25 Good sown 4<HM!iO J3.75 Sood sows 450-300 12.25 LOCAL CATTLE The Mason City cattle market was .teady to 50 cents lower Monday. Fol- owlng are Monday's quotations: •YKEKS !radc Prloe •rime 2l.1S-23.Ofl ;holoe 21.•5-22.51 r.ond ltl.50-21.00 HEIFERS I'rlm* i 20.50-22.00 Choice SO.BO-tl.M Good 11.50-18/75 COWS Commercial 10.75-11.SO .. 10.00-11.00 .. 10.00-12.00 Po/ice get bad check to pay fine During the course of a year, Mason City police handle numerous bad check complaints from businesses. But it's a different twist when they get a bad check themselves. Lyle Myron Krantz, 34, Cresco, Monday was charged with uttering a false check and entered a plea of guilty. Police said the check, for $15, was written Aug. 9 on a Ridgeway bank to pay a fine for an expired driver's license charge. The check was returned because of insufficient funds, police said. « Krantz later was asked to bring the money to the police station. Following a hunt of about two months, Howard and C e r r o Gordo County authorities picked up Krantz Saturday and brought lira to Mason City. Judge Harold R. Winston. Mon- F«r M**r«l y*art h* •pen- sored, assisted and guided an informal Future Doctors Club, a group of young men interested; in the study of medicine. Although mostly junior college students, the club included also some students from area high schools. The scholarships are to be distributed by the five directors. They are Dr. C. O. Adams, Mrs. Christopherson, the Rev. Lavern Hanson, Dr. J. Richard Utn* and Ralph Wallace, who retired this year from the presidency of the Mason City school board, on which he had served with Dr. Christopherson. day and Asks end to fight against billboard law DES MOINES (AP) — Members of the Outdoor Advertising 2 boys pay fines after city accident Two boys paid fines in Police Court Monday as a result of an accident at President and 6th SW Wednesday afternoon. Joseph Jesse Sanchez, 17, 635 6th SE, was fined $25 and costs on a charge of reckless driving and $10 and costs on a charge of having no driver's license. The owner of the car Sanchez was driving, John Michael Kan- accepted deferred the guilty plea sentencing. He Student* to receive the scholarships, according to the conditions of the funds, shall be chosen on the basis of (a) need, (b) character and (c) scholarship. ,' It is organized as a perpetual scholarship fund, and gifts to it will be tax deductible. Gifts to the fund may be made either at this time or in future years. They may be s e n t to Pastor Hanson at Trinity Lutheran Church, of which Dr. Christopherson was a member, or- to any of the trustees. Substantial pledges already have been made to the trust which will assure the beginning of these scholarships for the 1965-66 school year. H. Smallfoot charged with drunk driving Harold Ralph Smallfoot, rural Garner, will appear Mason City Police Court Tuesday for preliminary hearing on a charge of drunk driving. 38, in Association Monday a had before proposal by them their new president that they stop fighting legislation to regulate billboards along interstate Highways in Iowa. The position the association has taken for the last eight years has become "unrealistic," said president-elect Thomas H. Stoner of Des Moines. Ston«r, head of a large billboard firm, expressed his views in a letter to members last week and said it was endorsed Utility Canner» and cullers as Martinson bad the alley, police currcd just turned into said. The damage included the front and left side of the Mnrtin- son cjir the front and right side of the I.ime.simd car. heifers 23.50-23.75; choice 8501,050 Ibs 22.50-23.25; good 20.0022.00; utility and commercial cows 11.75-14.00; cutter to commercial bulls 14.00-17.00. Sheep 700; slaughter lambs strong to 25 higher; choice and prime 90-105 Ib wooled slaughter lambs 21.25-21.75; good and choice 20.00-21.25; cull to good wooled slaughter ewes 5.50-G.50. CHICAGO POTATOES CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) — Potatoes: Arrivals 168; on track Albert l»ea plant delivered prices based on trade and condition. Trend tileady on butchers and steady on sows. Itutchen 'IW-1XO Ibs. No. 2 III. Packing >ows 270-300 Ibi. No.:! 