Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 20, 1959 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1959
Page 13
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Easi-Bild Workbench Handy In Do-lt-Y our self Shop This six-foot workbench was designed for the do-it-yourself family that needs a practical place to do home repairs and maintcn ance. Besides providing ample working space it contains handy storage for a complete set of needed tools. Through an ingenious method of construction, no special hardware or tools are required. Two six foot vises made from 2 x 6's run full length on both sides of the bench. Anyone who has worked with big panels of plywood or planed long boards appreciate the help these vises provide. Six big drawers, made full width of the bench, can be pulled open from either side. These provide handy storage for almost every workshop gadget, clamp and tool. Regardless of how much you load into the drawers, they'll still slide easily on the one-inch angle runners. To further simplify tool storage, there are two large masonite peg-board tool chests built in be I ween the legs at each end. Here a complete set of carpentry tools can be stored within easy reach, leaving the drawers free for storing the multitude of parts, gear and repair equipment every home accumulates. All materals required for build ing this workbench are stock size and readily available at lumber yards everywhere. Since the pattern explains construction in lan- suage everyone can understand.!* this bench is fun to build and;*:more fun to use. To further simplify construction, !he full-size pattern offered below tells what materials to buy. where and when each is used. Wherever two parts are fastened together the pattern shows exact location. Send 50c in coin or money order, ior Store-All Workbench. Pattern No. 568 to Redlands Daily ^ . _ •• Facts, P.O. Box 215. Pleasantville.tfe .1 -\ N.Y. Send additional 35c for 6-"!sT page catalog illustrating over 300 other Build It Yourself projects Send 25c for First Class Mail Declare War On Slugs This Spring Right now is the time to wage war on two of (he most insidious pests—snails and slugs—that gardeners ever face. These pests start out small at this time of year but soon reach formidable proportions when they can inflict considerable damage overnight. Feeding as they do all, night, they can do considerable damage before anyone is aware" n .„, M c p„__ that they are present. A snail; Copynght 1!b!> - Dona , ld R ". Brann " can slither through a patch of, annuals, vegetables, and other* lA/(»rIff Your SflflllC tasty young plants with the great-l ww wl •* 1 ***** «*"*«|'» est of ease. Remember that the common garden snail has 14,175 teeth! Wet weather helps pests' growth progress; gardeners are not active then, but snails and slugs are. Their presence is noted by the thin, siiwr "nac'is"' iK. when moving around. It also is possible to see them early in the morning before the sun appears to drive them under cover. , The easiest way to control them is by means of bug type metalde- hyde pellets which can be scattered, a handful at a time, among the night raiders' favorite haunts. BUG-GETA pellets are most effective when the area is hosed down lightly after they've been spread. For Maximum Blooming Snapdragon plants can be made to produce many more flowers by two sallies with the shears. First, when the center spike is nicely in bloom go right down the row and cut every one of them for bouquets. This encourages the side branches to produce longer and better spikes themselves. Then, when these side branches have bloomed cut thm off, too. close to the base of the plant. Prunefl back this way early types like Mardi Gras will then come, into bloom a second time in the late fall. SHOP ADDRESS: 721 East Stitt St. P.O. Box 17, Rtdlands, Calif. Tclephon* PY 2-5727 THOMAS E. HENDERSON Licensed Contractor PAINTING — Interior & Exterior PAPER HANGING F.H. A. Financing BEAMED CEILING — An inviting atmosphere is created in the living room of the Hunt home. Vine Varieties Many Uses For Those Climbers Can you use a vine? The California Association of Nurserymen will bet that eight out of ten gar deners can—to cover a blank wall soften a harsh line on a fence, or to provide overhead shade in hot weather. But once the point is made and the gardener admits' his need, what vine is best? .Does he want an evergreen? A vine that supports itself? One that requires guidance? One for shade or sun or what? ThMe may seem simple points, but the success of your vine depends on proper selection. You can't make a twining vine cling to a concrete or brick wall: nor can you make a Clematis thrive against a hot south wall. With that in mind, let's look at situations. You have a concrete or brick wall you want to cover. Choose one of the clinging vines that attach themselves one way or another to the surface. Boston Ivy or the common Ivies are suitable. So are Creeping Fig and Virginia Creeper. You want to cover a trellis or pergola for summer shade. Choose a Wisteria or Grape for the job Inexpensive, practical way to protect your car from weather! Also ideal for patios, poo/side cabmtt, boat coven, etc Rain, snow, hail, heat and sun — they can all cause costly automobile damage. Protect your car