Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 24, 1964 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, December 24, 1964
Page 2
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M»von City, I*. Yank soldier writes a touching letter home • EDITOR'S NOTE—Thli it • Christm** latter from en* of the 20.000 U.S. serviceman on duty in Vtet Nam. It was written from the war-torn Mekong delta by Army Capt. Don Masters to his wife Ann in Austin, Tex., and made available to The Associated Press My Dearest, It's the 21st of December, and you can tell Christmas is drawing near. But some of the traditional atmosphere is missing. It's hot and muggy in Viet Nam's Mekong delta. Tonight grown men stood around a wilting Christmas tree in shirt sleeves and short trousers .singing carols. The (roc stood on a mound of sandhngs. Its base was covered by a white bed sheet. There were a handful of American children — missionaries, dependents and children of the American civilian doctors who spend two or more years working with the Vietnamese in their hospitals. The American children stood side by side with the little brown Vietnamese children whose parents work inside the compound. I couldn't swear that behind those little brown eyes lay a brain schooled in Christianity, or whether the gleam in their eyes saw the figurine of the Christ child or the gaily dee- ornted packages. Hut if my (lod is the God I know, lie won't mind. , When the presents were handed out, the American children helped the timid little hand;; carefully open their gifts. It seemed the smaller the child the bigger the present. Some American children received the small, Icss-cxpcnsivo presents. 1 asked one little 10- year-old girl how she liked her present. "That la rat dep," she said. I frowned. "That means it is beautiful," an American child said. "Oh," I said. The little American girl leaned over and whispered, "I asked mommy to save the big ones for home. Theirs — she pointed to the' Vietnamese — should be the big ones." She left me to go over and. When the party was over I writ back to my room. I wanted 'o be ajone with the pictures of you aim trie iriijurctj. * ou'c uOWii at my desk and gazed at you for a long while, just dreaming. I almost opened my Christmas present; but then I am a grown man. I guess I can wait. At least I'll try. The music on the armed forces radio station told of chestnuts roasting over an open fire and "yet in the dark street shineth the everlasting light." I picked up the Christmas cards I had received. . . . There was a card from Mr. Yen, a Vietnamese combat photographer. 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year' written 1 in Vietnamese, English and French. Weil, you can't go wrong there. And engraved was a picture showing Yen with his CarriCi'o ovc-r his shoulder wau- ins wsist dce.p across a stream alongside a Vietnamese rifle squad. And a card from each one of our four little ones. And then there was the one card from you — the gal who made it al! possible. The same hair, the same eyes, the same mouth. I got to feeling pretty low. So I decided to turn i n for the night. I started getting dressed for bed when I noticed an unmarked envelope on my pillow. ' - The" houseboy must have put it there while I was at the party. Scrawled in a halting hand* writing were the words; "You have left your country and your family _to come here and to stand with us in the fight for freedom. We are very grateful to you. On the occasion o f Christmas and the New Year we wish you a good year, good health to your family and that our combat obtains victory." It was signed Yung, a student of Gia Long secondary school. I fell better. I turned out th'e lights and opened the curtain. I looked up into the moonlit sky. In the distance the artillery boomed in the damp, still air. Yes, I can wait until Christmas to open my present. Love, Don. Fulbright quits as aid pusher WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. J. W. Ftilbriuht, D-Ark., said Thursday lie has informed the Johnson administration he will refuse lo lead Ihe fifjhl for its foreign nid programs until they are drastically changed. Ktilbrifiht, chairman ot Ihc Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told an interviewer he notified Secretary of Slate Dcnn of his decision by Jeller in October. "If they present