Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 26, 1964 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1964
Page 19
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Credit rating counts Most people buy on time Central CHICAGO, m.-At fiwt u. ysu toe for » receat California bank loan appeared to be a tip-top risk. He was the district manager for a large insurance company, newly promoted and moved from a smaller region. Married and with four Aiidreo, hi* income was more than $10,000 a year Seemingly, he was affluent. The bank turned him down. "What do they think they're doing?" he spluttered to a friend. "Look at my income and position. They must be crazyl" The bank really had little choice. A routine credit bureau check revealed that the "executive had left behind in the city from which he'd moved, substantial unpaid accounts at nine stores. There, too, his car had been repossessed and he'd filed for personal bankruptcy in 1959. Already, in his n*w home town, the applicant was months behind on his car, utility and milk bills. He had reported none of this when applying for the loan. "He lacked self-discipline and money judgment," the hank's loan officer explained. "Financially speaking, he'd never grown up. His credit rating just caught up with him." Keeping an acceptable credit' rating is indispensable today. Over half the nation's wage earners carry some installment debt, and 95 per cent of the population uses credit in some form or another, if it's only for the month's electricity. At the end of World War II, the U.S. consumer debt was just over $7 billion. This year estimates the U.S. Department of Commerce, it will top $70 billion, not_ including another $183 billion in home mortgages. Economists and bankers are generally unworried, even though personal bankruptcies and home mortgage foreclosures are rising, largely because some merchants and lenders, to increase volume or meet competition, go ahead and give' credit «nyway to doubtful cases. Americans now have more than $4 in financial assets for every $1 they owe on consumer and mortgage debt. They are saving more, too — an average of l¥t per cent of after-tar income. Most people are honest and meet their obligations.' Finance companies and banks have to write-off only about $1.50 for every $100 they loan, well below what is considered normal. Th« average Iocs on 30-day charge accounts is only one- half of one per cent of sales. for most retailers. For every five million cars sold on ."time"' each year, fewer than two per cent are repossessed. To keep this reasonable and safe .balance, credit and loan granters have to be right in their decisions at least 99 times out of every 100 cases. The word credit comes from the Latin "credere" to believe —and consumer credit, in its simplest form, is mutual trust between seller and buyer. Judging applicants on outward appearances alone, however, is akin to playing Russian roulette. A working couple might have a high income, flashy cars, vacation in Hawaii, and pay all their bills when due. Credit men are wary <,i them, though, if they have no cash reserves. Their whole high-living, top- heavy debt structure would collapse if either one were to get ill for a long time or lose their job and not find an equally