with a beautiful NAVACO Carport... made of finest aluminum with a tough baked-on enamel finish and reinforced with an extra-heavy tempered steel understructure. Hot, blistering days won't heat up your car interior . . . and you'll start each trip in cool comfort. only *199 95 NOTHING DOWN $7.92 A MONTH CALL US TODAY I F | | SHEET ELL METAL HEATING A AIR CONDITIONING 620 W. Colfon PY M849 or 2-4978 if you want to let in sun during winter. Or if an evergreen is desired, try Bougainvillea or Honey suckle. Silver Lace vine is an excellent choice, but you don't always know from year to year whether it will be really decidu ous or almost evergreen in mild winter areas. Small matter to those who know it and grow it. For softening the line of a fence or the overhang of a roof, the graceful and evergreen Armandi Clematis is unsurpassed. It needs to be*goitiMharitb-:stri&g?6r cord And for lattice work—to cover a blank wall—try Giant Burmese Honeysuckle or maybe the striking Blood Red Trumpet Vine. There are actually many good vines for similar situations and Fuchsias Need Heavy Pruning That fuchsia you forgot to prune last month should have its comeuppance now. You can be ruthless. Fuchsias respond well to heav> pruning. In fact, they demand it for best results, since the blooms come on new wood. Hanging fuchsias can be c u back to the edge of the container. Fertilize immediately after pruning. choice is often difficult. But with this in mind, there is no excuse at all for choosing the wrong vine for the need you want it to fill Use Of Peat Moss Increasing On Long Island, approximately 1,000,000 bales of p:at moss are used for soil conditioning, planting and mulching each year. In all of California, where use of peat moss is steadily increasing, only 700,000 bales are used each year. Redlands Daily Facts Friday, Mar. 20, 1959 - 13 Begonia Tubers Still High On Planting List Begonia tubers are still high on the planting list in spring. Tubers planted earlier to sprout in flats of peat can be transplanted to pots or to the ground when top growth is about three inches high. For pots, make sure the drain hole is covered with a broken piece of pot or a rock. Use a porous soil with leaf mold, peat and sand added (or combinations of these'. Keep plants watered, but don't fertilize until they are established. Watch Asters For Hoppers Seedsmen have been able t c breed a certain degree of resis­ tance to wilt in modern aster strains, but the disease called yellows remains the number one aster enemy. If your aster foliage turned yellow and the plants became stunted and died before blooming last year this disease was your problem. Yellows can't be cured after the plant has become diseased, but it can be prevented. The virus is carried exclusively by leal hoppers. If you initiate an insect killing program in your entire garden area with DDT or dicldrin sprays at the time the seedlings appear and keep it up at weekly inter­ vals during the summer you can prevent infection of the plants. Upholstering of Luting Quality Q AM'f Upholstery If W I i#& Draper* 499 WEST State Phone PY 2-1715 — NEAR STATER BROS. MARKET — "Whan you car* enough about your furnifura to sea to it that you gat tha vary BEST" PHONE PY 2-1592 for DAY or NIGHT SERVICE Johnny Cridalich, Jr. Announcing the Continuation of CRIDELICH PLUMBING Sales & Service at Lowest Prices 10-YEARS IN BUSINESS IN REDLANDS Beautifully styled - Wonderfully versatile — Remarkably low priced faCmdiMBr ] Group SELL IT TOMORROW With an inexpensive Classified Ad 21,000 BTU par kswr Holed at All SleneWd Conditions 110-311 MATHES SUPER CUSTOM 2 H.P. Air Conditioner Highest cooling capacity with OVERSIZE compressor, motor, cooling coils, and blower to deliver maximum cooling with quiet, economical operation. (XTtA HIGH CAPACITY PCIMANfNT FILTH OEHUMIDIFIES COMFORT DAMPER ADJUSTAILE Alt ROW HARDWOOD CAIINET STALE All EXHAUST CONCEALED CONTROLS For over 50 years your Imperial Hardware Co. has been servicing what it sells. Remember, satisfaction guaranteed on all your purchases. Shop • Compart • then buy at: 19 E. Citrus Phont PY 34279 Oa>k aWawtf U*«ria*a Th» loslefutly styled open .lock furniture arrangement, and onaineored for mo.i- grouping include, many important quality mum drawer .pace the Coordinator Group detail. so hard to find ot lhe<e eo.y-to- i, deigned to hondvcWy fumon any lake price.. Correlated for countle.. tize bedroom. OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS TIL 9:00 elson-Hales FURNITURE — DRAPERIES — CARPETS FREE PARKING AT REAR OF OUR STORE 128 East State Redlands Did PY 3-5665 A—Double Dreiser II drawer) Bue _ jjjja Mirror _ 9J9.95 B—Bachelor Chest (4 drawer) $31.93 C—Comer Cheat 14 drawer) _ Sss.30 D—Bachelor Cabinet iSlldlng doors) $69.39 E—Desk IS drawer) $?9.30 F—Bookcase lAdjustable shelves) $17.39 G—Panel Bed Full SUe " $39.93 Twin sire $39.93 H—Night Table 13 drawer) $39.93 I—Chest 16 drawer) $19.39 J—Triple Dresser 112 drawerl Base t—M Mirror - $39.93 K—Single Dresser )4 drawerl Base - 169.93 Mirror IS7J3 L—Powder Table (Lift lid) .._ - $«9J9 M—Chair - $19.93 N—Chest 13 drawer) 139.93 O— Bookcase Bed Full size $69.93 Twin size 369.93 FuU size (Footless) ....939.95 Twin size iFootleisi. _*i»J3

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