11. Austin: Trie 191; total Thursday, U.S. shipments 346 2 Friday, 7(5 Saturday and none Sunday; supplies moderate; demand good; market stronger; cnrlot track sales: Idaho Valley russets 7.(55; Red River round reds G.15. Mason City's news of record NEW YORK PRODUCE (Monday's Marker) NEW YORK (AP)—(USDA)— Butter ample on top grades, Demand seasonably fair. Wholesale prices on bulk rar- tons (fresh). Creamery, 93 score (AA) 58 : W-59'/4 cents; 92 score- (A) 58W-59; 90 score (B) 58'.a-59. Cheese fully adequate lo ample. Demand spotty. Wholesale sales, American cheese (whole milk). Single daisies fresh 43'/j-4.'Hi, cents; single daisies aged 50-52; flats aged 50-54; processed American pasteurized 5 Ibs 4144; domestic Swiss (blocks) Marriage licenses Eugene Thomas Meyers, 36, and Gcrnldino Gladys Thompson. 28, both of Minneapolis. LeRoy K. Butler, 21, anil Judith Ann Gcrtnn, 24, both of Mason Cily. Births At Park Hospital Girl Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Simmons, 141H N. Pennsylvania. At Mercy Hospital Boy Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Rollin IiiRham, Swaledale. Hoy Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Winters, Nora Springs. Girl Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Piltrnan. 747 Kith N'K. Divorces granted Gerald O. .lonrs is urmilod divorce from Marie Jones on grounds of cruelly. They were married Feb. 4, ia r >7, ami lived together until Sept. 1, 1903. He now is in Korea and has been given permission to remarry within the year. Deaths DORSEY, John R. (.lack), 82, 833 8th SE, auctioneer for GO 75, Mil- grade "A" 46-52; grade 50; grade "C" 43'4-49. 44- HIC1IAUDSON, Roger H. 715 N. Jefferson, retired waukoo Road conductor. TRINGLK, Alvin S., 99, 1125 :irri SW, retired farmer of the Oskaloosa area. FISH, Mrs. George, 84, Route I, Clear Lake. Fire calls At 7:H2 p.m. Saturday — Lint burning in clothes drier at liome of John Weber, 650 Louisiana. Drier checked by firemen and appeared lo be op earing, bound to District Court jond set at $300. Uttering false check — Lyic ilyron Krantz, 34, Crcsco, en crcd plea of guilty, sentencing deferred. Allowing unlicensed minor to Irive—John Michael Kantaris, 16, 1712 S. Hampshire, finrd $25 ind costs. Eggs adequate. Demand fair. Mixed colors: Standards 3132'/i; checks 25-2G. Whites: Extra fancy heavy weight (47 Ibs min) 38-39'/4; fancy medium (41 .Ibs average) 2930; fancy heavy weight (47 Ibs min) 35'/!-37; medium (40 )bs average) 28'/&-29'/.i; smslls (36 Ibs average) 26'/u-27'/:i; pcewecs (31 Ibs average) 22-23. New vehicle sales LcAllen F. or Jnncllc .1. Nev- crmann, 409 S. Conn., Ford; In tcrnalional Harvester Co., 1004 S. Federal, International truck; Leo James or Wanda Johanna Berry, 411 14th SE, Oldmobile; Ann Margaret Steinfort, 315 19th SR, Oldsmobile; American Soil Builder & Research Corp., Mason City, Cadillac; Dean Willard or Leona Marie Clapsnddlc, Clear Lake, Pontiac; Fred Marina or Winifred Lindquist Andrescn, Plymouth Road, Buick; Raymond Frederick JWoIf, 022 K. Vermont, Buick. crating normally removed. after lint was Clear Lake courts Jess Buttleman's Court Reckless driving — Richarc Thomas Savoy, Britt, $50 anc costs. Drinking beer on highway- Terry Lassahn, posts. Klemme, $15 Police court Reckless driving— James WU liam Tracy, 49, rural Swaledale fined SlOO and costs. County Atty. David Butler has recom mended drunk driving charg from same accident be dis missed ;x.Toscph Jesse Sanchez 17, 635 6th SE, fined $25 and costs. Driving while license is unde safety responsibility suspcnsioi — Jerry Jay Baughmsn, 19 Clear Lake, waived preliminary condition. Trend iteady on butchers and ateady on tows. Kulchers 201) 2110 Ibs. No. 1 and 'i in to S16.511. Tacking tinwi 270-300 Ills. No. 1 and 2 ll.'