good-paying one immediately. Som«j of the richest, best- dressed people are often rated poor credit risks, too. They live today for dividend or salary checks tomorrow. Many are just irresponsible. Others see nothing wrong in making merchants wait for their money. "You'd be surprised how many upper-income customers have to be dunned," reports a Chicago department store credit manager. "They're not even ashamed of it." adds a Cleveland lender. "We have to write repeatedly to one of our customers who was behind on his car payments. He lived in one of the swankiest suburbs, belonged to the best clubs. Finally, when he didn't. pay, we asked him what his neighbors would think if we had to repossess his car. Airily, he wrote back saying he'd talked to his neighbors and they all agreed it would be a .tousy trick." PART-TIME WORKERS Part-time workers comprise 45 per cent of all food store employes today in contrast to only 30 per cent part-time workers in 1951. CONTACT UNSIS Some 900,600 American patients are fitted with contact lenses annually, statistic* of th« American Optometrk Association reveal. >'y«o^ - ^ -',\v ,i *v>*^''V s-:,,?.?-wt-^^-^ eowrvmi HOME FIRST/ MASON OTY MULTIPLE LISTING EXCHANGE in 41UM-UU Ncrtt Tlijtelj . . . Larc* Mtibaa. IMssjreesB, kill tiisa»»f. can«e. CmB far sao*tn«. LIST YOUR HOME Whara Kaal Estata j, Bain*- SeU, ia H. oiTSWAM 7*vi7 MASON CITY, IOWA /* W. O. PATTON Eve*. — 423-UtS or 423-5JU MOST BE BOLD! tar* QUICK LOW TAXES - tth S.W. "if We List It — It's A Good-Bye" Transport Timetable AIR Mason City Municipal Airport Ea«tbound-«:SO a.m.. <F*T). 2:05 P.m. (F27) <:24 p.m. Westbound—».-» a.m., 4:31 p.m. Northbound—1:W p.m. RAIL Passenger Station 600 2nd NW To MlnneapoUs — 4:M a.m., J:51 P.m. To Des Momc* — 2:M p.m., 11:15 a.m. To Austin and Minneapolis — 1:40 a.m. To Omaha — 12:55 a.m. BUS Jefferson Bus Depot 16 1st SW Eartbound — 7:15 a.m., U:50 a.m.. 6 p.m. Scenic I4n« tTo Decorah) — 5:43 P.m. daUy except Frt, Sim. and holidays. 6:45 p.m. Westbound — 6 p.m. Northbound—7:25 a.m., 10.-S5^ 4:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Southbound—7:30 a.m.. 12:30 p.m., 2:50 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and Company U 2nd N.E Art Kodrigues ........ 423-2201 Pat RodrlciM* ........ «2S-2208 May your life be blessed, With all the things considered best, During this Festive Holiday Season. Lodges HARDING LODGE No. C4» Reed C. Cook. WJC _ - 42S-01S3 B. A. Laurie. Secy. , Stated Communication Wed.. Jan. 13. 7:30 p.m. BENEVOLENCE LODGE No. 145 V. M. Floden. WJt 4234650 .: Stcy - t" F. An«ell fc J. Nltchals Mon., Dec. 29 — 7:30 p.m. 404 South Monroe — 423-0675 AFTER HOURS CALL — "JernT Torcerson — • 423-94U Jon.. McCuskey — 423-1393 .MONBOB . HOLT fAMILY AREA i.-ii5*S* fe, 1 *"* for *• amUr la tsUs spacious 5 room horn OB North two tall bath, and a *»b«««neM, carafe, can b. a *H*tt. MtUw to»er,*ut a Hv«b«« $4»» DOWN . . . And an hoe*tt Uce l» all It takes to buy this *•« »*» j b^roorn ranch horn* wtth • d«Ueh(jd «ara«« fat a few area in UK Southwert see^•^2 A LOT OF CLOS"*? ££***•- ""« SELLING FOR *">* IO7SO. payments LIKE RENT! THISWONT LAST LONG. - BETTER HAVE A PAPPAJOHN GB REALTY CO. 423-0135 Wtttcnberc — Eve*.