Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 26, 1964 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1964
Page 16
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„. .-,.- > ft •UZSAWYIR For ALL MM New*, Reoal MM Olete-Gexette •y Roy CrMo — Ui CANT IfilEVE HIS EYES/—FROM THE BOTTOM Of THE PLANE TUMSISS AFIOCKOF66ESE.' .- *ClUPAPGRANOP, BUZ SUMS TO HAVE THE «1R TO HIMSELF.., THEM SUDWNW A PLANE OVERTAKES HIM. PRORS OKfECTLV IN FRONT OF HIM. Rf X MORGAN, M.D. U*e a Globe-Gazette Classified Ad By Dal Curti* TRAVELING AROUNDTHE COUNTRY AS PON 5ANTELL MUSI I FIGURED HE'D APPRECIATE A HOME COOKED MEAL/ ARE W£ EARLY DR. MORGAN* NOT AT AIL/WE'VE MENWUTING FOR YOU/ YES,SHE5OUTINTHE KITCHEN WITH AAELI55A/ THIS tS A BEAUTIFUL TURKEY MELISSA/ DONALD DUCK Tht Globe-Gazette's edited for th« homt By Walt Ditn«y OP COLJ/?se X5U CAN TRUST AAE TO <ave XOU SOUND >t>U JUDGED A MAN SV THE COMPANY HE. KEEPS...- THE FLINTSTONES ..AND I KEEP ONE I GET MX HANDS You'll find Globe-Gazette comics are the best By Hanna and Barbara ARCHIE CompItU North low* and Southern Minnesota news coverage By Paul Robinson WITH *M15S RIVEROALE" IN A . ARCHIE.' WHERE DID 5 THIS .. . ilRL..ONE OUR STUDENTS? YES/ I TOLD ARCHIE HE COULD PRINT CALENDARS 01 TVie. SCHOOL. PRESS TOR HIS CLASS TO SELL.' NOT FOR ANOTHER TWELVE YEARS / BLONDIE Your daily newspaper—the total selling medium OH. DEAR-- THe.V'RE. THE TRASH COLUeCTIONl PROM PRiDAY UP TO " WEPNESPAY By Chic Young I THINK "U THAT'^VERY ) S X ,- HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO GET ENOUGH REAPY POR THEM 3V WEDNESDAY? Ev«r hopp«n fro you? by Bud THC 6e$r-pg£o**rgp HOME 000 to make a total of $10,000, receive beginning at age 65? * Dennis the menace By Ketcham BOr/S«ME'*3UA MUSCti B0«tf FCP J VF BX A Cryptogram Quotation OPQWI C P F B T Q E P JVF BX GWBTQWI BLPVSBBG. —TQSSQJH QE T C J F Y JHPE Yesterday's Cryptoquote: WHATEVER MAN PROFITS OTHERS AS WELL AS uu s Hobby C/ub To trim box with twigs By CAPPY DICK In a home where paper napkins are used in the breakfast nook, a handy boy or girl can make an attractive rustic- type napkin holder by following today's fun-project directions. Materials needed are a cardboard box of a size that will hold a supply of napkins upright as in Figure 3, a supply of straight, dead twigs from a tree or shrub, and some fast-drying glue. Cut th« box to tht ship* shown in Figure 1. Collect enough long twigs to cover the outside back of the Olefce OaiorH. MMM City, I e. DM. Live Within Income On buying an annuity By MARY FEELEY Consultant in Money Management Dear Mary Feeley : Every once in awhile I notice articles advising elderly persons to purchase an annuity. In order to plan for our future, I would like to know more about this before I discuss it with an insurance agent. Could a person put, say, $2,000 into an annuity in his 50's and then add to it at later dates. Assuming .could do this — if, at age 65 he added another $8,how much would he Could the annuity be made out so that when one person died, the husband or wife surviving could continue to receive the same amount until his or her own death? We have no children nor close relatives to leave our money to. In the case of an an- ACROSS 1. Uncontrolled anger 5. Tropical tree 9. Jewish month 10. Ostrich- like bird 11. Booth 12. Colors slightly 14. Rough lava 15. Back talk: si. 17. Facts 18. Animal group 20. Underwater craft: abbr. 22. Type measure 23. A catch In hose 25. Small - drums 28. Shook 30. Not true 32. A grave 35. Sun god 36. God of pleasure: Egypt. 38. Spawn of fish 39. Title of respect toward a king- 42. God: Egypt. 44. Ahead • 45. Assumed name 47. Antelope: So. Ale. 49. Otherwise 50. Wash 51. Antlered animal SZFiah DOWN 1. Keep 2. A wing- 3. Sea bird 4. Island in N.Y.harbor 5. Cherished animal 6. Among 7. Siberian river 8. Talk under one'a breath 11. Without: FT. . 