Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 26, 1964 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1964
Page 8
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NU*«i City, la. Contract Bridge •y i. JAY IECKER Top record-holder in master*' individual championship play THE SQUEEZE North dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH 4KJ7 VK85 4 J10 6 4 + K94 WEST 4 A Q 10 6 3 V J973 42 4J75 EAST 498513 • K985 + 63 SOUTH V AQ64 • A Q 7 3 + AQ1082 The bidding: North East South Went Pass Pass 14 14 2 NT Pas* 6 4 Opening lead — two of diamonds. The .squeeze is one of the best plays in bridge, and in its simplest form is easy to execute. Iowa Falls organizations give baskets IOWA FALLS —Seventy baskets of food were distributed Wednesday to families in need. The baskets were prepared by Hod Cross workers at tiie Chap Icr House. Members of the Lions Club distributed the baskets in the afternoon. The Community Chest and the Elks Club as well as severe smaller organizations contribute funds for the project. Organiza tions participating include Parchment Club and Friday Bridge Club. About 335 cans o fruit and vegetables came from the show sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commcrc with admission a can of food. Food contributions came from the Moose Lodge, First Congrc-i gational Church, First Methodist Church, Future Farmers of America, PEO, American Legion and Auxiliary, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies, Lee Center Church and interested individuals. Declarer simply cashes his tricks and the squeeze takes rilace automatically. However, the squeeze docs not always come about by itself, and declarer must sometimes deliberately lose a trick in order to establish an effective squeeze position, Here is a case where the declarer elected to do this. South was in six clubs, He should have bid three spades over two nolrump, using the cucbicl to try to gel North to bid a red suit. But South jumped directly to six clubs instead. West led a diamond to the ten, king and ace. After drawing three rounds of trumps, declarer played a diamond to the jack, West showing out. South now realized that he might lose a heart as well as a diamond if the hearts were not divided 3-.'i. Accordingly, to cover this possibility, hn Ir-d the ack of spades and discarded a iamond on it. This play was in nc with the general requirement applying to squeezes — lat declarer should be one rick away from having the rest f the tricks, not two. West took the spade with the luecn and, returned a low heart. o the ten and queen. Declarer low cashed the queen of diamonds and ten of clubs to pro- lucc this position: North Cars at sales record despite strikes •y CHARLES C. CAIN AP tu»in**s N«w« Writer DETROIT (AP) — The U.S. auto industry ran into rough going in 1964 because of strikes and parts shortages, but still finished the year with near record production and salea figures. Principal roadblocks in the industry's unsuccessful drive for an eight-million-unit produc- tion year were strike* at General Motors and Ford Motor Co. Mt ky month long nationwide strike, followed by a series of local plant strikes. Ford had similar local strikes. The auto industry's labor picture was unsettled from Sept. 25, when the GM na tional strike was called, until Nov. 23 when the national Ford contract was signed. Industry observers figured that U.S. calendar 1964 car production would wind up with about 7.7 million cars when the final figure was in. That figure, if attained, would make it the second best year in U.S. automotive history, second only to the 7,942,215 cars built in 1955. In 1963 the figure was 7,644,359. Th« interruption* in auto production came just about the time the industry was getting into full production of its 1965 mode)s. Chrysler Corp., first of the automakers to reach agreement with the United Auto Workers on a three-year contract run ning to September 1967, escaped with little labor trouble this year but was plagued by some parts shortages, particularly seat springs, in its early week of 1965 car output. In general, automotive circles