--t23-«2S* DRIVE BYS 3 BEDROOMS 908 South Virginia 1441 - 2nd S.E. 719 - lUh N.W. 113 South Ohio 12 North York «22 6th Place S.E. 1425 So. Virginia 1025 North Taylor 1640 4th S.W. 511 9th S.E. 248 - 20th S.E. (2 Bedrm.) 315 * 318 No. Penn. (Duplex) 230 - 15th S.E. (4 Bedrm.) WOLKENHAUER REALTY 102 North Delaware — 424-2932, After 3 p.m. Call Wolkenhauer — 4234280 WE CAN GIVE YOU REAL DEPENDABLE SERVICE. LIST TODAY. Ph. 423-0642 - 423-5153 ART LYON, Realtor MASON CTTY CHAPTER . ORDER OF DeMOLAY Tom Reed — Master Counselor ' 423-6827 Dan Roberta. Scribe, 424-4517. DeMolay Desree—Sat.. Jan. 2nd 7:00 p.m. Notice* -—-NOTICE — -The liability of the Globe- Gazette for typographical errors, wrong insertions or omission of advertising shall be limited to ONE CORRECTED INSERTION OF THAT PORTION OF ANY SUCH AD INCORRECTLY INSERTED. Please read your ad, if there is an error which definitely changes the meaning of your ad, please call us right, away. * Monuments, Etc. B3 BEAUTIFUL VIGIL MEMORIALS •Tor »U the years where dear ones sleep, these faithful stone* their VUtll keep.r , For all graves. Now for an occasions. VIGH, MEMORIALS 213 6th N.W., Phone 424-2098 Mason City, Iowa MASON CITY MONUMENT Works. Borne, owned and reUable since 1M9. See our large'display of finished monuments in all granites. Including Montello. Mark every crave. We deliver anywhere, 150 10th St. S.W. Ph. 424-4314. Business Oppor. Located In a nice 'N.C. Iowa com munlty ot 2,500. Includes a fine, nearly new main street building Wonderful opportunity for an ener «etlo couple. Very good terms — wUl sell on contract with a very reasonable dowa payment. See LARRY J. FLANAGAN, salesman tor R. W. Courson. Ph. 444-2311 or .444-2414. Belmond, Iowa. med. employment. Salary plu comra., full company benefits In eluding Insurance, profit-sharing retirement. Write Box D-l» lnclu< Ing pertinent Information. WANTED — School boy for dish washing. Fri. fc Sat. evenings Apply Buehler Cafe. 730 So. Fed FULL time bell hep. i Haatord. Must be over tlree; welcome. Apply to person to Mr. Kohn, manager. WANTED—Experienced fry coo at Hotel Hanford. Apply In per son only between I a.m. and p.m. to the chef. WAITRESS'WANTED MINIMUM INCOME $55 per week. TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT . "- 423-8261 WOMAN for general office work Age 30 to 40. Write Box P-21 Globe-Gaxette including references and experience. WANTED —Cook and Waitress. A p p I y in person at Curly's Corner Cafe. LOST—tarsTe white ~ '•£&" Terrier. Answers to the ni Of — —--"-•« ««»«,*«&» M, uiv niHiie ox Tuffy. Vicinity of Rose BowL R«ward. Phone 423-2580. TAKEN by mistake: Black parka Fri. night at Hl-Dive. We have owner's parka. Ph. 423-6758 FOUND-Shotgun on city .treet. _Only owner need call 423-6758. LOST _ Black Lab. pup. Reward. John E. Mitchell. FL 7-3244, Clear Lake. Rt. 1 Oakwood. WANTED — Dishwasher. No Sun day or holiday work. Apply in person. Oglesby Food Shop. 13 . 2nd S.E. LADIES WANTED for laundry and dry cleaning work, no expert enc« neceesary. Apply Marshall I Swift. * Help Mole-Fmle. 23 CAN you seUT you think you can? Write and tell us why you thlak you can. Top replies will be considered for positions leading to top wages and possible management. Write Box V Globc-Cazette. * Service* Offered 27 *JButme«iOppor. 