.'S lu 11.7.V Grain futures CHICAGO (AP)— Prcv. Low Close Close High Wheat Mar 1.51% 1.50 l.SOVi 1.51V6 May 1.51 1.50'Xi 1.50'A 1.51V& lul 1.45'/B 1.44V4 1.44% 1.45 Scp 1.47V4 1.46V*. 1.46% Corn Mar 1.26Vfe 1.25-% 1.25% 1.25% May 1.28V'j 1.28 1.28 1.28% ! Jill 1.29V* 1.29 1.29 1.29V* Sep 1.25% 1.24% 1.24% 1.25V* Oats Mar .71% .71% .71V4 .71% May .70% .70% .70% .70% Jul .66'/4 .65% .66V4 .65% Scp .67V4 .67 .67 V4 .67 Rye Mar 1.25'A 1.24-% 1.24% 1.25 May 1.27 1.26!i 1.26% 1.26% by the group's executive committee. He asked for member reaction. The billboard issue has been a recurring one since Iowa started building the superhighways. The federal government,; which pays 90 per cent of the' cost, would allow Iowa an additional $1.7 million if billboards were regulated. Bills for that purpose have been pigeonholed in past legislatures but one is expected to come before the 1965 session. Stoner proposed that the association avoid taking a stand either way. He said most outdoor advertising officials would accept reasonable regulation. His letter said "we could all live with a settlement of this issue based on fair treatment ol businesses and communities rather on the needs of outdoor said he will take into account whether the $15 is paid—in cash. Charge Navy gives $1 million in illegal pay WASHINGTON (AP) — Government auditors have told Congress the. Navy is illegally giving about $1 million a year in hazardous duty submarine pay to staff personnel working primarily on shore or on surface ships. Comptroller General Joseph Campbell said, however, that no such payments will be questioned by the General Accounting Office until next March 1 in order to give the Navy time to adjust personnel assignments or ask for new legislation. Campbell said the $1 million figure was a projected estimate based on payments actually taris, 16, 1712 S. Hampshire, was fined $25 and costs on a charge of allowing an unlicensed minor to drive. Police said Sanchez was turn- bag onto S. President from eastbound 6th SW when the car was an accident with a stopped northbound car driven by Arlow Orlando Lee, 519 S. Adams. Alter the accident, police said, Sanchez pulled back to the right, went over a curb, break- ng off the "no parking" sign, and bumped the porch of a house at 604 S. President. The car then went through the yard to the alley and back around onto the street. Damage included the front and right side of the Sanchez car and the left side of the Lee car. No damage to the porch was apparent, police said. Aliens reminded of requirement to report address made to 40 officers and 55 enlisted men during the 12 months ended June 30, 1963. He said audit investigations of the Submarine Force Command staffs at Charleston, S.C., and an Diego, Calif., disclosed that staff personnel were as- igned for administrative pur- oses to specific submarines but ere stationed on submarine enders or ashore. Submarine pay ranges from Aliens here and throughout the United States are being reminded that the period has nearly ar- Smallfoot was arrested early Sunday by the highway patrol a quarter mile south of Ventura. He posted a $500 bond. Motion pictures of Smallfoot performing co-ordination tests were taken. He also consented to have a sample of his blood tested. Results of the blood test were not yet