Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1964 · Page 23
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 23

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1964
Page 23
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•aV tt ' '' INIews of neighbors around Clear Lake * ••__• .* - ^^*f» ^H ff|0 \vVMOfftfft N0W YftAr^ft BvA Ml l"*K^i ev«ai * • •••• i fc • i . • A.^.^A« '.''2hkA J...- '—_.__A_ • ,!*,•_• t j* _V v * a. ' •* .' _ _ _ • _- • '' '.' ftU»*» Cfty, la. Dec. U. ^m 1H4 B' Earl Hontlty home Friday Mr. and Mr.. Harry and Mr. and Mrs. Junes . ke, Clew Lake, Mr. and Mn. George Stevens and family. Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bruns and family, Mason City. ,. M|% •"* Mr «- *•»!* OH «nd five children moved Sunday to Minnetonka, Minn. Mr*, f. G. Ceokman and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cookman and er family spent Christmas with" Mr. and Mrs. Ed Markuuen. x Cedar Falls. Mrs. Marinjaienis a daughter of Mrs. F. G. Cookman and sister of Walter. Billy's Casino open daily except Sundays until further notice.—(Adv.). Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. George, New York City, arrived Christmas Day by plane to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles George, for several days. Celebrate M*w Year<c Ive •* the VFW, No cover charfe. Color .TV New Year's and Mn. Weyn* Zee* AIM! twin sons, Teddy and Tommy, Muncie, Ind., are visiting relatives and friends for the holidays. Zook, a teacher, is working on his master's degree at Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. They were Christmas Day guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Zook. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bud Nkman, David and Nancy, Ventura; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zook, Alan, Billy and Ray, Mason City. . Double stamps Wedneaday at both ODD Bulk Oil stations — (Adv.) Mrs. Herbert Marshall is a patient in Room 441 of Mercy Hospital. She underwent surgery Wednesday. Mr. and Mr*. Don Marvin and children, Patti, Kathi and Stev- Rochester, Minn., Christmas weekend guest* l^tday tae borne of aer pueaU, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stork. Otaar guee$x included their son and d««bt«r- in-law, Mr. and Mr*. Patrick Stork, and children, Jay, Jon, Kevin and Shannon; Mrs. Bea Choate, Nora Springs; John Lei- hold, Lauretta Henderson, Kenneth and Wayne Thompson aad Donald Huey. eh were guest* of his brother, Lyielaame, Mrs, Zuealke provided co. 0-pea. f w *ad douffraut* f<* tiefresh- Mr. and Mrs. Her«M RadteH, meets, which the Members ate Garner, - aad • two daughters, while sitting around a large boa Mr. and 'Mrs. -—•.!» ;,»•••»» entertained X at a family dinner Christmas Day. Christmas Eve their, daughter, Mrs, Leroy Southard, and family entertained her parents and ether relatives. Another daughter, Mrs. Carlyle Nielsen, was. Hostess to a luncheon Thursday afternoon. Mr., and Mrs. R. G. Schumacher left Monday for Sebastian, Fla., where they will spend several months. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. O'D*« returned home Saturday from Des Moines where they were holi- home from the Baptist Bible College, Omaha, dinner guests of Charles Rickard. Mrs. aad Mrs. Rickard are sisters. Mr. and Mr*. J«cfc OH , Marlene and Merikay, who are ^re- son, Minneapolis, were Christmas guests of his mother, Mrs.' Ralph Ott. Also guests were Mr. and ' Mrs. Earl Thompson and son, Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Don Ott and four children, Mr, and Mrs. Wesley Bobbins and four children, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ott and five children, Francis Miller and Mrs. S. J. Ott. ' Dross Sal* on this Nichols Shop.— (Adv.). Forty members of ttto Lind* Loo JehiMen left by were Sunday plane Sunday for St. Louis, Mo., Mr. aad .Mrs. after spending the Christinas Badloff holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Johaaon, aad sister, Pam. Linda ix employed by TWA as a reservation agent Weeawid ««e«t* ef.Mr. and wook at Zion Lutheran Church Senior League held a skating party Sunday afternoon near the Erwin Zuehlke Yes, Uncle Sam exists-and gives and gives and gives EDITOR'S NOTE: Her* is a commentary by William L. . Ryan, written just after tf»o AP special correspondent reread the old Now York Sun editorial replying to a little girl who asked if Santa Claus really existed. Dear editor: Some of my little foreign friends say there is no Uncle Sam. My Papa says, "If you see it in the newspaper, it's