18 ' good business. For cost of in. ventory will help finance fixtures. Illness In family. Ph. 423-5773 after ^ p.m. or write M-23, Globe- Gazette. DRIVE-IN Located on a heavily traveled U.S. Highway In a real nice N.C. Iowa community of 2,500. Includes dual highway access, 2 buildings, complete line of equipment, highway s(«ns, and recorded menu feature* and business trade name. Can be purchased for much less than oth- ,,. - ee give liberal contract terms, LOW down Payment. See »-^' J" "• W- Courson, Ph. 444-2391 or 444-2414, Belraond, Iowa. * Mole Help WM. 20 ASSOCIATE WANTED To the man or wvnaa wtth a •acetyial business or sale* background: A major mutual fund «r- •f^MT'jJ;'"!^. «"-«««-• <* 91, 500,000 .OW ). wtth eOsew from coast to coast, ottcn an opportunity to capitalize on your duu-- act«r and baekrrxxtnd. eoable* yon to m rwrmrdAw FOR RENT HOSPITAL BEDS WHEEL CHAIRS COMMODES UNITED RENT-ALLS 518 So. Penn — 424-4234 YOU CAN RENT A This posUlon •at a lifetime career baaed «• eocamte- alan eamsnca. TTT- NO TRAVEL RCQUnUCD. Wa '* "ioraos* traiasn' •—• — k« daraiaptac AL FANGMAN 18 FT. VAN Keep it 1 day — Drive 50 miles with gas and oil furnished for only . . . $24.00 LANE BROS. INC. 421 No. Georgia PHONE 423-5445 > TRASH odd ,od U«M haottnT £» brok NEXT TUCK DRAINS STOP UP *•••»• «*•» »r* el«ans«l esectrto- •Uj by UM Root Master. ml •Mctattr and dnla. Cotttn* katrv do **• C«fl tester tor KELROY'S PlUtB KCMOVAL - work. Pk. 4M-1541. ^ 32 1 ROOM apt Also large sleeplnf room. Close la. Ph. 423-176*. * _ApH. for Rent 33 oaia and eot. Inq. 70S S. Penn. NICE 3 rm. unfum. apt. Clo«e to Hanford HoteL Reas. rent Ph. 4O-4745, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. RUSS Gray usually has apartment» for rent Phone 423-2666. 4 RM. apt. with garage, partly furn. Call 423-2654. CLOSE-IN, new 4 rms. & Adults only. Ph. 423-3555. bath CHEERFUL 5 room East State Street unfurn. upstairs apt, $65. 4 RMS., bath, unfum. Ground fir.. »45 mo. Watar furn.- Ph. 423-8X21. KrrCHENETTE. 1 zoom. SeU -——— _• .X zoo m» Ph. 4*X-*2U 2 BEDRM. furn apt. Carpeted and air conditioned, close in location, handy to shop* and bus. $95 MO. include* all utilities. Avail. Jan. 1. -Beck Bros Co Ph. 423- 5tS4. R. P.vShoop. Ph. 423-8456. LARGE 3 rm. furn. apt., close_in. privv ent.'. and hath, plenty ot cioseiij^util: turn. Cull after 5:30. 423-7640. ; • RMS. furn.,. prlv., bath. Utlll- tie*. Close In. Adults.-423-1183. . house, yr. round, J50 mo. Shady Beach. ^ STOP In at Allied Realty and check the Rental Blackboard, flrstl MOD. 1 bedrm. house, nice basement. 432 26th S.W. 423-4381. MOD. 2 bedrm., unfum., ground flr. Ph. 424-3949. MOD. HOUSE, 4 rooms & bath. 215 Cres. Dr. Ph. 4234381. NEWLY DEC. 3 bedrm. home, close In. 424-3211 before 5. FOR RENT—S room downstairs duplex, 201IW S. Fed., J30 mo. Ph.'423-0135. FOR RENT—Modem 2 bedroom house. Midland Hgts. Inq. at 69 Stony Way. Ph. 423-1936. FOR RENT—1 bedrm. house, 121 N. Conn. Ave. Ph. 423-3284. BDRM. house, thermostat heat controlled. Good location, full basement, garage. Ph. 822-3369, Rockwell. BDRMS-, S.E., newer. Sale or rent, 18 N. OW6. Newer, 4 rm. «pt., 170, buUt in oven, range and refrig.. separate utilities. HolU Realty. Ph. 423-9111. LARGE 5 rm. house. Forest Park. garage, 220 wiring. Write Box 0-21. Globe-Gazette. WB HDVB OMT Las*. M via yw. s*» iB-va-d MB* ta »aat rao-Laba JUatty. F*. FL 7-4711. •V OWNU - 3 aasoac fat«. ar trade jMLoHjorJejl^ fV*~SXUE^ci£c<r~lX ui Bel Air addttaa. Favored south f«. *•«><*»*>•. *• eras***.. We paid *J,SM, will sell for ttJM OR you may make an oWer. R**soa for •ale, moved aut of lUte. Call Nora gprsasjs Itt-Sitt. * Panm tor $•!