described their 1965 line as "the year of the stylist." This wa» because in the minds of the mo- iqft , public, engineering changes were subordinated to changes in the over-all appearance of the cars. Buytrs w*r* off*r*d • cheic* of 343 new models by U.S. auto makers. General Motors cars generally featured softer, curving lines and a racy look; Ford featured sharp, crisp lines; Chrysler and American Motors offered a bit more sweep and roundness, augmenting the cars' crisp lines. Mont models were a bit longer than their 1964 counterparts. The average wheelbase for 1965 was 121 inches and the average length 211 inches. In 1964, the average car had 0,56 inches less wheelbase and 1.9 inches less over-all length. Basic car prices remained unchanged for the fifth straight calendar year, although there adjustments in cost of •one optional equipment. In general, U.S. auto makers rug up healthy profits. The big three producers at the three quarter mark — before strikes had much effect — all reported highest earnings for any nine months in their history. OLD LEGISLATURE The world's oldest legislative body is the Althing of Iceland which was founded in 930 'A.D. 4 A. East 403 40 Eotith A.64 When South then led the eight of clubs, West bad to relinquish a spade or a heart, either play giving declarer the rest oE the tricks. If East had been the player with the heart length, lie would 1 i k e -v i s o have been squeezed. LARGE ASSEMBLY The largest legislative assembly in the world is the National Assembly of the People's Republic of China with :»,050 members. Legal notices Iowa law rtqulret that th« rtsldents of this area be notified of certain legal proceedings. Certain Individuals, as well as groups, may have • personal Interest In the notification. Often the publication is the only public notice. To kaep well informed, readers should cheek carefully the notices which appear under this heading. IN TIII: niNTKirr COURT OF THK STATIC OK IOWA IN AND FOR (•HIIRO cioitno <:OUNTV rrobalo No. II.'MX NOTICE 01' AI'I'OINTMKNT OK ADMINISTRATOR AND NOTICH TO CKKIUTOK8 IN THE MATTKII OK TIIK ESTATK OF JAMES K. PIUNBLK. Deceased, TO AM. PERSONS JNTKIIKSTEI> IN THK ABOVE ENTITLED ESTATE; You lire hereby notified Hut I be imdcndifncd ha* been appointed nil- mlnlatralor ol llm nbovn entitled es- Inte; Hint nil persons Indebted In imlil rstnlo nre requested In ninka Immo illalo payment tn tbo undersigned, anil i-irdtlnni huvlnii clnlma ngalnul rMnte. iilinll file llioin wltb the clork nl tin- nbnvo n.lined district cmirl. as provldctl by liiw. duly aulhenllcntod lor allowance, nnd nnlcHS no filed with In six mimlbs Irnni tbo xocnnd publlcn (Inn <if Ibis notice (union* otherwise ;iMowed or paid! such claim shall (hern lifter be forcvrr barred. Milled Ibis Hilli ilny of December llllvl. <;i,AMYS I. PUINIM.K llnrluvt'll, luw.i AdinlnlHlralor of said Instate IIIimVN. DHKSSF.II. KINSKY «r JOI.AS I'.l'-j Kasl Male Street Mason ("ily. Iowa Attorneys lor said Administrator l);ilr of Kccond publication aiilh day nl December, 1SX10. IN TIIK DIHTHKT fOlTUT (II IOWA IN AND mil CICHKO (illKI)d COliNTV NO. illUM OHHilNAl, NOTICE VKIU.YN llOI.DINCi. I'l.illillll VH. MARILYN MAIIIK Illll.MINt;. ] ro TIIK AHOVK.NAM'K.I)' >EKKNDANT: You lire hereby millllcil Unit » pell- Ion of tbo nbimvnanu'd plalnllK In lie nbnvo-cnlllU'il lu-llnn Is now <ni fll<< n tlio office of the CMrik ol (lie iibnvi 1 Mimed ronrl, niul wblrb pt-tltlon prny« Hint pliilnllff be iirnnUul ii illvi>rrn (nun Ivfvndiint upon iirnunibi lliiit defcnibnu :ms bi-iMi utility of niirb cmel nnd In- liiinuin Iruntniunt nn to ondnniier the Mfu nf plaintiff; Unit philnlllf bn nwnrd ilren <i( the pnrllpn nnil tiff bo lllven lltlo to IN TIIK IHSTIlirr COURT 01' THK STATIC 01' IOWA IN AND FOR CKUIK) C1OIIDO COUNTY TIlOnATK NO. 115KI NOTICi: OF T'HOIIATIC OF Wll.I., 01' .IPPOINTMKNT OF KXKCUTOK. AND NOTICii TO CHPOITORS IN THE MA'H'KR OK THE KSTATK OF (!. S. C. ANDHICK. Ucconned. TO AI.I. PKHSONS INTRRESTKD IN TIIK AIIOVI-: KNTITI.KI) ESTATE: \'nu arc brroby notified tbal on Ibc Mill day nf December. 