13. Man's name:poss. 16. Stiff, leather leggings: Mil. 19. Flit 21. Balance: abbr. 24. Fish • 26. Wager 27. Smell 29. Low cask 30. Either bear: Astron. 31. Fastened, as with nails 33. Wandered and looked about listlessly 34. A turn in the road aiann ana asana ao oracs S IOB naa an SHran stann soran aaas Ye>terday'i ABIWM 37. Closes, as a, hawk's eye* 40. Vex 41. Comfort 43. Nonsense: si. 46. Series: abbr. 48. Topaz hummingbird 119 57 58 nuity, do«s the policy revert luck to the insurance company upon tiw death \>f both husband and wife? Mrs. G.S., Portland. Oregon Door Mr*. S.i No, you can't add on to an annuity bought years before — jut you can buy additional units of lifetime income at whatever premium rate is in effect at the jme of purchase. In the case of an immediate annuity, the older you are when you buy it, the less your premium will be. Since annuity plans differ, I can't give you a specific answer as to what monthly payments you might expect; your question is a bit vague as to details. But you can certainly arrange for survivor benefits, so that monthly payments would continue in the event of death of husband or wife. When both die,' an annuity policy usually does revert to the insurance company. The company has money at risk, remember — and must be prepared to pay out more, on any one policy than the insured pays in, if the insured outlives his investment. This is the only way a company, which sells lifetime income security can afford to operate. However, you can arrange to leave any surplus funds from your original investment to a beneficiary you name, but you pay for the privilege by receiving smaller monthly benefits during your lifetime. * * * Dear Miss Feeley: I am going to retire on Social Security. I have a little money in the bank. Would that stop me from getting a Veteran's Pension? M.S., Brooklyn, N.Y. Dear M.S.: No. Field offices under the State Division of Veterans' Affairs will assist you in applying for the benefits you're entitled to, ONLY POSSESSION French Guiana in South America is France's only mainland i possession. Title Game on KGLO-TV and Radio MARY WORTH Shop In M*jon City— Agrlciuttrlil Ccnttr of North Iowa LADDIE HAS SWIFTLY WON THE UNRESERVED ADMIRATION OF HER HOST'S EBULLIENT CHILDREN- ••• BUT I HAD MI6JL1DGLD THE INCLINE., SEE.?... AND MY MOTORCYCLE REARED UP AND FELL BW1K- ON ML LIKE A TON OF 50 I TRADED THE BIK.E OR MY FIRST DAIRY COW! SOW I HAVE SEVEN.'-.yOU K.ID5 SHOULD COME TO MY ISLAND SOME DAY--WE'D , 'LIT ON OVERALLS AND I'D/ TEACH YOU TO MILlO/ -' HEY.'... THAT'D BLAST, Vfl LADDIE MAS ' ' ••'•? QUITE A WAV WITH/ By Saunders and Emit MI55 MAcLARtN •-••!!> YOUNG HERSELF, < YEARS YOUNGER IUD6E! '/. I#F i-A BRICK BRADFORD Globe-Gax«tte—"The Newspaper That Makes All North lowans Neighbors' By Paul Norrli . 1* THE. CAR THAT W">» HAUWNQ THAT MAP BEETLE BAILEY Globe-Gaiette ads will stretch your shopping dollars By Mort Walker WELL, WE HOPE you ENJOVEP youe VISIT, SARSB. I SUBE Pip, AAS&. BAILED.. ANP X WAS SCARED TO DEATht I'P SLIP AND SAY' CUT DOAOTWlOC AND ^LATTON OMB> *IO« flQ.l PIQ.Z. ^16.3 «-3tf box (sec Figure 2) and short ones to cover the front and sides. Trim each twig so it is flat on one side. Apply the filue to that side and fit the twig in place on the box. Before starting to glue, be sure you have prepared enough twigs of the right thickness to cover the entire area with no bare places remaining at the corners of the box. When all the twigs have been attached, paint the inside of the box with enamel paint, using any color you prefer. Apply one or two coats of shellac or varnish to the twigs to make them shiny and also to prevent bark from chipping off. WCTUBSS BKAUS* LOVE KACH SHUPNER FRANCS* LEVINE 8*VB*LV, MASS. QrA«. MO AH — £Mouic You VfiNO A £u<KY <?'r- WaUL CA*P TO A *fCK, 0H-MA»J - ifoWARO »fiMM TorraN, P»NM, Baltimore meets Cleveland in a thrill-packed climax to a grecrt football season. 