• 39 L ? T J rt ff «*»>» Prooartla* wttk R. D. Sboop. Back Bm Ca.. M9 Ph. 4tt 56S4. Evw. Ph. 160 ACRES March 1st possession. On paved highway west of Manly. Most all tillable Carrington soil, lays nice. Modern house; large barn in excellent condition; 2 hog houses; silo; double & single cribs; new machine shed; double garage. This is an excellent farm for sale to close estate. LAKE Realty 516 Main - CLEAR LAKE Ph. FL 7-4711 or FL 7-4712 Lee - FL 7-2975 Zuehike — FL 7-2362 can you > to get less from your feed! it Machinery ~ 4) e with creep panels. $19.95. Free literature. Dolly Enterprises. 703 Main. Colchester. 111. Attention Farmers! Looking for Tax Relief? This is your last week to take advantage of it for 1964. We have a complete line of New or Used machines to offer you. WOOLLUMS IMP. Mason City — Ph. 423-2412 Your Independent John Deerv Dealer '63 CUB CADET Like new. A real buy with 38-inch mower and new snow blade. Produce Pork For $7J» Per 100 Lbi. Total Feed Cost ^ To Mark *t To 5V4 Months * Build A 50-Lb. Feeder Pig For About $3 Total Feed Cost * Save On Grain-Save On Protein * No Secrets — You Know What You're Feeding . . . And Get Results MERE'S HOW: Everything considered, it (till tikci balance and food car* to get that pU up to {.ttenlng wafcht fast and in «ood health, o» the Watlcin. Mln-Vit. Propsm you y^ youf „ ^ T £*,!??• nUtrtanU * nd they>r8 « ettta « to ™»"«< at the best price. Mln-Vtte Is a concentrated pre-mLx that supplies guaranteed amount* of vitamins «nd mineral*, plus an antibiotic. You bufld this premium feed at Jen cost per 100 Ibi. with Mln-Vlte because you build your own high performance feed using home-grown grain and local protein. There 1 ! no magic . . . if, .imply a sensible Program that saves you money— and gets your hog to market quicker and le« expensively. Can you afford to. get less from your feed? FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER HERB CHRISTIAN - 110 20th St. S.L " Mason City, Iowa — Ph. 423-0680 __ Your Watkins Dealer * Livestock 42 FOR SALE—Brood lows, ftrro soon, some with litters now Vacc. E. J. Sheriff. Ph. 892-5589 Sheffield. la. FOR SALE—1 1st calf hfr.. 1 2n calf hfr., close up, C.H.V George Marreel, Osage, Iowa. PUREBRED Duroc boars. Am Olson. 5 ml. N.. 2 E. ot Garner FOR SALE — P.B. Duroc boars Arlo Johnson, Forest City, Ph 582-2992. FOR SALE—33 head Hereford calves. Herman Frenz, 7 m W.. y t .ml. S. of Rocktord, la. $675 '57 F-450-D Completely overhauled. $2675 F-560 GAS Extra sharp, reconditioned fully equipped. $3795 '49.. FARNAALL MD. Good shape. $995 3—SUPER M Tractors All in excellent condition and clean. $1575 - '49 FERG. T.O.