a new bill in January in Ihe same old omnibus form Ihcy scut up Ihis year, 1 will nol serve as floor manag er for Ihc measure in lht- Senate," Fulbright said. His ultimatum climaxed long controversy with the Stale Dcparlmcnl extending over Ihe years as to the philosophy be hind the foreign aid program. Fulbright hits repeatedly urged this administration, as well as pasl ones, to present an aid program broken tip inlo a number of hills dealing scpn ratcly with military aid. eco nomic loans and grants, and other phases of assistance. The approach hns met with sympathetic response, both in Ihc Slate Department nnd in the Agency for Internalionnl Development. But insistence by the House Foreign Affairs Committee o;i an omnibus measure, wrapping up foreign aid into a single package, hns been the stumbling block. Tho committee generally hat It'll that there is more enlluisi- nsm for military nid thnn foi the economic aspects of Ihc pro- j, r ram, nnd Hint arms assistance has helped carry the rest of the program. If Fttlbrifjhl .should relinquish Ilic floor managership of Hie controversial foreign nid bill, the nexl senators in line would be Sen. Mike Mansfield, D- Monl., who already hns his hands full ns mnjonly lender; nnd Sen. Wayne Morse, D-Orc., who has contributed his share ol criticism of recent foreign nid legislation. Christmas card stuck for 27 years CHICAGO (AP) — If the In Bulls and the Arveys haven' been .speaking to curb other foi the past 27 ycnrs, it's prohahl.v the Post Office's fault. Jacob M. Arvey, Democratic national committeemnn for Illi- Most Yanks in Viet not volunteers WASHINGTON (AP) — The 'cnlagon says the big bulk of he approximalely 22,000 Amerian mililary men serving in South Viel Nam are Ihere be- ause Ihey were ordered Ihere — not because they volunteered. It adds that "no formal in- luccments" are being made to et volunteers lo sign up for luty there. When the United States began ivuig military aid to South Viet —AP Photo/ax FOR DAD IN VIET NAM—The family of Capt. Don Masters, U.S. Army, .Hcrvmtr in Viet Nam, poses in their Austin, Texas home. The boys (left to right) are Kip, 5, Steve, n, and Scott, JO. Seated with Mrs. Masters is their daughter, Laura, .1!?. Relations between U.A.R., U.S. worsen CAIRO (AP) - Illations between Die United States and the United Arab Itepuhlic deteriorated Jtirllier Thursday in Ihc wake of a .speech by President Gumal Abttel Nn.sscr telling America in effect lo tnke Its nid ntul "go to - - - -," Spcakinu in 1'ort Said Wednesday, Nasser licensed U.S. Ambassador Lucius Bailie of IryhiK lo put economic pressure on Kgypl. Htul declared: "Anyone who does not like our alliludi 1 And if Ihi! Mediterranean i.s nol luK enough, we will nive him llio Ki'd Sea to drink, loo," To "drink from Hie sea" Is the Kgypl inn slang equivalent of to ;ir "MO to nois, received Christmas greeting Wednesday from Mr. jtntl Mrs. Snmiicl Instill Jr. ;iml Samuel HI. The card wa.s personally delivered by Chicago Postmaster Harry H. Seinrow, who was mite red-faced. Arvey's had been mailed in I1V.17. Scnmiw said (lie card apparently became shirk in a mail cliiilr. It was found by a maintenance man. Insull Jr. the son of the l;Uc ulililies m.'ignale, is an insurance agent. Instill 111, who was l> yonr.s old when Ilic card was mailed, is now a Chicago lawyer. Yule services to be held in shell of Dixie church RIPLKV, Miss. (AI 1 ) ~ Thore will be hiracial Christmas services Friday in the raw .shell of ;i new church rising o.. Ihe ashes of one burned in racial anger. "We won't have il finished and we might nnl have a roof," said Prof. Paul K. Schmidt, "but we're going to have two services Christmas Day, no matter what." The professor headed the group of 31 Oberlin (Ohio) Co! lege students who formed the "Carpcnlcrs for Christmas church rebuilding project. The Antioch Baptist Church went up in flames shortly after it was used for a rally of the Mississippi Freedom Demo cratic parly. Il is one of at leasl 30 destroyed by fire or explosion in Mississippi last summer. The site is about six miles cast of Riplcy. No official U.S. nmimonl available ininii'dialely in Washington. U.S. officials indicated, however. I hat a rer|iu?sl by Nasser for $!l. r ) million worth of surplus footl would be shrived lie- cause nf his aid lo the Congolese rebels. Nasser's