12:30 P. M. Sunday On Channel 3 and Radio 13 For Other Program Highlights On TV-3 See Detailed Listing Below: — BMA90M COTV Saturday p.m. 5:45 Leo Greco 6:00 News 6:25 Weather 6:30 Jackie Gleason 7:30 Gilligan's Island 8:00 Mr. Broadway 9:00 Gunsmoke 10:00 Weather 10:05 News—Sports 10:20 NITECAP— "Convicts Four" Ben Gaiarra Sunday a.m. 8:30 Sunrise Semester 9:00 Noyes Fludde 10:00 Camera Three 10:30 The Answer 11:00 This Is the Life 11:30 Face the Nation Sunday p.m. 12:00 Pre-Game 12:30 NFl, Chamoiomhio Cert* y*. Brown* 4:00 Jack Benny 4:30 Amateur Hour 5:00 20th Century 5:30 World War I Red Revolution 6:00 Lassie 6:30 My Favorite Martian 7:00 Ed Sullivan Show 8:00 Royal Ballet (Color) 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 What's My Lino 10:00 Weather, News, Sports 10:15 CBS News— Reasoner 10:30 NITECAP— "7 Little Foys" with Bob Hope Monday a.m. 7:30 Sunrise Semester 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 CBS News 9:30 I Love Lucy 10:00 Andy of Mayberry 10:30 The McCoys 11:00 Lore of Life 11:25 CBS News—Trout 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light Monday p.m. 12:00 Now*, Weather end Market* 12:30 As WorW Turn* 1:00 Password 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell the Truth 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Bonny 4:00 Bert's CkiMtowee See England's Famed ROYAL BALLET (In Color) » Margot Fonleyn and Rudolf Nureyev dance "Les Sylphides'' to the music of Chopin, and Miss Fonteyn and David Blair dance the third act of "The Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky, all in color. 8 P. M. Sunday On Chan. 3 KGLO RADIO 13 »ON CT1TV Saturday p.m. 5:00 CBS News 5:10 WEEKEND RADIO 13 5i30 Dateline 5:35 Dance Orchestra 5:55 CBS Sports e:00 News and Analysis 4:10 The World This Week 6:30 In New York 4:55 CBS Sports, News 7:00 CBS News 7:30 Calling America 8:00 CBS News 8:30 Music for Listening 9:45 KGLO News 9:55 Music for Listening Sunday a.m. 00 CBS News 10 Sunday School Lesson 25 WEEKEND RADIO 13 35 Haug* Lutheran 8:00 CBS News 8:10 Dr. C. Truman Carl 8:30 Bible Class 9:00 CBS News 9:05 Bible Broadcast 9:30 First Methodist 10:35 Moscow Scene 11:M CBS News 11:10 Follow-Up 11:15 Local News 11:30 Trinity Lutheran Sunday p.m. 12:01 CBS Now* 12:10 Weekend Radio 13 11:30 NFL Champiomhi* FeeHMit Came Coin vs. Brown* 4:MWttita Hou*« Report 4:35 Sihfor Flatter 5:00 CBS Now* 5:M WorW 1:00 CtS Now* 6:10 Med. Notebook 6:30 Fellowship 7:00 CBS News 7:10 In Latin America 7:30 Headliner 8:00 News and Analysis 8:10 Church of Air 8:35 Salt Lake Choir 9:00 Billy Graham 9:30 Alexander Kendrick 9:45 News, Sports, Weather 9:55 Music for Listening 10:55 ISU Concert Monday a.m. 5:25 MORNING RADIO 13 6:00 News—Weather 6:25 Weather Report 6:30 Farm Reporter 6:45 News 7:00 World News Roundup 7:30 News, Sports, Weather 7:48 Damon's 8:15 News 8:50 Morning Report 8:55 News 9:00 CBS News 9:10 Arthur Godfrey IO:N CBS News ,10:10 House Party 10:30 Dear Abby 10:35 Lef. Talk to Lucy 10:45 Top O'the Morning 11:00 News—CBS 11:10 Home Town New* 11:30 Osago Open House 11:55 Ask Miss Fickett Monday p.m. 12:00 CBS News 12:10 Markers 12:15 Luncheon with Ron 12:30 News 12:45 Farm Highlight* 12:55 Weather 1:00 CBS Now* 1:10 In Hollywood 1:15 Afternoon .Radio 13 1:30 Woman'* World 2:00 CM News ' 2:10 Afternoon Radio 13 2:30 Fashion Note* 3:00 CBS Mows 3:30 Feroonol C(o*owp 4:00 CBS Now* 4:40 RtnfcHovr 4:45 Harry Roo*onor 4:50 RwefcHovr

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