-20 With blade. $475 International Harvester SALES & SERVICE 1004 So. Fed. — 423-2755 Misc. for Sale 44 -~*'^^- v ~ -~ ~-~-^-v^rt*>^^v* BILL THOMAS sells Rood dry oa fireplace wood, $14 ton delivered Ph. FL 7-5060, Clear Lake. WE WILL FINANCE OR LOAN the down payment to finance ANYTHING on these pages. HARLAN CROUCH or JERRY MAHRENHOLZ THRIFT PLAN INC. 9 West State — Ph. 423-0628 ENSILAGE FORKS 8 -tine—$855 10 tine — $9.35 CUR'R 20 East State ES 423-2215 TREE stump removal, anywhere free est. Ph. 423-9493. Lea Hell land. 606 S. Virginia, Mason City FOR SALE — 1200 M-M "Shell- master", new 1963. Ph. 2172, Miller, la. Livestock 42 FOR RENT — 3 bedrm. house at 531 10th Ave. N., Clear Lake. Pii. FL 7-3794. Clear Lake. BEDRM. home. 1423 2nd S.E. No basement, garage, $70. Ph. 24th S.W. Small one bedrm. house, vacant, only $45; also 3 bedrm. nodern, vacant, close in. $55. Rud's Real Estate. 114 3rd N.E. 423-5974. Mobile Home* 34A *+*+*>~*~f*^**+^v^v****+ FREE Your heating bill paid for he winter, with every new Mobile Home purchased. All units on winter prices. oing South?? Winter closeout on all Travel Trailers. Also many Used Mobile Homes. Now is the time to' buy. Over Sixty units to pick from. Parts, Service, Hauling. Low -rate bank financing. Your North Iowa's largest Dealer. PAUL'S MOBILE HOME SALES II Wert—Mason City. la. Phooe 424-4971 For the one headgate that catches calves, cattle, and hogs, also farrowing stalls. Write Sheriff Mfg. & Dist. Goodell, -Iowa Phone 58741 NEW Carrier 50,000 gas hanging heater. Special price $139.00 R»y E. Pauley, 425 So. Fed., 423 7032. e lumbia bike. Excellent cond. Ph 423-5939. FOB SALE—2 boys' blkci. Z6-in wheels, good cond. Ph. 822-3734 El?.o Lewerkc, Rockwell, 'la. WILL BUY 500 GUNS Any make or gaugel BOB'S Shooters Supply Co S13 - 6th St. S.E. Ph. 423-2106 P.B. YORKSHIRE and Hampshire boars. Dr. W. R. Preston, ml. So. Clear Lake, Hwy. 107. FOR SALE—Reg. S.P.F. (disease free) Hampshire and Duroc boars. Schnelderman Bros., a ml. N.. 1 ml. w.. *4-ml. N. of Bristow. FOR SALE—Poland China boars, farrowed in June, July it Aug Milton Charisen tt Son, Lake Mills. P.B. Black Poland China boars. Best- of blood Unes. 3V4 mi. N. of Nicholas Turkey Farm on H«rv 1». L. W. Lulck. FOR SALE—Hamp. boars— Just tested a fresh lot ot April boars. If you want bone, ham and ruc- •edness see these, 6.1 loin eye Joseph Skow; Wesley, Is. JONATHAN APPLES Bushel Box $2.69 Earl's Fruit Market 1607 South Federal jr_Hooty for Sq U» 35 Rls-V »n ~ I(iV"~lor v jfon - -**d*. FL 7-21*7. V* N. Drhra, dear Lake. Win. trade aejaftr !• 1 — _ Ian bom* tm Masoa City for paymaat M farm, wttUa » af lUtcm aty. Ph. 4H-1M7. ^ ^* • • '•• ^~*m 9 Hwwvir^^^B. *mm *• Tt. Ml OmrOm. P«. 434-191*, ALWAYV • gttt sslirUisi a( city U*a stem borne*. . •aJbr aad nn)Hip»im. srwy. •W Oaar Lsikv. Ffc. FL 7-4O7 FOR SALE — Purebred Duroc boars from testing station sires. Jess* Tomllnson, 1 ml. N., 1V» W. of Manly. WANTED—To buyj J tried boars, Poland China or Yorkshire avail, about Jan. 1. Fred W Schlichtlnt, Rt. 3, Masoa City. Ph. Rockwell 822-3256. FOR SALE — 4 tried boars. 3 Berks, 1 Hybrid, yacc. 'st tested. J ml. So. ot City. Ph. 423-MW. Henry Pruin. P.B. HAMP. gilts, bred to Ames test station boar. Farrow in Feb. and Mar. Reas. Jim McGrath, Thompson, I«. 