outburst apparently was touched off by U.S. acensn- tions IJuil lie is aiding (he Congolese rebels and intimations that U.S. nid would be curtailed because of this. Speaking to a ing the end of the l!). r >r> Israell- Hritish-Krencli invasion of the Sue/, iNasser (i "W» htv* itnt armj to the Congolese rebels and we will continue to send arms because Lhe rebels need them and need the support of the honest nations of the world. The U.A.R. cannot wnteh aggression against Ihc Congo nnd sland handcuffed. "We do not accept nny words us and we will cut off Die tongue of anyone who uses them. We do not need their money." Relations liclwten the United Slates and the U.A.R. worscd when H mob sacked the U.S. Information agency library in Cairo Insl month in protest against the American-Belgian mission In the Congo. Last week an American oil company's plane was shot down by Ihc Kgyplinn ftir force ns il was flying from Jordan to Libya, and Hie two crewmen were killed. The United States Itis been supplying the U.A.R. aboiil $140 million a year in food under a three-year agreement that expires next .lime HO. Nasser's government lind asked for an additional $35 million worth for the coming year to ense n serious shortage. Nfl.sser said Ambassador Battle, in a crtll on the U.A.R. minister of supplies Tuesday, "stayed only two minutes" anil "said he could not possibly speak about (supplies) because the conduct of the Egyptians was not good." "If the Americans want lo give us aid at the price of dominating our policy," Nasser tolc Ihe cheering crowd, "1 say we arc sorry. We are ready lo cut our rations and minimize our daily consumption to keep our Independence." He called the U.S. Belgian rescue operation in the Congo "aggression similar to the 1956 attack on Suez" and said his May merge Air Reserve, Guard By FRED S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON (AP) — Air iMirco recommendations on nerving Ihe Air Reserve and be Air National (iunrd are due Ian. 25, it was learned Thurs- .s is only .six dnys before retirement of (Jen. Curtis E. I.e- May as Air Force chief of staff. I.eMay i.s reputed to favor combining the 72, Odd-man Air Guard into the 182,000- man Air Re serve. Hut (here appears to be considerable high-level sentiment tr> accomplish the merger in the other direction — to eliminate the Air Reserve nnd leave only the Air Guard. This WKS the pattern set for the Army on Dec, 12 when Sec retary of Defense Robert S. Me Namara announced thai the Army National Guard would increase lo 550,000 men by absorbing nboul half of Ihe 300,000- man organized Army Reserve. The Army Reserve will disnp pear, except for a reinforcement pool. government Congolese cannot recognize Premier Moisc Tshornbc as "the legilimate representative of Ihc Congolese people." Soviet Deputy Premier Alexander Sh'clepin was beside Nas ser as he lokl the crowd: "The Soviet people will always slanc by your side under all condi lions, and lei everybody res' assured of this." Three more lose lives in accidents iiy . >•: A.ssociATi-:n VKKSS Traffic accidents, one invoH ing a farm trnetor, took thre more lives in Iowa Wednesday Paul Glynn, fifi, died in th flaming wreckage of his picktr truck south of Malvern in south west iown where he lived. Weather details four years ago, a substan- ial part — if not an actual ma- ority — of the American mili- ary men who went over to help n the war against Communist guerrillas were volunteers. In answer to a question, the Defense Department said Thursday that now "most people of all services are assigned as in- lividuals, with few exceptions. These exceptions include, in addition to the individual volun- ,ecrs, units which are deployed o the war zone. These include Army Special Forces outfits and crews of Marine helicopter units which are rotated on Viet Nam duty. The Pentagon said that when volunteers for Viet Nam duty are qualified and there is a need 'or military occupation special- y, the volunteers are assigned jefore 'nonvolunteers. Presumably, there are several reasons for the emphasis on ordering men to Viet Nam and he de-emphasis on -relying on volunteers. The U.S. effort to assist the South Vietnamese government las been expanded several fold since 1961. Volunteers would be nsufficient to provide the numbers and specialized skills required. Not all of the , U.S. 'Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force personnel in Viet Nam are eligible for the extra $55-a-month combat pay. This goes to volun Leers and nonvolunteers alike in both South Viet Nam and Laos That directive specifies thai for men to qualify they musi e: "Subject to hostile fire or ex plosion of hostile mines or in an area in which they are in immi nent danger of being exposed to nostile fire or explosion of hos lile mines; and in which during the period he was on duty in that area, other members of the uniformed services were subjec 1 to hostile fire or explosion o hostile mines." The standard tour of U.S servicemen in Viet Nam is 12 months when, unaccompanied b> dependents, 24 months for those with dependents. Ne///e Dame/son rites Saturday at Forest City FOREST CITY—Mrs. Arthur (Nellie) Dnniclson, 45, died of a heart attack at Ihe Foresl Cily owa: Cold wave warning. Cold wave Thursday night with Icmperalures. falling lo zero lo 5 below norlhwest and 10 above southeast by Friday morning. Partly cloudy Thursday night. Friday cloudy and colder with snow likely, highs 5-10 northwest to 10-20 southeast. Outlook for Saturday — Partly cloudy and continued quite cold. Minnesota: Friday partly cloudy, colder northeast, highs 2 below to 8 above north, 5-15 above south. Globe-Gaxette wealher dala up to 8 a.m. Thursday: Maximum Minimum At 8 a.m. Sunrise Sunset YEAR, AGO: Maximum Minimum 38 10 10 7:43 4:43 27 -14 2 fugitives still hunted DES MOINES (AP) — Two iugilives from Ihe county jail at Marshalltown were still at large Thursday, leaving a two - day ir'ail that was believed to have .ed to Des Moines. Those sought are John Pellam, 36, and James . Robert McCrea, 19. They and a third prisoner, Gerald M. Reeder, 24, escaped ~ wrecked Tuesday night their getaway but car northeast of Des Moines. Mrs. Anna Jaconson. 07, of 'ospital Wednesday night. She (inland in Slory County, was killed when struck by a car as slio walked on n blacktop road al the cast edge of Roland. Richard Hansell, 19, of near ind her ipcrated imrant. Horn Jim. 23, 1019, she was Imlianohi, was Irnclor lie was killed when a driving ovcr- Sources said studies on unify- p I ho Air Hcserve and the Air Ciiinrd slill arc not finished. The Reserve Officers Assncin- ion, which is fifihling obliteration of Ihc Army Reserve nml ;ho Air Force Reserve, has con- lemled thai Ihe administration is waiting for I.oMay lo retire before acting. Informed authorise* c h a I- Icngcd this, saying that I.eMay ul informed top officials thai it would be impossible to finish the Reserve-Guard studies by .Ian. 1 and that I.eMay himself held to the .Ian. 25 objective dale. The sources said the studies were ordered five or six months ago imd Ihc deadline assigned al that time. At LcMay's insistence, n bonrd which determines Air Reserve policy decided about n year ago that the Reserve unc Ihc Air Guard should be com bincd and thnl one organizfltion should remain. The board rlii not take a position on whether the Reserve or the Guard shoulc survive. turned on n gravel road near Heaver and crushed him. He wa.s Ihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Hansell. Mills County Sheriff Edwin L. Hnrkus said the rural Malvern nan was pinned in his burning lickvip after it sidcswiped a car >n n county road. Two occti- lants of Ihc car were taken to t Council Rltiffs liospitnl where hey were listed in fair condi- ion. They are Raymond E. Achenbach, 50, of Thtirman, and lux wife, Ruth, 47. Slory County officials said Mrs. Jacobsnn wa.s walking to nn evening church meeting in Roland when struck by a car driven by George Salher, 70, o Roland. The accident occurred after dark. FOOD POISONING CHARLOTTE AMALIE, Vir gin Islands, in — Michael Quill 60, international president of Ihe Transport Workers Union, wns hospitalized Wednesday with what apparently wa« food poisoning. husband owned the Riverside and Rcs- A man believed to have been Pelham registered at a Holi day Inn motel here. When the manager, Willard D. Britlin questioned him about his identi- ly Ihe man fled on foot. In the room he had taken papers bearing Pelham's name were found, police said. Officers said it was possible McCrea hac registered at the motel under an assumed name. Police conducted an all day search here Wednesday bu found no trace of Pelham and