so." Please tell me the truth. Is there really an Uncle Sam? Virginia. Virginia, your little foreign friends are anti-American. They are pretending to be skeptical. They ar.e pretending there is no Uncle Sam, but only a great big, bad imperialist with scraggly whiskers who scares little children and tromps on national liberation movements. Yes, Virginia, there is an Uncle Sam. If ever there was a time when the world had proof that there is really an Uncle Sam, it has been this year. Alasl How dreary would be the life of all the little dictators around the world if there had not been an Uncle Sam! It would be as dreary as if there were no surplus food programs. It would be as dreary as if there were no agency for internation- al development to make tolerable their existence and get them out of hot water. Not believe in Uncle Sam? Of course Uncle Sam exists, and he is good and kind and generous and foolish and frightened, and he would never do anything that might offend, or make these people angry. What in the world would they eve/^do without nice, rich old Uncle Sam? They would have nobody to beat on the head, because other uncles are not like Uncle Sam, and when other uncles are beaten on the head, they get very angry and beat right back. - - But not generous old Uncle Sam! Sometimes, when a small ruler, who has been getting many goodies from Uncle Sam", does his best to make people believe Uncle Sam is really a big, bad bogeyman, Uncle Sam hints that he might stop distributing goodies. But all good little rulers need not worry. They know old Uncle Sam doesn't really'mean it. And they do not mind when Uncle Sam says it because they can tell their peo pie: "See, Uncle Sam is not really Uncle Sam. He is the devil. He is giving us food and equipment and technical advice and all that sort of thing, but his mo- tives are bad because he has strings attached. If your good ruler were not here, the bad old devil wpuld gobble all of you up." And this, Virginia, brings up the: question: Where would all the' fun be \jn the world if there were no Uncle Sam? How else could all the happy people be given the opportunity to rush out into the streets and cheer and shout and burn, down American /'embassies? Where else could nice Oriental generals find a benefactor who would help them for years and years and indulgent while being kicked in the shins? Even when Uncle Sam hints he is angry, these people know he is only hinting. They know, Virginia, in their heart of hearts, that when the time comes around to give again, no matter how much he might be annoyed, Uncle Sam will go on giving. Yes, Virginia, Uncle Sam is real. He is as real as simple faith and trust in the goodness of other men is real, and Uncle Sam is just (full of simple faith and trust. He is as real as rich es and abundance are real. He will go on, Virginia — on and on, year after year, patiently giving and giving to gladden hearts everywhere. Students start firm HAYS, Kan. u& — The newest business enterprise in this Kansas college town is called 'Teel's United Corkers," with IJen Teel, a senior at Fort Hays Itate College, as the organizer and president. While Teel was in class recently listening to a lecture on small business management, his nstructor,. Dale Peier, said here was a need in most communities for some one to do odd obs, then added -that he didn't suppose anyone would do anything about it. The instructor went on with other discussions but the idea began to grow in Teel's mind. He called together 14 of his close college friends and outlined his plan to them. . . The "Teel United Workers" will do any small jobs or chores around homes — waxing cars, putting up storm windows, taking down screens, washing windows, cleaning furnaces, raking leaves, leveling ground or digging up bulbs. Thieves take name of store literally { DAVENPORT, I'o w a W) — Somebody took /•the name of Frank's Carry Out literally, and did exactly that. Thieves forced open a back door and carried out $50, in addition to dumping a tray of chicken, valued at $10, on the floor. Melcher were their and Miss Ivy Sup- Mrs. C. £. son, Mark, pinger, Washington, D.C., and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schipper, and two children. Fort Atkinson, Wis. Other holiday guests were Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brooks and Lillian Brooks, Clear Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bell, Klemme. Mr. and Mrs. John Calhoun and son, Jay, Rapid City, S.D., will arrive Tuesday to visit several dajte with his