1%4, tbn lust will niul test.imeiit of tbe nbove named Mrevdcnl, boarlnu ilato tbc JOth tlay of Anciisl. loyj. was iirimlttcd to prn- li.itc in Hie :ihovi> named rnm-t nnd lliiit Hie inidoi'Nljinrd \\i\n appointrd r\rriitiir of nulil cfllntiv Notice k.s nlven tbal nil persons Indebted In -i.iid estate .up reqiientrd lo mnhr IminediiUe pn>'inenl Iti llio nndor- kluned. nnd rredltnr.i linvlnn elitlms s.-ild rst.itc I file I tic in ivitb Die clerk ol Ibc nhnvo ni<mr<l district court, iis provided by law. ilnly iuitlicntlciileit, Inr nllowaneci and unless 3i> filed ultliln »U inonlhi from Ibe sceotitl piibllcntlon of this nnllce (unless oliirrwlse i»llow^d or p,Ud> i\ieh claim shall thcreailer ho forever tinrred. Milled this 1Mb day nf December, .fOAN A. I.OTEtlHOUn. 4301 Vcnilla Drive Cedar Falls, Towa Kxecnlor nf «ald ICsl.ilf MASON. SCIIHOKDKH It AI.MSON :B"i Enst State Slrcol Mascm Cily, Iowa Allnrney for said Kxerntor Date of second pulilleallon 2iilb day of Deecmlicr. Iflfi'l. il I tin eimtody ol Ibe Iliii'c- minor ehll thiil Ibc pliiln Ibr bousebnlil fnrnltnro iind rejil p.sliile o\i-ned by plnbillff nnd di<(end»nt. Yim arc nlso hereby nnllfleil lo ni' pear before isald t'niirl nt MiiMin <:ll\ In Corro (Inriln County, Inwn. on in before Febninvy I, I!W5, nnd llm unless you KO iitipeiir, yonv lU-f.inlt Nvkll -ie entered and Jndjituenl or ilrrn'e v\lll lie rendered iiualn^l >'nu Inr tbe relief ilemnndrd In Ibe petition I.KVINSON, UllYANT and KNAUNIT Alloi'iieyn for I'latnllff '^I'-j Soulb l-'ederal Avernn* M.IMMI Clly. Iowa In Tin- DMrlrl Cmirl Of Thr Stnln Of low* In Anil For Crrrn <iiirclo Connljr No. I Kill NOTICi: OF A1TOINTMKNT OF ADMINISTRATOR AND NOfK I' TO ('It I 111 I I'DHS In Tbc Mnlli-r Ol Tbe Kslale Of MINNIl: f. MOOIl. Meeeiund To *ll i»fr«on« Inlcrrstrtl 'In the ahnvf rillltlril r-ilulr: You are tiereby nollfleil tlie un- demlKncd lieen appointed ad minis tralor of (lie above entlllcd estate: that all ucrsmiN Indehled to xald estate arc requested to make imnmllalc payment to the mulcrsluned. and creditor! having elalms against said estate shall Illo them »llh the clei It <>f the above named dlstilet enori. as provided h.v law, duly axllienlli-ateil, Inr allowance, and unlrss sn tiled uitliin .sl\ months from Ihe si-<-ond publlr.itLon of Ibb notice (unless otherwise alloweT laid) such cl.ilin sl> orevcr barred Dated this Mi. I9t>4. Hieientlc'r be nf lieeember. «iltS III'.HMAN. Adinbt^tr.ilo! ol v.ild Kslale •100 I'krst Uiink Hull.hiik" MaKnn Clly, hivi.i I). H. FIT/.rATHICK. Attorney lor sitld AdiniiiivlrHlnr Manon Clly. liiw :> Dale nf Heeorul pnlillciilLno 2nd diiy of .l.imi.ii\. I'.*,.'> Read Want Ads for Prof it '.-423-4270 BRACKEN-CAllltlEll INSURANCE AGENCY 101 East State Street THE CLOTHING CORNER OF NORTH IOWA THIS IS THE SALE YOU WAIT FOR...THE SALE THAT SAVES YOU MONEY ON HIGH GRADE MEN'S SUITS AND TOPCOATS! and HANOVER SQUARE SUITS AND TOPCOATS Regular $45.00 We sell these all year long at $45.00. But now, for 4 big days, they have been reduced. DON RICHARDS SUITS AND TOPCOATS Regular $49.75 Nothing held back, every suit and topcoat that sold for $49.75. THREAD AND THIMBLE SUITS AND TOPCOATS Regular $55.00 Regular $55.00 suits and topcoats in a wide choice of sizes and styles that will please everyone. NOW ONLY 38 NOW ONLY NOW ONLY 48 EAGLE SUITS AND TOPCOATS Regular $75.00 Eagle, Hyde Park and some of the most famous makes now reduced to money saving values. All colors, styles, and prices, MEN'S SPORT COATS KUPPENHEIMER SUITS AND TOPCOATS Regular $95.00 Here is the finest, Kuppenheimer suits and topcoats, reduced to this unbelievable low price. NOW ONLY Here they are reduced for 4 big days. Sport coats that sold as high as $39.95, now going at only a fraction of their worth. Be here early for first choice. NOW ONLY SMALL GROUP TOPCOHS 4 BIG DAYS MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY Entire Stoclc of High Grad roat» * n D but each •" that wM » now «ol»« »t only ol every eon JACKETS OOSe from ,^ •• IP e Choose from !••* in ever/ enf FEDERAL and STATE. . .MASON CITY entfre sfock. °w mokes, °nd color.

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