McCrea. Reeder is back in custody. He was injured when the escape car was wrecked. All three are Marshalltown men. Pelham was awaiting cour action on charges of robbery with aggravation and receivini stolen goods. McCrea was serv ing time for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and was awaiting trial on an auto thef charge. Reeder was serving a sentence on a bad check charge Storm blowing around Henning in labor office WASHINGTON (AP) — A storm has blown up around Un dersecrelary of Labor John F Henning. Scrretary W. W^llard Wirtz is known to be seekinc WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS H. L. Pr Albany, cloudy 40 :(K Albuquerque, cltir ax .IS AtlinU. cloudy 83 fti Bismarck, clear Boise, rain 10 .16 Boston, cloudy ......... 40 Buffalo, cloudy ......... M .01 .(M .46 Chicago, rain 44 •M M 4R .02 49 .10 Cincinnati, cloudy Cleveland, cloudy Denver, clear t... 71 4fi Des Motnes, cloudy .... ft!) 24 Detroit, cloudy 44 M Fill-banks. »now - 7 -18 T Fort Worth, clear 81 .W Helena, mow -IB - 1 .11 Honolulu, cloudy IS ^X .48 Indianapolll. cloudy .... 59 !i:i Jacksonville, cloudy .... Ti M Juneau, clear 21) -10 Kaniai City, rain (tl 35 T Los 'Angeles, cloudy .... BO 5H .01 Loulivllle, cloudy fi:l 58 Memphis, cloudy 11 67 Miami, cloudy- 77 «H Milwaukee, foe .17 :<5 Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy .. 30 14 .05 New Orleans, clear 7» £7 New York, cloudy 44 Sil Oklahoma City, cloudy .. KB 50 Omaha, snow firt 10 T Philadelphia, cloudy 41) M Phoentx, cloudy fi7 411 Plttaburch, cloudy 51 40 .01 Portland, Me., rain .... 43 :<» M Portland, Ore., rain .... SB 38 .75 Rapid City, clear (Ml 5 .IS Richmond, rain 46 43 .01 St. Louts, cloudy fil 47 Salt Lake City, rain r<7 ,1H 1.18 San Diego, for HI 37 San Francisco, rain .... fl2 SB .28 Seattle, rain 40 35 .23 Tampa, cloudy 68 ftl Washington, cloudy 4:1 36 WLnntpec, snow 9 2 .42 M—Misslni t—Trace /\ll about Iowa OTTUMWA — Mrs. Philip Warder,' 73, was strangled Wednesday night when she became entangled in a four-foot length of tope attached to a garage door at her home. Authorities said the rope goes slack when the electrically operated garage door opens and tightens • when it closes. A loop in'the rope caught Mrs. Warder by the neck as the door was closing. Iowa runs short in MAA fund DES MOINES (AP) — The state is running short of Medical Assistance to the Aged (MAA) funds by about the amount ueeded for hospital bills under the program each month, Mrs. Irene M. Smith, chairman of the Iowa Board of Social Welfare, said Thursday. And, she said in a statement, "help with , hospital bills could well be the service most needed by these recipients." The program, financed by the state and federal governments, Viet Nam . (From Pag* 1) j imates that up to 500 pounds of high explosive must have jeen used. . ;. Screaming, bloody Vietnamese children stood on sidewalks near the building. Many of the wounded, screaming civilians were leaping into taxL cabs to seek treatment since the traffic jam slowed movement of am- Dulances to a w'alk. Among other Ihings, the bomb demolished the U.S. armed fore es radio station, which operated on the ground floor of the build ing. The station provided entertainment and news for troops throughout South Viet Nam and also served for relaying general information t o Ameri can troops. The bomb apparently was placed in a generator room next to the station. Fire trucks brought the rag ing flames more or less under control a half-hour after the ex plosion. Many windows were blasted out at the U.S. Information Service Building several blocks away, but there were no casualties there. Several members of Bob Hope's 60 - member Christmas entertainment team, which arrived in Viet Nam earlier in the day, were reported Staying at the Caravelle Hotel several hundred feet diagonally across mall from the blasted hotel. While windows were shattered in. the eight-slory Caravelle, there were not believed to have been any casualties there. Hope, who enterlained Saigon troops at Bien Hoa Airport 12 miles from Saigon earlier in the day, was not believed to be in the capital at the time. provide medical, hospital and nursing home care for needy persons over 65 who do not draw stale old age pensions. The Board of Social Welfare ast w,eek asked the Legislative interim Committee for $640,000 n