brother, Dr. R. E. Calhoun, and family. The former secretary of the YMCA at Mason City, Calhoun holds a similar position in Rapid City. New Year's Day both families will visit another brother and family, the Rev. J. B. Calhoun Owatonna, Minn. Weekend gu*s»s of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Pattschull were their son, Gary, and family, Newton Other holiday guests were Mr and Mrs. Lowell Pattschull and daughter, Paula, Mason City Mrs. Charles Bywater, Riceville- Mr. and Mrs. Don Kofron and son, Phillip, Austin, Minn.; Lillian Kofron, Charles City, and M. E. Birdsell. CLEAR LAKE SPORT — Playing a fast game of ice hockey are Clear Lake High School students and college students home for vacation The rink located just off City Beach is big enough for a full' scale hockey game at one end while the younger- skaters have space closer to shore. The warming bus is parked just off Lakeview Drive and is open afternoons and evenings. Smoking in U.S. down CHICAGO (Pi — Americans drank, gamBled and played more in 1964, but they smoked less. A study of federal excise tax collections by Commerce Clearing House shows they also traveled more by car, snapped more camera shutters and watched other people perform more often. It all added up to a total ex cise take of $13.9 billion. Taxes on liquor and beer ac- counted for $3.5 billion, up more than $100 million over 1963. Wagering tax collections increased $338,000 making a total of more than $6 million. Americans used less tobacco and these taxes fell $27 million during the period from an all- time high oE almost $2.1 billion taken in 1963. RAISSN PRODUCTION Raisin growers in California's San Joaquin Valley produce 250,000 tons of raisins annually worth $50 million. BIG MAPLE COUNTRY Vermont is the largest producer of maple and maple products in the nation. H A PPY FROM ALL OF us AT nnrri EASTER'S NEW YEAR THANKS FOR YOUR SPLENDID PATRONAGE Crisp, California HEAD LETTUCE 2 Large Heads Sea Pak Frozen, Peeled, Deveined. Quick Frozen P.D.Q SHRIMP l'/2 Lb. Pdy Bag j $198 SUPER VALUI Tender Cured Smoked Picnics Fresh Lean Ground BEEF lb. Libby's TOMATO JUICE 46 Oz. Con 25c Heinz Tomato SOUP No. 1 Con lOc Honnels' SPAM Good Value MARGARINE 12 Oz. Can 39C 1 $1.00 5 1 Pound Cartons Imperial Crown Stem-On Red Maraschino Cherries 100*.^ 55c Grandee Mrmzanilla STUFFED OLIVES No. 12 Jar Gedney's Plain or Kosher DILL PICKLES EASTER'S CLEAR LAKE DICK SCOTT, Manager SUPER VALU Old term wheel roles family into major business SUMTER. S.C. WV-When Anthony Vivona purchased a used ferris wheel back in 1940, he laid the foundation for an amusement business which has grown tremendously through the years and is now rim by his five sons. The elder Vivona, who died in 1943, set up his original ride at South Beach, N.J., and^as each brother became of age *he joined the family " business, COM/N is now headquartered which here. From one ride it has become one of the biggest carnival midway operations in the east, comprising 60 rides, three variety revues, sideshows and various concessions. CEMETERY SOCIETY ALEXANDER—The Cemetery Society will meet at the Reformed Church parlors Thursday, Jan. 7, at 2 p. m. Hostesses are Mrs. Tom Jessen and Mrs. Bertha Rodemeyer. LITHUANIANS There are approximately one million Americans of Lithuanian descent. HAPPY NEW YEAR * THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL, PATRONAGE THE PAST YEAR1 WE WILL BE \ OPEN 9 A.M. lo 1 P.M. NEW YEAR'S DAY No Deliveries Armour Star No. 1 Smoked PICNICS 6 to 8 Lb. Average..... Lb. Nabisco Assorted Snack CRACKERS Shurfine Tomato JUICE Scotties Facial TISSUE 4" CRISCO Occident FLOUR Contadina TOMATOES 3 Shurfine' Early Pkgs. 99c Count £4 A A .oxe* $1.00 3 Pound ^A^ Can /DC 10 is. 89c 2'/z Cans 79c Pepsi-Cola, Teem, Squire . . 6 pack 39c Miracle MARGARINE Gerber's Strained BABY FOOD 10 1 Pound Cartons Jars $1.00 G&WGramiJated •_ ^^ ^fV SUGAR 5 39 (With $5.00 Order) OUR OWN LEAN PURE GROUND BEEF FRESH EAST COAST OYSTERS LOCALLY RAISED FRESH DRESSED GEESE... 12 Oz. Cup Ib. EACH FLORIDA INDIAN RIVER GRAPEFRUIT DECKER IOWANA BRAUNSCHWEIGER lb 39c DECKER IOWANA CERVELAT SUMMER SAUSAGE DECKER'S ASSORTED LUNCHEON MEATS Pick!* — Plmlonto — Bologna Salami — Spic»d Luncheon SWIFT PREMIUM FUUY COOKED CANNED HAMS Gift ;Hmise Stamps C Ownc* Pkg. RED RIPE TOMATOES SEA PAK BOUND BREADED SHRIMP Tub» : 10 Ot. Super Market FftEE DELIVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY UPTOWN - CLEAR L FREE PARKING Df REAR n A

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