1 W., M4 mis. 8. «> FEEDER plgt home raised] Clyd« fflaswl, Graftoa. Ph. 74*- M72.' REG. Hereford bulls. Wm. Dewey, 3 ml. west on 1M, Mason City, JVi south, K-mL west BOARS For Sale: Spotted Boars. Choi., erv. vacc., brucellosis tested. Wayne Toppin I BUlssi *. el C]«*r Lake a* Hwy. 197, 1M mi. Wet*. Tei. Vsatara. VA t-tsn FOR SALE • HAMPSHIRE BOARS Vacc. and letted. Dennis O'Keefe 4 znU. E, 2 mH. N. PARTY FOODS GALORE! YES, if you are planning a party over these joyous holidays, be sure to stop in and shop. A grand array of party favorites are on hand for your enjoyment. SUCH AS— Smoked Oysters — Pickled Mushrooms — Martini Olives — Danish Sen FqurJfh—Mint Sauce—Greys' Chutney — Grenadine — Ume Juices — Angostura Bitters —Tiny Cocktail Salami — Filleln of Anchovies with Capers—4-way Stuffed Olives — Miniature Canape Pastry Form* — \fany New Italian Pickles and Peppers, Etc., Etc. ALSO CHOOSE FROM 50 KINDS OF CHEESE WATKINS LOCKERS 711 So..Fed. — Ph. 423-5534 B44 ckas. *M,M. St. N.E. 2 lenses and Lock Photo, 28 2nd BMg. Materials 46 •iBmlMim and asbetto* std- Awl No dowa and u» to J T A liiian «aaa • f • AIIO^TVH Ca.. *U tad St. NW. Pb *K»d»», TV, Etc. A4S 1st pL W. of Manly, I*. iltJI K SSmlfSLi?' •* Used Cars 60 IF A LARGE SELECTION OF CARS TO CHOOSE FROM IS IMPORTANT TO YOU . . . then Sedars is the place for you to buy your cars. Shopping i s always best where the selection is greatest. And it stands to reason that the auto dealer who handles the greatest number of new and used cars is going to be able to provide buyers with the best selection Having a variety of models, makes and price ranges to choose from is important to every auto shopper, yet the really important aspect of selection is the condition of the cars themselves. Any dealer can load up his lot with inferior and worn out autos. At Sedars we demand that every car offered for sale be in first rate condition in every respect Our selection is good and only good cars make up our selection. SEDARS PONTI AC -CADILLAC r CADILLACS-GMC TRUCKS! 2 LOCATIONS North Federal North Federal Srd And 6th And MORRIS MINOR 1958 T,, T n2 P°f r Sedan - 4 Speed Transmission. Ideal 2nd Car. Good Shape. 35 Miles to the gallon. Action-Priced '333.00 RICKEY'S Across From Sears — Open to 9 P.M. * Misc. for Sale 44 Don't Be Caught Short Next Year . JOIN OUR CHRISTMAS CLUB NOW! ^*iZ*fc?*6A. 3-2457, STATE BANIC MEMBER. OF fQ | C MASON CITY, IOWA OFFICE .at ROCK FALLS •• SEARS SHOPPING CENTER Radio, TV, Etc. A48 CURTIS - MATHES Sales - Parts - Service Headquarters. TV MART, Inc. 09 2nd St. N.E. —.Ph. 423-4756 loun S-5 p.m. — Fri. g-9 p.m. ANY 21" PICTURE TUBE REPLACED FOR . . . $37.50 Installed WITH I YEAR GUARANTY! "NO COLOR" HERB k GEORGE DARYL'S TV * RADIO CENTER 8 - 6th St. N.E. 423-405 'ree Parkins:—Open Till S p.m. Garage* 52 RENT — Shop, iterate or (arajces. 31* No. Del. * Houttfioid Goods 54 RUGS asjd itpkolstery cUasMl to yaar some the Duvcleaa War. or tree estimate* dial 1IOHEST prlca* aald foods of any type, tauafe. pieturaa, toala, e* AvethM, tme. Pk. ._ rmUture, mar «««« u*«i an yMU Imisiito to f. Use your crMKt Household Goodt 54 M FULL RANGE TIMER, with 3 heat water tem- Sfr r * «5f con ! rol> 2 P 0 *" 10 " w «- SAVpn f on , tro1 ' ALSO SUD'S SAVER features. Very clean, Fully warranted — $49.50 21" MOTOROLA TV, Deluxe swivel base, as well as up front con- il»* ^1 up /ront •«*«*«• *n- lem. This unit comes with a new picture tube carrylnj a one- year warranty. Very clean — DELUXE « CU. FT. CROSLEY SHELVADOR REFRIGERATOR. This