available Monday. Tracy fined on reckless driving count James William Tracy, 49, rural Swaledale, Monday was fined $100 and costs on a charge of reckless driving. The charge stems from an accident l l /a miles south of Mason City on 2 in which Tracy originally was charged with drunk driving. Formal second-offense drunk driving charges were placed against Tracy Nov. 5 following Tracy's release from a hospital. No blood-alcohol test was taken. Tracy had been bound to District Court and posted a $750 bond. County Atty. David Butler said he will recommend that the drunk driving charge against Tracy be dismissed. Jul •1.27% 1.26 ; Vi 1.27 1.27 Soybeans No driver's license — Joseph [Jan 2,91% 2MVi 2.86% 2.9M;i Sanchez, 17, G35 6th S?:,' and Donna Sue Kabawa, 20, 724 Mar May N. Federal, each fined $10 andlJul •\ug Sep Nov Failure to control a vehicle- lames Patrick Kcough, 41, Route 2, Mason City, entered ?lea of innocent, hearing continued to Wednesday, $100 bond posted; Donald Ray Burgess. 38, 10-IH 2nd NK, and Jack Arnold Barlow, 2n, 310 S. Tennessee, oach forfeited $15 bond: David Joseph Lord, 1C, 10-17 Croslmoro Way, fined $10 and costs. Stop sign violation — Thomas Lee Grupp, 21, 1054 Maple Dr., forfeited $10 bond. Intoxication — Gerald Keith Coc, .15, Route 3, Mason City, and Henry Hertel, -18, 116 17th SE, each forfeited $l. r > bond. Henry Vcrnon Ktijuva, 48, Mason Cily, sentenced to five days in jail; Robert At wood Durand, 63, Greene, sentenced to 15 days in county jail. Realty transfers Marvin and Charlcjic Franzen lo Lconc Frnr.zen, a lot in Clear Lake, 9-28-C-). Bertha M. and Charles A. Tree lo United Home Bank, lot in H. E, l' % rancisco'3 2nd Add. (for collateral purposes only), 12-11-6-1. 2.94V* 2.88W 2.89W« 2.95tf» 2.90% 2.90 ; !i 2.96 2.93W 2.87--V1 2.S7'!.i 2.93-Vi 2.87 2.82% 2.83 2.87"'4 2.61% 2.59% 2. GO 2.61 ; !i 2.53-V4 2.52% 2.53'.i 2.53% OVER-THE-COUNTER Courtesy of T. C. Hendarson Co. Bid Blue Ribbon Beef .. fi>K Clinton Engine 1% Dial Finance 35 Excel Invest 3% Ask 7 ; !S 2Vs •I '.4 Fisher Gov 32U 34Vi Greater Iowa l'« l Guardsman Ins 5 Hubingcr Co 19'i Iowa Beef Pack. ... 35V-j Iowa Bus. Inv 3% Iowa Pub. Serv. ... 31% Iowa South. Util. ... 31 Vi Life Investors 20 N. W. States 35 Thcrmogas 12 5% 22 37% 4'/4 33% 33 22 38 <•• 12% advertising companies." Stv Pout livestock (Monday's Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn AP)—(USDA) — Cattle 7,000 calves 2,000; steers and heifers very slow; not establishec early. Hogs 9,000; moderately ac tive; butchers about steady U.S. 1-3 190-240 Ibs 16.75-17.25 ows strong to 50 higher, U.S 1-3 270-400 Ibs 13.00-14.00. Sheep 1,800; active; steady to ligher; most choice and prime 80-115 Ib wooled lambs 20.00 21.00. .CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday's Market) CHICAGO (AP) — Butter ir regular; wholesale buy in prices unchanged to '/< lower 93 score A A 57 ',4; 92 A 57V6; 9( B 561 i; 89 C 56'/4; cars 90 1 57W; 89 C 57'/4. Eggs easy; wholesale buyin prices unchanged to 1 lower; 7 per cent or better grade t whites 32; mixed 32; medium 27; standards 26^; dirties un quoted; checks 23Vi. SOMETHING EXTRA ST. LOUIS, Mo. wv-A sign i a local supermarket proclaims "Man cannot live by brea alone; he must have butler, 79 cents a jar.' peanu 100 to $245 a month for officers .nd from $50 to $105 a month for nlisted personnel. "Submarine pay is an incen- ive pay for performing hazard>us duty on submarines,' "ampbell concluded. $375 reported stolen from desk Owners of the TV Mart, 109 :nd NE, reported to police Saturday that an envelope contain- ng $375 was removed from a desk. Police Believe entrance vas gained by opening an un- ocked rear window. The store vas closed Thursday noon and •eopened at 8 a.m. Saturday. Police believe the theft occurred Thursday night. Beatles break noise barrier LONDON (AP) — The Beatles — whose worshippers scream so loudly the musicians can't be heard — are trying to overcome the scream barrier partly. The hairy millionaires have set up a projector which flashes song titles and words on a smal screen on the front of the stage BIGGEST WALLEYE GUTTENBERG— Byron Olin-i ger caught a 12-pound, 4-ouncel walleye on the Mississippi Riv-. er at Guttenberg. It is believed j to be the biggest walleye caught in Iowa this year. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Monday's Market) CHICAGO (AP) — No wheat or soybean sales. Corn No. 3 yellow 1-27%; No. *. yellow 1.20V4. Oats No. 2 heavy white 78V4. Soybean oil 11.70 n. rived for annual reporting of :heir addresses. The reports must be made in the month of January. All aliens within the country, with few exceptions, must report their addresses to the government during the month. Forms with which to make the report will be available to all post offices during January. Willful failure to comply with the reporting requirements can lead to serious consequences, it was pointed out by Robert C. Wilson of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. RULED 91 YEARS The longest recorded reign of any monarch is that of Pharaoh Pepi II who rose to the Egyptian throne at the age of six in 2566 B.C. and ruled for 91 years. DEXTRIN Dextrin is widely used in adhesives, especially for stamps, Report break-in at warehouse A break-in at a warehouse at 304 S. Madison owned by Lumber Services, Inc., 328 4th SW, was reported to police. Sunday afternoon. Although nothing was reported missing, police said they found evidence that a large fire of paper was started. and wood chips Entrance was gained by breaking a window. CRJER, invelopes, wallpaper textile sizings. and for GIFT FROM SANTA (•toilers are expecting >est YoU sales ewer. :200 5130 Jon.-Nov. [acn T«oi ••••HBIBI TIAIUY OAT* ttlt, Oota: U.S. Cemm. Dept. AUrm K»t* Juan Peroio. Mason City Junior College instructor, a refugee Tom Cuba, will speak at the Wednesday noon Lions Club uncheon meeting at the Hotel tfanford. Color finishing. Lock Photos. -(Adv.). For Sale: Seasoned fireplace Co. Ph 424-2414.—(Adv.). wood. Wagner Coal & Window Karthan Upholstery and Drapery Shop. Ph. 423-1844.— (Adv.). D«an Diggins, formerly of Hampton, will be on the Ed Sullivan Show with his Mattison Trio next Sunday evening. He formerly headed the Diggins Dance Studio in Mason City and Hampton. Piano Tuning & repairing, registered member of Piano Technicians Guild. Kenneth H. Larson, 1621 So. Delaware.— Ativ Wedding Photos. Lock Photos. -(Adv.). CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) - <USDA)~ Live poultry: Wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 lower; roasters 23-26; special fed white rock fryers 18-19Mj. ISTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS CHICAGO. (AP) - (USDA)- Offici»l estimated livestock receipts for Tuesday ire 2,000 cattle, 7,000 hofls and 500 sheep. ^SOYBEAN FUTURES • Opinions • Recommendations and • Information R. G. Dickinson & Co. • Stocks • londi • Commodities • Mntvol Funds 25 - 1st S.E. rtwitc 423-2054 Df AN tASTOW »nd GfORGI MENDON Ara You Interested A In CHECK A MONTH To Help Meet Your Current Expenses? MUTUAL FUNDS can provide lh|, ,trvic« «.«„•>, withdrawal pla.i that pay you m «,tht, from (ncom. and u« .f principal. Sjrulrm.tic Withdrawal Call or writ*: Plan.. A.k aho.t T.C.HENDERSON A CO., INC. ?»l Sooth Ftitnl AT. j., M.MH City, I«w> _ 1£MM! PUra. • ay Naaie *' T",!!!* •*"•'"•"• '•f.r.atta. .bMt Sy.U.atle Withdrawal explatntoc NlTti(*tnl ad tt thCOT ft... I. .y (h». MUl C«y

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