supplemental funds. The committee allocated $320,000, with ;ome members contending that his would carry the program until the 1965 legislature has a chance to act. Mrs. Smith said 47.20 per cent of November payments went to 42 hospitals. Payments totaled 539,644. Hospitals received 1254,746, nursing homes $98.455. doctors $95,566 and pharmacists $56,459. Luci's boyfriend spends holidays at the ranch JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (AP) — Luci Baines Johnson's current No. 1 boy friend is spending :he Christmas holidays at the LBJ Ranch. He is Paul Betz, a premedical student at Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. Betz "pinned" Luci a number of weeks ago. Wearing a boy friend's fraternity pin is short oJ a formal engagement. A LEE NEWSPAPER issued Every Week Day by th* LEE BNTERPR1SES, INCORPORATED 300 N. Washington Ave. Dial 423-4270 Second Clasi Postags Paid at Mason City, low*. girafc. Thursday, ^^° Dec, 24, 1964 SUBSCRIPTION RATES Home Edition One year J20.RC On* week .40 Outside Mason City and Clear L.aki but Within 100 Miles ot Mason City North [owa Edition By mail 1 year 14.01 By mail 6 months 7.5 One North Iowa Edition Outslae 100 Mile £one year $20.« Six months 10.SC Nichols & Green 7 No. Fed. GOOD SHOES •-FABULOUS- Mid-Winter SHOE SALE Mon., Dec. 28 Watch For Our Ad! Don't Miss It! hejlaiiRhter of Alex and EvelynJHcnning's departure, but the undersecretary is strongly backed by AFL-CIO President larris McRac. She is survived by her husband, a son, Robert "-indborg, Tabor, 7owa; a dattgh- er, Mrs. Shirley Anderson, For- »sl City; five hrolhcrs, Richard McKae, Foresl Cily; Pvl. \Viliam McRac, in Germany; fames McRae, Fairmont,. Minn.; Raymond McRae, Hoone; S^t. John McRae, Alaska; three sis^ ers, Mrs. Thomas (Shirley) (oenig. Boone; Mrs. Katherine Sweel and Mrs. Robert (Dorohea) Ellsberry, Foresl City; Iwo grandchildren. Funeral .-Services will be Sal- irday at 11 a.m. at Immanucll Lutheran Church here. The Rev. Owen Gangslead will officiate.I Burial will he in Ihc Oakland Cemetery, Forest City. Olson Funeral Homo will be in charge.) FOREIGN WORK PORCE By the end of IP64, West Germany will have an estimated one million foreigners in its work force. George Meany and Chairman Adam Clayton Jowell Jr. of the House Education and Labor Committee. Disparity between the approaches taken by the secretary, a lawyer and former pro-' fessor, and the nndersccrelary, a long-time unionist, have led to friction. O'DEAS lor Auto Financing and Loan* FHA TItto I Home Improvement Loan>—Up to $3.500. 5 Yeci» to Pay. Consolidation of Debt Loan*. Home Appliance Financing. Farm Implement Financing. G.E. RcfriRerntors . . . From . . . BOOMHOWER'S 113 No. Fed. 423-2752 5»4 Norm Frd.r.l GA 3-08U FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Jl We Will CLOSE 2 P. M.-Dec. 24th And Will NOT BE OPEN SATURDAY, Dec. 26th MUTUAL FEDERAL Savings & Loan Asso. 19 lit St. N.E. Phone -TJS.JK'J PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS ^ AND LOAN ASSOCIATION HEW ADDRESS: ,24 N. Washington Maton City, Iowa DES MOINES — A bill to tax Iowa's county mutual insurance companies is being prepared for the 1965 legislature with their consent. These companies, which started forming a century ago, have long resisted paying the two per cent tax -on gross premiums that most other insurance companies pay. "They are volunteering to be treated like the rest," Iowa Insurance Commissioner William E. Timmons said Wednesday. The Legislative Tax Study Committee is expected to endorse the bill, which would produce about $300,000 a year in state revenue. * STATE CENTER — Gordon Dale Wyager Jr. of State Center was killed early Monday when his car went off the road, crossed a ditch, rolled over and smashed over two gravestones in a cemetery. * SEATTLE — Steven Joseph Birmingham, 19, a fugitive from Sioux City, Iowa, was held in lieu of $10,000 Wednesday upon arraignment before U.S. Commissioner Walter J. Reseburg. Birmingham fled from a Sioux City jail Dec. 13 and another at Missoula, Mont, after his arrest here on a charge of stealing a car at Missoula. Government authorities at Sioux City said papers were being sent here to return the youth to Iowa. However, Commissioner Reseburg set a hearing for next Wednesday. 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