unit comes wllh full width ertaper, full width meat keeper. Ml eotnpllment of In-the-dooc shelvu)*. Very clean. Full war- $69.95 -;i^r—— ' CU. f\. nK.jrm\xbnA* TOR Here is a nh* claan unkU Ideal for tha baMmant or i» race. Idtal for pea and ' BUY NOW TEMP'O. J633 4th Street S.W. m. s* 54 MAYTAO WMhan btasaa C Federal. | ApiMaari. us S. makes, dies, steaai tow«. m up. Guar. Terms. Matosj City Appliance Store, m ». Fed. WE BUY used taniture. every: thing from the home. Can Lane's. Pa. 423-48H. __ ~" FOB SALE— Apt. size elec. rsnfe", $25; also white pore, coal and wood raa«e, $10. Both in food cond. 215 Spring Drive. Ph. 74tV »7»4 Nora Sprints. WELL kept carpets show the r«- suits of recular Blue Lustra spot cleaning. Rent electric sham. pooer. Jl. Damon's Dawnstauro Store. __ DEEP FREEZE * bedrm sM fot sale. Pa. 424^42»Q, 14T7 No. GO AHEAD. IT'S EASY, YOU HAVE TO DO IS: ' sruess at the rUht price ta ask. Know all about the mort- «Jf« market, be able to show the home anytime— Stay home and wait for evening calls. Write appealing- ads in the newspaper and Sell! Sell! Sell! we at Oleson's have 4 fuiMlma professional *ealtors — they hava the latest knowledge on — Loaa requirements and appraisals. Why not get the most for your home ia the shortest possible time by Hit. ln« with Oleson's now! IF OLESON'S CAN'T SELL IT — GIVE IT BACK TO THE INDIANS PARKING—801 N. FED 424-U1S Durwood Baker 423-39M O. M. "Bud" Hcgen 424-1630 Harry Phelps 424-2574 W. M. Oleson 423-090S * Used Cars 60 HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR USED CARS TRAUB CAR SALES 120 S. Wash. 423-7814 Best Value Used Cars Rozen Chev. Co CLEAR LAKE, IOWA '57 PONT1AC 2 door hdtp. B. and M. hydra., 2-4's, many extras. Ph. 923-2175. 774 West 5th St.J Garner. PLYMOUTH Valiant Sales and Service. Downtown Plymouth. 215 S. Delaware. Ph. 424-2750. HALE-PH1PPS Motors Headquarters for first choice Used Cars. Podge City. 1200 North Federal GOING out of business sale: 19 cars for sale, also all kinds of shop equipment. Any reasonable offer. 2726 19th S.W. VOLKS CONVERTIBLE' One owner, extra nice. $ 1325 "Book Wholesale" UPTOWN MOTORS 515 No. Federal Ph. 424-2622 NO MONEY DOWN" ONLY $4 A WEEK 1957 MERCURY 2-DOOR HARDTOP LEE'S AUTO SALES 1451 No. Fed. — Ph. 424-3555 1963 OLDS 4-door Holiday, P.S., P.B., R-H, A.T., new tires, 22,000, baby blue. 1962 OLDS 4-door Holiday. P.S., P.B., R-H, A.T., beige color. AUTO-LAND 414 South Federal "60 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4 door. V-«, radio, healer, auto, transmission. "GOOD CONDITION" MOSTROM MOTORS 1436 No. Fed. Phone 424-2654 OLDS WHERE THE ACTION IS ZENOR MOTOR COMPANY 24 2nd S.E. — 512 No. Fed. Drive to Monly & Save. •62 CHEVROLET, power iteerinsj *nd brakes, auto, trans., V-*. •51 CHEVROLET "6". auto, trans.' •57 CHEVROLET V-8, auto, trans.. HILL'S Truck and Auto Service Manly, Iowa Phone 454-2214 WE buy—sell—trade. 50 fine cari always at Motor City, (1) ona mile west of town. Ph. 424-2373. BIRUM- OLSON Co.. Bulck Sale* and Service. The Home of Used Car Values. TRUCK EQUIPMENT, MID-EQUIPMENT is moving to GRUNDY CENTER, I A. JANUARY 16, 1965 Visit us NOW at WELLSBURG, IOWA for Special Bargains. * •xie 62 better d*sj M parts. We ax»

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